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Big Tits

Hi, let’s call me Chris for anonymity’s sake, lol. I’m forty-eight years old. I have hazel eyes, and wavy light brown hair that I often slick back with hair gel to avoid bad hair days. I like to keep a stubble. I’m 5’11” with a pretty good built, not perfectly chiseled like a bodybuilder, but solid enough with broad shoulders that women seem to like. Many of them have also said that I have nice lips and a nice smile, and they like the dimples that come with it. I don’t like to brag, so what I’ll say is that I know from the way women act around me that they must find me very attractive.

When I was twenty-nine I left my ex and six-month-old daughter because I realized I couldn’t raise a child with a woman I wasn’t really in love with. It’s awful that I did that, but because of that decision I became a stronger man who finally learned to fend for himself. And consequently, I also became a better father. Things worked out in the long run for me, my daughter, and my ex. Anyway, when I made that decision in 1997, I moved from the country to a poor part of Montreal to be near a gang of friends. I also found myself a job as a short order cook. I have a decent education, but circumstances has made it that I didn’t end up having a professional career. I also went all out in my desire for beer, pot, and coke (somewhat, couldn’t afford that too much). I slept around a bit, but not as much as I would have liked, mostly because getting drunk and stoned became my priority. However, I did kinda date a slutty chick at some point, let’s call her Claire for anonymity’s sake. She was a hot little number with strawberry blonde hair, cute freckles, beautiful green eyes, and nice jugs. That relationship made another lady quite jealous, let’s call her Wendy. She was a tall thin mulatto goddess with blue eyes and small perky tits. They were both in their mid-twenties I believe.

Wendy and I were very attracted to each other and made out a few times, usually on Friday nights when she drank her beloved wine and lost all her inhibitions. This happened before I was with Claire. I was never able to seal the deal with Wendy. In hindsight, I believe it had been easier for me to hook up with slutty Claire than proper Wendy because subconsciously, I knew she was looking for a serious relationship and I wasn’t (certainly not at that point anyway). I didn’t want to waste her time I batman escort guess. Except that at some point during a Christmas party given by Wendy’s mom, where the whole gang was invited, something crazy happened. I was in the mom’s bedroom making out with Claire when drunken Wendy entered the room, and accused us of wanting to fuck right there on her own mother’s bed. I slipped my hand around her waist/ass and smooth-talked her into calming down while Claire, in a horny drunken daze, said nothing. Drunk and stoned myself, the spirit of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and orgies, must have entered my body at that point because I was able to convince the girls to take the party elsewhere.

I basically just suggested we go to Claire’s (who lived nearby) to discuss the matter more privately. They both agreed, in sweet little shy voices. Wendy used her mom’s phone to call a cab (mostly landlines in those days), while Claire and I discreetly left the party and waited for her outside. The cab driver seemed to enjoy the sight of the two sweeties cozying up to me in the back seat. He must have imagined what was in store for the three of us. Well, it started with me kissing the two ladies on the couch. Then, of course, I nicely asked them to kiss each other: which they playfully did for me. It was all very sexy, but having always been one to get my rocks off through domination (Claire knew this about me), I quickly decided to move things faster. I asked them to get naked, and did the same. Then I announced that I would fuck Claire first since she was my girlfriend. I told her I wanted her to kneel on the couch, and rest her arms on the back. Gambling that Wendy was in a subservient mood, I told her to get a pillow from the bedroom and kneel on it on the floor near me and Claire.

I asked nicely if she would mind preparing Claire’s shaved pussy and my dick with her mouth, she obliged. Not that I’m very impressive, but for visual’s sake, I’m a thick cut seven inches. I played with Clare’s clit while Wendy sucked my hard cock. I pulled it out of her mouth at some point, and asked her if she liked blowing me, but stuffed her mouth right away again so that her yes answer was muffled. She just went on sucking, her beautiful soft juicy lips going back and forth on my dick. I took it out again after a while and unceremoniously plunged it in Claire’s wet bayburt escort pussy, pumping in and out at a nice rhythm. I slapped her perfect ass here and there, all the while trying hard not to cum too fast during this surreal experience. I of course used the kind of language a dom uses on Wendy: “look at my hard cock going in and out of her cunt, does it turn you on whore?” She didn’t answer, I didn’t insist. Once in a while I would pull out and have her clean my dick with her mouth and eat out Claire’s pussy, and then plunge back in.

Having in mind the time she confided in me that she thought her tits were too small, I decided to play on that. I pinched and pulled on her nipples, while condescendingly telling her how bad I felt for her that she had little-girl tits. They may have been small, but they were nice and perky, and her long dark nipples were deliciously hard at that point: information I shared with her to make her feel better. She moaned the moan of a happy humiliated sub. Being the gentleman that I am, I was able to hold back and let Claire rub her clit to a wild orgasm. Then I pulled out and came in Wendy’s mouth, adding typical dom talk again: “swallow cunt, that’s it, good guurl!” I had always wanted to tell a woman who swallowed me to go rinse her mouth with mouthwash after because, although she was a slut, it didn’t mean she had to have the breath of one (a variation of something Chuck Berry once did). So that’s exactly what I told her, accompanying my request with a smile and a gentle kiss on the cheek to let her know I was being playful more than anything. Claire escorted her to the bathroom while I recuperated.

With Wendy, who was next, I had her bend over the kitchen table. There was no wall dividing the kitchen and living room. Then, I spanked her spectacular ass a bit. It was Claire’s turn to get on her knees (also on the pillow), and prepare Wendy’s trimmed pussy and my cock with her mouth. I rubbed Wendy’s clit a bit and fingered her before entering her, she was already very wet. I like to think it was because she was so excited about finally getting what she had wanted for so long, I know I was! Like with Claire, I just dove in, pumping in and out like a madman. I pulled out once in a while to feed my hard dick to Claire’s waiting mouth, and have her lick Wendy’s excited clit. Although I was dominating and bebek escort degrading Wendy, it was clear to everyone (I think) that our copulation was more passionate than the one with Claire. I used her juices and my thumb to loosen up her anal opening at some point, she didn’t object. She was very clean in there btw. I asked her to tell me where she thought my cock was going next.

She was being a very a good girl and correctly answered in a whimper that it was going in her ass, which it indeed did soon after, slowly but surely. I told her what a good submissive whore she was being, taking my cock in her ass like that. I also told her to thank me for abusing her like this, which she obediently did. Since she was so polite, I was polite too and told her she was very welcome. I was again able to hold off until she too worked her clit to a massive orgasm, both of us moaning loudly as I unloaded a series of powerful spurts deep inside her ass. I held Wendy in my arms a bit as we both caught our breath. Then when she went to the bathroom to clean herself up, I had Claire clean me with her mouth. The three of us had a couple more go at it during the night (those times on the bed, like normal people, lol), but as Wendy slowly sobered up, she became more and more disgusted with herself and left at some point in the morning. She eventually got over it though and the three of us played again another time, but after that, it was clear from Wendy’s attitude that it would never happen again: sadly.

I stayed with Claire a few months I guess, not really sure how I ended it, I probably told her something about not being at a place in my life where I was looking for a serious relationship. She was a bit sad, but accepted my decision. And I decided after a couple of years with that gang to move away, sober up, and be there for my daughter as much as possible. I reconnected with Claire through Facebook a few years ago, she was really happy to hear from me. She’s separated I think, but she has a son who brings her a lot of joy. We didn’t really discuss our little adventures together. She still looks beautiful btw. And I visited Wendy’s brother about ten years ago, he hosted most of the gang’s weekend parties. He told me that Wendy got married a few years before and was very happy. He showed me a wedding picture, she looked gorgeous of course. Her husband is black, and they don’t have children I think. I’m obviously very happy for her, I feel really bad for the way I treated her! She doesn’t have Facebook, or else I would apologize to her. I visited her brother a few more times in the hope of running into her, but no luck.

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