Competition Ch. 07

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“Ms. Vance?” called out the receptionist.

Ronnie got up and raised her hand. She made way into the office and had a seat while the receptionist left her. Ronnie got herself comfortable in the chair, nervous about her results.

Dr. Karen Shoji came in a few minutes later holding a file folder. Ronnie got up to shake her hand, but Karen motioned for her to stay seated as they shook hands. “Ronnie, it’s great to meet you,” said the doctor. She got around to her desk and sat down.

“Well, Jolene said you were the best!” Ronnie laughed. “I always said we know two Karens, but only one is great.”

Dr. Shoji opened the folder and looked over the paper. “I’ll get right to it, Veronica. Your tests came back, and I’m afraid it’s not good news.”

Ronnie’s face stiffened. “I see.”

Dr. Shoji laced her fingers together on the desk. “It’s a problem with your uterus. Basically you can menstruate, but the zygote will never latch onto the side walls. You could have very well had one of your eggs fertilized at one point and not even have known it.”

The sides of Ronnie’s mouth tightened as she looked down.

Dr. Shoji looked at her file. “I looked up some of the data on the drug you had mentioned—this…bifudernoxidal. You probably remember it as Cudecane.”

Ronnie nodded while she exhaled. “That’s the stuff I took for my acne while I lived in Belgium.”

“Yes,” said Dr. Shoji. “Well, we looked into it, and they settled a major class-action lawsuit several years ago. Unfortunately, European Union rules have a habit of favouring large corporations in cases like these. There’s a stringent statute of limitations when it comes to getting in on these kinds of lawsuits.”

Ronnie huffed. “So they wreck my uterus and I get nothing?”

“I’m so sorry about this, Ronnie,” said Dr. Shoji. Ronnie wanted to back off of her, seeing as she was being nice about the situation. “Believe me, I have had to tell a lot of young women similar news in the past, and it’s never easy to do.”

Ronnie rolled her eyes, trying to keep the frustration bottled up. “So, it can’t ever happen, right?”

“I’d say it’s almost impossible.” Dr. Shoji took a pamphlet out of her desk, then leaned over and handed it to Ronnie. “This isn’t the end of the road, though. Here’s an agency I deal with often. They can do placements for children who are in real need of a stable and loving home.”

“Adoption?” asked Ronnie. “I mean…I never…”

“Nobody ever assumes they’re ready for something like this,” replied Dr. Shoji. “It’s an option, at least.” She put on her glasses and checked her tablet. “Now I need to do an exam with you. I can get you in two weeks from now, on the fourth. Will that be okay?”

Ronnie nodded. “Sure. I can just make some arrangements.”

The two stood up. Dr. Shoji extended her hand, and Ronnie took it. “I just wanted to say how happy I am that you want me as a doctor,” Dr. Shoji told Ronnie. “Jolene is just about the sweetest woman I know. Please give her my regards.”

Ronnie managed a weak smile. “Thanks. I hope she’s understanding about this, at least.”

That night, Ronnie told Jolene about her inability to get pregnant. Jolene was sympathetic and sweet the entire time. The two of them decided to get drunk at home.

Ronnie sat with her legs spread out underneath their coffee table, leaning her shoulders back against the couch. “Fuck. This schnapps shit is da booooomb.”

Jolene was sitting opposite of Ronnie on her knees, sucking down the last of her drink. She placed the glass on the table, then let out a satisfied grunt. “It got me through some tough times, although I haven’t been drunk in a long time.”

“I wanna get sloppy drunk,” Ronnie announced. “Like, fuckin’…” She lifted her head. “I can’t fuckin’ talk right. Did I just say that?”

Jolene laughed. “Yes, you said that.”

Ronnie crossed her eyes and made a goofy face. “I can’t fuckin’ stop fuckin’ swearin’.”

“I wish you would, dear,” Jolene said. “You will find that you feel more ineffectual.”

Ronnie stared with a crazy smile. “I what what?”

Jolene poured herself another shot. “I said ineffectual.” She stopped and laughed wildly, almost spilling her booze. “Sorry. I meant ineffectual.”

Ronnie had her elbows propped up on the table. “Oh, okay. You know, I remember when Evan came inside of me.”

Jolene sputtered. “The Evan? Your ex Evan?”

“Evan, the only boy ever I wanted to actually marry,” Ronnie sighed as she stared up into space. “He was the only man I dated that I could see myself being with. Well, we got drunk one night, just like now, and we start messing around. He said he wanted to try it once without a rubber on.” Ronnie tapped her glass on the table, and Jolene set her up again. “Ugh. Am I weird for liking hot jizz inside of me?”

“Not really,” Jolene said. “I think we’re supposed to.”

“I was so scared the next few weeks,” Ronnie said too loudly, aydın escort then took a giant sip. She squinted and tightened her lips, then shook her face. “Wah! Yeah, so I guess I panicked for nothing. I can’t get preggo!” She looked down at her belly. “Sorry, babies!”

Jolene got a sad look on her face. “Don’t blame yourself, hon.”

Ronnie finished off her drink, then let the shot glass roll along the table. “Whatever, bitch! Ha ha! Bitch! Fuck you, bitch.”

Jolene laughed. “No, fuck you, bitchface fuck.”

Ronnie raised an eyebrow, teetering while sitting down. “You can fuck me all night for all I fuckin’ care. Are you married?”

Jolene cackled. “Yes, dummy!”

“Mmm, well, she sounds like a retard.” Ronnie tapped Jolene’s thigh with her foot repeatedly. “You can fuckin’ rape me.”

“It’s not rape if you consent,” Jolene reminded her.

Ronnie paused with her mouth agape. “God, I forgot!” She looked around. “The spin won’t stop rooming.” She looked back at Jolene. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“I think you’re absolutely beautiful,” Jolene replied. “You got such pretty hair, and I like that upturn on your nose, and your tits!” She stared at them for emphasis. “I mean, shit!”

Ronnie grabbed her girls. “I love my titties! Oh God, I was so flat when I was a kid. Then they just fuckin’ grew out of nowhere!” She got up on her knees and whooped, then promptly toppled over. She laughed as she stretched out on the carpet. “Why did you do that?”

Jolene laughed along with her wife as she crawled her way over and laid down next to Ronnie. “Are you going to be able to get to bed?”

Ronnie purred and giggled. “I’m fine right here.”

“Nooooo,” Jolene protested. She reached over to take Ronnie’s hand. “Let’s try.”

Ronnie made her way up to her feet, wobbly and feeble. “Okay,” she said, sounding ready to sprint. “Here we go!” She made it up the few steps to the hallway, then bumbled into the bedroom. She clipped her knee on the door jamb and her mouth went wide. “Fuck!” she bellowed. “Fuck my ass! Fuck!”

Jolene came in behind. “What?”

Ronnie walked in and collapsed on the bed. “I hit my cunting knee! Ow!”

Jolene stumbled in and laid down next to Ronnie. “Uhhhh. My arms are heavy.”

“Of course they are, you steroid freak,” Ronnie said casually. “Just how many people did you fuck?”

Jolene had to stop and think. “Fifty or somethin’.”

“Jesus, fuck,” Ronnie slurred. “That’s a lot of dicks. And pussies.”

“I know,” Jolene sighed. “My best one was Desmond. He fucked me in a helicopter.”

“Wow, you did it in a helicopter?” asked Ronnie. “Did you, like, park it somewhere at the airport?”

“No,” Jolene said with a smile. “We were in the air.”

Ronnie turned her head and stared. “You got fucked in a flying helicopter!” She looked back up at the ceiling. “God damn! The craziest place I did it was a bathroom stall. Oh, and he came on my ass, so I had to use that weak-ass toilet paper to clean up.”

Jolene laughed as she slid off her shorts. “I feel tingly, but in a good way.” She slid her underwear off as well.

Ronnie sat up to inspect. “Yeah! I like this!” Ronnie slid off her pyjama bottoms as well as her undies. The two of them sat there with no bottoms. “Hey Jo,” said Ronnie suggestively. “I feel all fuckin’ raunchy.” She reached down to Jolene’s velvet strip and fiddled with her.

Jolene whined. “Noooo, Ronnie! I just want to be romantic. You can’t fuck me.”

“Oooooh! You said a swear!” Ronnie swatted at Jolene’s tit. Jolene slapped Ronnie’s boob in retaliation, which made Ronnie gasp. “How dare you!”

Jolene gave a playful slap at Ronnie’s vulva. “I just tapped it, bitch!”

Ronnie laughed as she rolled over on top of Jolene. They exchanged a kiss. The two of them had the strong smell of alcohol and mint on their breath. Because of their cognitive impairment, they jammed their tongues into each others’ mouths and whipped their heads back and forth.

Ronnie moved her head to the side while Jolene sucked on her wife’s neck. “Oh God, I love this,” moaned Ronnie. “I can feel your pussy against mine. Fuck, I love getting drunk and fucking.”

The two of them got into scissor position and rammed their mounds into each other. Ronnie stroked Jolene’s muscular calf muscle as she held on and rubbed her cunt into her lover’s hot hole.

Jolene ground her hips as she threw her head back and groaned. “This is lovely, dear treasure,” she managed. “Oh, oh, ohhh! Oh, kiss my foot!”

Ronnie took Jolene’s dainty foot and gave it a few sweet kisses, then began to lick her insole. Jolene screamed as she put her hands over her eyes. Ronnie pulled away from Jolene’s groin and got her twat up near the foot. “Let me try something,” Ronnie said in her slurred speech. She worked Jolene’s toe inside of her pussy and pushed it in and out of her. “I’m getting foot-fucked!”

Jolene aydın escort bayan sat up and stared at the spectacle. She moved her foot back and forth and watched it dip inside of Ronnie. Ronnie pulled it out and went back to running her tongue all along the smooth skin, sucking and kissing the smaller toes and occasionally sticking her tongue in between. Jolene rubbed at herself as she watched the foot worship.

Ronnie stood up on the bed and rubbed her pussy wildly. “That’s so…so fuckin’ hot,” she stammered. She rubbed herself as Jolene watched the spectacle. Ronnie’s lower part quivered and her lip curled up. Ronnie fell to her knees and howled as she came. She flopped down on the bed right next to Jolene.

Jolene enjoyed it so much that she had an orgasm after thirty seconds. Her leg trembled as she felt the dew forming on her fingers. She took some time getting her composure, then let out a contended sigh. She gave Ronnie a light tap on her cute little bottom. “That was incredible, pet.” Jolene got up on her elbows. “Veronica, sweetheart?”

Ronnie was face down in the pillow, snoring. Jolene could see a puddle of saliva forming around the fabric of the pillowcase. Jolene rolled her eyes, then turned over and fell asleep.

The two of them were not nearly as hung over as they deserved to be the next day. They went to Olivia’s Diner down the road from their house to have a late breakfast. Ronnie dove into a plate of scrambled eggs and french toast as Jolene enjoyed her grapefruit and tea.

When Monday came around, Ronnie was asked to see her supervisor, Dexter, first thing in the morning.

Ronnie sat down in the spare chair. “Dex, I know that Dayton was a bit of a bust, but I think-”

Dexter held up a hand. “Ronnie, we love having you around.”

“Uh huh,” said Ronnie, now on guard.

“It’s just that you always kind of knew this was a one year term to feel you out.” Dexter took an envelope out of his desk drawer. “Well, Lucinda is coming back from mat leave, and while we would like to keep you on, we don’t think we can fit you in.”

Ronnie’s ears began to burn. “Dex, please. Josh is an idiot, and I outsell him by nearly double.”

“Yeah, but he has seniority, and an engineering degree.” Dexter did a helpless shrug. “That kind of gives us an advantage when we deal with clients.” He handed the envelope over to Ronnie. “I think you’ll find this fair. Your commission you were back owed is in there as well.” He extended his hand, which Ronnie felt compelled to take. “Look, if you need a reference, I’ll be happy to give you one. I’m sorry about this.”

Ronnie sighed as she stood up. She looked at the envelope. “Well, at least I can go home early.”

Ronnie drove her bright pink VW home as she let the radio blared. She looked at herself in the rear-view mirror. “Can’t have a baby, can’t hold a job,” she mumbled. “Jolene’s gonna kick you out for sure.”

She got in to the house and dropped her box of personal items on the kitchen table. She went over and got her laptop, intending to update her resume. After a few hours of surfing the net, Jolene came home.

“Darling! Sweetie!” Jolene looked ready to burst. “I was accepted! They’re making me partner! Yay!” She did a dainty spin in her high heels. “This is exciting!” She stopped and stared at Ronnie, sitting on the couch. “Dear, what’s wrong?”

Ronnie pushed the hair out of her eyes. “They let me go today.”

Jolene’s mouth hung open as she went to sit down on the couch. “Oh, baby, no!” She put a hand on Ronnie’s shoulder. “Oh, how could they do that? You loved that job!”

“They told me it was just a one year term,” Ronnie said. “I guess I always knew this might happen. I just didn’t think they would keep Josh over me.” She leaned back and rested her hands on her stomach. “Dexter said I don’t have an engineering degree, so I’m no use to them.”

“Oh, dear,” Jolene said with a tone of sympathy. “Would you like to go back to school?”

Ronnie clicked her tongue. “I’m too old for that! Besides, I can’t be an engineer! I don’t know anything about programming or math.” She put her hands up to her face, then looked at Jolene. “I’m sorry.”

“No! I understand.” Jolene rubbed Ronnie’s shoulder.

“I’m useless. Can’t hold a job. Can’t…have a baby…” She looked away and blew air out of her nose.

“No, Ronnie!” Jolene took her wife’s hand. “These don’t define who you are. I don’t love you any less just because your reproductive system was compromised.”

Ronnie looked at Jolene, then managed a tiny smile. “Thanks, love.”

“You know what? Let’s go out to dinner tonight. It will take our minds off of things.” Jolene stood up and straightened her skirt out.

Jolene took Ronnie out for cheeseburgers. Jolene picked at her salad as she watched Ronnie shovel fries into her mouth like she was on death row. “Pace yourself, dear,” warned Jolene. “I know you’re escort aydın a little sad about losing your job. Maybe…you want to be a housewife for a while?”

Ronnie stopped eating and glared at Jolene. “Housewife? Housewife?”

“We make plenty of money, dear,” said Jolene, trying to be reassuring. “It would be all right.”

“No, I don’t like feeling like a sponge,” replied Ronnie. “I mean, I didn’t make as much as you to begin with, and the money from the magazine pictures is drying up.”

“Maybe you want to try the modelling again?” suggested Jolene.

Ronnie sighed. “I dunno. I think the other times were a bit of a fluke. Plus, I don’t want to look like a joke. I want a real profession, y’know?”

Jolene petted Ronnie’s hand. “It will come to you, dearest.”

On Wednesday at 4 pm, Jolene showed up for her appointment with Dr. Constance Fleming. A sophisticated woman in her early fifties, Jolene admired her feminine body and smart style. Dr Fleming brought Jolene into her office and got her to sit on the couch. Despite Dr. Fleming’s reassurance, Jolene decided to lie down on the couch.

“It’s a bizarre situation now,” Jolene told the doctor. “I feel as if my own success is at the expense of poor Ronnie. Maybe I didn’t encourage her enough. She really is so beautiful, and I know if she wanted to she could take it farther.”

Dr. Fleming jotted notes as she nodded. “Jolene, just based on our session so far, I can probably assume you have telltale signs of people-pleasing. This is typically brought on by a severe trauma or abandonment issues.”

Jolene rubbed her short hair. “I think you’re right, doctor. I had a frightening time with my ex-husband. Nothing I did for him was good enough. After that, I tried so hard to look perfect, then I subjected myself to terribly humiliating sex acts.”

Dr. Fleming’s eyebrows shot up. “We have time.”

“I was always trying to bury my feelings with sex,” Jolene went on as she hugged one of the throw pillows to her chest. “I felt as if I needed to degrade myself just to get people to like me. I had boys—young boys!”

“Exactly how young?” asked Dr. Fleming.

“Oh, they were legal,” Jolene assured her. “But…barely.” She rolled her eyes. “There are a few things I haven’t even told Ronnie about yet. I mean, I just can’t. There was one boy—Preston. Oh, poor confused Preston! He was in fabulous shape. He attended the graphics arts school just down the road from here. Well, one night he asked me to peg him.”

Dr. Fleming dropped her pad. “I’m sorry—peg?” she asked as she picked up her notes.

“Yes, it’s a very loving act you can perform on a man,” Jolene described. “You simply wear a strapon and have gentle anal sex with the boy. It’s genuinely pleasurable. We only tried it a few times, then Preston abruptly stopped seeing me and moved in with that male nurse friend of his.” Jolene sat up and looked over at Dr. Fleming. “What do you think that means?”

Dr. Fleming sat with her legs crossed. “Do you think an older man would agree to pegging?” She shook her head. “Never mind. Jolene, I think we have a lot to unpack here. Would you like to meet at this same time again next week?”

“That would be wonderful, Dr. Fleming,” said Jolene as she got up off the couch.

Ronnie was not coping well with her new unemployment status. While she had been given a generous severance, she was feeling unproductive. A whole month had gone by and she received no serious callbacks on any of her applications. She was toying with the idea of having to wait tables at this point.

One day while she was home alone, the kitchen sink stopped up. Ronnie struggled to get the drain unstuck. She had a mild panic as she was afraid Jolene was going to be upset.

“Okay, girl, get a grip,” Ronnie told herself. She went to get her laptop, then found an instructional video on sinks. She got down on the floor, following along with the instructions. She ran and got the toolbox from the basement and resumed her video.

She struggled with the large monkey wrench, unsure of how to set it up on the pipe. Eventually she reached up and touched the joint. “Wait—this just unscrews!” She triumphantly unscrewed the coupler, only to get sprayed by gloopy water. “Oh, fuck!” She got a bowl to capture any of the dripping water.

She unfastened the pipe and lifted it up to the sink. She looked into the straight pipe and found the culprit. “Oh, that’s so sick!” Somehow a large clump of hair was lodged in the middle. Ronnie snaked it out and threw it away. “God, Jolene! Wash your hair in the shower like a normal person.”

After washing her hands for many minutes, Ronnie set the pipe back into place. She turned on the faucet and checked for any leaks. When she was satisfied it was tightened enough, she mopped up the remaining water under the sink with paper towels, then set everything straight again. The water ran down the drain flawlessly.

Ronnie stood wide-eyed and tried to understand. “I did it!” She put her hand over her mouth. “I actually fixed it!” She got her laptop up off of the floor, then set it on the table. The sink fixing video was one of about a hundred do-it-yourself videos in the channel. Ronnie viewed several more as she drank her coffee.

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