Crossdressing I Got Fist Fucked

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Crossdressing I Got Fist FuckedI was feeling horny so I put on my blue satin dress with white polka dots, satin panties, my white satin gloves, garter belt & flesh colored stockings. Then I put on some deep red lipstick and lip gloss and topped it off with my blonde wig.When I looked in the mirror and saw the sweet hot girl looking back at me I knew I’d find a guy who wanted to fuck me tonight.I posted a picture of myself on Craiglist and within minutes I had half a dozen guys messaging me so I invited them all over.The first guy who came to my door didn’t waste any time.He pushed me to my knees, dropped his pants and pushed his hard cock in between my lips.Then he started fucking my face…deeper and deeper until I was deep throating his cock…gagging.He didn’t care…he was there to shoot his load and he didn’t give a damn about my feelings.His thrusts in my throat started to get harder and he started moaning…I knew it wouldn’t be long….Then he shot his load deep down my throat…his hand on the back of my head forcing my head balls deep on his cock as he shot blast after blast of his hot cum into me.He’d barely finished cumming in my mouth when another guy came through the door and stood right next to me.As the first guy pulled his cum dripping cock out of my mouth I gasped looking at the bulge in this second guys pants…he was massive.I didn’t waste any time pulling down his pants revealing a massive white cock with huge balls.This afyon rus escort was one huge cock…at least 14 inches long and really thick. I tried to take his cock in my mouth but I could barely get half of it in before choking.He laughed and said “yeh it’s the real deal there baby. In about 20 seconds time every inch of that is going to be balls deep in your ass!””No. It’s too big!” I whimpered.He didn’t care. In fact my fear seemed to only encourage him.He pulled me to my feet like a rag doll, turned me around, pushed me against the wall then pulled up my dress.As he pulled down my satin panties I began to get really scared. How could I take such a huge monster cock in me? He’d rip me apart.I could feel his big cock pushing up against the entry to my ass as his body pushed me hard against the wall…pinning me.He whispered in my ear “Remember to breathe bitch. This is going to hurt!”Then he pushed his cock into me hard…and he kept pushing…sliding that massive 14 inch cock deeper and deeper.At 8 inches deep I felt a sharp pain and let out a huge moan and tried to hold back his hips but he just kept pushing and with an intense pain and fullness I could feel his entire cock sink deep into my guts.”You’ve got every inch of my cock now bitch. How does it feel?””I god please stop. It’s too big. It hurts so much.””Oh we’re just getting started bitch.” Then he began to thrust hard and deep…every thrust afyon rus escort bayan filling me with pain and the most intense pleasure. My cock began to harden and twitch press up hard against the wall.”Take it all bitch” he yelled as he ran his arms around my body and grasped my shoulders so he could give maximum power to every hard, merciless thrust.He turned my head to the side then sank his tongue deep in my mouth, still pounding my ass so incredibly deep in my guts.I whimpered, my legs trembling with each thrust and sucked on his tongue as hard as I could.I could hear another guy come inside but it was all I could do to stay on my feet as 14 inches of huge cock kept pumping up deep inside me filling me indescribably…pushing deep into my inner being.As his tongue left my mouth I could hear his ragged breathing….grunting with every massive painful thrust.”Ready to take me cum load bitch?” he said. Then he thrust hard up into me, deeper than before, over and over as he emptied his cum load into my ass. My cock, pushed up hard against the wall was jerking, shooting precum and staining the front of my satin dress.He held his cock inside me…so deep, as his hips jerked emptying every last drop into me.Then as he pulled out the new guy in the room was on me keeping me pinned against the wall.”Like it rough eh?” he said. I could feel his hand sliding down to my ass as his other hand was on rus escort afyon my waist…totally controlling me.”A cute girl like you who’s gone to so much trouble to get dressed up deserves to be fist fucked” he said.”No I’ve never been fist fucked before!””There’s a first time for everything” he said as four of his fingers slid into my ass.”Oh my god” I moaned, as his hand pushed deeper into me.”Just one more” he whispered as he worked the thumb into my ass and started to push…stretching me…pushing me beyond anything I’d ever felt before.Finally his whole fist slid into me…the most intense feeling…stretching me and filling my ass.”See it does get in” he said. Then he began to saw his fist in and out of me…pushing deeper with every inward thrust of his fist.”After seeing you take that huge cock I know you love it deep” he said.I tried to protest but he wouldn’t have any of it pushing his fist in deeper and deeper, becoming more and more brutal with every thrust.He slid his hand onto my cock as he worked his forearm deep into me.”Take that you slut. Cum for me.”I could barely stay on my feet as he sawed his fist into me harder and deeper. My cock began to jerk and I knew I was going to cum soon.Then it happened. I began to shoot my load and he drop his fist deep into my guts so far I couldn’t breathe.As he slowly pulled his fist out of me I slid down to my knees. He grabbed my head, turned me around and I saw his rock hard cock glistening with precum.Without a second to catch my breath he pushed it into my mouth and started thrusting.In just a few seconds he was balls deep in my throat groaning and filling my mouth with his jizz.And that’s the story of the first time I was fist fucked and the first time I took a 14 inch cock up my ass balls deep.

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