Connor Gets His Wish – Part 2

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National television personality Tina Lowe had recently moved to a large house on the edge of an English village with her husband Ray and daughter Kerry. The family were integrating well into village life and were very popular new residents with their neighbours.They had held a party on their property to which the whole village had been invited and the vast majority had attended and a good time was had by all.A villager that had a particularly good time was nineteen-year-old Connor Harbey because he had sex with fifty-four-year-old Tina in the summerhouse on the grounds. Connor had already bedded twenty-year-old Kerry but having sex with the beautiful and famous Tina had seemed beyond his wildest dreams.Better still for Connor, Tina had indicated that she wanted to have sex with Connor again and she had sent him a text saying that she was looking to arrange it.A second party was held at the Lowe’s home but that was for their television friends and contacts and some of the villagers had done some celebrity spotting as they saw who drove into the gates of the estate.Kerry’s interest in Connor seemed to have cooled but Connor was not too displeased about that. Kerry was getting deeper and deeper involved with a married man that also worked in television but she knew that discovery of the affair, which seemed inevitable, could have dire consequences for the man in particular.It was nine days after their previous sexual encounter when Connor got another text from Tina. ‘My husband is away overnight Friday and I am hoping that Kerry will be too. Will be in touch.’ read the textTina herself had a very busy güvenilir bahis schedule with her TV work and her acting but she had most of the coming weekend free and she hoped to have Connor Harbey in her bed on Friday night.Connor worked in an office in a town some six miles from the village so he also had weekends free if he was not playing sport although his sport of choice at the moment if given a choice, would be fucking Tina Lowe.On Wednesday, Kerry told her mum that she was spending Friday night at her friend Leanne’s house although she was in fact spending the night in a hotel room with her married lover. Tina had no reason to doubt that Kerry was going to be with Leanne but if she did know what her daughter was actually up to she would do all she could to put a stop to it.Kerry being away Friday night meant that Tina would have the house to herself, at least until Connor arrived.Connor was overjoyed when he received Tina’s text. ‘Hey, Kerry out Friday night too. Do you fancy seeing my bedroom?’ read the text.’Oh yeah, what time shall I get there?’ replied Connor.’Not too early and don’t get seen. Will your mum wonder where you are?’ Tina responded.’No, I just tell her I will be out all night. I will be out all night won’t I?’ typed Connor.’Yeah but you will not be sleeping much,’ answered Tina.Nineteen-year-old Connor Harbey had a night in bed lined up with famous fifty-four-year-old TV personality Tina Lowe.Friday arrived and both Connor and Tina were looking forward to their night together although Connor was still finding it difficult to believe what was happening. The time was approaching güvenilir bahis siteleri nine o’clock and Connor was about to set off when he received another text.’Anytime now would be good Xx,’ read the text from Tina.’Just leaving home, see you soon,’ responded Connor.Connor was careful to not be seen as he entered the grounds to Tina’s house on foot and when he arrived at the front door, Tina was waiting for him and looking sensational. She was wearing a white blouse and a green trouser suit which looked and no doubt was, expensive.”I have been looking forward to this so much, come in,” smiled Tina as she stepped back to let Connor into her house.”So have I,” replied Connor, who was feeling a bit star-struck.Tina put her hands on Connor’s shoulders as she looked into his eyes, her own eyes sparkling. “You and me are going to have fun, baby,” smiled Tina.”I just can’t believe it; You are so beautiful and so famous; Why are you interested in me?” blurted Connor.”You are a good-looking young man and I want your cock,” replied Tina, as she caressed the bulge in Connor’s trousers.”But you are way too good for me,” said Connor.”Baby, we are going to my bedroom and we are going to fuck; We will be equals when we are naked,” reassured Tina.Tina then locked her lips on Connor’s and their tongues probed the other’s mouth as their hands roamed over bodies.Although Connor had been ridden by Tina in the summerhouse, he had not actually yet seen any of her body naked but that was soon to change.As Connor followed Tina up the stairs he looked from side to side at the photographs on the walls that iddaa siteleri contained the beautiful Mrs Lowe and various people that Connor recognised from TV and Film. He then looked straight ahead at Tina’s quite wide bottom in green trousers. He thought that he would soon be waking up and realising that it had all been a dream.If it was a dream it was the best one that he had ever had because now he was again kissing this gorgeous and famous mature woman and she was again rubbing his cock through his clothing.”Our time in the summerhouse was great but this is going to be something else,” said Tina, undoing Connor’s belt and trousers.Although Connor would be very happy for Tina to have complete control, he thought that he should try to assert himself in some way. He moved behind Tina and removed the jacket of her trouser suit. In similar circumstances with most females, he would have just tossed it on the floor but he found himself looking around for a coat hanger.”Allow me,” smirked Tina, gauging Connor’s predicament via one of the many mirrors in the room and taking the jacket from him and hanging it up in the wardrobe.”Now, where were we?” chuckled Tina as she returned to Connor and turned her back on him. She did not know exactly what he had in mind but she was pretty sure that she would find it exciting whatever it was. She rather liked the idea of having a hot young hunk taking control.Connor put his hands on Tina’s breasts over her blouse and pressed his body against hers as he massaged her tits. “Mmmm,” purred Tina, as she put her hands behind her and Connor and onto his buttocks and forced him even tighter against her arse.As Tina ground her arse against him, Connor worried that he might cum in his boxers as he undid Tina’s blouse buttons with slightly shaking hands. Tina’s perfume was also adding to the sensual situation.

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