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Confessions of a sister Fucker Finale ( True StorThis is the sequel and finale to the first storyAfter a great fuck session with Angel, we were applauded by our fans in the next room, Mike and Craig walked in and they were cheering and hooting, like fans of an Arsenio Hall show.” Hey Angel, I did not know you had it in you,your such a naughty girl”, said Craig. We were both still naked, and sweaty and Angel was a little surprised that the guys were listening. She was mad and ran into the bathroom with the bed sheets wrapped around her. She screamed and cursed the guys out something horrible, and I think she trough a shoe at Mike. She was not really upset but I guess more embarrassed. I figured she might want to be alone and calm down, so I got dressed, and told the fellas to head to the lobby and I would meet them down there. I knocked on the door to check on Angel, at first she did not want me to come in, but I told her I made the guys leave,she then came out in her bra and panties, and sat on the bed. I asked her was she mad at me, ans she said no, that she had no reason to she just was caught off guard, she also to told me to apologize to Mike and Craig cause she did not mean to flip out on them. My judgement was right, she told me she was just caught off guard, I told her that I was going out to eat with guys, and go to a strip club, I asked her to come with us. She was still in a weird mood, she was afraid that the guys would be upset with her. She told me to go have fun, and that she was going to go find a spa and relax for the rest of the day. She told me that she will make it up to the guys and I when we came back later that night. I did not exactly what she meant, but I knew it would be good cause she had a sexy smile on her face when she said that.When I went down to the lobby, Mike and Craig, were at the casino, I met them there, and they wanted to know if they had pissed Angel off. I told them that they had nothing to worry about, and if they played their card right they might get a chance to fuck her at the end of the night. Mike and Craig had big grins on their face. To give you a picture if the two, Mike is a tall white guy, he is very athletic also, he never had a problem getting a girl, we are the closest out of the group. Growing up people always called us brothers from other mothers. We fucked and shared a lot of girls, even still to this day. Craig is more on the short side, 5’6, he is a black guy, and he also never really had a problem getting pussy. So after, giving the guys a heads up, they both asked me how was I so sure, I told them that Angel did not flat out say that she would let them fuck her, but jugging by our fuck session a few hours ago, and they look on her face I had a very strong idea that,she had that in mind.So all day I could not get the guys to shut up about how they were going to fuck her and make her cum, fuck her face, and her ass. They said they would fuck her all night adiosbet yeni giriş long and make her pussy sore, know if I did not know them I would say that they were bluffing, but in high school we ran train on a lot of girls and these guys, have stamina and not to sound gay, but ample sized cocks. They were so excited that, when we were at the strip club, their attention was on Angel, even with tits and ass jiggling in there faces. After we left the strip club which was around 11:30, we drove straight to the hotel, I told the guys they did not even need condoms, cause she was on the pill. I called Angel to let her know we were on our way, I also did this to give her a heads up, just in case she wanted to get prepared for us. We arrived at the hotel, we took the elevator up, and they guys just followed to my room. The moment of truth had arrived, I put my card in the door, and opened it up, and to my surprise I was right. Angel was standing at the door in a matching pink lace, bra and panties, she had on make up and lip stick, that made her pouty lips even sexier, her panties were crotch less, her black silky hair was so straight and sexy, and she had on black heels. Her body was amazing, her breast look so amazing and perky, her tan skin look like caramel, and her long soft legs went up to her perfect round ass. she walked over and pushed all on the bed, and told Mike and Craig, that she was sorry about freaking out on them earlier and that she was going to make it up to them. She kissed Mike and then kissed Craig, she told them to strip and the stripped so faster than a Broadway actor. she then kissed me and told me do the same,our dicks were all hard and ready to fuck. But angel had plans of her on, walked over to the other side of the room, and bend over, giving us a great view of her heart shaped ass, and pulled out a big purple dildo,out of her bag. It turns out that while we were out, she went to a sex store and pick her self up a few toys, and lingerie, she never went to a spa, I should of known, because there was a spa in our hotel. She told us she wanted to give us a show, she waled over to the King sized bed we were all in and got in the middle. She leaned back on the head board, spread her legs and started to rub her pussy, she spit on her hands and rub her pussy, she tool off her panties to give us a better view. She inserted a finger into her a pussy, while frigging her clit, and then she started to moan,and she ten added two more fingers, we all were stroking our hard cocks watching her get herself off in front of us. Her pussy was leaking by now, and she had four fingers pounding her pussy, really hard and fast, she took her finger out, and they were sticky and wet with her pussy juice, she told Craig to lick her fingers, and then put them back, deep into her pussy, and gave Mike a taste of her juices. She then inserted the huge purple dildo into her wet hot pink pussy, she adiosbet giriş was fucking her pussy slowly and then started to pick up the pace, she was fucking her self, and screaming, oh fucckk!!, I could not take it any more, I took of her bra, and squeezed her soft C cup titties,I spit on one and sucked on her gum drop hard brown nipples, Craig followed me lead and did the same to her other tit, she was in heaven ,and so were we. Mike stood on his knees, we moved out the way cause we knew what was next. Angel was still fucking herself with her dildo, when Mike grabbed her by the head and shoved is penis into her mouth, she opened her mouth wide to meet his girth, and he started to fuck her throat, that was all he talk about doing to her. She was deep throating Mike, and she started to cum her pussy was dripping juices all on the sheets, I went down and removed the dildo and ate away ate her over flowing love tunnel, Craig joined Mike and the began taking turns fucking Angel’s face. All I heard was gurgling sounds and she was moaning on their dicks while I ate her pussy, I’m shore they enjoyed the humming on their dicks from her moaning. I then had the greatest idea, I turned her on her stomach, and had a great view of her phat ass. Her round globes, looked so plump and delicious, I kissed her ass cheeks and licked each of them, then I spread her ass and got the most beautiful view of a tiny brown pucker hole. I spit in her ass and watch it trial down to her ass hole. I put my finger in her ass and her ass was so tight. She said lick it baby lick my ass, I did not need to be told twice, I ate her like a starving k** in Africa, her ass tasted so good, after eating out her anus, she had enough, she needed dick in her, I already had her first and I decided to give her to Craig, he was not as big as Mike and I. Craig laid her on her back, and put her legs up over his shoulders. Mike and I were getting our cocks suck on in the process, she was taking what I believed to be her first 3 some, like a pro.We switched positions Mike fuck her in cow girl, she started to ride Mike and then, she said James, I need your big black cock in my ass too, I could not believe my ears, she wanted a DP, how could this 18 y.o be so fucking horny, I went behind her, and i spit on the tip of my dick, and lubed her asshole with it, and just to be sure, i did the same to , my pointer and middle finger, and fingered her butt hole. I put my dick head in her tight butt hole, it swallowed it , eased in a few inches more, while Mike’s dick rested in her pussy, and Craig was standing over Angel getting his balls sucked, after a few strokes, I was balls deep in her ass. We Mike and I started slowly pumping our members into her wet and warm holes. Angel was sucking on Craig’s dick. It was like a will oiled machine with all of its parts working together in unison. By now Angel was starting to cum and I was pounding her ass hard, I was adiosbet güvenilirmi really enjoying fucking her tight warm asshole, but I wanted the others to enjoy, so I pulled out and let Craig step in. Mike was still in her pussy, and now I was putting my dick in her mouth, she sucked me hard, and sucked all of the her ass juice from my dick, she massaged my balls, and I again fuck her face, she had all her spit all over my dick and her face I was a great sight. Mike wanted to try her butt hole out and he made her get on all fours, and he slam his dick in her ass. In this position Craig could not get in her pussy so he decided to get a bj instead. Mike was pounding her ass hard, and grabbing her tits she was going back and forth on our cocks, this little slut was cumming once again, she could not take it any more neither could we. She fell flat on her stomach, and her whole body locked up and started to convulse, it was like a scene from the exorcist. We all knew she was having one of the best orgasm of her life. A short while after she sucked on Craig’s cock and he blasted several huge loads all over her face and tits, and she loved it, she said keep them coming I want cum in all my wholes, so Mike fucked her pussy and gave her a cream pie, and I finished of in her ass, and watched as my cum and Mike’s drained out of her holes, she was literally covered in cum. We all just laid there and she sucked on our dicks until they went limp.Angel was breathing heavy and she had a huge smile on her face, she said that , she never been fucked by so many huge cocks like that before and it was her first 3some, she said she always dreamed about fucking us, when she would see us hanging around her brother. After a while Mike and Craig went back to their rooms, it was 4 in the morning we fucked for 4 hours straight, and Mike and Craig got their wish, they had fucked Angel hard and long, gave her multiple orgasm and fucked her in every hole she had. The next day Angel and I woke up in the middle of the day, and we showered together, and fucked in the shower. 15 minutes later, she was on her knees giving all 3 of us blow jobs, and my phone was ringing. It was her brother Carlos, I put him on speaker, and he asked how his sister was treating us, he asked was she being an annoying brat. All I said , was that she was treating us really good, and we were taking good care of her, as she was sucking my cock balls deep. We continued to fuck like that for the rest of the week, I thank that room service had to order a whole new pair of bed sheets. The last day in Vegas was great, we fucked all day , we did not even go out we just fucked Angel like wild a****ls, we drove her home, and Craig asked was she gonna tell her brother, and she smiled and said anything that goes down in Vegas, will stay in Vegas. I never got a chance to fuck Angel again,I went back to Miami, I got hand jobs and blow jobs from here whenever I came back to town, but we never got a chance to fuck again. She now lives back east, and she got really deep into religion, she belongs to a group of radical Mormons,and is married, that was what her brother told me. All I know was I got to fuck her, and see what the true cock slut she truly is.

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