Communing With Nature

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It was the first warm day of spring, and the dog perked up every time I stood up from the computer. “Not yet.” was my answer throughout the work day, but when my final meeting was over I was just excited as he was to get out of the house. “Heading out for a walk!” I yelled upstairs to my wife’s office.”Are you taking our four-footed friend?” she yelled back down.”Of course!” It was a little difficult to get the harness on him while he was jumping up at the front door, but we finally managed and headed out.It’s about a mile through the neighborhoods to get to the forest, and we made good time, keeping the sniffing to a minimum. We crossed the last street and set foot on the path. He immediately sat down, the signal he was ready to get off the leash.”Stay.” I removed the leash from the harness. “Good boy.” He waited, taut but obedient. “Go!”He uncoiled like a sprinter out of the starting block, tearing down the trail. He went only as far as he could still see me, then waited for me to catch up. We made our way deeper into the woods, Ankara bayan escort him exploring every fresh scent, me enjoying the first signs of green peaking out.When we got to turn up the hill to the secret circle, he waited to see if we were going up. I nodded at him, “Yes, let’s go UP!” At the word, he bounded up the small hill.It was a short path, only five hundred feet or so, going straight up the side of a small hill. It lead to a natural feature that I’d never seen in other places and gave the spot a magical feel. There was a depression at the top of the hill, only three or four feet deep, maybe twenty-five feet in diameter. Around the depression was a circle of moss, beautifully green and soft. Somehow this circle was maintained, nothing growing there but the moss with leaves and fallen branches always swept away by the wind.Even though it was just a few feet off the main path, I never saw anyone here. I guess because it was a dead-end, and most people walked the trails with a purpose. Escort bayan Ankara But I stopped this way frequently; stopping to enjoy the forest.On this day especially, I wanted to drink my fill of nature. The dog was happily running around all over, chasing whatever sounds or scents he detected. I could never match his nose, but I tuned in to the sounds. Birds chirping near and far, calling to each other, searching for mates for the upcoming nesting season. Squirrels were rustling through the underbrush or climbing through the trees. The winds were blowing gently, causing the branches to sway and rustle.I closed my eyes so that I could listen better. My sense went beyond what I was hearing to take in the feeling of the woods. The energy was flowing, and I immersed myself in it. The warmth from the sun was bringing small creatures out from winter slumber. The plants were straining to get their leaves out into the nourishing rays of the sun and the soil itself soaking in both heat and Bayan escort Ankara moisture from the melted snow. I came back to my body and felt that direct warmth from the sunrays, and adjusted my stance to feel more of it on my skin.The simple joy of being a living being washed over me. None of these creatures cared what was on my computer. They focused on the simple needs; warmth, safety, water, and food. I tuned myself to the primal needs of life, letting my ‘civilized’ worries drain away. I felt the warmth of the sun. I felt the caress of the wind. I felt my breath move in and out. The beating of my heart.My clothes became an impediment to communing with nature. I opened my eyes and looked around, checking the spot in the trail you can see through the trees. I listened for anyone else on the trails, but no human sounds intruded.I stepped next to a convenient branch, strong enough to act as a clothes hanger. The coat went first, and the shirt soon after. I paused and took a deep breath, feeling the chill of the air balance the heat of the sun. The shoes came off, with the socks tucked inside. I took another survey but still couldn’t detect any other humans in the vicinity. The belt was unbuckled, pants unbuttoned, and underwear was swept off with the pants. I now stood naked and natural on the circle of moss in the middle of the woods.

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