Consequences, Marie

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[Consequence: the results of an action, belief or circumstance. Some are intended, and some are unintended. This is a story about both kinds. This story, unfortunately, is based on events that did happen. The pain from the consequences is and was real. Your comments and votes are encouraged.]


When we got married we were blind and not very bright. We were both too young to have much idea about what we were doing. She was twenty and I was twenty-one. We had dated for almost a year, following the guidelines of dating within our conservative church. We had kissed a lot. Groped a few times and had not seen each other naked or “gone all the way.” After the ceremony where we made outrageous promises we knew nothing about we went on a short honeymoon, three days and two nights. She needed to get back for finals. Four days after we got back I shipped out (actually I flew) to Okinawa and two years of duty.

For six years we were bounced around the Far East and only when I got out of the Air Force did we come back to the continental USA for anything longer than a short visit. Our two kids were born in Japan.

For the first few years after we got out we lived in sunny southern California. We lived half-way between her parents and mine, five miles either way. I got a job with a bank and was doing pretty well. In the church I was active and worked mostly with kids.

In our second year back Marie had a miscarriage. She was four months into the pregnancy and in the middle of the night she woke up bleeding heavily. I called an ambulance and they took her to the hospital. I waited with our terrified kids until both grandmas arrived to take care of them, then I went to be with Marie.

The baby died before it could be delivered. Marie nearly died as well. To save her life they had to do a hysterectomy. I gave permission. When she came to a nurse told her she was doing well after her hysterectomy, not realizing what had really happened. She blamed me for allowing the doctors to do that to her and went into a deep depression. At a follow-up visit to the doctor I asked about sex. Before the doctor could answer my question Marie said, “Sex is for making babies. I can’t make babies. I won’t be having sex.”

Her voice was without emotion or energy. Shortly after she said that she left the office to use the restroom. The doctor said he had seen that reaction before and that over a few months the women came back to be pretty much as they had been before.

He was wrong. A month later I stood beside her and turned to kiss her. She slapped me! Hard enough that a half an hour later our daughter asked me what happened to my face.

I waited another week and asked, “So, are we married?” I stood ten feet away when I asked.

“No. Yes. We aren’t married like our friends are married but we did get married in the church so there is no divorce. Our friends have sex. I know because they tell me they have sex. Leslie thinks I should have sex with you. So does Donna. I can’t.”

“A week ago I tried to kiss you and you damn near broke my jaw. Is kissing sex?”

“No! But I know you. If we kiss you’ll want more. Then I’ll want more and pretty soon we’ll be in bed. I can’t have a baby! All my life I’ve known that was my job on Earth. Now, I’m not even a woman.”

“And you expect me to live out my life with no sex, no kissing, no affection?”


“It won’t happen. I don’t know if I’ll leave you, or go behind your back. I don’t know what I’ll do but I’m not willing to live like that!”

“If you cheat you know what will happen. You will be excommunicated and you won’t get into heaven.”

“So what? This is already hell!”

“I’m not going to change my mind.”

“Tell the kids I’ll be back just before nine and I’ll want to talk to them. We need to discuss summer vacations, jobs and the possibility of summer school.”

“They’ll be home in half an hour. You can tell them.”

“I won’t be here. I have an appointment.”

“With who?”

“You no longer have the right to ask. My wife could ask and I’d tell her. You do your job and I’ll do mine. It will look like we’re married until it doesn’t.” I turned and walked out.

In my car I drove without a plan. I ended up at the church. I spoke to the head of our congregation and told him everything about our conversation. He listened. When I was done he said, “The church says stay and make the best of it. I think that’s asking a lot. How do you live with a woman you can’t touch? How do you live without being touched?”

“I don’t have an answer.”

“Let me talk with a couple people, without breaking your Nevşehir Escort confidences and I’ll get back to you. Give me a few days, Ok?”

“Sure. Take two weeks. It’ll be worth it if you can help us.”

Two weeks went by. My kids asked me what was wrong with Mom. They told me she no longer hugged them or touched them. When she said she loved them it sounded hollow. I told them she just needed some time. I didn’t believe it and I didn’t think they did either.

Exactly two weeks after we had met at the church he called me. I met him back at the church. He sat down with me and said, “The first person I spoke with knew it was your wife. She advised me to tell you that your sex life is over. I talked to four others and they told me to tell you, whoever you are, that they understood how painful this must be for you. They also said they couldn’t stay.”

I left his office in tears. He had helped and the result didn’t actually help at all.

I slept in my car. The thought of climbing into bed with her was too painful. In the morning I drove to work and was half an hour early. I went through the motions and when it was five o’clock I left, with nowhere to go.

By seven I was at the beach and I walked on the bike path until late. I drove home arriving just after midnight. I went in, went to the bathroom and skinned out of my clothes and took a good long shower. When I came out Marie was sitting on the hamper.

In a voice just louder than a whisper I said, “Get out of the bathroom. My wife or my girl-friend can see me naked. You aren’t either.”

She burst into tears and left me alone. When I went into the master bedroom to get some clean clothes she was in bed. I got clean clothes and a blanket. I took my pillow from my side of the bed and carried it all into the living room. She followed.

“If you sleep out here the kids will wonder what’s wrong.” She said.

“They already wonder what’s wrong. You have changed. You not only don’t love me, you don’t love them. At least they say you don’t act like you love them. Go back to bed. Until I’m invited into your body I won’t be in your bed.”

She went into the bedroom and quietly closed the door. When I turned to make my bed on the couch my daughter Janice was crying and helping me make the bed. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. She was in panties and a big t-shirt. When the bed was made she tucked me in and kissed me good-night.

She went upstairs and if she was lucky she slept. I was up in time to make French toast for the kids for breakfast. Jake looked at me when he came into the kitchen and said, “Janice talked to me. I’m so sorry, Dad.” We hugged.

Janice came down and asked if I wanted her to skip school for one day and be with me. I hugged her, thanked her and sent her to school. I needed to go to work. When the three of us left Marie was still in her bedroom.

When I got home that evening I found Janice sitting on the porch. She took me by the hand and led me upstairs. The room where we put all their toys and games and things was no longer full of kids things. It had all my clothes, my dresser and a rug. “Daddy, I blew up an air mattress for me and you can sleep in my room tonight. Jake and I will help you get a bed up here for you. What we’re saying is, don’t go. The three of us can be a family.”

I held both of them and cried. They cried too. I said, “I won’t leave you. We may have to leave this house, but I won’t leave you.”

That weekend we bought a bed and moved it upstairs. Marie cleaned the house, she did the laundry and went to church every Sunday. I stopped going. Jake kept going. His girl-friend went there. He said people asked about us and he said I was working on a special project. He wasn’t lying. The special project was my life.

Winter turned to spring and all the activities that being a senior brings. Marie bought Janice a present for her birthday and graduation. It was pants and a sweater three sizes too small and a color that Janice has never liked. Ever.

Right after Janice graduated Jake went away for the summer. My Uncle Bart had offered him a summer job on his farm. Jake jumped at the chance to spend the summer in Montana and come back with some money.

Janice and I took him to the airport. His girl-friend Amy, went with us. I turned the rear-view mirror so they could have some privacy in the back seat. After five miles I turned on the radio. My son kisses loudly.

On the way home his girl-friend said, “People at church think you have both quit the church. You never attend any more.”

“Have you asked Marie?”

“Mom Nevşehir Escort Bayan did. She said that as far as she knew you were still a member. What kind of answer is that?”

“Did you ask Jake?”

“Yes. At first he said you were working on some special project. Now he acts like he didn’t hear the question.”

“What do you want to know?” Janice asked.

“Why don’t you come to church?”

“Simple. Because of her belief in church my wife is no longer acting like my wife. It has been thirteen months since she miscarried a baby. She has not touched either of us since that day. She says it’s because she was taught all her life that her job here on Earth was to have and raise children. Now that she can’t she’s no longer a woman, no longer a wife.”

We stopped in front of her house. Her Dad was mowing the grass. He shut off the mower and came over. As he got close he saw that all three of us had tears. He opened the door and said, “Cheer up! He’ll be back at the end of summer.”

Amy slid over and got out. She put a hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m sorry.”

We drove home.

Marie hadn’t made any move to go with us. When we came home dinner was on the table. Dinner for Janice and I. Marie had started eating in the kitchen. She didn’t set a place for Jake. She knew he was gone. We knew she didn’t say anything to him before he left.

After dinner we watched a movie and then Janice and I walked for half an hour. She held my hand as we walked and most evenings we walked without talking. That evening she talked.

“I don’t think Jake’s coming back at the end of the summer.”

“Why do you think that?”

“It hurts too much seeing Mom as a zombie. She’s going through the motions of being alive, but she isn’t. Jake and she were really close. If he can stay with Uncle Bart, he will. If Uncle Bart calls you to talk about it, let him stay.”

“I can see him wanting to stay.”

We kept walking and finally I added, “He can stay.”

At home we went upstairs and to our separate rooms. I heard the shower run and waited until it stopped to go into my and Jake’s bathroom for my shower. I scrubbed hard and used up the remaining hot water. Since I had moved upstairs I had always slept nude. Marie never liked it when we were married. She thought it was nasty.

I shut off the light and got into bed. I was asleep in a very short time, thinking about riding and working on Uncle Bart’s place.

At some point in the night I rolled over and encountered someone in bed with me. When I woke up I thought, “Hot stuff! Marie has come to her senses!” But, when my hand felt her belly I knew it wasn’t Marie. I felt no scars, no weak muscles, just the strong vibrant skin and muscles of youth.


“Just hold me. Please, Don’t talk.”

I was right up behind her, my hand on her belly. She was shivering.

“Are you cold?” I whispered.

“Shhhh.” Her answer was to press back against me. My answer was to grow an erection to press against her butt. I was so turned on by the feel of her, the smell of her, and something I couldn’t define that I was in danger of cumming all over her ass just from being so close.

She slowly turned. My hand was then on her back and I felt her breasts against my chest.

“Tonight, please hold me. Let me tell you what I feel. Please don’t tell me I’m wrong. The rest of the world may be wrong, but not this.”

I nodded. She kissed my lips. I didn’t open my mouth. I was aware that I was in bed naked with my eighteen year old daughter and she had just kissed me. For all the years since she was ten and started developing I had held my distance. I touched and hugged her but I held back too. I danced with her at church dances, but not very close. I always got hard dancing with her and I believed having her feel my erection would be wrong.

In the midst of the next kiss her hands held my erection. Her tongue invaded my mouth and she softly moaned. I heard a noise that sounded like another moan, but not hers. It was mine. The kiss ended.

“I love you. I know the books say that all daughters fall in love with their Dads. I am willing to stop being your daughter. I am willing to move to anywhere and be your girl-friend for a while and then be your wife. I love you. I want you to love me. I want you to have my virginity and to be the only man who ever is inside me. I want you inside me tonight.”

“What about…”

“All those arguments are for people who want to always follow rules they didn’t make. I’m not one of them. For right now, I am a woman, you are Escort Nevşehir a man. I know your body wants to love me. I know your heart already does.”

She rolled me onto my back and straddled me. Her wetness rubbed my heat. She moaned and shifted her position until my cock entered her and slowly went to the depths of her.

“Oh yes! I hoped you would feel this way. I want to feel you like this often. Daddy, tell me you love me!”

“I love you, Janice.”

She rocked and used her hands on my shoulders for balance. I reached and held her breasts. I felt her nipples hard against my palms. “Squeeze my tits! I want to still feel your hands in the morning.”

I loved how her breasts felt in my hands. As she asked, I squeezed and squeezed hard. She moaned and thanked me.

I drew her body down to mine and kissed her. My hands pressed her back so that her breasts and belly pressed against me. My hips thrust up as she pressed down. I didn’t last long enough and I was amazed how long I did last.

As I came she put her mouth next to my ear and said, “I feel you cumming inside me! I have wanted to feel that for years! Thank you.”

I held her against me until I slipped out of her. She got up and went into my bathroom. She came back with a wash cloth and cleaned me up. She went back in the bathroom and did whatever she did to take care of the deposit I made.

The thought crossed my mind that she would go across the hall and sleep in her bed for the night. She came out of the bathroom and back into bed with me. We kissed and held each other until we fell asleep.

She was still there when my eyes opened in the morning. The sunlight streamed in through the curtains and I could see what a beautiful woman my daughter had become.

Her eyes opened and she said, “Good morning! I hoped you’d still be here when I woke up. That means it wasn’t another dream. I love you.”

“I love you too. Now what?”

“Now I have a suggestion. I suggest we go on vacation. I suggest you get a transfer and we move. Leave Mom the house and half your savings and get a divorce. Here’s what I promise: I promise you can be inside me any time you want as long as you love me, take care of me and promise not to go a week between visits between my legs.”

“Hmmm. I need to think about all that.” I paused for about twenty seconds and asked, “Where do you want to go on vacation?”

“Someplace where I can scream when you are inside me. Somewhere I can go at least topless if I want to. Somewhere warm.”

“First, let’s go get breakfast. Get dressed and come back here.”

She came back and I was still picking a shirt. I had on khaki pants. She picked a shirt and I put it on. We went downstairs and Marie was sitting on the couch. The TV wasn’t on. She had the remote in her hand.

I picked up the phone and dialed her mother.

“Elaine, your daughter is spaced out. Janice and I won’t be around to take care of her today. Jake is on his uncle’s farm. And, so you know, I’m filing for divorce on Monday.”

When I hung up Marie was looking at me and she said, “Why? I take good care of the house.”

“Because I am in love with someone else.”

Janice and I went to breakfast. We went to the library and used their computer to research where to go on vacation. We decided a cruise in the Caribbean would be about perfect. I booked it for one week from that Sunday.

When we got home after dinner Elaine was sitting on the couch with Marie. She had been crying. She stood up and said, “I’ve never owned what I did until today. Look at Marie. I did that to her. I taught her who she was and what I believed God wanted her to do. I never thought about what would happen if she couldn’t. I’m sorry Pete. I’m sorry Janice.”

“She gets the house and twenty thousand. I get a divorce. You sell the house and move her in with you. I loved her, you know that. You apologize for what you did to her. What about what you’ve done to all of us? I guess you can think about that for the rest of both of your lives. Now, take her with you.”

Janice and I went upstairs. I called Uncle Bart and we talked. He agreed to keep Jake and teach him everything. I told Jake we would visit later in the summer. Just before we hung up he asked to speak to Janice. Five seconds after she took the phone she yelled, “Yes!” and hung up.

From my bedroom window I watched Elaine put a suitcase and Marie in her car. They drove away and I felt a weight lift.

When I turned back to face the room Janice was sitting in the middle of my, our, bed.

“I think we need to talk.”

“Talking is for the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, long walks, or while we sit on the deck of a cruise ship. Bedrooms are for making love and sleep. Where do you want us to be?”

She stood by the bed and pulled off her clothes. She stepped to me and started removing my clothes. “We can talk in the morning.”

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