Cruising Ch. 03

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“What the hell, it’s still early,” Tom said, as he followed the three of them to the Disco.

At twenty seven, on his first cruise, he had made friends with Mona and Casey, both in their forties and on vacation.

Tom was on what was to be his honeymoon, but she dumped him, and he couldn’t get his money back, so he decided to take it alone.

Casey was the outgoing one, never flustered or unsure about her sexuality which ran pretty deep. On that first night, she had gotten Tom alone in the Viking Lounge, a circular bar which happened to be closed when they got there. No matter! Casey had let Tom know she was here for a good time, and went on to prove it by sucking his cock, right there, and had even been caught by another couple looking for their own hiding place.

The second night, Mona had gone through a transformation. Casey had convinced her to do a make-over like on Oprah. Mona went from being Olive Oyl to Jessica Rabbit, with Casey’s and Vodka Martini’s help.

Casey had made a point of leaving them together, Tom and Mona, after she saw the attraction. After a false start with a married man, she was back at the Martini bar with two new friends in tow, both 60 or better, wealthy, based on their appearance, and both looking for fun.

After finding Tom alone, and establishing her roomie was in fact back in her cabin sleeping it off, she had led her entourage to the Disco, which now had only adults, all the kids in bed.

Ruby and Candy, the two new women, could have been sisters, and maybe they were. Ruby had red hair, as her name would imply and Candy was blond. Both had work done, but not radical surgery, a nip here, a tuck there, and they wore their skirts short and their heels high.

Tom was enjoying the attention, even though the two new ones were thirty years older than he, and Casey was about twenty.

He had already had a sample of Casey with the BJ and would not be averse to trying her on again.

The music pulsated and the “girls” were out there, shaking their things, almost showing off for Tom. Casey and Candy danced with guys in their fifties, who were obviously on the make. This left Ruby pressed together with Tom.

“So,” she almost shouted over the noise. “How close are you and Casey?”

“We just met yesterday,” he replied.

“Really?” She eyed him suspiciously. “You two seemed pretty friendly.”

“Yes, she’s a very friendly person, as you can see.”

She was pressed against him, her cologne filling his nostrils. It wasn’t cheap, but it was a little too bonus veren siteler much for him. “So, she wouldn’t be jealous?”

“Of what?”

Her hand felt his front panel of his cargo shorts. “Of if I tried to steal you away?”

He felt her closeness and scent had already caused the wanted response. His cock was throbbing again, now over an hour after Mona, fully recovered. She found his cock and whispered, “Your very attractive, Tom, do you have a big cock?”

He laughed, feeling it grow in her hand. “You sure aren’t shy!”

“Baby, I’m here for a good time. If you can’t handle the age difference, that’s your problem. Just say so, and I’ll be gone, but judging from how your cock is responding, I think I have your attention.” She was stroking it now, and he thought she may fall to her knees right there.

“What about Candy?”

“She’s a big girl, she can find her own man!”

“Where to?”

“Our suite, baby, in ten minutes.” She gave him to cabin number, said goodnight to the others and was gone.

Fuck, man, what kind of cruise is this? he wondered. He gave her a head start, then started mentioning how tired he was from the long day.

Candy said, “Bye, Honey,” and went back to dancing.

Casey smiled that knowing smile he had come to recognize. “You only go around once, Baby, have all the fun you can!”

She put her arms around his neck and they kissed, her tongue darting out, seeking his.

After a minute, she broke and said, “Before this cruise is over, save one more dance for me, Baby! You owe me big time!”

She went back to dancing and he finished his drink. He did owe her, for the bj, for fucking Mona, and now for introducing Ruby. And he would give her a great big fuck for it!

He found his way to the rear of the ship, the last cabin door. He knocked and she opened immediately.

“I was hoping I hadn’t scared you away!”

“I don’t scare that easily.”

She had called for room service, they had delivered a Champagne bucket full of his brand beer along with another with champagne for her. They were in the common area of a two-bedroom suite, major bucks! Probably over ten grand for the week. It led to a large balcony that peered off the back of the ship.

She had changed, was wearing a black sheer robe over an equally sheer night gown that oozed of money. Black three inch pumps made her as tall as he. She held her chest out proudly and he wondered how they felt. The robe lay open, and the neckline went almost to her navel. Tom bedava bahis didn’t care how old she was, she was hot and she knew it.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“Nice room?”

“You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Just teasing, you look good enough to eat.”

“Hmmm, one of my favorite things!”

She flowed into his arms and he held her, and they kissed and her tongue darted out.

These older babes, he thought, he don’t waste time!

So, he didn’t either, slid his hand into the robe and found her tit, firm and high, definitely worked on, but not rock hard like those porn queens, much more like a 20 year old’s.

He teased her nipple while her hand was working on his belt buckle, in a hurry and Tom wondered if Candy was the reason. If so, they should move into her bedroom.

He tried to lead her that way, and she said, “No, I want us naked, here, I want to look at you.”

The exact opposite of Mona, he thought, so shy about her body.

Her robe fell to the floor as she struggled with his belt and he chuckled at her frustration. “Here, let me help.”

She was watching him, her eyes hungry, and his body tingled from being so desired.

He slid them down and she reached inside, while biting his tongue, and she wrapped her hand around his shaft, stroking.

Tom felt a draft behind him and heard the door click closed. There stood Candy, staring at them, and Tom felt like his girl’s mom just caught them.

“Oh, Dear,” she said, “I’m interrupting!”

Ruby ran her hands down Tom’s chest, staring at her sister. “Tom doesn’t mind, do you Tom?”

Ruby looked serious and Candy looked hopeful and Tom thought, this is fucking amazing.

He looked sheepishly back and forth. “I’ll try my best!”

Ruby said, “I’m sure you will, baby!” as she slid to her knees and pulled his boxers with her.

Candy didn’t hesitate which convinced Tom this was no accident. She stepped close, looked down at Ruby who was licking his tip.

“Oh, Ruby, he’s so big!”

“Yes, I know, I felt him at the club!” Her ruby red lips engulfed his head and she slurped the shaft.

Candy’s hands were on Tom’s chest and she circled his nipples as she tentatively kissed his lips. He shot his tongue out, and she sucked on it while Ruby sucked his cock. She tweaked his nipples and they hardened.

Tom grabbed her breast through her dress and they must have used the same surgeon. She reached behind and unzipped it and let it fall, stepping out of it.

Ruby deneme bonus rose. “Time to move!”

She dragged Tom to the bedroom by his cock, and sent him flying. He landed on his back and Ruby went back to work.

Candy undressed as she approached him, the black bra falling away, those gorgeous tits! She flung her panties for effect as she climbed on, lowering her hairless pussy onto his face.

They were tigresses, alternating positions. Ruby was trimmed but not shaved so he could keep track. Candy had mounted his cock while Ruby sat on his face. He looked up to see the old hotties exchanging long hot kisses, and he thought of his good fortune again. Great sex, no strings, even a show!

He squirmed out and repositioned them, this time Candy on her back, with Ruby licking her clit while Tom pounded Ruby from behind!

Candy climaxed at that, with Ruby slobbering up her juices. They kissed and shared it, and Tom continued to pound Ruby hard and fast.

After another minute, Ruby shuddered and exploded and Candy crawled under them and lapped at his scrotum while he continued to fuck her sister.

Ruby sprawled on the mattress, saying, “No, no more, please!” and Candy took over, with Tom behind her, and Ruby cheering them on.

His body twitched and gave, and he shot what cum he had left into Candy and she shuddered and moaned. Ruby took the opportunity to move in and drink the cum, then sharing it with her sister in a long, slow kiss.

Then she was up, running to the other room, returning. “Champagne, more champagne!”

They passed the bottle around, even Tom who hated the stuff. He looked at the two, and they smiled and held each other. “Well, ladies, you sure know how to show a guy a good time.”

Ruby spoke. “Baby, speaking for both of us, I don’t see why that Casey didn’t jump your bones!”

Candy chuckled, “Maybe she’s shy!”

Seeing the girls continue their caresses, Tom knew that his work was done here. They had gotten what they wanted from him. In fact, he would have felt used if he hadn’t enjoyed it so much.

He dressed and kissed Candy, who said, “We’ll have more cocktails, Honey, we have the whole week!”

Ruby slipped on the thin black robe and walked him to the door. She handed him a business card, she and Candy had a Real Estate company in Ft. Lauderdale.

She kissed him, gently. “That was special, Baby. If we don’t get together again, this week, give us a call when you get back home. If you are in the area and need a place to crash, one or both of us would love to have you. And we have plenty of lady-friends who would love to meet you, I’m sure!”

She patted his ass as he walked out, and Tom realized just how tired he was now. And he thought with a smile, “I don’t know if I can make it five more days!”

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