College Visit with Not My Niece Pt2

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College Visit with Not My Niece Pt2The college visit with not my niece. Pt2I hope that you are reading this because you enjoyed part 1 of the story. Ellie and I met a few weeks ago and have shared a few fantasies. I decided to write them down and share them as stories. I do not have permission from her to share her identity, but trust me, she is real and damn.. she is hot!+++++++++We went back to the hotel by 9:00, washed and changed into jeans and shirts and then hit a club near the hotel I enjoyed the sights of all of those young women and not so young ones strutting their stuff looking for meaningful one night hookups. Ellie tossed off no less than three guys! I told you she was good. She was damn good.Finally I saw what I was looking for. A cougar and a cub. She was built solid. She had the defined arms of a woman that rarely missed a day at the gym. Her ass said she probably could squat over 200 pounds. The guy was a skinny k**, with long straight greasy brown hair that he kept flipping out of his face using his whole head. I sent them drinks and they came over and joined me. When Ellie saw I had company, she ditched her latest guy so close to cumming that he probably had a good bout of blue balls a little later!We talked, and then I invited them to join Ellie and me at the hotel. On the way back to the hotel we picked up some alcohol. 45 minutes later, Robyn, the tuzla escort cougar looked at me in surprise. “What the hell is in your pants?” Ellie and the young man who was three years her senior and Robyn’s boy toy were in a full on grope and make out session on the other bed.“She asked that I stay in chastity until she lets me go… but that won’t stop me from pleasing you, trust me. She did and I damn near killed the woman with orgasms as she played with the hard plastic bent tube that isolated my cock. It seemed to get her all the more wet licking my balls and ass once she realized that she could torment me and my need to get erect by doing so! The youngsters likewise were enjoying an incredible evening of repeated oral treats between shots of alcohol!It was nearly 1:00 a.m. when they stumbled out of the room. I took Ellie and held her in my arms. “I did not put that thing on your cock.” She said after we kissed. “I know. I just wanted to save my cum for you!” She took me by the hand and laid me on my back in the bed. She came around the right side of the bed and I gave the key to the padlock that kept the contraption on me to her. It took some work, but soon I was free. Then she leaned over the side of the bed and it began.I have had women that could throat my cock. I have had several that could suck the chrome off of a fork! But Ellie elevated a blowjob to the level of an tuzla escort bayan art form! She knew where and when to run the tip of her tongue around the ridge of my head, how to roll my sperm heavy balls in her hand just right. When she took my cock in her mouth, her tongue swirled around the head and shaft making my eyes cross! She would squeeze the base of my shaft hard and when the drop of cum built up in the slit, she would take one of those fingernails of hers and scoop it up… it would trail like an erotic spider web thread all of the way to her lips… then it would snap and a silvery rope would stick to her chin and throat… chest…..And those fingernails of hers! Whether it was her lightly digging them into the base of my scrotum and scratching my puckered sack, or tracing the veins of my cock as she licked my head, they were an element I had not enjoyed before! During it all, her brown eyes rarely released their lock on mine. I could see the lust burning as she wanted to bring my white gold to a full on boil that would explode in epic fashion. Whether it was taking the flat of her tongue and massaging the underside of my cock head with small circles, or taking the head, shaft and even the fat flair of my root between her greedy lips she measured my response and built the lust within me to an ever higher level, far exceeding anything I had ever before known. My nuts escort tuzla rose so tightly against me I was afraid they might come up to the holes where my tonsils used to be!Then with her tongue flicking in my slit, her lips sliding just over and back the rim of my soldier’s helmet and her hand vigorously pumping my shaft, I could hold back no more I thrashed on the bed, my fingers between her legs, felt her pussy clamp down hard and then hot thick lava pouring out of her and onto my hand, wrist and arm! Her face fell onto my stomach as she pumped my dick unmercifully! The puddles of cum that covered my belly were smeared on one side of her face as new thick whit e globes pumped and shot onto her other cheek and into her hair and onto her back and shoulders. She kept stroking as I kept pushing on her clit!After what seemed like eternity, she released me. I had softened, but I still looked like my cock was thicker than her wrist! She slid up my body and we laughed at the expressions we each wore. I don’t think I have ever been so sexually satisfied! I pulled her to me and she melted into me as we kissed. “We should get a shower.” I whispered.“We should.” She replied without moving. Soon her breathing told me she was done for the night. I smiled, because I was as well!+++++++++++++Ellie and I still have the college visit and the rest of our exploration….I hope you are enjoying this.I have and I believe she will too.Tell Ellie what you think of my little minx!Tell me if you like the series.Tell us both if you think we should fulfill our fantasies.Cast a vote if you like this story!!!

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