Couples date with fantasy

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Couples date with fantasyLove this story from literotica. By IraBumblefield**Deb and I (Ben) had been married for ten years with two c***dren, Christopher (8) and Melinda (6). Both of us worked and in recent years it seems the demands of our jobs and our c***dren assured we had precious little time for each other.Our sex life? Well, pretty bland, once a week on weekends, sometimes not for two weeks, very vanilla… Used to be hot, often, lots of different positions, a little oral. Now… only missionary, hurry up, roll over, go to sleep. Still, I loved Deb and hoped she loved me too, but she didn’t seem interested in sex anymore.Maybe she didn’t find me sexually attractive, couldn’t blame her. I wasn’t proud of my physique either. My sedentary office job turned me into paste and flab, 5’10”, 210 lbs, with a 20 pound spare tire, hair thinning, would need a comb over soon.Debbie was the antithesis, pretty as a centerfold, 5’5″, 135 lbs, beautiful tan, great figure. She had a little bit of a tummy left over from c***d bearing but the only things men noticed were her great tits and ass… me too. Was I intimidated by my gorgeous wife? Probably. Many were the times when we’d go to bed tired from our long days. I’d spoon her for a few minutes, stroking her body, hoping for a passionate response, but the result was all too familiar. She’d moan, take my hand off her tits, and soon be fast asleep…We were both church goers, not because either of us was particularly religious but we wanted to have a good moral base for our c***dren. Besides, there were a lot of church events our family liked to attend. Deb was the social sparkplug, her smile and charm captivated everyone. Me? I was her shadow, trailing behind her with a stupid grin on my face. Besides, who would find me interesting, a fat accountant who collected stamps for a hobby?—It was fall and the church committee were wracking their brains to come up with a new fundraiser. Someone came up with the bright idea of a ‘Date Auction’. The rules were simple, married couples only. On the appointed Saturday morning, men would bid on the women for a date, dinner at six at a restaurant of the man’s choice, home by 10PM.About two dozen couples of the congregation volunteered. Deb and I were good sports and joined in.On the first appointed Saturday morning, the women were brought out singly onto the stage of the church basement. Most were nicely dressed in the hope of attracting higher bids. Some were shy and embarrassed but a few shook their derrieres in fun when the bidding got heavy. It was a hoot. Deb was Number Nine and went for the princely sum of $325 to a guy I immediately disliked. Not that he was such a bad fellow, but he was tall, young, and too handsome. Real men just don’t look that good. His wife was a stunner too but way out of my league. After she wiggled her ass a few times, she went for $450, the highest bid that morning.I settled for Number 18, a short mousy thirtyish brunette; dumpy, shy, and very reserved. She cost me $150 but I figured I’d better grab her before I got stuck with one of the dregs.That Saturday afternoon, the k**s stayed with my folks for the weekend and we spent the afternoon prepping for our dates. Deb looked great, sitting at her vanity in her black lace shelf bra and thong. So good in fact, I thought I might try for a little nookie before we went… No dice, she said there wasn’t enough time… Hell, it was only four o’clock. Obviously, she was still pissed with me for staying up too late the night before, fiddling with my stamp collection.My stiffy got even stiffer when she climbed into her little black dress, her lovely breasts jutting out, showing all that cleavage, her back porch showing no hint of the thong that flossed her ass.At 5:30, Drake showed up, dressed in a spiffy navy suit, shirt and tie. This was supposed to be a casual dinner, what the hell was this guy up to? Was he thinking he could seduce my wife? … Fat chance, asshole.He pulled his hand from behind his back and presented her with a bouquet of yellow roses. Shit, I never even thought of that. Deb squealed her approval, threw her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. Then after dropping the roses in a vase, she hurried over to me.”Keep him ready ’til I get back,” she patted my crotch, gave me a quick peck, then hooked Drake’s arm and left.Well, I hadn’t thought of picking up flowers for my date, so I took Deb’s out of the vase (nice guy, huh?), then rewrapped them and drove to Mona’s house. Her husband had already left and I got a kiss and a hug for the flowers… thanks, Drake.Now, this isn’t a very large town, so the number of good dining spots is limited. I selected a nice restaurant out on the highway, somewhere I hoped not to run into anyone I knew. Luckily, kaynarca escort the waiter sat us in a dimly lit alcove. We relaxed and I ordered a nice bottle of red wine. Mona wasn’t a great conversationalist, certainly not until she finished over half the bottle. After we ordered dinner, she started telling me her life story; what an underpriveledged c***d she was, an ugly teenager in high school, yadda, yadda, yadda… one bottle of wine gone. I ordered another while she took a washroom break. She never shut up for a moment, not even while gobbling down her food and slurping most of the second bottle of wine.I learned all about her love life, how inattentive her husband was, how he rarely wanted sex anymore, yak, yak, yak. While finishing the second bottle of wine, she sat down next to me and nestled her head between my shoulder and chest, slobbering and pouring her tears down my best white shirt. By 9:30, I’d had enough and insisted I take her home. After herding her out to the nearly empty parking lot, I loaded her into my car. When I sat down in the driver’s seat, I got one hell of a surprise. When I reached for the gear shift, she grabbed my hand and shoved it up her short dress onto her bare, very wet pussy. With a smile, she slid her hand down my trousers and grabbed my dick, squeezing it, stroking it.Hell, I’m just a man, I’d never had my hand on another woman’s pussy since before I was married. My dick jumped, not only from her ministrations but more from the fact that I hadn’t been intimate with Deb for two weeks. “Thank you for being such a good listener, Ben, but I haven’t had any sex for a month and I’d really like to slip my pussy over your nice hard dick.”She was drunk. I still had my hand in her trough and decided to masturbate her pussy, hoping that if I brought her to orgasm, she might lose interest and let go of my cock… It worked, she came with a moan and a copious gush of fluid, then slumped back in her seat and promptly passed out.Her husband wasn’t home when we arrived, so after finding the house key in her purse, I deposited her on her couch, her bare pussy still leaking onto her dress. There was no way I could leave her like that, so after rummaging around in her purse, I found her panties and slipped them on her… Her leaking pussy? … Well, he would have to deal with that.Arriving home at 10:15, Deb wasn’t there yet, so I decided to take a quick shower to get Mona’s smell off me… Eleven, and Deb still wasn’t home. I was starting to worry. Almost midnight and still no Deb. My imagination went into overdrive. Had she decided after ten years to have a fling? Was she in bed with him right now? My mind conjured up the worst, I was feeling sick. ******I was still sitting on the sofa, staring at the door, waiting for it to open. It was after midnight when I heard the asshole’s van come into our driveway. Deb came in, no lipstick, very flushed, her dress looking like it had been slept in. I was in complete shock. Never in our ten years of marriage had she ever expressed a desire to be with another man, not even while fantasizing during our lovemaking.”You were supposed to be home by ten,” I groused. She saw I was pissed.”Well, we went dancing after dinner,” she flipped me off, “Time just sort of flew. Let me have a quick shower to wash my sweat off and I’ll tell you all about it.”As she hurried by, I could smell her sex. There was no question in my mind it had happened… Crawling into bed on my back, I started counting the ceiling tiles, waiting for the confession that would rip my heart out and end our marriage. Deb came out of the shower, starkers. She slid into bed and cuddled into me, “Thank you, darling, that was the nicest time I’ve had in years.””Obviously you don’t consider me much fun anymore,” I growled.”Of course I do… it was just… different…””Are you going to tell me how you spent those two extra hours with Drake?””I will, if you tell me about Mona. Did you have a good time too?” she searched my eyes intently… I must have blinked.”Yeah, but you first,” I shot back.”Promise you won’t get mad?… OK… after dancing until eleven, I went with him to his house … God, honey, you know how horny I get when I’m dancing… When he unzipped and pulled out his huge thick dick, I almost fainted. Jeez, it had to be almost a foot long. He’s so much bigger than your eight inches… Now, your turn, tell me what happened with Mona.”Just for the record, I don’t have an eight inch dick. It may have been a little over seven on the good day she measured it but Deb always rounds it up to eight. Somehow that makes her feel better.”When I got Mona into the car to drive her home, she jumped me, grabbing my hand and shoving it between her legs onto her bare pussy. I stroked her pussy orhanlı escort with my fingers while she reached into my pants and began playing with my cock. That was too hot, I took her home and laid her on the couch…” I waited for Deb’s turn. Again, she searched my eyes. Satisfied I was telling the truth, she continued.”Well, Drake sat me down on his sofa and started kissing and fondling me. We had a few more drinks and he managed to get my clothes off, his too. He played with my clit and sucked my nipples… Can you see them? They’re still hard. Then he spread my legs and aimed his big thingy at my kitty… Uhhh… what did you do next with Mona?”I was at a crossroads, having to invent something that never happened. If I didn’t invent a story, she might clam up and never tell me what she did with Drake, that fancy asshole. I went for broke.”First, she pulled my cock down her throat and sucked, swallowing all my cum. It was the best blow job I’d ever had in my life, much better than the feeble attempts you’ve ever given me… She kept sucking until I was hard again so I laid her on the couch and fucked her. She was as tight as a mouse’s ear… After I came, she just held me and used her tight pussy muscles to get me hard again. The third time, I fucked her into submission. It was real easy to get another hardon since I haven’t had much sex at home lately…” I watched Deb’s jaw drop.I continued pouring it on, “I got dressed to go home, but when we walked through the kitchen, her nice plump ass tempted me again so I bent her over the kitchen table and porked her butthole… God, I can’t tell you how good it feels to fuck a woman’s tight asshole…” (Swallowing and anal were two things Deb NEVER did for me.)The corners of Deb’s eyes pinched as she stared at me, “Wow, you came four times? You’ve never come that often for me. She must be one hot little bitch… Anyway… Drake finally worked his lumber into me. It was the most sensuous fuck I’ve ever had in my life. Can you believe it? I took all twelve inches of his monster cock. He spread my pussy so much, I thought I was going to split. I came again and again until he finally shot his load. God, it was unbelievable, he pumped so much cum, I could feel it running down the crack of my ass…”He was amazing, never even got soft, just kept going. I was in orgasm heaven, screaming, bucking my pussy at him, coming almost continually. After half an hour, I was so sore and tired, I couldn’t have fucked him another minute. He flipped me over and stuck his big thingy up my butthole…” she smiled, watching me turn pale.My little weenie curled up and tried to hide in my nutsack. I jumped up and stared down at her naked body, laying on top of the sheets, legs splayed, fingering her pussy… laughing at me. The bitch was actually laughing.That was it for me. Running for the washroom, I just made it before my dinner shot into the ceramic bowl… How could she? The love of my life? The mother of our c***dren? Another man’s slut? I slammed the bathroom door on my way to the spare bedroom. The evening had become a nightmare. Her infidelity was the worst shock I’d ever had in my life. I would never have suspected she had desires for a big cock. Tears came to my eyes.Twenty minutes later, our en-suite toilet flushed and she came into the spare bedroom. She crawled up between my legs, pulling my flaccid cock toward her mouth. I tried to squirm away but she used her other hand to squeeze my balls, hard.”The least I can do is give you a little reward for letting me have such a good time,” she said, still laughing. Her beautiful tits were swaying when she took my member into her mouth. I hated my cock, it began to harden.”It’s OK, you can come in my mouth. You can’t have more than a couple of drops left after coming four times.”She made love to my cock, twisting, licking, pumping, sucking, trying to push it down her throat. And for the first time in our marriage, she succeeded, using her throat muscles to bring me to the most explosive orgasm I ever had. She swallowed as much as she could but there was so much spunk, it leaked out of her mouth onto her hands.”You goddamn liar, you couldn’t have come four times tonight. I’ll get even with you for that dirty trick…” She flipped around on top of me into a 69. “Now, suck my clitty and tongue my pussy hole. Maybe there’s a little of Drake left in there, even after my douche.”Her pussy was poised over my mouth as she dove down on my cock again. The thought of Drake being in there made me gag but her lovely pussy beckoned. It had been years since I had my face in her slit, even longer since she’d had my cock in her mouth. Her slurping was beginning to get me hard again. I pulled her very prominent swollen clit into my mouth, sucking tepeören escort it like a gumdrop, pushing my mouth down on it as for as I could, nibbling around it, tugging on it with my teeth. I wouldn’t have cared if I’d bitten the goddamn thing off.She was mewling in between her slurps, trembling with her impending orgasm. Suddenly, she squirted, soaking my face with her creamy cum, stinging my eyes.”Oh God, oh God,” she groaned, “That was so fantastic. I can’t remember the last time you made me come like that.”She swung around and impaled herself on my cock, her pussy extremely tight. Either her story of Drake’s big cock was bullshit or she had the most elastic pussy on the face of the earth.”Now, fuck me, honey. Drive that thick nine inch cock into my belly… Oh God, yes, Ben… fuck me.”Nine inch? Had I grown another inch since the last time? Or was she fantasizing about that asshole Drake?She bounced like a wild woman. I had to hold onto her hips to prevent her from jumping off. She came again and again, screaming her orgasms, gushing her creamy pussy juices down my pole. Her last set of spasms sucked the cum right out of me, sending her over the edge at the same time, bucking and squealing.As we came down, I tried to push her off but she held onto me tenaciously, hooking her heels under my thighs, her hands under my back.”No, you don’t. You said you came four times for that little tramp and you’ve only come twice for me… Just lay there and I’ll show you how a REAL woman’s pussy can get you hard again.”Her engorged clit was digging into my pubis, her pussy muscles grasping and clenching my cock. She leaned over and licked her own cum off my face, out of my eyes, then stuck a hard nipple into my mouth… I couldn’t believe it, I was slowly getting hard. Again, she started humping my shaft.”Huh… huh… huh… Make me come, honey, make me come like a pissing racehorse… Oh jeez, Ben, you’re so hard… Fuck me, darling… fuck me ’til I die…”My next trick was a first for her. I reached around and stuck a forefinger into her slippery asshole, massaging that thin membrane between her rectum and her vagina, feeling my cock moving inside her. Why was it so slippery? Was Drake’s cum still in there? She went ballistic, pouring her juices out, humping, screaming… Finally, after another twenty minutes, she stopped.”I’m sorry, honey, I’m just too tired to fuck anymore… but you have one more hole to go. I’ve never let you have this before but I want you to do my bumhole…”She rolled over and stuck her beautiful ass in the air. I hadn’t come and was now harder than a rock. Slowly, I worked it into her tight rectum. Once I got it past her sphincter, it seemed to go in quite easily. Was it true? Was Drake in there before me? … But wait… shouldn’t her puckered hole have been more distended from a twelve inch cock? But then, how would I know? I’d never done this before.She was grunting and keening. It probably hurt but I had to have it. I’d wanted it since the beginning of our marriage and wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. Soon she began moving back on my thrusts, fingering her clit at the same time.”Oh God, I never thought it would feel this good. Blow your spunk in there, honey, I want to feel your cock throb and wash my poop hole…”I didn’t last long. She grasped my cock with her sphincter, causing it to swell until it was painful. Each throb of my ejaculation seemed to make my cock expand even more. She reached around with her hands and pulled on my ass, locking her calves against my thighs, trying to force me in as deep as possible. She was beyond screaming now, just gurgling as I emptied myself.Slowly, I pulled out, wondering how I’d ever managed to get it up three times in a row. She laid beside me, pulling herself into my side, sobbing uncontrollably.”My darling husband, that was the best fuck session I’ve ever had in my life. I love you so much… We’ve been neglecting each other far too long and I want to change all that…” I was still pissed, reasonably sure Drake didn’t have her pussy. But what about her slippery asshole? My dick went in there too easily. “Ben… did… did you really pork Mona?” Time for the truth.”No, but the first part I told you was true. She did stroke my dick and I did finger her sloppy pussy until I made her come, then took her home and left her on her couch. It was the first time since we’ve been married that I’d touched another woman. I felt really guilty about it… But my cock was so hard, I just wanted to hurry home and bury it in my wife… How about you? What did you do during the extra two hours with Drake? I want the truth now…””We did go dancing until almost eleven. Since he had to go by his house to drive me home, he invited me in to meet his wife. She wasn’t there so he offered me a drink… No, we didn’t take our clothes off, but the next thing I knew, he had me on the couch, kissing me, palming my breasts, reaching between my legs. That was so hot, a young handsome man found me so desirable…

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