Crashed Ch. 4

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* * * * *

Channtel was laying on our bed, ” All right little girl, stand up. I’m the new Policeman around here and I’ve heard you’re the ‘Bad Girl’ in town.”

“Make me stand up, Cop.” Channtel replied in a smart ass tone of voice.

“O.K,” I grabbed her by her hair, pulling her to my face, ” I will beat your ass red, if you don’t listen to me, girl.”

“Ohhh, I’m so scared.” She said.

“You little bitch,” I turned her around, her ass faced me. I gave her good slap on her ass, ” you want more? If not you better follow my orders.”

She put her hands on her hips, ” Ohhh, beat me Mr. Cop, I’m just so afraid.”

“You fuckin’ little Whore,” I bent her over and gave her a real hard slap on her ass,” I’m warning you. The next time you will get hurt.”

“Oh please, Mr. Pig, don’t beat me.” She started to giggle.

“O.K. bitch, that’s it,” I pulled out the hand cuffs I made. I slipped the around her wrist, ” now I’m really going to beat your smart little ass.”

I pulled the cuffs tight around her and pulled her arms up to a coat hook high on the wall.

“Now I’m going to show you who’s in charge here,” I Turned her around, my hand found Channtels sweet ass.



“Not you PIG,” she giggled.


“Who is in charge?” I ask.

More giggles, ” Not you PIGGY.”

“You bitch.”


I ask again, ” Who’s in charge?”

“Not you MOTHER FUCKER.” She was really enjoying this.

“All right you little Whore, I know what I can do,” I turned her to face me and I began to lick her breast, ” Who’s In charge?”

“MMMmm me.”

I started to lick the entire front of Channtels body, ” Who’s in charge?”

“Not you fucker.”

“O.K. bitch, now I’m going to get rough with you,” I pulled her face back to the wall. Then I pulled down my pants, ” you had your chance bitch.”

I bent my knees, I placed my cock head to Channtels pussy hole. With one full thrust, I rammed my cock deep into her body.

“OHHHH, YOU MOTHER FUCKING PIG, OUCH, OUCH,” She screamed, ” I’m telling my Daddy on you.”

“I bet you learn to listen to the Police now.” I said ramming my cock deeper in her body.

“NEVER, YOU PIG.” She screamed.

I started fucking her with long, deep thrust. As I did I kept slapping Channtels sweet ass. Each slap I gave her, those wonderful pussy muscles locked around my hard, thick cock. I knew it wouldn’t be long before her body orgasmed.

Again I ask, ” Who’s in charge?”

“Me…” Channtel moaned.

I gave her a few more slaps on her ass and I pumped her tight little pussy hard as I could. Lifting her off of the floor with each thrust inside her.

“Who’s in charge?”

“You are… Fuck me… Mr.Policeman… fuck me.”

I took Channtel to our bed, I caressed her red ass and slowly reinserted my cock in her dripping pussy, ” Is my bad girl having fun.” I ask.

“YES, YES… this was so hot, Daddy.”

We made love for a good two hours that day. We still play Policeman and the bad girl Niğde Escort to this day.

We had lost track of time, our love making sessions sometimes started as soon as we woke in the morning. Lasting until we passed out at night. We had no real way of knowing how long we had been crashed.

There hadn’t been any new snow for a long time, in fact a few times we had seen water dripping from the plane. It would be very soon that we tried to hike down the mountain.

It was our last day to be stuck in the plane. I woke up with a very stiff cock and needed Channtel to help me fix it. I turned to her, that wonderful ass of hers was facing my cock. I slipped it between her legs, as I did, I heard her moan.

“Baby, Daddy needs your pussy.” I whispered in her ear.

She pushed into my cock, ” Oh yes… Fuck me… real slow and easy Daddy…”

I pushed inside her body, Channtels body fit me like a fine glove. We made love 5 to 6 times a day, sometimes more. After so much sex her body molded to my cock.

Slowly I moved in and out of her body. Channtels pussy muscles held my cock as I pleasured her. She had became an expert with her muscle control.

Then we heard what we thought was another small avalanche, ” That was I small one,” I whispered in her ear as I kept loving her pussy, ” I have a big one that going inside you real soon.”

“I’m ready when you are Daddy.” Channtel purred.


I froze, ” What the fuck was that?” I pulled out of my daughter and slowly crawled to look out a window.


“OH NO… I WAS SO CLOSE, DADDY” She moaned.

“PEOPLE.” I shouted.

Channtel jumped up, ” Are you kidding me?” as she looked outside.

I got dressed as fast I could and told Channtel to do the same. I went down in the cargo hold to open the rear hatch.

There stood three men, all with big smiles on their faces.

* * * * *

“Damn, I hate doing this,” Dennis mumbled, as he opened Jakes locker but, a new pilot was coming in the morning and he needed the locker, ” Look at this.” It was the ‘Prayer Card’ Dennis had given Jake twenty years ago.

He read through the prayer, when he finished, he had to wipe the tears from his eyes. He handed Jake the card after a bad commercial flight into India. The planes landing gear jammed up and they almost crashed. Jakes quick thinking saved over 300 people that day.

He finished packing up Jakes things and started the drive to Kates house, ” Hell, she’ll more than likely just put it out with the trash.”

Dennis pulled into the drive way and made his way up to the house. The door was open so, he just walked on in, ” Hello,” Dennis said, ” anybody home?”

Then he heard strange noises coming from the back room. He walked down the hall. He all but fell over. There was Kate, Jakes wife, on her hands and knees. With Bill, Channtels husband, driving his five inch cock in and out of Kates pussy, as fast as he could go.


“Anything for you Mommy, anything.” Bill panted.

Kate drove her ass into Bill, ” Oh yes.. go… Go… Mommy is cumming…”

“It’s so nice to fuck you Niğde Escort Bayan and not her,” Bill moaned, ” all I ever heard from her was, ‘daddy this, daddy that’, I think they may have been fucking each other.”


Dennis turned and walked out of the house, taking Jakes things with him.

Kate drove her hips back into Bill, ” FUCK ME… FUCK ME…”

She started cumming all over Bills little cock, thinking how good it felt not to have her pussy spilt apart. Jakes cock was just to big. After Channtel was born, her pussy was never able to take him without pain.

Dennis made his way back to his small office. Still sick from what he had seen, ” How could them two do such a thing?”

Reading through his e-mails he saw the unknown person again. The e-mail was like before, no names, no return address, nothing. It read, ‘ Going to check for survivors in the morning, will advise.’

“Oh GOD, please let them be alive…”

* * * * *


“Are you Jake Robins?” One of the men ask.

I of course replied, ” Yes, and this is my daughter Channtel.”

“We flew over you about four months ago. During the winter it’s impossible to land a helicopter this high. So, we had to wait to come and get you two.” The man said.

“Where are you men from?” I ask.

The man replied, ” A friend of yours put the word out that you crashed and he needed help finding you,” he looked at the other men, ” lets say we represent a government agency that likes to keeps things secret.”

One of the other men spoke up, ” Lets get your things and get out of here.”

Channtel and I ran back to our living area, looking for our things. What things? I didn’t want to take a damn thing from this plane. Oh sorry, yes I did, I wanted to take my new found love, my daughter, Channtel.

We grabbed a coat, some boots and that was all. As we boarded the helicopter it seemed like a dream. My heart raced as we slowly took off from our prison.

The men didn’t say but a few words, telling us we would be landing at a small air field and from there we would be flow to Katmandu.

“I can’t wait to get back,” as I hugged Channtel I could see she was crying, ” what’s wrong Baby.” I ask.

“I get to see my baby… And We… We… can’t make… Love anymore.” She burst into tears.

“I’ll be damned, I’m leaving your Mother and you’re divorcing Bill,” I hugged her tight, ” You’re my only love from now on.”

“Really?” Channtel ask, as big tears ran down her pretty face.

“Always and forever.” I replied.

We landed at the small airport, Channtel and I couldn’t thank our rescuers enough. Then we climbed aboard the small plane for a two hour flight to home.

“So, you flew for the missionaries didn’t you?” the UN-known pilot ask.

“Yes I did, why do you ask?”

“Hell, I was going to fly you right to them if you want?” he said.

“Sure, that will be great. I have a friend that’s going to shit his pants.”

“It won’t be that long now.” As he made his final turn over the city.

“Are you staying in town tonight? I would like to Escort Niğde properly thank some of our rescuers.” I said.

“No, I have to drop you two and just run,” he replied as the plane glided down the runway, ” I’m going to stop, you two jump out and latch the door back.”

“We sure do thank all of you guys.” And I patted him on the back.

The small plane stopped, Channtel and I jumped off, locked the door back and started walking to the office. We knew poor Dennis was going to be as excited as a kid in a candy store when he saw us. We walked as softly as we could to the office door. I knocked on it as load as I could, ‘ bang, bang, bang.

“JESUS, DON’T BREAK THE DOOR, come in.” Dennis yelled.

I pushed the door open, Dennis looked up, his face looked like he saw a ghost. He jumped from his chair running to us.

“I KNEW IT, I JUST KNEW YOU TWO WOULD MAKE IT OFF THAT MOUNTIAN,” Dennis was hugging and kissing us both, ” I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU TWO.”

After we finished our welcome home hugs, Dennis sat us both down telling us what he saw the day he had taken my things to Kate. He also told me of how greedy Kate had been about my insurance money.

“They will be happy together now. Oh maybe not, did the money go through yet?” I ask.

“No, the check is right here,” he waved it around, ” I was going to take it to her in the morning.” Dennis replied.

“I think Channtel and I will take it to them.” I laughed.

“Oh, I wanted to see my baby today, Daddy.” Channtel said.

Dennis cut in, ” My wife and I have been taking care Of Missy for you. Your mother said she ‘couldn’t handle her’.”

“Oh thank so much, when can I see her?” Channtel ask.

“They flew back to the states, to my mother in laws place, they will be back in two weeks.”

Channtel had tears running down her cheeks, ” How is she Dennis?”

“She’s growing like a weed, she had her first birthday last month,” Dennis hugged her, Standing up Dennis ask, ” O.K. so, I guess you two want a hot bath, some new clothes and some good food? I’ll take you to the Hotel downtown. It’s the best one.”

Laying in our first soft bed together, Channtel had a strange look on her face as she began to talk, ” Daddy?”

“Yes, Baby.”

“I need to tell you something,” she had little tears forming in her eyes, ” Daddy… I’m… I’m uh…”

I cut in, ” Your going to have my baby…”

“How did you know?”

“I can see the glow around your face, your moods have changed and your breast are swelling.” I replied with a smile.

“I thought you would be upset with me.”

“Why… I was the one jumping your bones every time you moved.”

“It was fun, wasn’t it?” Channtel smiled, ” do you think if we hadn’t crashed, we would have ever made love together?”

“The way you turned me on,” I pulled her closer to me, ” it took everything I had I me to keep my hands off you. Why do you think I was always smacking your ass, or I was always hugging you? You make me hard day and night Baby.”

“I love you Daddy.”

I rolled on top of Channtel, loving her into the morning. We went to find Kate and Bill the next day but, we guessed they had heard we made it back from the mountain. We never saw either of them again.

Channtel, Missy and I moved back to the states before she began to show she was pregnant. She gave birth to another little girl and two more girls after that.

Well, I guess that’s about all of our story, we hope you enjoyed it.

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