Cristina’s Visit with Dad

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During spring break, I went to visit my father with a few of my college friends who were on their way to Cancun for Spring Break. I hadn’t seen him since the fall after going away to college. I’m about medium built long beautiful raven hair and big brown eyes. My skin is on the light side and have always been a little on the heavy side. The large posterior I got from my dad’s side of the family and everyone on her mother’s side is top heavy, so I was blessed with a very voluptuous body. But because of my weight I always worn baggy clothes and spent most of my time studying. When I visited my dad I could tell he was in shock because of my new look.

I had told him that I was eating healthy and working out but never in a million years did I expect his reaction. Come to think of it, I don’t think he recognized me as I walked up the front door. My tiny little white halter top and a very tiny denim micro mini skirt with platform shoes were not the style of clothing he would remember. Also, I let my hair down which came half way down my back and I was wearing makeup. It was seldom that I wore my hair down and I only put on the basic makeup when I lived with him. I was dressed like a little Latina hoochie mama like the ones you see at the clubs or the mall and I was flaunting my many curves. His jaw had dropped and he was speechless when I gave him a hug. It was the reaction I was hoping for.

“Ay dios mio Cristina what happen to you,” I heard him say.

With a big smile I skipped to him giving him a big hug then stepped back and gave a model’s twirl then went into a series of sexy poses. I could tell I took his breath away but I was not sure what did it; my incredible body, my new found confidence, or the sexuality I was exhibiting. The skimpy little outfit did nothing to hide my naturally voluptuous body and I was showing it off like an expert. It was so exciting having my dad drool over me; my very nasty dirty little secret was coming to life.

“Well Papi what do you think?” I asked.

“You look absolutely incredible. I almost didn’t recognize you. Dios mio nina, you’re all grown up,” he said in amazement.

“And grown out,” I interjected as I posed showing off my firm 36dd and full bubble behind.

I then giggled and gave him another hug. I felt my full round firm massive globes on his chest and did everything within my power hoping he would get aroused. All too quickly he ended the embrace and turned so I could introduce him to my college friends who included Manuel, Jason, Susie, Sarah and Alejandro (my secret lover and college professor). He invited us all in for a late lunch.

We sat around as I told him about the great time I was having in college, everything we are learning, and how we can’t wait to get back. By late afternoon my four friends left because they only an hour away from their hotel and we invited the professor to stay the night since his journey would be considerably longer. It was a poor excuse for having him spend the night. During the evening, my dad did his best to embarrass me by telling of my youth and divulging childhood events that caused much embarrassment and trauma.

It had been six years since my mother left us and for him dating was sparse. If it was not for internet porn, he would be in very bad shape. Before leaving for college I stumble upon some sites he visited on a regular basis. Poor dad needed an outlet and the internet gave it to him. That is where my first naughty fantasies began. I would fantasy that he could come across a naughty picture I posted which would lead to incredible sex, or he would catch me on his computer and things would get hot and heavy from there, and a lot of naughty scenarios.

Throughout that afternoon I caught him stealing little glances of my pink little thong or my cleavage whenever I bent over. Several times I caught Alejandro doing the same and I was too scared to say anything; the mix of excitement and trepidation filled me. Would my dad say something if he caught Alejandro looking? Nobody said a word, but I still noticed both men looking at me. We talked and drank late into the evening having a great time. As a good host, my dad showed Alejandro to his room while I got ready for bed. After getting ready for bed I went to say good night to my dad.

“Come in it’s open,” he called out.

I walked in wearing a tiny little see through pink lingerie that became more transparent when the light hit it just so. I could see that two things caught my dad’s attention through the sheer fabric. For the first time I could remember, I know he could see my full firm perky breasts as if I was not wearing anything. They were perfectly round with big long pink nipples which looked like a pair of strawberries. The other item which caught his attention was the see through pink thong I had on. It also was so transparent I know he could make out the little trimmed arrow that pointed to my pussy which was begging to be licked. For the second time that day, I had left him speechless and breathless. His eyes rotated from my breasts to my pussy as if he were in a trance.

“Daddy, are you ok?” casino şirketleri I finally asked.

“Yes,” he replied trying to shake off the lustful look in his eyes.

“It looked like you were in a trance. I was talking to you and you were just staring off into space,” I told him as I sat next to him.

“I’m ok. Just a little tired,” he lied.

“Thank you daddy for today, it was perfect. My friends really like you,” I told him.

“Well they are nice people. I’m glad you’re enjoying college and having fun mijita,” he replied forcing himself to look at my face.

“I am daddy. Well I will be right down the hall for you need me from anything papi. Just let me know,” I smiled, bent down and kissed him on the forehead.

Then I got up and began to walk out the door. Again, I felt his eyes were glued to my body. I know my perfectly round Latina behind was tempting him to no ends. I wanted him to touched it, feel it, spank and do several other things to it. I turned, looked at him and gave him a wicked little smile. It was like one of my fantasies coming true.

“Oh by the way papi, do you like my little outfit?” I asked.

“It’s cute mijita,” he responded.

I giggled, “Cute if is for little girls. It’s supposed to be sexy. Don’t you think it’s sexy?”

“I can’t say that about you Princess, you’re my daughter,” he replied again.

“It’s ok daddy. You don’t have to say it. I can tell you like it. I can REALLY TELL you like it,” I giggled as I walked out the door.

As I walked back to my room I was on fire. My dad got a huge hard on and I wanted to feel it, touch it, and taste it. What am I doing? He had seen me half naked and was checking out my tits, ass and pussy. My face went flush with excitement, embarrassment and guilt. I know I’ve had thought of my dad ravaging my young hot body, but was I really teasing him? What would he think of me? He caught me looking at his huge beautiful erection he must think I’m a horrible daughter. I was torn between guilt and lust, my mind was running wild and I could not think straight. In the mist of all these emotions, I wondered if I was really ready to suck his big fat juicy cock. Moreover, how would I feel letting my dad touch me, gag me, or fuck me. I fought with myself because logic told me it was wrong whereas lust was telling me the exact opposite. At that moment I knew I wanted to be my daddy’s little slut.

My room was on the other side of my split wing house and for a second I almost went back to my dad’s room but I made it all the way to my own bed. I was not too sure which room to go to my dad’s or Alejandro’s room. While I lay in bed wondering what to do next, I heard the door open and saw Alejandro sneaking into my bedroom leaving the door open slightly. He was only wearing his robe, which quickly came off and he walked naked to my bed.

“Are you lonely little girl?” he teased as he pointed his huge hard cock at me.

With his big strong hands he positioned me doggie style on the bed as he got onto the bed with me. He slapped my ass with his ever growing cock. I arched my back and spread my legs slightly, looking over my shoulder as he grabbed my hips. Slowly, he took off my nitey and let it fall to the floor. Then he began to slowly take off my thong. I heard a noise at my door and saw my dad in the shadow. Alejandro had just thrown my tiny thong in front of me and was beginning to rub the head of his cock on my pussy. I spread my legs further apart, got down on my elbows and pushed my ass into the air giving him the perfect position for him to fuck me. I knew the scene had left my dad paralyzed and in shock as he watched this strange man, his age and which he just met a few hours ago, enter my young body. My hands grabbed fistful of sheets, as I arched my back titling my head up and letting out a soft lustful moan.

I was looking at my dad who was trying to be silent and not be seen. His eyes grew larger as Alejandro penetrated my small entrance sending heat waves through my body and mind. I was about to speak when he spanked me. I knew my face and eyes told my dad I was in heaven and I wanted Alejandro to do more to me. My dad kept in the shadows and continued to watch. My eyes were half closed and my mouth half opened as I moaned and gyrated on Alejandro. Alejandro grabbed my hair and pulled it back giving my dad a great view of my over developed chest as he began to using my young body. He spanked me again and began pumping his manhood into me nice and slow.

“Fuck Tina you’ve had me hard all day. That outfit shows off your big tits and round ass so good I couldn’t stop staring. You like that don’t you. You like me staring at your big tits and firm ass huh little girl,” moaned Alejandro.

Keeping my eyes half closed and my mouth half opened I let out a little moan as I shook my head yes. I was enjoying the attention my professor was giving to my body. My nipples poked out begging to be sucked as my breast swayed back and forth. Small whimpers escaped my mouth every time he pushed it back in. Every time Alejandro heard me do that, he spanked me.

“Your casino firmaları dad’s a nice man, but I couldn’t wait for him to leave so I could shove my fat dick into his little girl’s tiny wet hot pussy. Fuck my cock feels so good in your tight hole. Come on babygirl fuck my big cock. Ride it like you did the other night,” moaned Alejandro.

My mind raced knowing my dad heard that Alejandro has been fucking me. I wondered what went through his mind at that revelation. It made me hot and wet knowing that my dad knows I’ve been fucking so I began to rock my body back and forth onto Alejandro’s fat cock. My big firm perky breasts swayed with my movements as I began to moan. Knowing that my dad was still watching I made sure he saw Alejandro’s cock penetrating my pussy.

“Oh yea that’s it mijita. You know what daddy likes. All the way in, let my balls smack your ass. MMMM. You do that so fucking good. You like having my dick in you? Huh, you like that you little slut,” Alejandro asked as he spanked my bottom once again.

“You loved showing off for me today didn’t you, you little tease?” Alejandro asked.

“Ay si,” I moaned softly.

“And you loved how the guys were checking you out too, huh little girl?” he asked.

“Ay si,” I moaned again.

“But what really got you wet was having your dad check you out huh?” he asked as he spanked my firm bottom.

“Ay si que rico,” I moaned a little louder.

“You loved him checking out your big firm tits and cute round ass. You wore this just for him huh,” he spanked me again.

“Si, I wanted him to look at my tits and ass,” I moaned.

“I saw you spreading your legs when we were sitting down so he could see that little pink thong you put on huh? You did that on purpose,” he told me.

“Si, I wanted him to look between my legs at my pussy,” I confessed.

“What were you thinking when he was looking at it?” he asked.

“I wanted him to touch it, to rub it, to run his fingers between my lips. I wanted my papi to touch my hot pussy,” I moaned.

Even though my dad tried to keep in the shadows I saw his hand pulling out his throbbing manhood and squeezing it as he heard my confession. His hand worked fast and hard stroking his fat cock as he watched this stranger use me like his wanting whore. I moaned with untold lust, half closing my eyes I licked my lips wanting to taste my dad’s fat dick. It looked so yummy I wanted it down my throat.

“You want your dad to fuck your little hot pussy don’t you? I bet you want to be on your knees sucking his fat hard dick. Just making you gag while you play with his balls. Huh, you little cock sucker,” Alejandro told me and spanked my firm round ass again.

“Oh yes, I do. I want his fat dick n my mouth,” I replied as I began to buck my hips back into him.

“What would you do if he founds us right now you little bitch?” he asked me.

“Ay dios no please,” I moaned as I backed up onto his fully erect shaft burying it deep inside my hot body.

“I can tell you like that idea. You got so hot and wet on my dick. You want your dad to see you fucking my big fat dick, don’t you? You want your dad to know you’re a little cock slut. I want to see the look on his face as you gobble down his fat dick,” he moaned as he began to pump his hips like a piston.

“Ay papi. Ay papi. Ay papi,” I moaned as he ravaged me like a common whore.

I kept pace with Alejandro meeting his every thrust moaning and digging my finger nails into my bed. My heavy breasts swayed back and forth to the rhythmic rocking while we were fucking. Faster and harder our bodies collided as we worked towards our climax.

“Louder you little slut, I want your Papa to see you getting fucked. Louder, so he can hear his little princess being a puta,” Alejandro commanded me.

“Ay papito. Ay. Ay. Ay papi si. Papi cojeme estoy bien caliente. Dame tu leche papi,” I moaned.

I saw my dad’s hand feverishly moving up and down his fat cock as he watched and heard me utter such profanity. The slapping of our flesh filled the room as we fucked like wild animals. It was the most erotic scene I ever did; letting my dad watch me get fucked so deep and hard. I was moaning, moving my body back and forth onto my instructor, and uttering some of the most perverted words I ever said.

Alejandro grabbed my shoulder and flipped me onto my back. Scrambling over me body, he mounted me and put his slick hard dick between my magnificent breasts and began to cover my face and tits with his white milky juice. My face became drenched with his gooey white liquid. I used my hands to clamp his angry shaft between my bosoms and milked every last drop from his dick. We smiled at each other as, Alejandro slowly rocked back and forth on my chest.

Alejandro then reached behind his back and brought forth a camera. He took a picture of my messy face as I was sucking on the head of his cock. I was hoping my dad was still watching when Alejandro took my picture. It was hot to imagine him, and some of his closest friends, admiring my cum covered face and chest; each güvenilir casino one asking my dad for permission to do the same to me. Yet, the most erotic part was when they asked for permission to view me tity fucking my own dad.

“This is going to look good next to your other photos,” Alejandro said smiling down at me.

I looked back at him and continued to suck on his hard cock. Sucking and licking his dick, I hoped my dad was watching what a good little cock sucker I turned out to be. Again, I pictured my dad in Alejandro’s place while his friends surrounded us, each stroking his cock while they watched me gobble up my dad’s dick. This made me suck Alejandro with untold passion. Shortly Alejandro shot another down my throat and I swallowed as much as I could. He fell next to me breathing hard trying to catch his breath. We lay very still and drift off into sleep.

The next day Alejandro and I got up early and made breakfast hoping to surprise my dad. Since he was not up, we played and flirted while preparing the food.

“Como quieres tus huevos?” Alejandro asked me.

“MMMMMM como los de anoche, bien grande y con mucha leche,” I giggled as I responded.

“Que linda y quieres chorizo con tus huevos ninita?” asked Alejandro with a double meaning.

“Solo si esta bien grande el chorizo,” I replied.

We heard my dad cleared his throat as he stepped into the kitchen. I hoped he saw Alejandro caressing my body under my tiny robe and me pulling my hand from under his pants. Yet we separated like nothing was happening and continued to make breakfast; trying to act like nothing was happening between Alejandro and me.

“Buenos dias papi, how did you sleep?” I asked.

“Ok and you mijita,” he replied.

“I slept like a log. I was so tired papi,” I lied.

“Y tu Alejandro? How did you sleep?” he asked.

“The same, I was so tired from everything we did yesterday. I never slept better,” Alejandro answered.

“So what’s for breakfast?” he asked.

“Huevos con chorizo,” we both replied.

“Mijita I never knew you liked chorizo,” he asked in a surprise manner.

“Well since she started college she has learn to love chorizo,” stated Alejandro with a little hint of a snicker.

“Si papi, I’ve learned to love it,” I repeated trying to deflect the obvious attempt at his double meaning.

“See I told you, I bet if she could she would have chorizo con huevos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” continued Alejandro.

I was not sure if our innuendos were not lost on him: I pictured my dad looking at me last night, on my back getting my face covered by Alejandro’s cum. This evil and lustful imagine made me instantly hot. It seems both dad and I were lost in thought when I heard Alejandro asked another question.

“So you never gave Cristina some chorizo and eggs?” he asked dad.

“No why,” he answered.

“If she was my daughter I would have been giving it to her every day. Cristina would you have liked me giving you chorizo con huevos every day?” he asked me.

“Sure, especially if you gave me lots of cream with them. You know how hungry I can get sometimes. I would just suck it all down,” I replied as I sipped my coffee giving both men a wicked little smile.

“You know I would. I would make sure you get full too. I would let you gobble it all up. What do you think? Would you mind if your daughter gobbled it all up,” Alejandro replied.

“As long as she minded her table manners, she has to be a proper young lady. I don’t want anybody talking bad about my baby” replied my dad.

We both laughed.

“Oh daddy, you can be so silly sometimes,” I said bending over giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

As I bent forward I remembered I was naked underneath my robe, it opened up just enough so he could see my big round pink areolas and the tiny strand of hair under my bellybutton. I bent over making sure Alejandro could see my pussy from behind. My dad’s face went flushed as he took in my body and the thought of Alejandro looking at my bald pussy made my nipples ever so hard. We both joined my dad at the table and we ate our breakfast while enjoying some small talk. Alejandro and dad kept stealing quick glimpses of my cleavage which I tried to display without being too obvious.

Alejandro finished first and went to change because he was getting ready to leave for home. Dad and I finished our breakfast while we enjoyed more small talk. Several times throughout breakfast I got up for more milk, toasts and jelly. On two occasions I bent showing my dad my pink tiny little lips. I knew it was the same view Alejandro saw when I bent over to kiss my dad. I just wished he would stand up and fuck me like a dirty whore, I was so wet. Yet, my dad did not say a word or made a move.

I could not stand it anymore I had to make the first move. After finishing my breakfast and cleaning up and I decided to tease him some more. He was at the table sipping on his coffee when I sat on his lap. With my hands around his neck, I sat on his lap and smiled. To my surprise he was hard as a rock and as thick as a log; it felt huge through his boxers. I just sat there looking at him not saying a word but slightly wiggling my ass on his cock. Was he enjoying it or did it hurt him? It was unclear. Yet, I could feel his lose boxers getting tighter and tighter.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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