Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 19

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 19Saturday I woke up and started hitting the books again. D&D books that is. I would go through the Monster Manual for a bit, then write out the next section, then look up some treasure items or making some up myself by the time 3 rolled along I had things pretty well laid out I thought.This was a follow-up to my first adventure, which was both to get an idea how it played out in an adventure, as well as an introduction to this one. Now they would have to trace the orcs back to their lair and try to wipe them out.Finally I got up and took a shower, shaved, and did everything else to prepare for a dinner date with Linda and her family. Placing the box with her present inside Scout I saw it was 5 on the dot, so time to go. It was just after 5:10 when I pulled into the parking lot and shut off the car. Deciding that I would save the present for later I tossed it behind the seat and pulled a blanket over it.Going inside the door I was greeted by a waitress and told her my party was already there. Once I walked in I saw them seated in a booth about half way across the room. Rosie saw me and smiled, and obviously Mandy had been clued in as well since she also just smiled and winked at me. And I could see the back of Linda’s head as she bent down over a menu.“So, how’s the salsa here” I asked, slipping in next to Linda just as she was raising a salsa covered tortilla chip to her mouth. Her eyes bulged and she quickly gulped down the chip as fast as she could as she said my name and gave me a huge hug.“What are you doing here? Wait, mom, I honestly…”“It’s OK sweetie, happy birthday” her mom said. “I know he’s here because I invited him here. And before you say a word, I am staying true to what I said. We went out to dinner as a family. I never said that nobody else might not be joining us.”“Bitch” Linda whispered and we all laughed. But with my hand squeezed tightly in hers we were soon chatting and having a rather good meal of quesadilla, tacos, and enchiladas.Finally the dinner was done, we had done enough talking afterwards, and we were ready to leave. Rosie smiled as I first stood and held out my hand to Mandy to help her up (getting a blush and a soft “thank you”, then did the same for her older daughter. Linda however gave me a hug and small kiss before I turned again and offered my hand to Rosie.She actually blushed a bit also as I helped her up. Then with her hand in the crook of my arm I guided Linda outside. With a smile Rosie went ahead and told Linda she could ride home with me. So after sitting her in my car I got in and followed them home.After helping Linda out I reached back and pulled out the box I had hidden. She give me another kiss and we met her sister and mom at the front door and we all went inside. I could tell she was bursting to find out what was inside, but I simply walked over and put it in front of the TV with the other gifts I saw.Her mom was a wizard at building suspense. First the cake, and then ice cream. Then she got out a bottle of wine and gave each of us a half glass. We each made a few toasts, then we all went to the living room where she seated Linda on the couch and her mom or sister brought her the gifts, one at a time.The first was from a box from her mom. Inside was a gray Members Only jacket. Hugs exchanged, then a box from Mandy. It was a pink fuzzy sweater which she also said she loved, and more hugs of course. Then came presents from grandparents, uncles, aunts, and a few others (mostly clothes, a few gift certificates, and a pair of gold and diamond earrings).Finally Mandy went and got the last box left, the one I brought. And at 3 foot by 3 foot by 2 foot the largest one that had been there. Mandy handed it to her and she immediately started to tear the box open, with paper flying everywhere. Once it was off she saw the box inside. Using the knife on the table she then cut that open and pulled out another box that was gift wrapped.More paper all over, and a laughing mom as she used the knife to open yet another box. She pulled that open, and inside saw the backpack I had placed inside. She pulled me down and gave me a big kiss before she tried to pull it out. Only then did she realize it was not only a backpack.Throwing the box across the room she unzipped the top and squealed. I got an even bigger kiss as her mom and sister wondered what it was. Out came the notebook that was obviously full of papers, and a copy of the Players Handbook and Deities & Demigods books (the only 2 you really need to have as a player). Her mom started to flip through them as Linda opened the notebook.I had been keeping her characters in my notebook until then. Now she saw I had put them all in this one. Inside plastic sleeves to keep them neat. Also included was a wax pencil for making notes, and about 70 blank character sheets. In the back was note paper and graph paper.More hugs and a not so chaste kiss followed. Then I told her she needed to open the pocket in the front of the pack. Out came pens, pencils, and a tan pouch made of soft leather a little bigger than a soda can. Linda opened that up and dumped the dice on the table.I think she started to cry a little when she saw the transparent almost pink dice. She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face in my neck, saying it was the best present ever. Rosie gave me a smile and went back to reading the Deities book.Finally when I untangled a cute girl from my lap Rosie marveled at how much of Bulfinch’s Mythology was included in that. She pointed out a few differences between those of the game, but they were relatively minor. “So this is the game you guys have been playing every week?” she asked, then out came the character sheets, and then she was getting a crash course on what all the numbers meant, and admiring the drawing Mandy had done the week before.Then Linda slapped my arm, and said “So that’s why Holly dragged me away from that stand at the convention!” I nodded, and at her mom’s raised eyebrow I said that Linda was looking at a used book that was in rather rough condition, and I had already bought her this new one. And she did not need 2 of them.“But what am I going to do with the other dice now?” she asked. I told her dice was fine, most of us had a lot of excess dice. “Trust me Linda, in this game you can never have too many dice.” She then went into her room to get them, and put them all into the pouch which she replaced in the pack.“There, now you have your own set, and a pack to keep them all together in.” We chatted for a bit longer, and Rosie said she was going into her room to do some work. Mandy was about to excuse herself to give us some privacy I think, when I told her to hold on. I went back to my car, and returned with my Dungeon! board game. I had already gone over the rules myself, and soon they all had a good idea and we had it laid out on the kitchen table. We played 4 games, and Mandy actually won 3 of them. Finally their mom came out at around 9 and said it was about time for Mandy to turn in, but we could have 2 hours to ourselves if we wanted to “go out to the arcade or something”.So a half-hour later we found ourselves at the Japanese Garden. The back seat lowered, and a blanket over us as Linda was kneeling between my thighs, thanking me for the gifts I had given her.And she was like a girl possessed. Looking up into my eyes she was bobbing her head up and down at a quick pace. Her hands were both on my hips, this time she was trying to use only her mouth. Occasionally she would take a deep breath and try to take more of me in, but after a moment of trying to take me deeper she would rise back up and continue with her sucking and bobbing.She then took a deep breath, and pushed down farther, and I could swear I could feel the head start to enter her throat before she pulled back up again. She repeated this 3 or 4 times, each time getting a little further. By now I had reached down and was gripping her hands in mine, moaning that I was getting close. Pulling me back out she bobbed her head as fast as she could, twining her fingers in mine and squeezing tight. I squeezed her fingers back tightly as well and moaned I was about to cum.We were looking into each other’s eyes as I came, at least one large load that surely covered her tonsils. Then several smaller ones until after what seemed like a minute (and was likely closer to 10 seconds) I was completely spent.Then she surprised me. Linda pulled up, and opened her mouth. I saw my cum completely covering her tongue, and some of it started to drip out of the corner of her mouth. She then closed her mouth and swallowed it all. Then using her finger she pushed the small trail that leaked out the corner of her mouth back in and swallowed that as well.She laid in my arms and I kissed her over and over again. “Wow,” I finally said. “Today was your birthday, but it seems like I’m the one that got the best present!”“What, my blowjob is a present to you? Maybe I was thinking that what you just now gave me was another special present just for me.”“Oh no, the present is having you with me here now. The rest was just beyond words.” And with that we resumed kissing again.In short order we had her jeans, blouse and bra laying next to us. And a naked girl except for panties was laying on top of me, kissing me as she grinded herself against my cock. I could feel how hot and wet she was as she moaned and groaned, my cock now hard again riding between the lips of her pussy. Only the thin cotton of her now sodden panties preventing contact. After a few minutes of this I moved from caressing her bottom to lifting her up, and she gave a whimpering mew of disappointment.“Baby, we have to stop. There is still a chance you can get pregnant, and we don’t want that do we?”With that she pushed herself down firmly against him and resumed grinding again. “Baby, don’t worry about that. This feels so good I don’t want to stop.”I tried to pull her off again but Linda squeezed her thighs tight around me. “Stop that right now Peter Culver! I’ve been on the pill for over 2 months now! You aren’t going to get me pregnant by cumming on me anymore, so lie back and let me have my way with you!”I looked into her eyes and she smiled and nodded back at me. So sliding my hands down to her waist and slipping them into the back of her panties I pulled them down and squeezed her bare bottom. She laid fully on top of me and was starting to breathe harder, so I knew she was getting close. I let my fingers slip between her cheeks and was caressing the skin between them when her motions get more jerky and then she pressed down almost painfully hard and climaxed in my arms and on my cock. Kissing me deeply and moaning into my mouth as she did.Kissing her down from her sexual high I ran my hands up and down her back, then I felt her hips starting to rock again. Guiding her she moved down to nibble bahis şirketleri on my ear “Don’t you stop this time” she whispered into my ear. “I want you to cum, just like this. Someday I’m going to ride my cowboy just like this, but not tonight. But I want to have you holding me tonight, just as we are as I make you cum against me. Come on baby, give it to me. You know I want it so let me have it.”In short order I was holding her head in my hand and kissing her deeply as I came and came hard. Cum shooting out and covering her panties and my groin. As I started to cum she moaned deeply into my mouth, reaching another orgasm of her own.Finally spent, we lay in each other’s arms kissing and holding each other. Finally she threw off the blanket that was covering us both and sat up. The front of her panties were coated with my cum. Getting out the baby wipes I started to clean myself off as she slipped her panties off and wadding them up put them in her purse.“This is going to be my very special present, that only you and I will know about. Special memory, of the first time I made you cum with my pussy, on my pussy. And Pete, now that I am 15 you have to realize something.“No later than my 16th birthday, I want you to cum inside of my pussy.” She bent down and kissed me. “That is something I won’t wait a single day longer for. It will come sooner I hope, but it won’t come later than 1 year from tonight.”We got dressed again, then I moved into a sitting position and Linda scooted back against me, her back leaning against my chest as I pulled the blankets back over us and I wrapped my arms around her. We cuddled and caressed each other like this and talked about our plans for the future until my alarm went off and it was time to go home.Things continued much the same for the next month. On Thanksgiving, we ate at our own houses but spent about 2 hours on the phone. Finally that had to stop because the batteries in our cordless phone died.Then it was early December, and Linda was going to stay the night at Holly’s house again. The weather was cool but clear, and we decided to go see a movie at the drive-in. We all thought Timerider sounded like a good choice, so that is what we were going to do.But right after I was finishing breakfast with dad the phone rang. He answered it and then after about 5 minutes he sighed and said “OK, I’ll be there in a couple of hours” and hung up.“Sorry Pete, I just got called in. They’re having some problems with a new landing system down at Lindbergh Field, and they say they need my help in fixing it.”“Lindbergh Field. You’re going to New York?”He looked puzzled at that, and I said “That’s where Charles Lindbergh took off from, that’s where Lindbergh Field is, right?”He laughed and said “Naw, that’s Roosevelt Field. It’s actually named after Teddy’s son who was killed as a pilot in World War I. Lindbergh Field is where he first test flew and picked up the Spirit of Saint Louis. It’s in San Diego.”“I probably won’t back until Monday or Tuesday. If this is anything like last time I’m not about to try driving that far home on so little sleep.” Pulling out some bills he said “Here’s your allowance for next week, and a little more for anything you might need. And you know the rules. No wild parties, no smoking, no drinking, and if you get in trouble I’m not bailing you out until after I get home!”I gave him a hug, then he got his coveralls and was soon driving away. Less than 5 minutes later I was on the phone to Keith, then Linda, then Holly. Holly was knocking on the door as I was heading to open it so I let her in and told her to make herself at home until I got back.15 minutes later Keith was climbing into Scout, he was already waiting in front of his house for me to arrive. 10 minutes later Linda and I had exchanged several kisses and I was on my way home.45 minutes after my dad left, 2 teen couples were making out on the couch in the living room. It had become common for us to go out on Saturday nights, so the embarrassment of seeing each other intimate with our dates had been diminishing more and more each week. 2 weeks after our date before Linda’s birthday I heard moans, and looked back to see Keith’s head buried between Holly’s thighs, her knee-length gray pleated skirt pushed up onto her belly.She looked a bit embarrassed when she realized I was now seeing her pussy hairs, but her eyes closed and she whispered “Yessss, right there baby.”Linda then looked over and whispered “Lucky girl”. We knew it was not something we could really do in the front and it was raining, so we could not repeat what we had done last time on the hood. But I soon had her tights pulled down to her knees and her skirt lying on the dashboard. And my fingers were trying to do as much as I could inside of her as we listened to the couple in the back.Then one of the sexiest things I had ever seen then happened. Linda had been sitting on the center console between the 2 front seats, and had been holding onto her seat back when we started. She dropped her hand and it brushed against Holly’s. Holly quickly grabbed it and the two girls then held each other’s hands as Keith and I tried to bring them as much pleasure as we could.Something must have been just right that night, as a bit later the girls were each moaning out their orgasms as they held hands. It was one of the sweetest and most erotic things I had ever seen. Watching 2 beautiful girls each having an orgasm as they squeezed each other’s hands was by far one of the most amazing and intimate things I had ever seen.This time things were heating up slowly, but still heating up. Linda was wiggling in my lap, and Holly was sitting astraddle Keith’s lap, and grinding against him. Urging Linda to stand up, I then stood myself and took Linda by the hand.“Holly, you know where the spare bedroom is” I said. The other couple broke their kiss and both stared at me “You guys are free to use it, the couch in there is a sofa bed, so feel free to pull it out. Just knock if you guys need anything.” And seeing them both blush I took Linda and walked with her upstairs to my own bedroom.Once in there I had her stand as I slowly took off one item of clothing after another. As I removed each piece I was kissing more and more of her exposed skin. First her sweater came off (the pink one Mandy had given her), kisses along her arms. Then her blouse, she shivered slightly as I kissed the top of her chest. Pausing to hold her bottom I was careful to never go below the now filling cups of her bra.And yes, it was now noticeable to both of us when I slipped her bra off that her breasts were indeed starting to fill the cups. I spend several delightful minutes to both of them as he kissed all around her breasts (not boobies now, breasts). They were not big at all, still small and compact. But the swelling under was now easy to feel, and the top was swelling out more as well.Then I took her nipples into my mouth (still delightfully puffy) as licked and sucked on them, fingers going to the front of her jeans and opening the button and lowering the zipper. Soon they were around Linda’s knees and I knelt to remove her shoes, socks, and then her pants. Still kneeling I placed my head on her belly and squeezed her, she was only clad in pink panties, which matched the bra that was lying on the floor next to us.Linda was caressing my head as I turned my face and started to kiss and lick her belly. She giggled as I slid my tongue into her navel and licked her inside there. Moving down, I started giving kisses along her panty line, just slipping my tongue under the waist then kissing farther along. My hands moved up to caress her bottom through those panties, then slowly started to pull them down.As I pulled them down, I started kissing the flesh that was revealed. Finally I was at the top of her pubic hair. I captured some between my lips and pulled, feeling them straighten and slip between my lips, then released so they and the skin which had been slightly pulled returned to their normal position.I did this again, and could smell Linda’s excitement. On the third time I heard her take a deep breath and sigh softly, her hands still caressing my head, running through my hair. I pulled her panties down until they were at her knees, then to her ankles. Caressing each foot I lifted her foot up, caressing it as I slipped her panties off one, then the other. So that now the only thing in front of me was Linda.Using my hands to push her thighs apart, I bent my head forward and placed a soft kiss over her little clit, still covered by it’s hood of flesh. She murmured how wonderful it felt as I used my tongue to part her folds and start to lick her between them, using my hands to pull her closer to my mouth.Looking up I saw her flat belly, then her breasts framing her face, eyes closed and head thrown back a little. I moved my head so I could slide the tip of my tongue inside of her, and she rocked her hips forward slightly letting me slide in a little easier.Soon Linda was gasping and moaning as I was tasting her wetness and sliding my tongue between her opening and her clit. She had her hands moving from my head and shoulders, trying to hold herself upright as I was building up her pleasure more and more. My hands continued to hold her bottom, squeezing and caressing, my fingertips sliding occasionally between her cheeks and caressing the cleft.Finally I could tell she could not hold herself up much longer and moved up and licked her clit faster. The moans and gasps turned to cries and louder muttering.“Oh yesss, oh yes Pete, that’s so good, please, let me cum, oh yessssss, oh god baby, more, more, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”The last was almost a screech as she pulled on my hair and with her pubic bone mashing into my nose she came on my lips and tongue. She was a bit wobbly so I guided her back until the back of her legs touched my bed and Linda sat down hard onto it. Pulling my face up she gave me deep kisses after deep kisses, still moaning into my mouth as her hands went down and started to pull up my sweater and shirt together.We broke the kiss as she had to pull my head and arms out of the tangled clothing, and then she had me stand so she could get to my belt. Pulling open my belt and pants she shoved my pants and underwear down to my knees and took my cock into her mouth. I caressed her head as she did, using the fingers on my other hand to pull out a few stray Linda hairs that I had gotten while I was licking her.This is hardly the first time Linda gave me a blowjob, but this is very different than before. Generally they were gentle, almost languid affairs. Lots of kisses and teasing. Starting and stopping, trying to make it last. But as I had done with her, this time it was not gentle, it was a race to the finish. Her hands were squeezing my bottom as I had with her, her mouth moving back and forth as fast as she bahis firmaları could. I knew I would not hold back and moaned that I was close.She moved even faster! The loud slurping and squishing as she took me in her soft wet mouth was obvious, and I moaned to her I was about to cum. Just as I started to spurt, she once again took me in so deep the tip went just a little into her throat and she was moaning deeply, sending the vibrations all throughout my cock.Spent I leaned down and kissed her after she finally pulled herself off, a bit surprised that I tasted almost none of myself. I must have cum straight down her throat.As we kissed she had me lift one foot then the other, pulling off my shoes and socks. Then pushing my pants and shorts off she stretched out on my bed, pulling me on top of her.We kissed and cuddled, holding and caressing each other as we came down off of our massive orgasms. Then in the background, we heard soft cries from the other room. We looked at each other and smiled, “Do ya think he’s doing her?” Linda quietly asked me. I listened for a moment and said “Naw, I only hear Holly. But I think she’s having the time of her life at the moment.”My sweetie giggled and laid against me as we listened for another 5 minutes until it sounded like Holly had one hell of an orgasm. Then silence descended on the house once again. Finally we needed a bit of a break and Linda pulled one of my large dress shirts (a white one this time) out of my closet and put it on to go use the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back in. “Holly asked if she could borrow one as well. She was going to the bathroom as I was coming out, and she only had her bra and panties on.”“Of course baby, she can have whatever she wants.”She gave me a wink and said “Only of your clothes,” and found my dark blue shirt and took it out. When she came back we kissed and cuddled for a bit, then I realized it was after noon and I was hungry. So pulling on my pants and a shirt I squeezed Linda’s hand and headed down to the kitchen.Looking through the fridge I saw some hamburgers as well as a package of steaks. I set the steaks out to thaw, and after Linda said that sounded good I went over to the bottom of the stairs.“Hey, do you guys want some hamburgers?” I called up. About 20 seconds later I heard Keith call back “Sounds great, we’ll be down in a few minutes.”I pulled out a bag of frozen fries and put Linda in charge of making those as I added some oil to the pan and started frying the burgers. By the time the other two came downstairs, the first 2 burgers were done so I asked them if they wanted cheese. Of course neither one did.So with our friends snacking away on fries and burgers, Linda and I made cheeseburgers for ourselves. There were some embarrassed looks and giggles, with both Keith and I barefoot and in jeans and shirts, and both girls in nothing but my dress shirts and panties (yes, of course I peeked, I’m a guy after all). I told them we would have steaks for dinner that night, and Holly went into the kitchen and pulled out 4 potatoes, then after rummaging through the cabinets came up with a can of green beans.“Well, no salad, but this should do” she said as she came back and sat in Keith’s lap. Linda thought that was a great idea and slipped into my lap. The four of us just cuddled and chatted for a while, mostly trying to pump me on information for the upcoming game. I would not tell them anything though, just to wait and see how it went.Keith said there was a Rams game on that he wanted to see so we went and cuddled in the living room as he watched the Rams get beat by the Broncos. For some reason that year the Rams totally sucked, not that I paid much attention because the NFL never really interested me. I was more interested in caressing Linda’s bottom and the things she was whispering into my ear.Finally I told Keith and Holly during half-time (they were making out on the love seat) that we were going back upstairs, and I went to get us some sodas as Linda went back to my room.When I came in I saw a sight that took my breath away yet again. Linda had taken off all of my clothes, and she had her purse open next to her. And I sighed softly as I saw that she had taken out her hairbrush, and was slipping it up and down between her labia.As I was taking off my clothes I saw her watching me through half-closed eyes. Then she started to bite her lower lip as she changed the angle and slowly slid it inside of her! I watched for a couple of minutes as she slowly slid the handle in and out of herself, her hand wrapped around the bristles.Looking into my eyes she huskily whispered “Does this give you any ideas?” I of course said it did, and taking her hand in mine I helped her pull it out of herself. I then took her purse and laid it on my nightstand.I had her scoot forward and slipped behind her, sitting upright with my back against the headboard of the bed. I pulled her against me so her bottom was pressed into my groin, and her back against my chest. I nibbled on her neck for a moment, and took her hand and guided it back down.“Please baby, keep going. I wanna watch.”I slid my hands back up to her breasts and cupped them as she lowered the brush once again and continued masturbating. I was whispering encouragements into her ear and hearing her sighs and moans as she would alternate between making fast thrusts in and out of herself, then long slow penetrations. It seemed like every minute or so she would alternate between the fast and slow, and I thought it was my turn to tease her.“Hmmm, now I know why all girls have a hairbrush in their purses. I never had any idea they were so useful. Do you do this often baby? Lie back in bed and play with your hairbrush?”“Not as much now,” she whispered. “Maybe once or twice a week. Before you it was several times a week. Most times OHHHHHHH, I used my fingers HMMMMMMM, but other times I just need more.”“How long do you normally go for? 2 times? 3?”“Hmmmm, normally once, AHHHHH, is hard when there mom and Mandy are at home. UHHHHHHHH, but at times it would be 2 or 3 times in a DAYYYYYY, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”The last was because I reached across and took the free hand that she had resting over my hand squeezing her breast and guided it down between her legs. She automatically started to rub her clittie with it, bending her knees up and parting her thighs even wider.I could hear the sounds her brush was making going in and out of her pussy. I was at a high enough of a position so I could see it slipping between her lips, pushing them in and pulling them out each time it entered and exited her body. I was squeezing her nipples as she was rubbing herself faster, the squishing sounds almost non-stop as she was thrusting the handle in and out.Whispering into her ear I encouraged her to go ahead and let it go. I wanted to see her cum for me, and that it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She was getting louder every moment, and almost yelled “Pete, oh fuck, I’m CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” I held her tight, as she slowly started to relax against me, pulling her brush out and dropping it onto the floor. She then turned around in my arms and started kissing me deeply.Finally coming up for air she took a deep breath and sighed. “It’s funny in a way, I used to masturbate all the time though. One time mom and Mandy went to a garden show last spring and I begged off, saying I wasn’t feeling well. In reality I was horny as hell, and just wanted to masturbate. I spent almost all day in bed, I think I came 9 or 10 times. Then I took a shower and came 2 more times from the shower attachment. I was sore the next day after that, but it was one of the most enjoyable days I had. Until I met you that is.” She added the end fairly quickly, as if she was feeling a bit guilty.“Baby, it’s OK. I liked watching you, and it’s OK that you still do it, I do too. Oh nowhere near as often as I used to before I met you. Back then it was almost once a day, sometimes twice. But since I got with you, maybe once or twice a week now. Most times when our date is somehow interrupted or cut short.”Sitting back, she smiled and looked into my eyes. “OK, my turn” she said, with a twinkle in her eye. “I want to see you masturbate for me now.”Performance anxiety, I think that’s what it’s called. I had gotten a bit soft as we were cuddling, and now had gone completely limp. But I knew she wanted to see, so I reached down and tried masturbating for my lover. And the little head refused to respond!I would move my gaze, as she was sitting in front of me with her back against the shorter footboard at the other end of the bed. I could see her lovely breasts, with her nipples still hard and poking out. I looked at her pussy, lips still slightly apart and glistening with wetness from her earlier pleasure. I could even smell her, the lovely scent of my Linda. But as much as I stroked and rubbed and pulled, I could not get any more than half-hard at best.After a couple of minutes, she took my hands off of myself and just cuddled in my arms. We kissed and I apologized, saying I had no idea what the problem was.“It’s OK Pete, honest. It’s not the first time I have seen that happen. More than once I would be making out with a guy, and feel him hard and pressing against my belly or ass. Then when I would take them out it would go limp, and nothing I could do would change that. It may be nerves, it may be anxiety. It may just not feel like the right time for them. But I know it’s not me, you like me plenty fine.”I kissed her deeply, sliding onto my back and holding her on top of me.We spent the next half hour just kissing and cuddling, then she softly whispered “Pete, are we finally going to make love today?” Hearing her voice there was an almost quiver in it, but I could not tell if was from nerves or anticipation. I looked into her eyes, and saw a bit more nerves than desire.“Baby, we can if you really really wanna. Do ya think you’re ready?”She very quickly nodded. I rolled her onto her back, and I slipped on top of her. My legs were on the outside, and my cock was resting on her belly. I held myself up by my arms above her and looked down into her eyes. I smiled, then softly said “If you really wanna, we can. But I had a slightly more romantic and ideal time in mind, instead of in my bed as Holly and Keith are likely rutting in the other room.”Linda giggled at that, as it was rather obvious that the other couple was also back in play by the sounds occasionally coming from the other room. “Really?” she said.“Oh yes. I already have an idea in mind, and if it works it will not be that much longer. And it would be a night that we could be together all night long. Where afterwards we could hold each other as we fell asleep, and wake up the next morning in each other’s arms. If you really want we can make today the day, or we can wait.”With tears in her eyes she pulled me down on kaçak bahis siteleri top of her and kissed me deeply and passionately. Finally, she pulled my head back and whispered “Oh Pete, I have the best boyfriend and lover in the world! It’s like I’m disappointed, and also relieved. Like, I want you now, but I can also only dream of what it will finally be like if it can be like you said it will.“Yes, let’s wait. But I can tell that something else that has come up, and I don’t wanna wait for that.”Bending her head she started to lick then suck on my nipple as her hand reached down between us and gently grasped my cock, which had hardened up again. Oh, treacherous organ!She had me scoot up a bit and continued stroking me, so now I was sitting astride her belly. “Hmmmm, seems like my baby likes this” she said, reaching to cover my shaft with both hands. Stroking back and forth, she smiled and licked her lips, and I felt my cock entirely surrounded by her hands.Then she lowered one hand, and while still stroking with the other she reached to my bottom and pulled a bit, saying “Move up higher.”I scooted up a bit more, then a bit more again. I was about to scoot a third time but then she whispered “Stop, right there.”Then she pressed my cock down so it was between her breasts. This time when she pressed inwards it was very obvious that her breasts had been growing. Still not the big meat pillows seen in magazines, but there was enough to now completely surround most of my shaft.I let my hands grip the headboard and started thrusting back and forth between her breasts. Linda reached for her purse and pulled out a small bottle of skin cream she always kept in there. She opened the top and there was an almost farting sound and then coldness as she squirted a bunch onto the top of my cock. Then using her hand she spread it around my cock and all over her cleavage.This time when I started to thrust it felt so different. More slippery, and a lot less friction. I started thrusting in and out, it felt amazing! We had done this 3 or 4 times over the past few months, one time she even had me lie on my back and she bent over me and rubbed my cock between her tits instead of me rubbing it. But this is the first time she added lotion. And this time it felt even better.The only thing this time was that we would not be able to enjoy our other little part of this, which is when she would alternate between the rubbing and sucking on me before putting me back between her tits again. We both knew with the lotion that would not be a good idea.And as she always did, she started to get more and more vocal as we did.“Oh yes baby, just like that. Hmmm, it feels so good, having you fuck my tits. You always make my titties feel so good to feel your hard cock sliding between them like this. Ohh, you are so hard, you really like this I can tell.”By now I was thrusting faster, the headboard starting to bump against the wall. But I didn’t care, the only thing I was focusing on was the sight of my cock sliding back and forth between my lovers breasts.“Do it! Do it baby, fuck me! Fuck my titties! Faster, harder, fuck my titties! Fuck my titties!” She was almost yelling now. This time when I moaned I was about to cum she pulled me out and started stroking me as fast as she could. I gave a loud groan and it was time.The first blast covered her nose, the second blasted all over her forehead. Several more spurts came out, finally ending with a dribble of cum that hung down, connecting my cock, her hand then down to her chest in a long stream of cum.“Wow!” I said, as I bent down to kiss her. But she turned her head away, telling me that no, she had cum and hand cream everywhere, and wanted to clean up first. She grabbed a towel from the top of the hamper then cleaned up her hands and face, then my cock with gentle care. I then took it from her and cleaned up her breasts and chest. I thought to myself that that stuff really worked, the skin on her breasts felt softer than it usually did.Finally she was mostly clean, then tossing the towel back onto the hamper she gave me a long deep kiss. Smiling down at me she pulled on the shirt and headed back out to the bathroom.Realizing it was going to get dark soon I pulled on my pants, shirt, and shoes. I walked outside of the bedroom and saw Holly and Linda quietly talking in the hallway. There is something erotic about seeing 2 women wearing nothing but men’s dress shirts. As Holly was about to slip inside I said loud enough for Keith to hear that we needed to start the steaks if we didn’t want to be cooking in the dark.Holly nodded before heading in to use the toilet, and I heard Keith calling out he would be there shortly. So giving Linda a brief kiss before she slipped back into my bedroom to put on her panties I went down and got the steaks ready. I trimmed a little fat, added some seasonings, then just as I was finishing Keith joined me so we put on our jackets and headed to the back to fire up the grill.One nice thing about this house was the back yard. It had a covered bar-b-q area and a gas grill, so dad and I often made use of it. Gas may not be as good for some people as charcoal, but it is a lot easier when you don’t have to spend so long preparing. Soon I had shown Keith the preparation traditions (turn on the gas, light it, wait for it to get hot then use the wire brush to sc**** off all of the burned fat and meat from before, close the lid and let it burn off as much as it can, open and sc**** again). Then the meat was sizzling on the grill.Keith looked at me, and it looked like he was both shocked, scared, and in heaven. I just chuckled, remembering when I saw that look in my own eyes almost a year ago. He was talking about how great this day had been, and how he never wanted it to end.I just grinned at him, and said “Let me guess, your first time?”He tried to mumble something and I told him to shush.“Dude, it’s me. I ain’t gonna tell anybody about today, other than we made out with our girlfriends. And yea, I can tell it was your first time.” With that be looked a bit shy and nodded.“I know, because I looked the same way after my first time. Nothing wrong with that, did you both enjoy it?”“Man, it was amazing! I mean, I, uhhh.”I just chuckled, and nodded. “It is, it’s always special. It’s even more special when you love the person you’re with at the time.”He nodded at that. “So you and Linda, did you?”I turned the steaks over and said “Naw, believe it or not we’re still taking our time. You know she’s still a virgin, right?”Keith’s eyes popped open, as his mouth dropped. “Whoa dude, really? Still?”“We’re waiting for the right time” I told him, then filled him in on my idea.“Dude, that’s like totally radical! That’s like, almost 2months away though! But yea, I’ll ask my parents tonight when I get home. I don’t think they’ll be a problem, but I’m not sure about the girls’ parents.”“Well, they all know how much the girls love D&D, and I think Linda’s mom would trust me. Holly, I think I give it as 70-30 chance they will let her.”I then sent Keith in to find out how they wanted their steaks. Thankfully Medium was fine for everybody, it was too late if they had wanted Rare. And with a plate of charred meat in hand Keith and I went back inside.The girls had prepared the rest. Plates on the table with steaming potatoes and green beans. Glasses each half full of beer, and a second with water. We chatted, and I told our girls the idea I had about February.“If you remember there’s a big convention in Anaheim in February. It’s over President’s Day weekend and runs from Friday until Monday. We can take Friday off from school, and stay there all weekend. I asked and this one takes up most of the Hilton Convention Center, and is huge. I figure we can rent a motel there for 2 nights and split the cost. Keith and I can get one room, and you two can stay in the other.”Both girls giggled, and Holly then spoke up. “Hold on there a minute Fairbough! Now that story might work with our parents, and that’s what we’re gonna tell them. But if you think I’m gonna spend 2 nights in a hotel with Linda as you slept in another room with Keith, you got another thing coming! You and Linda are going to have to share a room somehow. But I intend on having Keith all to myself! In my room, in my bed, and in my arms if we do this!”Linda surprised us all by whispering “And don’t forget that Keith is also going to be in you.”After a moment of stunned silence we all started laughing Both Holly and Keith had turned bright red by now, and I’m sure that the two girls had a similar conversation to the one we had while cooking the steaks. Soon were chatting about the convention then what the rest of the day would bring. After everything was cleaned up and put away we headed out into the living room and I guess we all needed a break. With the sun finally going below the horizon we put in a tape I had gotten earlier in the week, Clash of the Titans.We then spent a lovely 2 hours cuddling and kissing as we watched the movie. After the climax Linda asked how in the final scene they could keep Andromeda’s costume from getting wet and not turn into a wet t-shirt contest.“I mean, like, she was like right at the edge of the ocean! There’s like no way she wouldn’t have gotten soaked and shown everything!”I reminded her it was only PG. “Now, if this was say Italian and rated R, she probably would have been bare-breasted.”We cleaned up the soda and popcorn and were soon hand in hand going up the stairs, and Keith and Holly were already several steps ahead of us and closing the door to the other room. Soon we were making love again in our own way, with my lover lying on top of me in a lovely 69. She was really wet, and between licking and sucking my cock she would whisper that somehow she was going to make the convention work out for us. I think she knew then what I had in mind.I was able to give her 3 orgasms that time as she would go back and forth between enthusiastically sucking my cock, and then gently kissing and nibbling it. After the last one she pulled herself away from my tongue and lips, she was to sensitive and had enough. She then attacked my cock and our moans were filling the room when I came in her mouth.Cuddling again we kissed and whispered to each other as we heard the springs in the other room squeaking, and both Keith and Holly moaning. Then there were some loud groans as Holly screamed “Yes baby, go ahead” before silence filled the house again.We cuddled and it feels like we had just dozed off when my alarm went off. Treacherous thing!I had set it a bit early this time, and each of the girls went and took a fast shower before we were all finally dressed. Keith and I walked them around the block to Holly’s house and each kissed our girls thoroughly before we parted and they went into her house. Then Keith and I went back to mine. He had already told his parents he was spending the night so we gave each other “Bro hugs” and after making sure everything was cleaned up reasonably well went into our rooms.I don’t know about Keith, but I was asleep in minutes after my head hit the pillow.

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