Commuter Stop

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MWM travels back and forth on Highway 4 every day. Love to stop off on the way home and masturbate you. Your wife/GF can watch if you want, or it can be just us. No reciprocation necessary.

I knocked on the door of the suburban home. Jerry opened the door. Fortyish, a little younger than me.

“Jerry? I’m Doug. You ready for this?”

“Come on in,” he said.

As he led me into the family room, I asked, “Are we alone?”

“We won’t be disturbed,” Jerry replied. “My wife is away for a couple of days. Let’s go up to the bedroom.”

“Good,” I answered, following him up. “A nice time to play a little.” Once in the room I stepped up to him and put my hands on his chest, then started unbuttoning his shirt. Slipping it off revealed a nice, hairy chest. I teased his nipples until they were stiff, then undid the front of his pants and slid them down off his legs, leaving him standing in just briefs. Giving his package a quick squeeze, I started taking off my own clothes. Soon, we were facing each other wearing only underwear.

I slid my hand down inside the front of Jerry’s shorts, and felt his penis and balls. Pulling down his briefs, I exposed his nice sized cock and his thick bush of pubic hair.

“That’s a handsome tool,” I remarked, climbing out of my shorts in turn. I held our two penises together in one hand as we stood face to face, feeling them swell and grow. I reached around and grabbed his buttocks in my hands, spreading them apart as I pressed my stiff cock against his. Sliding a finger inside, brushing his anus, I saw Jerry wince.

“Are you clean?” I demanded. “Because, you knew I was coming. You should have been clean.” I removed my finger, with just a trace of waste on it. “Jerry, come on now. Little boys go around with poopy butts. Grown men wash their asses. Let’s go clean you up.”

We walked into the master bath. I found a washcloth and towel, and I had Jerry bend over with his hands on the toilet seat, legs spread. I ran warm water, soaped up the washcloth, and carefully washed Jerry’s ass. I rinsed the cloth, washed out the soap from his bottom and dried him off. Only then did I reach between his legs and heft his hanging balls, sliding my fingers up, probing his anus and pressing my dick against his ass crack.

“Oh, geez, you’re not gonna fuck me, are casino şirketleri you?” Jerry asked.

“No, I’m not here to fuck you. I’m going to stroke you off. Let’s go turn down the bed.”

We walked back to the bedroom and pulled down the comforter and blanket. I had Jerry lie down on the sheet. I stood over him and ran my fingers through his bush. Then I gently closed my hand around his nuts and gave them a little squeeze. His cock was twitching and starting to swell, so I took it in hand and began giving it easy, unhurried strokes. As Jerry’s erection grew full, I let go and retrieved a bottle of lube from my pants pocket. “Turn over. Get up on your knees,” I directed. I climbed on the bed behind him. “Spread your legs apart,” I told him.

Squirting some lube in my hand, I reached underneath and massaged it into Jerry’s hanging sack. Working his balls, I gradually moved my hand back into his ass crack, and once again found his anus with my now-lubricated finger. I made tight circles around his little hole, and finally penetrated him with the tip of my forefinger. He gave a little gasp, but pressed his ass back against my hand, welcoming my finger deeper inside. I understood that his earlier protest had been more from surprise than fear or revulsion. I wriggled some more circles inside his rectum, then I gave him the whole length, feeling his prostate with my fingertip. He gave a little squeal as I planted my palm firmly on his asscheek, finger still deep in his colon, and worked my whole hand back and forth. His breathing turned hard.

After a bit, I withdrew from Jerry’s ass and eased him back over on his back. His penis was rock hard, straining toward the ceiling, his balls, previously hanging loose, were tight against his body. Liberally squirting lube over his dick and balls, I began masturbating him in earnest. Long, tight strokes with my full hand, up and down the full length of his engorged penis, I wanked him as he thrust his hips up at me, as if fucking my fist. His slippery wet dickhead was now dark purple and swollen tight, so I placed my palm over it and began working it, tightly, with my thumb and first two fingers.

After a bit, Jerry actually began to sob, still thrusting his cock at my fist. “I’m gonna come!” he finally shouted. I reverted to full penis strokes, hard and fast. I looked at Jerry’s face. casino firmaları He was far away. Suddenly he screamed. A huge, full rope of come, then two, then three, shot high out of his hard cock, landing on his face and chest. A few more decreasing shots exited, accompanied by Jerry whimpering, until his orgasm subsided. Finally, he relaxed and after a bit I released his soft dick from my fist. He gave a loud sigh.

“Good?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Jerry replied. “Oh, shit, yeah.”

I moved over on the bed and lay down on my back. My penis was hard and straining upward. I reached down with my hand and began to masturbate. “What do you want me to do?” Jerry asked.

“Whatever you like,” I answered. Like my ad said, you don’t need to do anything, but I need to come, so I’ll stroke myself off. You can watch and, if you like, you can do anything else you want.”

“Anything?” Jerry asked, as he watched me pump my dick, then with his hand he gently parted my thighs, went down, and began licking my scrotum, up and down the centerline, like it was a vagina. Occasionally, he stopped to tongue tease the trimmed hairs on my sack. I continued to stroke my hard penis. Looking up, he started fingering me, again sliding up and down between my balls. “Can I shave your nuts?” he asked, taking a chance. “You could be my woman.”

“I’m not your woman,” I replied, “and I like my dick and balls hairy. But if we continue, and if you like, we can take turns being the woman and letting our inner pussy out to play. But it’s way beyond anything we talked about. Would you like that?”

Jerry thought for a couple of seconds. “Yes,” he responded. “I could do that.”

“Fine,” I went on, mentally shifting gears to become feminine. “I can go first. Keep on eating my cunt,” I directed, spreading my legs a bit more. Jerry put his head back down and continued licking my pussy lips. He reached up and pinched my nipples, then he raised his head and started tonguing my clitoris. “Oh, baby,” I moaned. “Suck it into your mouth!” He did, and I pulled his head close. He put his hands under my thighs and raised my legs. I wrapped them around his head and rested my feet on his back.

Jerry then found my exposed anus with a slippery finger. I fucked my ass back at his hand. “Fuck me, baby!” I murmured, meaning his finger. To my surprise and delight, güvenilir casino he mounted me, my legs over his shoulders, and pressed his lubed cock, again erect, against my asshole. He leaned forward and began to open my puckered rosebud with his glans. I put my hands around his waist and pulled him in. I winced for one quick second of pain, then his fat shaft was inside me. “Oh, honey,” I cooed. “Your dick is so big!” I kept on masturbating as he fucked deep in my ass. “Give it to me!”

Jerry and I locked eyes as he pushed deep inside me, again and again. Eventually, I felt the come rising, between my pumping and Jerry’s pounding of my G-spot. He closed his eyes tightly and screamed just as I felt my cunt convulse, and I shrieked as well. We orgasmed together for twenty or thirty seconds, then he collapsed in my arms, his limp cock sliding out of my ass. I pulled his head so that we were facing each other, separated by only an inch or two. I gazed into his eyes. “You gonna kiss me?” he asked.

“Do you want me to?”

As if in response, Jerry lowered his face to mine, our lips met, and his tongue slid inside my mouth. His hand went to my titty and he ground his wet, soft cock against my sticky, hairy mound. I kissed him again and held him tight. “Oh, baby,” I whispered. “Your dick was so good inside me. I love your big dick.”

“Let’s go shower,” Jerry suggested.

“OK,” I replied, “but when I get out of bed, my pussy turns back into a cock.”

“Cool,” he answered. We walked into the bathroom, and Jerry pulled out towels and got the shower running. When the water was hot, he stepped in, and I followed. I poured some liquid soap on my hand and started lathering up his pubic hair, then his penis and balls. After two big orgasms, I didn’t expect him to get hard again, and he didn’t. I washed all around his crotch, then turned him around and washed inside his behind once more, to get any traces of lube out. When I was finished, he turned back to face me and started soaping up my bush, my dick and my sack. I turned around and spread my legs. Jerry put a soapy hand up my crack and finger washed my butthole. When he was done, I faced him, pulled him close and frotted my stiffening penis against his flaccid one. I turned him around once more and poked my erection between his ass cheeks. He bent forward, as if to give me better access to his anus.

I gave him a couple of playful thrusts, then said, “No. I’ll wait until next time. You can provide the pussy then.” We rinsed each other’s crotch out, turned off the water and stepped out to dry off with the towels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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