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Continued 1″Put it in your mouth.”There was a war going on inside me in that moment. I mean, I wanted to, so badly. I was fighting the desire to start fingering myself right there between his legs, but I’d also never done anything, well, in front of people before. I glanced over at Tim and Michael, and they had that look, I mean, we all know that look. So much desire, but almost frozen by it. I looked up at Andre, that gentle, encouraging smile, those beautiful abs, and that glorious fucking cock right in front of my face …… and I ran my tongue gently up the little ridge on the underside, keeping my eyes locked with Andre’s. I wrapped my hand around it to steady it, slipped my tongue around the head, over it …… and finally slipped my mouth around the tip. A spasm ran through my body from my lips to my cunt. I knew, I just new, in that moment, that I was going to spend a lot of time my that beautiful, glorious black cock in my mouth. I closed my eyes. My free hand found my cunt. And I swear it was like I was high, flat-out high on the sensation karşıyaka escort of that thick cock pulsing in my mouth, the pent-up heat of Michael and Andre’s gazes, the soft sigh out of Andre’s throat.I worked it gently. A little back-and-forth, a little suction, but nothing rushed, nothing heavy – just loving that moment. “You like that cock in your mouth, don’t you?”I think the sound that came out of me was almost a whimper.”You like them watching, don’t you? It turns you on.”Another whimper. I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop sucking to say anything. I wasn’t going to stop sucking that cock for anything.Or, at least, that’s what I thought … So there I was, with that glorious cock in my mouth. Now, I don’t really give blow-jobs like you see in porn. If I’m in control, it’s not going to be a jackhammering in and out kind of thing. I’m slower, more sensual. I took it about two inches in my mouth, and just savored it, the texture, the taste, my tongue lightly pressing up against the bottom of it while I gently escort karşıyaka sucked. I had to force my hand off my own pussy to stop myself from coming right then and there. I glanced up at him, his eyes closed, a beatific smile on his face, and closed my eyes and re-focused on that cock, the warmth of it, the way it felt alive, almost vibrating, in my mouth. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is not finger myself to orgasm right then and there, but it was too much, and my free hand (my other was wrapped around his shaft) wrapped around his thigh just so it had something to do. I would have been happy to suck that cock for hours. I wanted to feel him shoot hot come into my mouth. Probably to this day, that one moment, that time (of many) when I had his cock in my mouth is my #1 fantasy when I play with myself. But there was only one problem. I wanted it in my pussy. I didn’t know it would fit. (I mean, I knew it should, just … ) I didn’t care that there were people watching. I wanted that cock in my karşıyaka escort bayan pussy. One of his hands was wrapped around my head, urging me forward, and I took more, until I needed to come up for air. He felt me pull back, and released his grip, and I smiled up at him.”Big enough for you?” he asked.”I’m not sure yet.” I climbed up and straddled his lap, with his hard dick between us. This is one of my favorite things – it drives guys wild and I wanted him to want me as badly as I wanted him. I press my wet pussy against his shaft and slide up and down against it, grinding my click against his cock. Without that cock in my mouth, this was actually a little less intense for me, even with my pussy getting some attention, but my focus was on him, teasing him. I’d slide up so that the head of his cock was almost but not quite to the opening of my pussy, and then slide back down, letting my web labia slide all over his cock, making it slick. I looked at his face. His head was rolled back. He was losing his mind. I’d slide up – not quite far enough, and back down. Up again, not quite far enough …”Damn, woman …”Up again, not quite far enough … back down. I was soaking that cock. Up again …”Please.”The magic word. I slid a tiny fraction higher, the head of his cock slipped against my opening, and I began to push downTo be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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