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Subject: Coronation Street Boys 2 Coronation Street Boys 2 Jack is Trapped It was dusk when Ronnie Bailey just happened to notice the cute young twink Jack Webster looking furtive in the ginnel just before slipping in number 3’s back gate. Knowing no one was home at his brothers house Ronnie was puzzled, young Jack is his sometimes girl freinds nephew and as far as he knew he was a good kid, a bit gullible, but a good kid. Ronnie waited a few minutes before silently slipping into the house to see what was going on. between his dark skin, and dark clothes Ronnie was practicaly invisible in the dark house, noticing a light from up stairs coming from his nephew James’ room Ronnie crept up the stairs just in time to see a now naked Jack drop to his knees infront of an equaly naked James and start to suck on James’s rock hard 9 inch uncut ebony cock. Ronnie never thought of himself as gay or even bi, but he was fascinated by the scene playing out infront of him as the hot twink worshiped James’ cock. Thanking his own foresight to always keeping everything on his mobile on silent, he started filming the blowjob, taking care to not get James’ face while keeping Jack in full frame. Ronnie could believe it when James pulled Jack off of him lifted him up laid him on his back on the bed crawled up between his legs and slowly and steadly in one push balls deep into Jack’s ass. Jacks face still visible eyes closed and head tossed back extasy letting out a moan that was combination pain and pleasure as James’ beautiful brown muscled ass pounded him hard. Ronnie patted his thick 12inch cock through his trousers smiling to him self as he turned off his phone just as James started to scream in pleasure his ass cheeks shaking as he drove himself DEEP up Jack’s ass as he orgasmed mersin escort leaving a load deep in the kid. Ronnie had a plan . . . he silently slipped out of the house before he was caught. Jack was suprized a couple days later when he and his Dad were having lunch at the Bistro with his Aunt Debbie when Ronnie came to the table, gave Debbie a peck on the cheek, and looked right at Jack, saying to him “I’m glad you are here Mate, I’m going to look at a property and was wondering if you’d like to cum with me for some company? and I have airconditioning in my motor so would be a break for you from this heat. If that’s OK with your Dad of course” Something about Ronnie’s deep voice has always given Jack a bit of a tingle even though he didn’t know why “Can I Dad PLEASEEEEE?” Jack begged his Dad. “You sure Mate?” Kevin asked Ronnie “Jack can be a bit of a handful” Ronnie russeled Jack’s hair saying “Of course, I’ll be glad of the company” “OK then if your sure” Kevin turned to Jack and told him “You do everything Ronnie tells you OK?” Jack was bouncing in his seat with excitment. A couple hours later Jack and Ronnie showed up at the rather worn down old hotel that Debbie now owned on the premise Ronnie was checking it out for potential to turn into a boutique B&B. In reality he had no such intention, the place actualy was the most profitable of all the Hotels since they rented out rooms by the hour and other than a lot of laundry bleach really had no expenses. Ronnie just waved at the desk clerk greeting him in passing as he led Jack into the creaky old elevator that went all the way to the top floor where what was left of the formerly luxury suites were, total privacy, even worn and shabby when rented by the hour no one wanted the extra expense. escort mersin Jack sat on the edge of the bed sort of bouncing on it looking around while Ronnie went through the motions of inspecting the room. “I sent a video to your phone you might want to watch while you wait” Ronnie said, while looking at Jack to see his reaction as Jack started to watch the video of himself and James. Ronnie wasn’t disappointed as Jack started to panic asking”What is this where did you get it, please don’t show anyone else! Dad will kill me” and Jack started to cry. Ronnie sat on the bed beside Jack his weight making the bed sag and Jack fell against him. “Please” Jack begged “don’t show anyone I’ll do anything if you delete this!” “Anything?” “Yes ANYthing!!!” With that Ronnie stood up, fished his massive black uncut 12 inch fully hard cock out of his trousers placing Jack’s hand on it. It was so massive Jack couldn’t even get his hands around it. “Suck it” Ronnie moaned in a whisper . . . With tears in his eyes Jack tryed his best but the cock was just too huge he couldn’t even get the head in his mouth. While Jack was struggling Ronnie slipped out his clothes till his big massive muscled form was totaly naked in all it’s glory, Ronnie grabbed Jack under the arms and stood him up and slowly stripped his clothes off of him just like he was unwrapping a present, “Only one way out of this Jack, you do your best for me and I’ll not show the video to anyone” Ronnie then pushed Jack face down on to the bed, held him down, and started to press his huge cock into the boys pert ass. Jack was used to a big cock being fucked regularly by James, but Ronnie’s Monster was something different, Jack would have screamed except Ronnie’s massive body had him pinned into mersin escort bayan the sagging matress his weight holding him down crushing the breath out of him as he kept pushing and pushing, Jacks ass stretching to accomidate 3/4s of Ronnies cock but that last quarter . . . Ronnie got up on his knees, his huge hands grabbed Jacks hips pulling him towards him, Jack finaly able to breathe screamed as Ronnie dropped down on him driving his cock fully in his ass tearing it open. Ronnie lay on top of the boy underhim holding him in place but supporting some of his weight started to fuck the hot twink. Ronnie had a dark side he didn’t often give into, he loved the feeling of power, he loved to use all his considerable strenght to dominate when he fucked, to use an ass or cunt as he wanted, purely for his own pleasure, he put everything he had into fucking Jack harder and rougher than he ever fucked anyone, Jack’s crys turning into whimpers as he long dicked the boys no longer tight ass with his 12 inch cock, the squeaking of the old bed in time with the boy’s moans, his own grunts, and slaps of his hips against Jack, drove Ronnie to fuck the boy with everything he had. Jack lost track of time just centred on the pain filling him as he was being almost raped by the muscled man when finaly Ronnie started to roar in pleasure and dumped what seemed like a litre of cum so deep in him that he was sure he was tasting it. Ronnie lay on the boy his sweat dripping onto him while his chest heaved as he breathed coming down from the best orgasm of his life. As his cock softened while still in Jack he says to the still wimpering, crying, sobbing, boy “Oh god Jack that was unbelievable I promised not to show your Dad that video, and I will keep ‘that’ promise . . . however your ass now belongs to me to use whenever, howeverI want or I’m going to put it up on xtube and send the link to everyone in your school.” I hope this story got you off, it did me writing it. If it did please email and tell me (pictures welcome) ive

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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