Corporate Assets (Chapter 2)

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Corporate Assets (Chapter 2)Chapter 2″Sounds like our friend don’t like our accommodations,” said a male voice. “Well, we`ll just have to make it up to her later,” laughed another voice. The drive lasted for 30 minutes or so. Sandra had no idea where she was or where they were taking her. She could tell there on a freeway but then traffic seemed to get thinner as they drove. Then she felt the van pull onto rough gravel. They were no longer on pavement. They came to a stop. She heard the doors of the van open. Then she was dragged across the floor of the van. Hands grabbed her shoulders and legs. She was carried across an open area, it was very quiet, though she could hear the roar of traffic in the distance. She felt herself being carried up a flight of stairs. She had the impression that they had entered a building. She was carried a bit farther. Suddenly they stopped. “Is everything ready?” she heard a man’s voice ask. “Everything is all set,” came a reply from a woman. She heard a door being opened and she was carried through a doorway. She heard the door being closed.She was laid on the floor. It felt like carpet against her hands. Suddenly she was picked up again and placed standing up. From behind, her blindfold was removed. She shook her head and blinked her eyes. The light hurt. When she could finally open her eyes she saw three men and a woman. There were the two men she had seen at the garage and a third one, well built and swarthy. He too wore jeans and a t-shirt. The woman looked Hispanic. She was maybe Sandra’s age, but heavier. She wore a cheap white blouse and a dark skirt. “Welcome to school, senora,” said the woman. “We’re your new teachers. We’ve been hired to teach you a lesson.””We have all the credentials we need,” said the swarthy man. “This class will go on for as long as we want. Don’t forget that. We decide when class is over. You do as your told and you maybe halkalı escort graduate.” At this all four of them laughed. Sandra desperately looked around her, only to find an empty room that smelled of new paint. It looked like an office or maybe an apartment. The woman approached Sandra and opened her jacket. “Oh, look it’s from Rodeo Drive. Muy bonita,” she said. “We wouldn’t want nothing to happen to such nice clothes, so let’s take them off before they get dirty.” She began to unbutton Sandra’s blouse. Sandra tried to pull away. “Now that’s not nice, chiquita,” said the woman. The thin man and the stocky man (who Sandra now thought of as Skinny and Stocky) grabbed Sandra’s arms. The woman now unbuttoned Sandra’s silk blouse. She grabbed Sandra’s tits through her bra. “Muy grande”, purred the woman. She then undid the waistband of Sandra’s skirt. She let the skirt fall to the ground. “Untie her hands so I can get these off,” said the woman to Skinny. Sandra felt her arms being pulled back and the cords being undone. The woman pulled the jacket and the blouse off Sandra. She reached around and undid Sandra’s bra. The woman’s face was right next to Sandra’s. “We’re going to be very good friends, chiquita,” said the woman as she smiled. Sandra could smell the woman’s cheap perfume mixed with liquor and cigarette smoke.Sandra’s heavy tits sagged as they were released from her bra. Her hands were again tied behind her back. The woman knelt in front of Sandra and began to pull down her pantihose, exposing the dark brown hair of Sandra’s pussy. “Mira, she’s not a real blonde,” laughed the woman. She quickly untied Sandra’s ankles and removed the hose and skirt. Sandra’s shoes had been lost along the way. The support her hose had given her stomach and ass were gone and they drooped a bit. “Now you don’t taksim escort look so high and mighty,” the woman said. “Looks to me like you got a peter-belly. You know what a peter-belly is don’t you?” The woman was rubbing Sandra’s belly. ” It’s what you get from too much fucking. You been fucking too much? Well you’re really gonna have one when this is over.” All of them laughed. She went around behind Sandra. The woman reached out and grabbed Sandra’s asscheeks. She spread them apart. “You got a lot of cushion back here,” she said. “Yeah, a nice fat ass. Plenty to work with.”Sandra was terrified, she didn’t know what to do. Tied up, stripped naked and forced to be humiliated by these filthy peasants. She glared at them, even though she was unable to speak. “You go first, Maria, she’s all yours,” said Stocky. “Now, I’m going to take off your gag,” said Maria. “You cooperate and everything will be okay. There’s nobody around to hear you, so screaming will just make it tougher on you.” She removed the gag. “Now look, stop this and I won’t call the…” started Sandra. Before she could finish Maria had slapped her face. “I told you to do as your told, bitch, and I mean it,” said Maria. Sandra’s cheek felt hot where Maria’s hand had struck her. “I’m the teacher and if I get mad, you gonna be in mucho trouble,” sneered Maria. “So you better be nice to me.” She made a signal and the men forced Sandra to lie on her back. Maria now stood over Sandra with her feet on either side of Sandra’s head. Maria began to hike her skirt around her hips. As the skirt went higher it exposed fleshy thighs and a tattooed heart. Maria was wearing no panties and soon her pussy was in view. A thick mat of dark hair covered it.”Your first lesson is that you should be nice to other women,” smiled Maria. She lowered herself with her pussy directly over Sandra’s face. Sandra şişli escort turned her head away. Maria reached out and took Sandra’s head in her hands. “You’re gonna lick some pussy, puta, one way or the other,” said Maria. She forced her pussy against Sandra face. The pussy lips were against Sandra’s tightly closed lips. Maria began to rub her pussy along Sandra’s face. Sandra felt the warmth and could smell the odor of the other woman’s pussy. “Get to licking, bitch, ” said Maria. Still Sandra refused. “Okay, if that’s the way you want it,” said Maria as she stood up.She walked over to a bag which lay on the ground, her skirt still pulled up around her waist. Her large fleshy ass exposed. “Turn her over,” Maria said to the men. Sandra was grabbed and turned over on her face. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain on her ass and she heard a slap of leather against flesh. Sandra cried out in pain. Again came the leather against her defenseless asscheeks. After 5 lashes, Maria came around in front of Sandra. “I can do this all day, can you?” she asked. “Now are you ready to do what I tell you?” Sandra could only weakly nod her head against the carpet. Hands turned Sandra over on her back. The carpet made the welts on her ass sting. “I won’t just take,” said Maria. “I’ll give you something too. Like I said mujeres should be good to each other.”This time she straddled Sandra’s head facing her feet. She again lowered her pussy onto Sandra’s face. Sandra felt her legs being spread. Then there was the warm sensation as Maria’s tongue rubbed against Sandra’s clit. Sandra gasped and as she did Maria pressed her pussy harder against Sandra’s lips. Sandra rubbed her lips against Maria’s pussy. Maria buried her tongue in Sandra’s cunt. Sandra tentatively pushed her tongue against Maria’s large clit. “That’s it, chiquita,” she heard Maria say. Maria stepped up her cunt lapping. Sandra became bolder and pushed her tongue into Maria’s wet pussy. Maria rubbed her pussy juice all over Sandra lips and chin. Sandra’s hips began to move in response to Maria ministrations. Suddenly Maria stopped and stood up. “Not yet, chiquita, you have a long way to come across before you get a reward,” said Maria.To Be Continued…

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