Cold Feet, Hot Embrace Ch. 02

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Jacinta knew the wedding was off. Remarkably though, neither she nor her buffed cousin Sean felt any remorse about surrendering to their lust only minutes ago. With what felt like litres of Sean’s cum still running from her pussy and tracing lines down her thigh, Jacinta confronted her fiancee Bronx and broke the bad news. Bronx took it reasonably well, and the guests appreciated both Jacinta’s and Bronx’s honesty.

With a weight of guilt lifted of her shoulders, Jacinta arrived home to an empty house, slowly erasing memories of Bronx in her head, and replacing them with images of Sean. His scent, the feel of his skin and his lips on her neck, the gruff unflinching grip he took on her hair as he thrust his swollen cock into her yielding pussy in the backroom of the church. She knew she wanted more, but taking the next step meant admitting she would submit to him again.

Erring on the side of caution, she invited Sean and the rest of the family to her place for dinner. Setting out a nice 3-course meal and great wine, the night flew, and before anyone knew what had hit them, it was midnight. Slowly the relations began to leave in a flutter of activity, but Sean volunteered to help Jacinta clean up, rather than face a mountain of dishes in the morning.

Standing at the kitchen sink, Sean made awkward small talk with Jacinta. In a moment of clarity, Sean said, ‘What happened at the church a few weeks ago was no accident Jacinta. I’ve been hiding my desire for you for years. I knew it wasn’t right to want to possess my own cousin, but I have to admit, the thought of it drives me wild!’.

Jacinta was shocked, but searched for her own feelings. ‘I feel guilty for what we did, Sean. But you did fuck me like no other man ever has, and I know why. It’s because we’re cousins, because we want what people say is wrong. I want your cock again, beautiful cousin’. There was her admission. Fireworks shot off in Sean’s head, and dishes hit the floor as he picked her up with a quick sweep and sat her on the dining table.

Moving in without hesitation, Sean’s crisp cold lips hit Jacinta’s, and their familial passion ignited into pure lust once again. She slid her arms around his hard waist, and pulled him closer to her, letting her tongue casino şirketleri wrestle with his inside their mouths. They broke into a giggle as they clashed teeth, and pulled apart to rub them softly. Sean looked into her eyes. ‘How beautiful is this woman, my cousin, my victim’ – he thought.

While engulfed in urgent kisses, she motioned for Sean to remove his shirt, and she lifted it over his head and admired his chiselled physique. She paused in shock, for there inked on his chest was ‘Jacinta’, with an arrow through it. Tears of shock welled in her eyes, and Sean knew what she’d discovered. ‘I had it done when you lived with us years ago, you were like the sister I never had’, he said.

‘So does that mean you’re technically fucking your sister and your cousin at the same time?’ Jacinta asked playfully, stroking the tattoo. ‘I never thought of it like that, but yes, fuck me sis! fuck me cousin!’ he ordered, sliding her cardigan and top off.

Jacinta dragged him into her boudoir, which was lit very low with soft red light, her silk sheets turned down already in anticipation and hope.

‘Hoping for company tonight, were you?’ Sean asked. ‘Hoping for the cum of a cousin, yes’, Jacinta answered. Their gazes lingered comfortably now. ‘Fuck me into oblivion’ she said, pulling him to the bed.

Removing the last of their clothing, their bodies came together in the kind of fantasy seduction they’d both always imagined. Sean shifted back and looked her up and down. Her tanned skin was soft and supple, her pussy again freshly shaved. The lips of her pussy clung tightly together in the most perfectly crafted pussy he’d ever seen. Her hips were giving, her waist curvy, leading up to heaving breasts that sat high on her chest despite their size.

Jacinta slowly slid Sean’s foreskin back and forth, letting his precum soak his entire shaft, and having a taste. The normal salty taste of cum was sweetened with the knowledge it was filled with the DNA of her own family. His solid torso and broad chest, highlighted with the tattoo, drove her crazy. He smiled, knowing she was aching to begin playing.

He stayed shifted back, and gently pulled Jacinta’s head forward to his cock. She took the shaft in her right casino firmaları hand, barely able to wrap her hand around it, and licked around the blood-filled head. ‘Take it in your mouth’ Sean whispered, dying for her to finally engulf it with her mouth. Jacinta heeded his cue, and took half his cock in her mouth before letting her lips close around it in a storm of heat.

Sean’s knees grew weak as Jacinta’s tempo built, and his cock hardened with the feel of her breasts sliding across his thighs. She was on her hands and knees on the bed now, as Sean stood receiving her blowjob. Her ass looked amazing from above, and Sean started reaching over, giving it light slaps at first, then hard spanks. ‘Keep that cock in your mouth’, he ordered, ‘keep sucking it cousin. I’m gonna spray so fuckin’ hard’ he said, with control and command. Jacinta moaned wantonly, his cock hitting the back of her throat time and again.

‘Oh stay right there, I’m gonna fucking blow!’ he shouted, grabbing her hair roughly and holding her head still. She looked up into his red-misted eyes as he felt the cum rocket up his cock and into her boiling hot mouth. Her eyes diverted as she struggled to lap it all up and swallow it all without spilling a drop. Her pulled her hair back into a pony tail, and watched her cheeks suck in and out, forcing the cum down. His cock flipped out of her mouth as she fell onto her back, wiping the sides of her lips seductively.

‘Your cum tastes amazing, like I knew it would. Now taste my cum, bury your face in me. I want to taste myself on you’ she said, opening her legs and sliding a finger up her pussy lips.

Sean dropped onto the bed, composed himself, and put his arms around her thighs. As his head moved in front of her sweating, leaking pussy, he closed his eyes and took in the sweet smell of her sex. Finally he pushed his lips into her pussy, and his tongue met her clit with flick after flick, and he began gently nibbling at it. Her moans grew into screams as she urged him to keep going at all costs.

‘Right there..Right there..keep flicking it..keep fucking doing that!!!’ she screamed, as he put two fingers inside her, finger-fucking her and sucking at her clit.

‘Fuck fuck fuck jesus fuck!!’ she güvenilir casino yelled as her legs and abs tightened, her head felt dizzy, and juices oozed from her pussy in streams. Sean pushed his lips into the rivers of cum, and rose to kiss her passionately in a mix of pussy juice, sweat and lip gloss.

He pushed her shoulders down gently, and raised her legs. His rock hard cock had sprung back to life half-way through giving her oral, and it was poised to drive into her. He shifted her bum down in front of him, and raised her legs over his shoulders. Her pussy was there for the taking, the lips of her sex slightly parted now after surrendering some of their juices. He lined up his cock with her hole, and they stared into each others eyes fiercely as he slid into her, his eight inches disappearing into the tightest, hottest, wettest hole he’d ever imagined.

Her juices immediately made his cockhead tingle, and he had to pull out and compose himself numerous times before he began to fuck her with composure and concentration. She reached around and grabbed his ass, pulling him into her deeper. His motion was deeper now, pulling his cock out less and rotating his hips to stimulate her pussy.

Streams of sweat ran down her chest and between her tits, and Sean lent down and flicked both nipples with his tongue, his cock never leaving her pussy the entire time. She grabbed her nipples and tugged on them as Sean put his entire weight into her, smashing the bed head against her wall, and sending ornaments flying from her bed side tables.

He reached under her head and grabbed the back of her neck, forcing her to watch her pussy being devoured by his cock, and driven to heights of incredible abandon. ‘We’ve gotta cum together baby..we’ve gotta cum together’ was all Jacinta could mumble, and Sean nodded in assent.

They looked into each others eyes, building to their climaxes together. Jacinta’s tits jumped like crazy as her body was slammed into the bed by Sean, sweat running from him like a torrent of energy. ‘Cum..cum..cum..cum..spray your cum on me..flood my cock with your juice!’ Sean was yelling as both of their faces twisted in ecstasy, he pumped load after load deep inside her, and he pussy drenched his cock in juice, and rivers of juice and cum ran down her ass crack, her entire sex region covered in fluid.

Sean fell into her helplessly, and their steaming bodies pressed together in hopeless embrace. This would be a sex life like no other, and possibly something more.

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