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Subject: college ball-18 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower, and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge. (This story is the property and copywrite of NPhillydogg@aol). ____________________________________________________________________________ COLLEGE-BALL-18 Written by Eugene Marvin @ Nphillydogg@aol ONE Adrenaline ran high with the members of Jeremiah University’s basketball team (the Jaguars), as game day and the College National Championships drew near. Coach Anthony (Tony) Brown gave his team vigorous workouts, making them do a 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, 100 jumping jacks, as well as made them run 10 laps around the track team’s practice track. He wanted this year to be the year that the Jaguars made history, proving that they are no longer colleges’ 2 team. Many of the Jaguars were still hung-over from all the celebrating, but Coach wasn’t taking any excuses. If a player vomited during training, he got right back in line and finished his set. “You have the rest of the year to recuperate! This here, THIS moment right here…, is the most important moment of your college ball lives!” informed Coach, preferring to the playoffs. “For many of you won’t be coming back next season, so this is your last chance to leave here with a championship under your belts! And for you rookies on the team…, this is the time to prove yourselves! To show the world who you are! Anything short, will only prove to the world that you don’t belong in the league with the professionals! And we all know, every single one of you here has what it takes to play in the pros! Now hit the showers!” As the Jaguars headed for the lockers, Tyrome Smith fought the desire to follow Coach Brown up to his office for an afternoon delight. It’d been several days since the 21 year old felt the Coach’s big dick pummeling his backside, but with Tyrome’s recent engagement, he made a silent vow to himself to stop fucking around with other men. If he was going to kill the rumors of his sexuality, he needed to start with himself. He saw nothing but bad things happening if he continued down the road he was on. In the locker room the guys all bitch and moaned about the hard workout Coach put them through. Their bodies ached more than usual after running around the track for the past hour and shooting hoops for the past two. As Tyrome made his way to his locker, he could hear the guys all bragging about what happened at the party… “I sure could go for some more poohtang…!” said 19 year old Robyn Fuller, kicking off his sneakers as he prepared to strip for his shower. “But this time I want the YOU had, Mikiah…, the girl I was fucking was too damn hefty! I could barely get all of my dick up in her!” “I saw you and Kev’ sharing the same girl…” said Mikiah, pulling his sweaty jersey off overhead as his chocolate muscles came into view. “Two guys sharing the same girl at the same time…, I’m beginning to wonder bout yall!” “So what…, you saying we queer cuz we fucked the same girl…?” asked Kevin, not seeing the logic. “I don’t know…, I’m just sayin’…” was all Mikiah hinted to as he ran his fingers through his wooly dreads. “What’re you sayin…?” asked Robyn. “Damn…, it wasn’t like we took turns in the same damn hole! He fucked her mouth while I fucked her pussy from behind! What’s so queer about that…?” “If you have to ask, then its no sense in me telling you!” answered Mikiah, leaving his teammates hanging. “Man…, you fulla shit!” said Fuller, flagging Mikiah off. “Whateva niggah…, but I’m not the one that’s suspect!” answered Mikiah, confidently. Tyrome had to bite his tongue as he buried his face in his locker, pretending to look for something. “IF I were gay…, –and I’m not saying that I am…” clarified Fuller, as he pulled off his damp jersey and wiped the sweat from his brow with it. “…I would go after Armand! Did you see that pretty ass of his banging the shit out of that girl up in the corner…? You go boi!” he said, throwing his sweaty shirt at the 18 year old as he stood blushing by his locker. “I didn’t see him put a rubber on…” added Kevin, having watched Armand also. “…you better hope that girl don’t get pregnant, hommie! Or else it’s bye-bye paychecks!” “There you two go again…, watching Armand’s ass when you had naked girls in the room with you! All I’m sayin…!” said Mikiah, kicking off his shoes. “What’s your obsession with calling guys gay…?” asked Jason Outlaw, taking a seat on the bench as he focused in on Mikiah for an answer. “What are you…, the local authority on what’s gay and what’s straight?” “I wouldn’t talk if I were you, Snowball…, straight guys don’t kiss girls in the mouth right after they just took their load!” intervened Carter, coming to his buddy’s aid. “ewww…, you kissed a girl after she took your load, Snowflake?” asked Fuller, having missed that part. “Talk about snowballin’…!” “Hell…, it’s MY load!” defended Jason, “It’s not like I kissed her after she sucked someone else’s dick!” “Might as well had!” said Mikiah, putting his gold jewelry in his locker. “What your cum taste like, Jay…?” asked Fuller, having fun with the white boy. “I don’t know…, she swallowed it before I kissed her!” answered Jason. “aww come now…” teased Fuller, getting a kick out of it. “…don’t tell me you never jerked off and tasted your own cum…?” “Well…yeah…, but I was a kid then…” answered Jason. “GAYGAYGAYGAYGAY!!” yelled Mikiah, laughing with the team at poor Jason’s expense. “I have to agree with Mik’ on that one Snowflake…, that sounds a lil’ gay to me!” agreed Fuller, with a huge shit eating grin on his face as he enjoyed watching the white boy squirm. “Fuck all yall!” sighed Jason, turning towards his locker. “Hey CJ…, what happened to you and Derek after the party ended…?” asked Fuller, changing the subject as Clarence and Derek tried to undress inconspicuously. “One minute yall was there, and the next yall was gone! Why ain’t yall join in the party with us?” “So yall could talk about us like yall doing with each other…? No thanks!” said CJ, staying out of the conversation. “You two better be careful…” advised Mikiah, taking down his shorts. “…people starting to say yall hanging together too much! And neither one of yall got girlfriends!” “So what’re you saying…?” asked Derek, giving into the bait. “I’m just sayin’…, with all that pussy being offered up, neither one of you bagged anything! At least Snow got his dick sucked! Neither one of you niggah’s even came close to that!” said Mikiah, openly. “Yeah, well…, you say too fucking much!” responded Derek, tired of hearing whose gay and who’s gayer. “So what…, you wanna take it to the street…? Wussup…?!” asked Mikiah defensively, as Carter stepped in to calm his buddy down. “Naw, fuck that! If this niggah wanna go toe to toe, I’m with that!” added Mikiah, as Carter led him (and some other players) into the shower room to clean off. Tyrome watched as Clarence whispered something to Derek, calming him down and making him dismiss Mikiah’s outburst as the two men refocused on undressing. Tyrome felt compelled to reach out to the couple, knowing he had information that might make them view Mikiah’s outbursts in a totally different light. He walked over to CJ and Derek as they huddled around their lockers in mid-dress, feeling detached from the rest of the team. “Hey…” was all he said as Clarence and Derek both turned to face him. All three of the men were shirtless as a brief staring match broke out. Derek instantly noticed the chemistry that was still there as Tyrome and Clarence stared briefly at one another without saying a word. “Hey, Rome…!” he said, breaking the silence and interrupting the static electricity charging between the two men. “CJ and I wanted to apologize for not coming to you earlier to congratulate you on your engagement…! But we, uh…, we wanted to wait until we had a minute alone to say it to you in private…!” added Derek, speaking for himself AND Clarence. “That’s kewl. I understand.” answered Tyrome, sincerely. “I’m sure you and Kat will be happy together…!” said Derek, stretching the truth. “That’s the plan!” said Ty nonchalantly, as Clarence just stood there. “I didn’t realize you and Kat were that close…!” added Derek, not knowing what else to say. “We were kinda shocked by the announcement!” “Yeah…, was kinda spur of the moment…!” agreed Tyrome. “So…, you’re actually gonna go through with it…?” asked CJ, finally finding his voice. “Of course…! She’s my fianc�…!” answered Tyrome, plainly. “Oh…, okay…!” said Derek, satisfied with that answer as he started to get back to undressing. “Bullshit!” said Clarence, out of nowhere. “What…?” “Why’re you really marrying Katandah…?” asked CJ. “I ain’t never heard you mention her name before today…, and now all of a sudden you’re marrying her…?! What a cop out!” “C…!” called Derek, surprised by the undeniable passion in Clarence’s voice. “Cop out…?” asked Tyrome sounding offended, as Jason and Armand slowly walked by on their way into the showers with their other teammates. “So a few people think you’re gay…! So you’re not quite as popular as you used to be…! But instead of riding the controversy through like a man…, you up and marry the first piece of fish that came to mind! That’s the punks’ way out!” argued Clarence. “What do you want me to do…? Confess my sexuality to the world…??! I ain’t like you, CJ…, I can’t be happy with that secret hanging over me like a fuckin’ cloud!” responded Tyrome. “Have you tried…?!” asked Clarence. “You know I did…!” yelled Tyrome, holding back his emotions. But Derek could clearly see Tyrome’s exposed feelings all over his sleeve for the room to see. He squirmed uncomfortably, bothered by the energy between the former lovers. “You should’ve tried harder!” responded Clarence, his own emotions starting to get caught up. “It ain’t easy for me either…!” “But you’re not more OUT than I am…!” argued Tyrome. “Nobody on the team even knows about you! I get more heat for being gay than you do!” “That’s cuz I wasn’t stupid enough to make dumbass bets to suck dick if we lost a game!” countered CJ, angrily. “I may not be announcing my sexuality to everybody, but at least I’m true to who I am!” added, Clarence, grabbing Derek bursa escort around the waist as an afterthought. “And I got somebody who’s willing to work with me…, not try to hide and sweep me up under the carpet like I don’t exist!” “Good…, I’m glad for both of you…” said Tyrome, noting Clarence’s open display to declare Derek as his lover. “I almost forgot…” he added, pulling his cell phone from his pocket. “…I just wanted to tell you two not to take anything that Mikiah says seriously…!” “We already know that!” said Clarence, holding Derek tighter. Tyrome noticed the extra clenching around DW’s waist, as if Clarence was trying to throw their relationship up in his face and show him what he’s been missing. “Yeah, well…, did you know that he and Carter are both fuck buddies…?” asked Tyrome, straight out. “Fuck buddies…?” asked Clarence, doubtfully. “No way!” said Derek. “I have the proof right here…!” said Tyrome, searching through his phone for his video recordings. CJ and Derek both waited patiently as he toyed with the buttons on his phone, then played back the video of Mikiah and Carter in the shower room together. Both CJ and Derek watched skeptically as the muffled moans of two men came across the cell phone’s tiny speakers. The picture was vague as the steam from the shower caused a definite haze that made the two men unrecognizable. “That could be anybody…!” said Clarence, doubting Tyrome’s sincerity. “Keep watching!” was all Tyrome said, handing them the phone as he stood back and watched their facial expressions change from skeptical, to positive. “I’ll…be…damned…!” responded Clarence, his jaw dropping as he watched Mikiah Washington taking dick up the ass in the Jaguar’s own shower. “When did you get this…?” “After the last game!” answered Tyrome. “I don’t believe it…” said Derek, gasping as he listened to Mikiah begging for Carter to give it to him hard. His eyes actually popped when he heard Mikiah mention he was cumming. “Yo…, you HAVE to send me a copy of this to my cell phone!” demanded CJ, as Tyrome took back his cell phone… TWO COACH’S OFFICE 45 year old Coach Brown stood in his office with the door locked and his gray sweatpants (which often showed the complete imprint of his swinging dick) wrapped down around his ankles, as he held his long term live-in lover of many years (Russell Collins) down over his cluttered desk as he slammed his gigantic 10″ rock solid hard dick in and out of his ass with rapid strokes. Collins (well versed in receiving Coach’s nightstick on a regular basis) merely lay across the junky desk with his face pressed down in papers and play-books as his lover banged his hairy (graying) pelvis into his bare backside over and over. Collins (a middle aged man himself) was the confirmed “bottom” in their relationship, though he was known to top along with Brown on occasions in 3ways. He took Coach’s prize dick with ease, having taken it hundreds of times over a 15 year span. Collin’s had what was more commonly known around the gay circuit as a “big asshole”, meaning his hole was enlarged from years of big dick abuse. Coach Brown was a main contributor in Collins’ condition, having used the man’s asshole as a springboard for so many years. He banged Collins’ ass as often as he could. And with Coach working so closely with so many young straight hot college jocks, he was almost always horny and revving to go as soon as he got home at night. Collins had come in to man the Jaguars’ glory hole and watch the young men practice and train. He got a big thrill out of watching their hot young masculine bodies work up a sweat while doing all of the coach’s calisthenics, knowing later he would be sucking some of their hard dicks at the hole. Collins got a real thrill out of meeting the team, knowing all of them by name while none of them (save maybe Clarence Johnson) knew he was the cock sucker hiding behind the wall copping all their loads. He could barely keep his eyes from their crotches when he spoke to them, recalling how big and hard their dicks were when they were pumping fresh cum in his mouth. Collins salivated all over Coach’s papers at the thought of draining those young balls tonight. His own dick was rock hard, banging into the underside of Coach’s desk as the big stocky muscular man fucked him like a dog from behind. Coach Brown loved fucking Russell Collins. In many ways he was the perfect mate. He worked, cooked, cleaned, took out trash, sucked a mean dick, and never complained about cramps or periods. In the 15 years that they dated, they rarely argued and never had a single discussion about “love”, though it was plainly obvious that they did love each other. Coach Brown had a healthy sexual appetite, and Russell Collins was always right there to match him stroke for stroke. How many times had they gone into work the next day with sore dicks and assholes? Unable to sit, walk, or stand for any length of time? Coach Brown used his huge ball player hands to pry Russell Collins’ ass cheeks apart as he looked down and watched his oversized dick sliding effortlessly through his relaxed anal ring. His thick bloated dick moved in and out smoothly as the soft ring pressed in and out with it, the worn anus clinging loosely around his shaft. Coach Brown pulled his entire dick from the hole, leaving the well used oval empty and pouting for more. Then he slammed his thick 10 inch rod all the way back up inside, banging his pelvis and hairy nut sac into his lover bone deep. Then he’d pull his ramrod free again, only to batter it back in up to his balls. Collins moaned and groaned in a steady low voice, his body used to the ravishings of Coach as he simply lay there getting nailed. Coach slammed his hips back and forth, punching his dick into the warm wet orifice again and again until he finally felt his balls tighten and his shaft expand. “Aww fuck…, here it cums…!” he warned, ramming his dick back and forth as the cum shot up from his knotted testicles and blasted into his boyfriend’s colon in hot white streaks. Collins’ own dick drooled pre-cum onto the floor beneath him when he felt Coach cumming in his man-pussy. He ignored his dripping dick, wanting to save his lust for later when he was eating all of those hot ball player’s dicks at the glory hole. He waited until he felt Coach’s dick stop pulsing in his bowels, the heavy stream of semen dwindling to a few oozes as the fat ramrod slowly deflated and shrank before falling from his hole. Coach reached for a towel to clean off his manhood as Collins merely tightened his manhole and pulled up his pants. “You’d better hurry up if you wanna get into the store room before the player’s finish with their showers…!” advised Brown, as Collins quickly made his way downstairs. THREE The players started to come out of the shower with towels either draped around their waists to modestly cover their bulging privates, or around their necks as they allowed their dingolings to swing proud and freely. Clarence was a swinger, allowing his long soft snake to bounce back and forth from leg to leg. As players went to their lockers and began the ritual of donning deodorants, colognes, lotions, and dressing in their boxers, jeans, shorts, and shirts, Clarence couldn’t help but notice how chummy Mikiah and Carter was together, –acting more like a couple in public than they realized. Ever since Tyrome showed him the video of Mikiah and Carter fucking, he noticed how close the two men were. It surprised him that he never noticed it before. But once he started to add things together, it was obvious that they were fuck buddies. They roomed together, –they often practiced together, –they partied together, –they even went on dates (sometimes) together, –they hung together during spring breaks, –they were always sitting in close proximity with one another rather in the frat house, the travel bus, or just hanging in a bar, –they even always showered side by side together after practice! Clarence wondered if they showered together at the frat house too? CJ kept an eye on the two males as they laughed and joked with the other guys from the team, both totally unaware that their covers had been blown. When Carter reached in his locker to rub his deodorant into his underarms, Mikaih instinctively held out his hand to share the same deodorant (a strange move for a man who’s always on the lookout for gay signs). Clarence wondered if anyone else noticed how close the two men were? “So…, what’s on the agenda for tonight…?” asked Mikiah generally, handing Carter back his deodorant. “Somebody’s got to be throwing a party somewhere!” “Hey…, you think the cock sucker’s at the glory hole tonight…?” asked Fuller, pulling a fresh t-shirt on overhead. “Only one way to find out…” said his best friend (Kevin Green). “You fags kill me with that glory hole shit…!” sighed Mikiah, throwing on a pair of pants. “Hey…, I’m still a growing boi…, my balls’r constantly producing more and more sperm! I NEED to let that shit out before I get backup!” joked Fuller. “That’s what hoes are for!” said Mikiah, shaking his head, disapprovingly. “Girls git it too!” countered Kevin, “But a mouth is a mouth…!” “Except when its attached to a man with a mustache!” argued Mikiah, “I say don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!” said Clarence, adding his two cents. “I’m good homs…” declined Mikiah, finishing up his dress. “…ain’t shit a man can do me but point me to some pussy! Right C’…?!” he added, holding his hand out to slap with his partner Carter Sanborne. “That’s right, hommie! Pussy rules, hands down!” he Carter, slapping hands with Mikiah as the two men laughed in total agreement. Clarence and Derek looked at each other in sideways glances, both knowing their statements were full of shit. “Well…, I’m headin’ to the Wall to see what’s up…, who’s coming…?” asked Fuller, also finished dressing. “I’ll go…” said Green, always one step behind his boi. “Jay…?” “Yeah…, I’ll go…” said Jason, tying his shoe. “What about yall…?” he asked, looking towards CJ and Derek. “Oh…, I don’t think…” started Derek, having kept his relationship with Clarence true since they started fucking around. “Yeah…, we’ll go!” said CJ, cutting Derek off. “Ain’t this some shit…” chuckled Mikiah, aloud. “…these two niggahs’ll let some dirty ass faggot homo suck their dicks behind a fuckin’ hole in the wall, but they wouldn’t fuck any of the girls at the party last night! What kinda low down faggot shit is that…?” surmised Mikiah. “Yo, Ty…, looks like you ain’t the only official faggot on the team!” he added, laughing as he and Carter left the locker room. bursa escort bayan “Damn, CJ…” said Fuller, taking in what Mikiah said. “…Mik’ had a point…! What’s up with that?” “I don’t have to justify myself to nobody!” argued CJ. “Getting head from behind the Wall don’t obligate me to no one! Ain’t no girls blowin’ up my cell phone complaining I ain’t called her after I dumped my nutt in her mouth! And besides…, WHO said the dick sucker was a man…? As far as I know, ain’t nobody ever seen who was behind the Wall!” “That’s true…!” agreed most of the guys on the team, all of them having experienced some fatal attraction after fucking one girl or another. One by one they all left the locker room, heading over to the equipments room to see if the cock sucker was home? “You coming, Ty…?” asked CJ, as he and Derek prepared to leave as well. “Naw…, I think I’ll pass…” said Tyrome, sitting on the bench in front of his locker, playing with his cell phone. “You’ve never gone to the Hole, have you…?” asked CJ, already knowing the answer (back in chap-9). “You don’t know what you’re missing, man…, dick sucker can swallow your whole nine!” “I’m good…” chuckled Tyrome. “…I’m not interested in getting my dick sucked…” he added, making Clarence wonder WHAT was in interested in? “Let’s go, CJ…!” called Derek, pulling Clarence out of his trance. Not too far away from the locker room, was the equipment room, where all of the teams basketballs, mats, and workout equipment was stored. “Yo man…, I think we’re in luck…!” yelled 19 year old Robyn Fuller, standing near the back wall as he unzipped his pants and pressed his dick through the hole. Russell Collins sat crouched on the other side of the wall, his eyes lit up as the first dick of the evening slid through the hole. He wasted no time taking it into his mouth, stretching his lips around the fat 8 incher as he immediately took it all the way down into his throat on the first sweep. “awww maaaannnn, this fucker’s good…!” moaned Fuller, pressing his body against the wall as Collins quickly went to work on him. “You really think that’s a girl behind that Wall…?” asked Kevin, watching his buddy get sucked. “I doubt it!” said CJ, walking up beside him. “But you told Mikiah…” “I just get tired of hearing him accusing everybody…!” said Clarence, getting agreements from his fellow mates. “Who gives a fuck who’s behind the Wall…, so long as you keep getting good head!” “Damn straight!” agreed Fuller, loving the mouth that was working its way up and down his full length. “Whoever this bitch is…, he/she deserves a fuckin’ metal in front of the entire student body during graduation day!” Collins smiled around the mouthful of college dick in his mouth, hearing the praise from the other side of the Wall. He knew the boy he was sucking was 19 year old Robyn Fuller, one of the core team’s replacement players. He (and his roommate Kevin Green) were regulars at the Hole, getting their dicks sucked every time Collins found time to open shop. “Damn this mouth feels good as shit…” moaned Fuller, feeling his dick already starting to throb as Collins attacked the student’s length with his lips and talented tongue. “Shit man…, I’m gonna blow…!” he announced, shooting his load in the older man’s mouth without further ado. Collins took the load on his tongue, wanting to get a good taste of it before swallowing it down into his stomach. With his asshole recently fucked thoroughly by Coach, he now had cum at both ends. “Next..!” yelled Fuller, pulling his satisfied tool from the hole. Kevin took his place as he modestly pulled his erection from his shorts, then slid it into the dark circular hole hiding the cock sucker on the other side. Immediately a warm wet mouth circled his dick, enveloping him completely as Collins swallowed his prod all the way down to the wall. Kevin couldn’t help groaning as the hot mouth went to work, licking, sucking, bobbing, and corkscrewing its way up and down his shaft. He wasn’t at the Hole 5 minutes before he was white washing Collin’s throat with his load. “Damn that was quick, man…, you must’ve really needed that!” said Fuller, as Kevin pulled away from the hole feeling a tad bet embarrassed. “You just don’t know, hommie…” Jason Outlaw was next. The white power forward pushed his 8 inch dick through the hole, only to be greeted by the same mouth that sucked off his two buddies. Jason held his body close to the hole, his forehead pressed to the wall as the mouth glided up and down his ivory pole, feeling like silk satin to the touch. Collins hadn’t had much experience blowing white men, and had considered passing Jason’s dick by the first time he saw it hanging in front of him. But having seen the handsome white boy play ball with some of the best players college ball had to offer, and tasting the white boy’s creamy load after that first shot across his tongue, Collins was glad he hadn’t passed up the opportunity to eat the boy’s pale dick. Jason’s eyes fluttered as his dick was being so exquisitely sucked. From the corner of his eye he saw 18 year old Armand Robinson slowly stroking his uncut island dick. He watched Jason intently as he held his big curved dick at the base with one hand, while slowly stroking up and down the rock hard shaft with the other hand. Jason’s eyes focused in on Armand’s foreskin, not having seen many dicks like it. He watched as the extra skin moved back and forth over the head, playing peek-a-boo as the head disappeared and reappeared with every stroke. When Jason’s eyes slowly wandered up Armand’s body to his innocent looking face, he could see the sexy Trinidad/Jamaican staring back at him with smoldering eyes. “Ahhh fuck…!” yelled Jason, cumming instantly as he shot his load directly into the cock sucker’s mouth. Collins felt the dick suddenly pulse before the cum started spurting forth, painting his tongue, teeth, and gums in sweet Caucasian cream. Jason continued to stare at Armand even after he removed his spit shined white cock from the hole and the sexy Jamaican slowly walked up beside him to take his place. Neither boy said a word, but the sexual tension between them was thick enough to cut with a knife. Armand broke eye contact when he aimed his hooded dick up to the hole, and sank it inside. Collins watched with delight as this new hooded morsel showed itself for the first time. Collins peeled back the skin, exposing the sensitive round head, then sucked the fat plum like fruit into his mouth. Armand gasped as the warm mouth attacked his island dick with precise grace. Collins (a long time connoisseur of cock) tasted the dick as one would fine wine. He swished the head around in his mouth for a moment, trying to decide if he approved, then swallowed it down into his throat to get the full flavor. Armand pressed his head against the Wall as he fought to keep from cumming prematurely. Being uncut, his dick head was ultra sensitive to every lick, every suck, as the mouth drove him wild with passion and desire. Armand began to pump his hips into the Wall, causing his pants to fall down off the curve of his ass. Everyone’s eyes zeroed in on the sexy Jamadad’s high round buttock as he humped his dick into the cock sucker’s throat. Even CJ had to rub the bulge in his pants as he visualized his dick sliding between the shy player’s buns. Collins allowed the island boy to fuck his mouth as he slid his lips up and down the curved spit slick shaft. He could feel the boy pumping faster, building momentum as his pending climax quickly approached. Everyone watched with baited breath as his cute bubbled ass humped back and forth, the slurping sounds of the hungry cock sucker emitting through the silence. Armand swayed his hips to the rhythm of a soundless beat as he fucked his dick through the wet mouth on the other side of the hole. With his eyes shut tight, he couldn’t see the hungry eyes of his teammates staring holes into his sexy buttock. He bit his lower lip as his dick suddenly swelled, then started pumping fresh thick Jamadad sperm into the the waiting mouth and throat caressing his dick so majestically. Collins sucked and slurped up his prize, swallowing everything Armand had to offer before the kid finally pulled his still hard dick back through the hole. The older man found himself looking through the hole, longing to have the hooded meat back in his mouth for seconds as. Armand quietly backed away and pulled his pants up shyly. “Good job!” said Jason, still standing beside Armand as he gently patted approval on his teammate’s back, causing Armand to blush. “Go ahead man…, get your shit off…” suggested CJ, egging Derek to go next. Derek went reluctantly, not wanting to cause a scene in front of everyone. He thought he and CJ had an understanding of monogamy as boyfriends…? Why was he so adamant about them getting head at the Hole? Derek fished out his dick (which had been soft the whole time), and placed it through the dark hole. Collins took the limp meat in his mouth, tickling the head and underside until the dick started to plumpin’. Derek waited patiently for the sucking to start, but his mind truly wasn’t in it. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was losing Clarence. But that was silly, especially since there was no clear sign that Tyrome was still interested. “Is this where the line forms for the Hole…?” joked Tyrome, suddenly showing up out of nowhere. Derek turned his head to see his teammates welcoming Ty to the `suckfest’, with CJ looking the happiest of them all. He yanked his dick from the Hole, tucking it back into his pants while Collins was still in mid stroke, his oval lips sucking on thin air. “Dang De’…, finished already…??” asked Clarence, noticing Derek returning. “Yeah, I’m done.” was all the 20 year old said as he rejoined his boyfriend’s side. “You next…?” asked Tyrome, making way for CJ. “Naw, playa…, YOU the newbie…! YOU go next…!” offered Clarence, stepping aside for Tyrome. Ty watched as his teammates egged him on. It was ironic that after months of chastising him for blowing Darius Jones in a game side bet, those same teammates were now cheering him on to face fuck a male dick sucker that had already blown all of them. Ty laughed to himself as he walked over to the Hole and unzipped his pants. As an afterthought he allowed them to slip down his off his ass, giving CJ something to look at. The randy 18 years old licked his lips subconsciously as his eyes focused in on Ty’s round brown ass. Collins had been watching through the hole, and saw the handsome star captain walking up to him with his semi-hard dick hanging out of his pants. Collins thanked escort bursa his lucky stars for being at the right place at the right time as 21 year old Tyrome Smith’s brown skin dick slowly slid through the hole. Tyrome waited for just a moment as Collins took a minutes to just stare at the beauty. The long brown shaft was fully hard, the fat round head showing a prominent slit up the center where the cum flows from. Collins touched it with his hand, sliding his fingers up and down the glorious looking shaft before leaning forward to kiss the tip. He wanted to savor this moment as he curiously licking the head with his tongue. All of the players tasted and smelt clean after their afternoon showers, but Tyrome’s dick had an extra added thrill to it being the only new dick here Collins’ hadn’t tasted. He fattened his tongue along the underbelly as he took the dick into his mouth. Tyrome moaned aloud (intentionally) as the mouth enveloped his hard dick in warm wetness. Collins took the star athlete’s manhood into his mouth delicately as if he were handing fine jewelry. He swallowed the dick whole, inching his lips down around the column before tightening his lips about the thick base. His mouth melded to the shape of Tyrome long 9″ dick, wrapping around it like a mold as he slowly started to suck back and forth. Tyrome had had some good head in his time (with CJ and Coach being at the top of the list), but the mouth currently sliding up and down his erection felt as if it belonged to some exotic sea creature. The mouth felt like something out of this world as it danced up and down on his dick like a jellyfish, the spit dripping tongue slithering around underneath the underbelly like a painter’s brush. CJ was certainly right when he gave good recommendations for this mouth. Tyrome suddenly wished he could see who was on the other side as he began to pump his hips back and forth, fucking the mouth on the other side of the hole. CJ smiled to himself as he watched Tyrome ass humping in and out, the smooth soft ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as he got his dick sucked. Seeing Tyrome’s bare ass bought back a lot of memories as he suddenly realized how much he missed fucking it. His own dick grew hard as a crowbar in his pants, snaking down his leg as he tried to conceal it from his lover. But Derek was already aware of CJ’s hardon as the long imprint lay prominent and clear along his inner thigh. Tyrome looked back over his shoulder to see CJ watching him. This only spurred him to put on a show as he humped at the hole harder, causing his ass cheeks to practically start dancing. No one said anything as they all watched Ty get his groove on. They all watched silently as the captain of the team fucked the cock sucker’s mouth with gusto. Tyrome saw CJ reach down and begin stroking himself through his pants, his eyes glued to Ty’s dancing ass as it moved back and forth and rotated in circles erotically. “Oh…!” moaned the ball player, adding vocals to the effects. Collins worked his mouth eagerly up and down the hard dick, keeping up with the fast moving erectile to give the shaft and cumtube continuous strokes. He loved the way Tyrome’s dick tasted, and the way it felt in his mouth. He had seen the boy play ball for years, quietly lusting for the handsome star in the bleachers (along with half the school) while he dazzled the fans on the court with his skills. Never did Collins think he would have the opportunity to suck the boy off. Indeed he never thought he would get to suck ANY of them, yet his belly had the evidence inside as four fresh loads now sat in his stomach. He bobbed his head up and down on the shaft, his lips never leaving the perfectly shaped tool for a second, for fear that it might disappear on him. He lavished the hardon with love and affection, giving it special attention to insure Tyrome return one day. Tyrome could feel his orgasm starting to build after about 8 minutes of intense sucking. The mouth swirled and slurped along his manhood like a wet tornado as if swooping in to gobble him up. All he could do was just stand there, staring back at CJ as memories of their hot sex filled his head like a dream. I could still see Clarence standing over top of him. He could still feel their lips pressed together, still feel his big dick pummeling his bowels. The thought of Clarence inside him, shooting his load into his ass had Tyrome’s balls ready to spill their precious cargo. “Oh shit…! Oh damn…! Fuck! I’m cumming…! I’m…UHHHHHH…!!” yelled Tyrome, clenching his cheeks together as he rocketed his load down Collins’ throat. Collins felt the cum shooting directly down his esophagus as the dick head lodged in throat. It pulsed no less than 10 times as the hot cum poured down into his stomach like sweet syrup. It was all Clarence could do to keep from running over and shoving his dick or hot tongue up Ty’s ass as he watched him cum and feed the cock sucker behind the Wall. His own dick was brick hard, in desperate need of attentions as he slowly walked up beside Tyrome. “Damn man…, that was one good ass mouth…!” sighed Ty, pulling his semi-hard dick out of the hole (and Collins’ mouth) slowly. “Told you, man…, when’r you gonna listen to me…?” smiled CJ, still openly rubbing himself. “Looks like I need to more often…” said Tyrome suggestively, as he backed away. Clarence watched Ty slowly move backwards as he continued to allow his softening dick to remain outside of his pants. Clarence noticed Derek in the background, looking more annoyed than horny. Clarence quickly unzipped his pants, pulling the front down under his ball sac as he freed his extra long 12″ dick and shoved it through the Hole without much fanfare. `Wow…, Tyrome AND CJ…?” moaned Collins to himself, as he took Clarence’s rock hard foot long into his mouth and began sucking it. “Oh, fuck yeah…” moaned CJ, feeling the hot mouth envelop him. Clarence’s dick was the longest out of all the Jaguars. Standing at an impressive 11 inches, it looked more like a long black snake than a man’s dick. Collins swallowed the long pole down into his throat, feeling the mass squeeze through his tight cum lined esophagus as it lodged down somewhere near his chest. Clarence groaned, facing the Wall as he slowly ground his hips into the hole. He knew the man hiding behind the Hole had to be no other than Coach Brown or his lover Russell Collins. CJ had had the pleasure of having both men service his schlong on different occasions. Collins pulled his head back, bobbing it back and forth as he began to suck at the great black pole. Clarence knew it wouldn’t take long for him to cum, having Tyrome’s gorgeous ass permanently implanted in his brain. He could see it moving back and forth rhythmically, as if purposely enticing him. His mind rewind to see Tyrome lying facedown on his bed, his legs spread and his ass slightly elevated invitingly. Tyrome could still see the ass clearly in his mind as his huge ball player hands pulled the taut cheeks apart to reveal the slightly haired crack and tiny kissable asshole. Tyrome could see himself smiling down at the ass before lowering his face between the cheeks. He could hear Tyrome moan as his tongue slid over and caressed his steaming fuckhole. “Shit…” moaned Clarence at the intensity of it all, as Collins sucked his dick back and forth while fisting the shaft with his well greased hand. He could already taste the pre-cum leaking steadily from the tip as he sucked feverishly about the head, milking the long dong and trying to get the thick cream buried inside. Collins’ own dick was throbbing painfully as between his legs, hanging just outside of his zipper. He was afraid to touch it, for fear it would shoot off immediately. It was already drooling a steady flow of pre-cum from the tip and down his shaft. Every time he took CJ’s dick into his throat, it would throb harder and ooze more pre-cum. Derek Wilson watched with envy as Clarence stood at the Hole getting serviced. He listened to the other players egg him on, telling him to “fuck that throat CJ”, “bury your meat down his throat.” He watched Tyrome Smith, as the engaged senior couldn’t keep his eyes off Clarence. He was still fastening his pants (taking his sweet time about it) while watching Clarence get blown, a strange smile on his face which made Derek all the more uncomfortable. Tyrome had no intention on coming to the glory hole, and he certainly had no intentions in actually getting blown there (not after all the bullshit he went through with the Darius situation). But thinking about Clarence getting blown in the next room was too much for Ty. He intended to just pop his head in, to see Clarence getting blown and sneak out, but once he was in the sexually charged room with all the other ball players, he felt compelled to join in. To show them (and Clarence) that he wasn’t afraid to be take risks. Ty noticed everyone’s eyes were on Clarence as he humped at the Hole and the mouth before him. Everyone was cheering him on, telling him to unload in the dick sucker’s mouth. Everyone except Derek, whom Tyrome found staring back at him questioningly. The two players’ eyes locked as if in war, both of them reading the other’s minds correctly as Tyrome’s silent smirk quietly announced himself as a threat. “Oooohhh fuck…, I’m getting close…” wanred CJ, as Collins fisted his dick harder while bobbing his head. He could feel CJ’s python dick swelling in size as it began to pulse and throb. Collins concentrated on the fat bulbous head as the cum started to shoot from the flaring tip, painting his entire mouth in salty warm liquid. “AAAAAAARRHHHHHHH fuck…!!!” yelled CJ, holding himself tightly against the wall as Collins drained him dry. He could feel the man milking him like a butter churner, sucking and swallowing his seed as if it were a cure all. “Shit..” sighed Clarence, backing away from the Hole, his softening dick limping down over his fly like a dying snake. “…now THAT’s a mother fucking blow job!” he said, tucking his dick back into his pants as the players started to slowly leave the equipments room. Russell Collins remained on his knees, looking through the Hole as the team all left, all of them satisfied by his hungry mouth. He reached down and started to stroke his dick, only getting a good 5 strokes off before he shot all over the wall before him. “Uhh…Uhh…Uhh…Ohh…Ohh…ahh…aww…aw…” he groaned as the cum pumped from his dick. Collins felt his orgasm slowly fade as he prepared to tuck his dick away. But just then he heard a knock on the Wall. When he looked up, he saw Coach’s thick 10″ dick slide through the well used Gloryhole. “Got time for one more, babe…?” he asked, presenting his dick for sucking. “Definitely…!” smiled Collins, taking his lover’s dick between his lips… ______________________________________________ Written by Eugene aol Hit me up on facebook for regular updates!

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