Cold Leather Revenge Pt. 02

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Chapter 5

Lydia stood tall & powerful above her boss, Donna Harris, who was on her knees kissing her newly acquired long leather boots. She could see Ms Harris squirming with contempt as she worshipped the boots that had so recently been wrapped around her own feet and legs.

‘I think you’ve had quite enough, for now bitch.’ Lydia snapped softly at Ms Harris who now rested back on her heels looking quite sorry for herself. Lydia could see Ms Harris had started welling up, the humiliation of being forced to relinquish & then worship her own boots was a powerful emotion.

‘So, are we done? We can keep this between ourselves then Lydia?’ Ms Harris almost croaked up at her tormentor.

‘Done?’ Lydia replied, ‘Done? We haven’t even begun yet you worthless little slut!’ and she struck her hand across Ms Harris face, stinging her cheek.

‘Ow’ Ms Harris shrieked as she felt the stinging pain creep across her face.

‘Listen to me, you’ve made my life a living hell for the past 4 years that I have worked here. From day one you strutted around as though you owned this place. I think it’s time you learnt some manners & luckily for you, I’m the one who’s going to teach you. Unless of course you want to take your chances and let your dirty little secret come out?’ Lydia scorned down at Ms Harris.

Ms Harris absorbed all of this, fully aware that it would finish her. She would lose everything, her job, her reputation & more importantly, her recently acquired wealth. Her ex-husband would have no problem in counter-suing her for every penny she had if the evidence surfaced.

‘No, no. I understand.’ She replied to Lydia.

‘Good. I see we have an understanding.’ She replied. ‘Now, I’m taking the rest of the day off. I have some preparations to make. You will meet me at your house, promptly at 6pm this evening. Is that understood?’

‘Yes Lydia.’ Ms Harris meekly replied.

Lydia grabbed Ms Harris ponytail and yanked her head upwards, facing her. ‘Listen slut. You will address me courteously and respectfully. You have lost the right to address me by me first name. Whilst we are in private, you will address me as Mistress or Ma’am. In the presence of anyone else, you will address me as Miss Jones. Is that clear?’

‘Yes Ma’am. Yes. I’m sorry.’ Ms Harris replied, knowing full well by the look of sheer anger in Lydia’s eyes that she meant every word.

Lydia shoved Ms Harris to the floor and walked over to the round table in the centre of the room and picked up the long leather coat and gloves that lay over one of the seats.

‘You won’t need these anymore. I think I will take them. Any objections?’ she sneered as Ms Harris.

‘But, but, what shall I wear? It is winter, it’s freezing outside and I won’t have a coat?’ she snivelled, looking up at Lydia.

‘Who cares. You’re a resourceful woman. Find yourself something from “lost & found”.’ She snapped as she turned and strutted out of her office.

Walking back to her desk, she felt sexy & confident. Her new boots accentuated her body, she felt amazing. Picking up her bag, she shut her computer down and walked off down the corridor.

Still on her knees in her office, Ms Harris was in a state of disbelief. She looked down at her ‘new’ shoes and started sobbing to herself. She spent the rest of the day locked away in her office wondering how she was going to get out of this. Glancing at the photo’s & the copies of her log book made her sob even harder. She was a broken woman.

Finally, four-thirty came & she picked herself up. Walking across her office, she felt her body shift uncomfortably as she tried to maintain her posture in the flat shoes. Her feet were accustomed to wearing heels of at least four inches and she found the arches in her feet throbbed. She finally made it to the lift and stepped inside.

Mr. Potter, the CEO, was standing inside. ‘Good Afternoon Ms Harris.’

‘Good afternoon Peter.’ She replied, looking down at the floor. It was Peter Potter whom Ms Harris had first caught in a compromising situation. It was him that gave her the first echelons of power. To have him see her in this dishevelled state was truly embarrassing.

Mr. Potter looked her up & down. There was something different about her he thought. She was dressed in her normal manner but for some reason, she was wearing a ridiculous pair of flat wrinkled old shoes that was a complete mismatch to the rest of her outfit. And she wasn’t carrying or wearing a coat? In the middle of November?

‘Is everything alright Ms Harris? He asked.

‘Yes, yes. Everything is fine.’ She replied just as the lift doors opened.

Ms Harris walked off, uncomfortably, towards the basement. Entering, she approached the maintenance guy. After explaining a made up story that her coat had been torn & that she needed an emergency replacement, she walked out carrying a hideous sand coloured overcoat that looked like something peeping tom’s wore.

Her humiliation was complete. She got into her car & drove out of the parking ardahan escort lot. Her mind was awash with the fate that awaited her. As she pulled into her driveway, she could see another car was parked there already with two occupants sat inside. Waiting.

Chapter 6

Ms Harris walked got out of her car and walked up to her front door. Immediately, the two people got out of their car.

‘Welcome home Donna. I believe you know my boyfriend?’ Lydia said.

Ms Harris looked across at Mike Lucas.

‘Good Evening Ms Harris.’ He motioned.

‘Hello Mr Lucas’ Ms Harris replied.

‘Well? Aren’t you going to invite us in Donna?’ Lydia sarcastically sneered as Ms Harris stood, white with shock and despair at how she had been caught out by her own flirtatious stupidity.

Entering the house Lydia strolled straight through to the living room, beckoning Ms Harris to follow.

‘Come here Donna.’ Lydia said to Ms Harris, motioning her to her knees at her feet. Instantly, Ms Harris dropped to her knees and shuffled along the carpet to Lydia’s feet. She looked up, noticing that along with the black leather boots that not so long ago adorned her feet, Lydia was also wearing her long black leather coat & gloves.

Lydia rested one gloved finger under Ms Harris chin and lifted her head to look up at her.

‘Now Donna. We have ourselves a little situation don’t we.’ Lydia started.

‘Yes Ma’am.’ Ms Harris subserviently replied.

‘You’ve been a naughty little slut haven’t you?’ Lydia asked, teasing her gloved fingers along Ms Harris neckline.

‘Yes Ma’am. I have.’ Ms Harris replied, trying to avert her eyes & look down at the floor.

‘And what happens to naughty little slut’s Donna?’ Lydia asked.

‘I don’t know Ma’am. They get punished?’ Ms Harris hesitantly replied.

‘That’s right. They get punished.’ Lydia replied, smiling down at her former boss. Seeing the look of fear and anguish in Ms Harris eyes was exciting for Lydia. She remembered all the times Ms Harris had belittled her in the office. All the times she had made her feel worthless, useless, and had caused her to worry about her job & financial security.

‘Now Donna. I want you to think about what you’ve done. All the times you made ME suffer. All the times you were mean to me. All the worry & stress you put me through. How did it make you feel, having that power over somebody? Hmm? Tell me.’ Lydia spoke, teasingly rolling the last words. Encouraging Ms Harris to incriminate herself more.

‘It, it felt, it felt good Ma’am.’ Ms Harris replied, now trembling. Her face beginning to beam a bright shade of red while she stared at the floor. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the toe of one of Lydia’s boots glistening in the light. Instantly she became insanely jealous. Jealous that she had lost her symbol of power. Jealous that her boots were now being displayed, teasingly inches away from her glowing face.

‘I can see you down there’ Lydia said ‘Even now, you can’t take your eyes off of these can you?’. Lydia twirled her foot teasingly, watching how Ms Harris followed her every move.

‘Tell me Donna, how did it feel giving these up?’ Lydia asked.

‘It was horrible Ma’am.’ She replied.

‘Horrible?’ exclaimed Lydia in a mocking tone. ‘Horrible to relinquish these very beautiful boots to someone you have abused & controlled for a very long time?’ she continued.

‘Yes Ma’am. Very horrible.’ Ms Harris said, almost to the point of sobbing.

‘Oh I’m sorry to hear that. If you miss them so much, why don’t you give them a little kiss. Go on. Show me how much you miss them.’ Lydia ordered. Mike sat watching with amazement as Ms Harris willingly submitted to his girlfriends commands.

Shuffling forward, Ms Harris slowly bent down so that her face was directly level with the toe of Lydia’s boot. Inhaling deeply, she could smell the soft leather combined with the natural odour of Lydia’s feet. As she leant forward to let her lips touch the soft black leather, she could feel herself getting moist. She let out a little sigh as her senses became overcome with passion. Sensing this, Lydia yanked Ms Harris up by her ponytail.

‘What the fuck do you think you are doing? Are you getting excited? I heard you, you dirty little slut!’ she shrieked at Ms Harris.

‘I’m sorry Ma’am. I’m sorry.’ Ms Harris replied, having been snapped back to reality so abruptly.

‘Stand up. Now!’ Lydia said.

Ms Harris stood, instantly her feet ached as she attempted to correct the imbalance of her arches by tip toeing. Noticing this, Lydia stood to meet her glaze.

‘Suffering are we slut?’ she asked.

‘Yes Ma’am. My feet ache.’ Ms Harris replied.

‘That’s because you are used to wearing your slutty heels all the time. Isn’t it? You look ridiculous wearing those old things!’ she barked at Ms Harris, motioning to her old shoes that Ms Harris reluctantly wore.

‘Yes Ma’am. I am.’ Was all that Ms Harris could reply, feeling her face burn red artvin escort again with embarrassment.

‘I tell you what slut. Why don’t we all go upstairs and we can find you something more appropriate.’ Lydia said. ‘Follow me.’ And with that she reached a gloved hand out to Mike, who reached up and wrapped his fingers into hers. Walking hand in hand across the room, Ms Harris watched. Insanely jealous.

Stood in the hallway, Lydia motioned Ms Harris to go in front. Climbing the stairs and reaching Ms Harris bedroom, Lydia stood in the doorway.

‘Darling, lay on the bed.’ Lydia said softly to Mike. ‘I think you will enjoy this.’

As Mike climbed onto the bed, Lydia grabbed Ms Harris by the pony tail and led her across the room.

‘Now slut. Strip.’ She commanded.

‘I’m sorry?’ Ms Harris asked.

‘I said strip you worthless shit.’ And with that, Lydia tore at the front of Ms Harris blouse, exposing her bra and chest.

Ms Harris quickly removed her ripped blouse and stood motionless.

‘Carry on, and be quicker about it.’ Lydia ordered.

Ms Harris tugged at the zipper of her skirt then shimmied it down to her ankles. Revealing her underwear to her secretary & her lawyer boyfriend was embarrassing. She could feel the continued humiliation welling inside her.

‘Well, well, well. Don’t we look like a dirty little slut!’ Lydia remarked. ‘Seamed stockings? Lacy little suspender belt, almost non-existent little thong? Seems like my pet word for you has some truth in it after all doesn’t it slut?’ Lydia said sarcastically, although inside she quietly admitted to herself that Ms Harris choice of underwear was sexy as hell.

‘Yes Ma’am.’ Was all Ms Harris could reply.

‘Now then slut, when we were downstairs you were getting yourself all worked up while you were kissing MY new boots weren’t you?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes Ma’am. I was.’ Ms Harris replied.

‘Hmmm. So if I checked now, would you still be excited?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes Ma’am.’ Ms Harris replied.

‘Well, why don’t you show Mike here how excited you are. Pull down your panties.’ Lydia ordered.

As Ms Harris pulled down her panties, she could feel her shame building up inside her again. She showed no hesitation in disobeying her orders, only the sense of becoming more and more turned on.

‘Darling, here — feel.’ Lydia said to Mike, motioning him over. As he sat at the end of the bed, Lydia grabbed Ms Harris by the pony tail and led her to the bed, forcing her to display herself.

‘My, my, you are horny aren’t you?’ Mike said as he teasingly brushed his fingers across her pussy.

‘That’s because she really is a filthy slut. Isn’t that right my little pet. You’re a filthy little slut who’s lost her boots.’ Lydia mocked.

‘Yes Ma’am. I am.’ Ms Harris replied, feeling a combined feeling of humiliation & excitedness.

‘How are those arches doing? Still aching slut?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes Ma’am. They are sore.’ Ms Harris replied.

‘Good. You deserve it! Find yourself some slutty heels then, relieve the pain. Show me where your shoe collection is.’ Lydia said.

‘Thank you ma’am.’ Ms Harris replied, scurrying over to the wardrobe. Opening the door to the huge walk in wardrobe, Ms Harris turned on the light. She bent down and picked up a pair of black five inch pumps.

‘Ma’am. May i?’ she asked.

‘You may. Then, I want to inspect your wardrobe. Understood?’ Lydia replied.

‘Yes Ma’am.’ Ms Harris replied, whilst slipping the heels on. Instantly, the pressure lifted from her feet as they adjusted to her natural curvature of the heel.

‘Where is all of your lingerie slut?’ asked Lydia.

‘Here ma’am.’ Ms Harris replied, leading Lydia over to a dresser containing six drawers. Opening the drawers up, Lydia found all sorts of seductive underwear. Basques, girdles, suspender belts, all in varying colours and types of material. Opening the bottom drawer, Lydia gasped when she found a range of restraints & gags.

‘Oh my goodness. Are these yours slut?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes Ma’am’ Ms Harris replied.

‘and you use them on your victims?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes ma’am.’ She replied, looking down at the floor.

‘I see.’ Lydia said, a wry smile creeping across her lips as she beamed at Mike who was sat at the end of the bed admiring the pleasure his girlfriend was having in exacting her revenge.

‘Now. Where are your shoes and boots?’ Lydia asked.

Ms Harris led Lydia & Mike over to the walk-in and stood inside, head bent down.

‘My word, you have a huge collection. You must be quite the spender on all this slut wear.’ Lydia said, shocked by the hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots that were all neatly arranged inside the walk in.

‘Yes Ma’am. I love my shoes & boots.’ Ms Harris replied hesitantly.

‘I can see. Well, why don’t you pick out your favourite pair of boots. I might even let you put them on if you’re a good girl.’ Lydia said.

‘Yes Ma’am. Thank you ma’am.’ Ms Harris ataköy escort replied, and with a spring in her step pulled out a pair of thigh high six inch black leather lace up boots before returning to her knees in front of Lydia.

‘Nice choice. Now, beg me to allow you to wear them slut.’ Lydia commanded.

‘Please Mistress, allow me the honour of wearing my boots. Please. I need to feel them on my feet, around my legs. I beg you.’ Ms Harris said, sounding almost despairingly desperate.

‘As you asked so nicely, I think I will allow you to wear some boots. Are these your favourite ones slut?’ Lydia asked.

‘Yes Miss. They are. I only wear them on special occasions. They were custom made for me.’ Ms Harris explained, now getting excited at the prospect of regaining some of her power & dignity.

‘I see. Well, first I want you to remove these boots from me. I’ve been wearing them most of the day now and they are very sweaty from my feet.’ Lydia spoke, softly and teasingly.

‘Yes Miss.’ Ms Harris answered and like a shot, started pulling down the zipper on Lydia’s left boot.

‘Pull it off of me slut, then I want you to sniff. Hold it up to your nose so that my aroma engulfs your senses.’ Lydia commanded as she watched Ms Harris obey.

The boot was pulled off and Ms Harris raised it to her nose, inhaling deeply. The sweaty leathery smell went straight to her head. She cold feel her pussy explode at the intake of leathery sweaty aroma.

‘Now the other one slut.’ Lydia barked.

Ms Harris repeated the process with the other boot, again feeling her pussy explode in a wave of wetness. The smell coupled with the prospect of wearing her favourite boots almost sent her into spasm.

‘Good girl. I can see you like that.’ Lydia remarked.

‘Yes Ma’am. I did Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am.’ Ms Harris replied, still feeling dizzy from the aphrodisiacal aroma.

‘Good. Now, I want you to remain where you are, with one of my boots over your nose. Keep on inhaling that sweet smell.’ Lydia commanded.

Ms Harris nodded in compliance as Lydia strode over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of lace top black stockings. She seductively rolled them up her leg, then pulled out a black leather basque from another drawer & clipped the suspender straps, affixing them to the stockings.

Next, Lydia pulled out a pair of tiny leather panties that matched the basque. Strolling back over to the bed, she put the gloves back on.

‘What do you think slut? Do you mind me trying on your underwear?’ Lydia sneered, looking down at Ms Harris who was still inhaling the booted aroma from Lydia’s discarded boots.

‘No Miss.’ Ms Harris replied, muffled from inside the boot.

‘Good. I think these will match this outfit perfectly, won’t they Mike?’ Lydia said, picking up Ms Harris thigh boots especially selected as being her favourite.

‘I completely agree darling. You look amazing.’ Mike replied, almost in a trance like state.

As Lydia started putting on one of the thigh boots, Ms Harris began softly moaning into the boot. She had now sunken even lower as it dawned on her that Lydia had set her up. Seeing her own secretary dress in her most seductive underwear & start to pull on her favourite boots whilst she was made to kneel and sniff the sweaty smell of the boots she had earlier lost was the complete humiliation that Ms Harris found so very sexy. She was numb with the feeling of fear, shock & loathing at the employee who had managed to completely turn the tables and use her like the slut she really was.

Lydia pulled the second boot on and stood to admire her new look. Strolling over to the dresser, she pulled out of the bottom drawer a set of wrist cuffs, a length of rope and a black leather face strap complete with red ball gag.

‘Now slut, what do you think. I think my new boots look good on me. Don’t you agree?’ Lydia said.

‘Your new boots Ma’am? But, but I thought these boots were yours’ Ms Harris answered, looking at the knee high’s she was forced to sniff.

‘Oh yes, they are too. In fact, I am going to “take over” your wardrobe for the foreseeable future. Unless you have an objection?’ Lydia sneered.

Chapter 7

Ms Harris was on her knees, tearfully watching as her secretary paraded herself in front of her boyfriend while dressed in her sexiest underwear & her sexiest pair of boots. The boots, which had been a formidable ally to her in her conquests of blackmail and power, were now abruptly taken from her.

‘So slut, what do you think? I’m so very grateful you’ve agreed to let me have these . They fit lit a glove, don’t you agree?’ Lydia said, sarcastically looking down upon her employer & completely enjoying the look of despondency in her eyes.

‘Yes Miss. They’re lovely.’ Ms Harris replied, desperately trying not to look at her former boots.

‘Come now, you can do better than that? I thought these were your favourite boots?’ Lydia said.

Ms Harris looked up, tearfully, seeing how her gorgeous boots were being worn so seductively by a woman who was on a power trip of immense sexual stimulation. It hurt her to see how sexy Lydia was, especially as she looked on to see Mike perched on the edge of the bed admiring his girlfriends newly found confidence.

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