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[F4M] Female speaker intended for a male audience.

[Narrative] Mentions of [Alcohol] [Car Sex] [Blow Job] [Deep throat] [Gagging] [Fingering] [Condom use] [Seated Reverse Cowgirl] [Back seat] [Countdown] [Wet Panties] [One Night Stand] [Cheating]

I knew I shouldn’t be here.

That this was wrong.

I had told my husband that I was going out for a girls’ night.

I didn’t even have to lie about where or who would be there, he didn’t ask.

He just grunted and put his headphones back on, still absorbed in his game.

I slipped my keys into my jacket pocket and planted a quick peck on his cheek, my affection unnoticed.

Lack of attention is no excuse to cheat.

I knew that.

A responsible adult would talk to her partner about how she feels neglected.

I should figure out how to put the spark back into my relationship.

Or at the very least, I should leave him.

But instead, there I was sitting at the bar sipping a Sazerac and waiting for You to come fuck me.

My fingers worried the thin twist of lemon as I glanced around the room, trying to distract myself from the little voice in the back of my head that whispered bitter words.




I gently shook my head as if it would help clear my conscience and took another sip, letting the cold, licorice taste of absinthe and whiskey rest on my tongue.

I closed my eyes and focused my attention on the drink.

Relishing the sweetness from the sugar cube, the oaky quality of the whiskey, the bite of the Angostura (pronounced ang-guh-stur-uh) bitters.

When I opened them again, my eyes were clear and sharp.


Friday nights are always busy, but I had arrived before the rush, and claimed a seat facing the door.

I just hadn’t yet decided who would be You.

There was a cluster of corporate suits gathering on the other end of the bar, each with their matching haircuts and tailored jackets in navy, black, or charcoal.

I mentally dismissed them as being too predictable.

Zero chance that they would care about my pleasure.

One of them ordered the bartender to remake his Vodka Tonic, a desperate attempt to appear powerful that made him appear more like a silly little grade-school-bully, rather than an “alpha male”.

I rolled my eyes and sipped my drink.

An algorithm of tech bros, each dressed in a different combination of company-branded t-shirt and company-branded hoodie, were taking advantage of the hotel bar’s partnership with a local microbrewery.

I wondered if any of them actually enjoyed the taste of bottled I.P.A., or if they all hid Coors Light in the back of their refrigerators at home.

I was just considering whether the tall, skinny one with the easy smile could be a potential candidate, when the light glinted on a thin sliver of metal on his left hand.

Married, damn.

I was already wrecking one home, I didn’t need another one on my conscience.

Besides, there was a chance he might be the decent type who’d just turn me down.

Not worth the effort.

I didn’t even glance in the direction of the college kids watching the game.

I knew they were all legal adults, but tonight I was looking for someone with a bit more experience.

Unfortunately for me, everyone else at the bar almanbahis seemed to be partnered up.

I was finishing the last of my drink and making a mental note to dig my vibrator out of the nightstand as soon as I got home, when I heard your voice behind me and turned to look.

You ordered a Sazerac from the bartender, then met my gaze with warm eyes that crinkled at the corners when you smiled.

I found myself smiling back immediately.

You glanced at the empty glass in my hand, and asked the bartender to make it two, before settling yourself in the seat next to me.

You had this friendly, relaxed vibe about you that put me at ease right away, and I laughed loudly as we sat and chatted.

Honestly, I couldn’t remember the last time I enjoyed talking to anyone this much.

My fingertips gently brush against your hand, your arm, your shoulder.

You reached up to tuck a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

I squeezed my thighs together so tightly.

We finished our drinks and I reluctantly checked the time.

It was getting late.

We should probably be going.

We closed out the bar tabs.

You offered to walk me to my car.

I placed my hand on your arm and squeezed gently, my eyes sparkling.

You smiled, raising an eyebrow slightly.

We barely made it to the parking lot before my lips were on yours.

Your hands around my waist.

My fingers gripping the front of your shirt.

Our bodies pressed together so tightly we could barely breathe.

I wrapped my arms around your neck as your hands gripped my ass.

You lifted me up, pushing me against the brick wall and I squeezed your waist with my thighs.

I peppered you with kisses and tiny bites.

My lips against your lips, against your neck, against your cheek.

I could already feel how hard you were.

My pussy responded, positively aching with need.

It had been too long, too fucking long.

You pressed your body against mine, grinding your hard cock on me as I whimpered between kisses, “We can’t fuck out here, it’s too open. Too exposed.”

I tore my mouth away from yours just long enough to purr into your ear, “Let’s go to my car.”

I had never been so fucking grateful for tinted windows!

I climbed into the backseat after you, dropping my keys into one of the cupholders and tossing my purse onto the front seat.

You cupped my face in your hands and pulled me in for a kiss.

I reached down and grabbed your cock through your pants, pulling a moan from your lips.

Fuck, you sounded so desperate for me.

I could feel my pussy throbbing.

No more waiting, I needed you!

I moved away for just a moment, and slid my soaking wet panties down my legs.

The interior of the car smelled like whiskey and wet pussy.

I caught your eye and you looked at me like a man who hadn’t eaten in weeks.

Your distracted fingers fumbling with your belt buckle while I reached up to the front seat and fished a condom out of my purse.

I ripped open the package with my teeth while you shimmied your pants down to your ankles.

The tip of your cock gleamed, and I just couldn’t resist.

I took you into my mouth, and your moans echoed throughout the car.

I heard your breath hitch as I swallowed your almanbahis giriş cock, bobbing my head up and down, my ass sticking straight up in the air.

You reached over and flipped up my skirt (not that it was covering much, at this point) and ran your fingers down my sopping wet slit.

I moaned low with your cock between my lips, and felt your muscles tense and twitch.

Your fingers dipped inside of me, luxuriating in my wetness.

I whimpered, feeling you tease my opening was torture, and you responded by stuffing two fingers deep inside of me.

Our mutual desperation made us sloppy.

There was no finesse to our foreplay, just two horny people going at it like mad.

Your fingers hooked me by my cunt, pulling me down, shoving the full length of your cock down my throat.

I gagged, my eyes watering as my saliva dripped down to coat your balls.

You released my pussy and I pulled away, wiping a line of drool from my mouth.

I knew my mascara was running down my cheeks.

I probably looked like shit.

I didn’t care.

I grabbed your slick cock and quickly rolled the condom down your wet shaft.

I pinched the tip just hard enough to make you wince and moan.

Relishing the consequences of my own cruelty.

I watched your face, drinking in your reaction, and you grinned at me once you’d finally stopped writhing.

I used your shoulder to steady myself, and your fingers grazed my waist as I repositioned myself to sit on your lap facing forward.

My nails dug into the soft foam of the driver’s seat and I slowly, slowly lowered myself down onto your cock.

Easy, easy does it.

God knows it’s been a while.

A sharp intake of breath, was that me or you?

I could feel your cock stretching me, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out as you sank a little deeper.

You chuckled and I swore I could feel it in my cunt.

You reminded me, there was no one else around.

No need to be quiet.

Whatever reply I had in mind exploded into a scream as you grabbed my hips and slammed me down onto your cock, taking the full length of you inside me all at once.

I made no attempt to stifle my moans as you fucked up into me, pulling my hips down to meet yours again and again and again.

We grunted and groaned, letting loose unsophisticated animal noises.

Giving in to our most authentic urges.

Our most basic desires.

One lizard-brain fucking another.

I reached down, pressing a finger to my clit as you slammed your cock into me.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh god fuck me so fucking hard jesus FUCK!” I panted.

I started to feel lightheaded, but didn’t slow down.

I never wanted this to end.

I could feel my muscles clench, the tension rapidly building in my cunt, when I heard your voice through gritted teeth.


Oh my god you can’t be serious!


I don’t know what it is about a countdown exactly, but each number makes my heart race faster.


Maybe it’s my competitive spirit. I can never resist a challenge.


Maybe it’s the fear of failure that’s followed me my whole life.


Maybe it’s about giving up control, even just a little tiny bit.


Or maybe it’s the fact that a man would have to almanbahis yeni giriş be *pretty* *fucking* *ballsy* to try a countdown with a new partner, not knowing how I’d respond!


Lucky for you, confidence (bordering on arrogance) is my catnip.


“Oh fuck Oh FUCK I’m gonna fucking cum!” I gasped.


I pressed my fingers against my clit, hard.


Not a moment too soon.

My back arched as the electricity of an intense orgasm washed over me, muscles spasming.

I buried my face in the back of the seat and muffled my screams with the headrest.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me as my pussy clenched around you.

I felt your cock twitch deep inside of me and your moans joined mine as you came.

As your body relaxed, you wrapped your arms around my waist and buried your face in my hair.

I could feel the delicious tension leave my body.

The rush of euphoria.

My breathing slowed.

I rested my hands over yours for just a moment.

I could feel your heart beating against my back.

I smiled, relishing this warm fuzzy feeling.

Then the ice cold realization set in.

I reached down, holding the condom in place as I carefully lifted myself off of you.

I grabbed a stack of napkins from the center console and we quickly cleaned ourselves up.

You scooped up my wet panties off the floor, raising an eyebrow.

I shrugged, “Keep them, if you’d like.”

Smiling, you stuffed them into your shirt pocket before leaning in for a kiss.

I placed a firm hand on your chest.

“It’s getting late, I need to go.”

You paused, surprised at the sudden change in temperature, then reached for the car door handle.

“Of course. You’re right, it is late.”

Your voice was thick with uncertainty.

The cold night air was instantly sobering.

“I’d love to see you again sometime…” your words trailed off as I briskly stepped around you and climbed into the driver’s seat without a glance.

I put the car in gear and started for home.

One time, I think it might have been the first time I ever fucked a stranger without my husband’s knowledge, I briefly glanced back at the man before I left.

His face was raw with hurt and confusion.

The image haunted me for days.

I swore I’d never do it again.

So the next time I cheated, I kept my eyes pointed straight in front of me from the moment I came until the moment I got home.

I know that I’m using these men.

I’ve tried to justify it by reminding myself that they get to cum too, that the sex is not one-sided, and that they should have no complaints.

But then I remember how much fun we had talking and flirting at the bar.

How they all genuinely seemed to like me.

How I made them believe that I genuinely liked them.

I’m not delusional, of course.

I highly doubt that any of them cried their eyes out when they got home.

And, if any of them did, they certainly don’t still think of me weeks later.

*I* wasn’t important to them.

*I* was only ever a potential idea that never came to fruition.

Nothing of value lost.

But still, I used them.

And even though they believed I was single, I entangled each of these men in an affair they aren’t even aware exists.

Each of their spirits was slightly tarnished because of my actions.

Nevermind the bruises my own spirit carries.

And, Lord knows, I will do it again.

Heaven help me for the way I am.

Save me from these evil deeds before I get them done.

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