Coffee and Lovers

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Marie raised her eyebrow at the smells of banana and maple syrup rising from her coffee cup. Kat chuckled, and took a sip from her own cup.

“Bananas Foster flavored coffee,” Kat said, and shrugged, “Scott sent it over, seems like a good choice for a breakfast coffee.” Marie eyed the coffee, and took a small sip.

“Oh fuck, ow!” Marie said, her hand covering her mouth. “Why didn’t you tell me it was so hot?” Marie demanded. Kat’s brown eyes sparkled with amusement.

“Marie,” Kat began, “coffee is made from hot water and coffee beans, why didn’t you expect it to be hot?” Marie looked up at Kat, pouted, and looked back down at the sofa and started plucking stray dog hairs from the black sofa she sat on. “It just surprised me, and it hurt, and I’m sorry.” Marie took another cautious sip of the coffee, and immediately felt the blissful heat spread through her sluggish limbs and a small smile crossed her lips. Kat grinned, and flopped down on the couch next to Marie.

“See? It’s pretty damn good, isn’t it?” Kat asked, pointing at the cup Marie held. Marie shifted stacks of fantasy novels and feminist treatises around on the coffee table so she could set her cup down, and then folded her legs under herself and leaned back into the folds of the couch.

“Yeah, it’s pretty damn good. Wish Scott would give me awesome gifts like that, though.” Marie said, idly watching the nonsense that spilled forth from the massive TV against the back wall, the TV’s light casting bizarre shadows into the dim light of the morning. Kat muted the TV, and sipped at her coffee.

“Come off it girl, you know that you can have this anytime you want it.” Kat said, confusion crossing her face as Marie giggled. Seeing the expression on Kat’s face, Marie began to laugh even harder causing her strawberry blonde hair to fall into loose waves around her face.

“Really, Kat? ‘You can have this anytime you want it’ sounds pretty damn slutty to me.” Marie said, still wracked by laughter at her friend’s confusion. Kat chuckled a little, and pulled her Cardinals baseball hat further down on her head, trying to hide the blush that was creeping up her neck. Talk of sex reminded Kat how long it had been since she had been touched by anyone, which reminded her of her soon-to-be ex-husband, which reminded her of the divorce trial she still had to go through. Kat sighed, and lifted up the most recent letter from her ex-husband’s lawyer, and decided that she didn’t want to deal with him right now. She tossed the letter down in disgust.

Marie couldn’t help but notice Kat’s displeasure. “Sorry, sore subject, I know.” Marie folded her arms under her breasts, and put on her ‘serious business’ look. “Anything you want to tell me, or need to tell me, or if you want to cry-” Kat turned to Marie and gave her a sharp glare, Marie held up one of her hands “-I know, you don’t cry, but if you wanted to, anything, Kat, I’m here for you. I swear.” Marie said, her green eyes holding Kat’s attention, Marie’s eyes gleamed with affection, empathy, and pain for Kat. Looking away before she began to tear up, Kat sighed.

“Nothing to be sorry for, hun, everything else aside he was a fantastic fuck. When he wasn’t drunk,” Kat laughed, “which was more often than not, and he sure as hell didn’t ever listen to me or even try to talk to me. By the end, it was like I had a stranger’s dick in me, not my husband’s. And, I love fucking, but, shit, I don’t want to fuck random people I don’t even know, it’s just…” Kat paused, looking for the right word.

“Degrading?” Marie offered.

“Yes! It’s just degrading to sleep with someone you don’t know anymore, just because that’s what you do in marriage.” Kat said, waving her hand in agitation. Marie pushed her hair over her ear, and picked up her cup of coffee.

“Well, anonymous sex does sound kinda hot. To me. Sometimes.” Marie said, getting quieter as she spoke, eventually fading out and just sipping her coffee. Kat gave her a deadpan stare, then burst into laughter.

“Oh, hun, it isn’t anonymous when you see him everyday.” Kat said, winking at Marie. “But, if you’re gonna fuck someone you don’t know, wouldn’t you rather it be a girl? Less chance of disease, no chance of babies.” Kat said, an imp’s smile on her face. Marie choked on her coffee in surprise mid-sip and coughed as the hot liquid went into a lung, prompting Kat into near hysterics.

“Oh, god, I’m sorry, but that was hilarious.” Kat said, in between laughs. It wasn’t that Marie and Kat didn’t talk about sex, they talked about it all the time, it was casino oyna that they never talked about gay sex, of any variety. “God, Kat, please give me a little more warning next time you come out and admit you want to fuck a girl!” Marie said, still struggling to overcome her coughing.

“Hey, I just said it’d make more sense to fuck a girl anonymously, I didn’t say that I would like to.” Kat said, defensively. Marie took stock of Kat’s appearance: black leather bomber jacket, black button up collared shirt, loose blue jeans, ankle high black boots, topped by a Cardinals baseball cap. It really wasn’t a stretch to see how Kat could be taken as a lesbian, if the stereotypes were to be believed anyway. Marie decided she’d press the issue, thinking that Kat wouldn’t have brought it up for no good reason.

“Well, I admit I’d like to get some pussy. Even anonymously. It’s been years since I last had any.” Marie said, calmly sipping from her coffee cup, pointedly looking away from Kat. There was a brief moment of silence, as Kat stared at her best-friend. Kat couldn’t decide if Marie was screwing with her in return for Kat making Marie choke on her coffee, or if she was being serious. And by the expression on Marie’s face, she wasn’t about to clue Kat in one way or the other. Kat’s heart began to beat faster, she had to know.

“So. Did you actually…” Kat began, but faltered.

“Did I what?” Marie asked, innocence gleaming in her eyes.

“Did you. Sleep. With a woman?” Kat said, forcing the words out.

“Nope!” Marie said, “I fucked a woman. There’s a difference.” and Marie stuck her tongue out at Kat, a gesture that immediately made Kat think of a cat toying with a mouse it caught. Kat sighed, and resigned herself to doing this the hard way.

“When? Why? Why didn’t you tell me? Did you enjoy it?” Kat asked, the questions pouring out of her, in pace with her hammering heart. Marie smiled, aware of how in control of the situation she was.

“When I was in college, because my boyfriend wanted to watch me with another girl, because I didn’t want you to think I was coming onto you, and yes I enjoyed it, but haven’t found anyone worth doing it with since. In that order.” Marie replied quickly, and then turned her attention back to the TV.

Kat was stunned, Marie didn’t want to seem like she was coming onto her? The thought that someone as wonderful as Marie would come onto her sent a shiver from the top of her spine to her crotch, and she felt herself grow a little damp. Kat noticed Marie’s big toe twitching back and forth, a sign of Marie’s nervousness. Kat briefly wondered what Marie could have been nervous about, before she realized that she was staring at Marie’s beautiful and toned calves, folded under her firm and long thighs, partially hidden by Marie’s green skirt, the red tank-top she wore which concealed her pierced navel, a teardrop contrasting perfectly with Marie’s pale skin, her perky breasts hidden behind the straps of the bra Kat saw poking out from underneath the tank top.

Marie snapped her fingers at Kat. “Hey, Kat, did I break you there?” Kat started, and blushed as she realized she had been caught staring.

“Um, hun, would it be horrible of me to say that I… want you to think you were coming onto me?” Kat said, barely able to hear what she was saying between the throbbing of her heart and pussy. Kat had no idea how Marie was going to react, but just saying it to Marie felt like the most right thing she had done with her life in god knows how many years. Marie simply raised an eyebrow, never turning her attention from the TV. How much it made Kat ache with lust to be so out of control, Marie would never know.

Marie put her coffee cup down, exaggerating her slow and precise movements, and calmly reached over to Kat and took the other cup of coffee from her and set it down on the table, the electric contact of Marie’s fingers on Kat’s causing Kat to jump a little. Marie looked Kat in the eyes, and smiled sweetly as she pushed a lock of Kat’s hair behind Kat’s right ear, Marie’s fingers gently gliding along the outer edge of Kat’s earlobe. Kat shuddered as pleasure surged through her body, the dampness in her panties threatening to stain her jeans.

“Not fair. I told you about that spot in confidence.” Kat said, her breath coming quick and shallow. Marie giggled. “So I take it you’re okay with me wanting this?” Kat asked. Marie smiled, and pulled Kat to her and kissed her deeply. The kiss felt like fire to Kat, and Marie tasted like sugar, and earth, and flowers. Marie parted her slot oyna lips and softly licked around the edges of Kat’s lips, trying to press Kat’s mouth open. Kat whimpered, and allowed Marie to enter her mouth. Marie’s tongue shot forward and licked behind Kat’s teeth, eliciting a surprised shriek from Kat. Marie pulled away, laughing softly.

“Oh my god, that felt so weird!” Kat said, giving Marie a little shove. “Why would you do that?” Kat asked.

“Oh come on, you were enjoying that way too much. I didn’t want you to finish so soon.” Marie said, looking at the now visible wet spot on the crotch of Kat’s jeans. Kat shoved Marie again, and crossed her legs.

“You bitch! This is all new to me and you’re going to mock me?” Kat said, outraged at her friend’s mockery. Marie looked surprised, and quickly reached out to her Kat. Kat swatted Marie’s hand away.

“Kat! I’m sorry, I like teasing people that I love. I just wanted to make you–” Kat snapped her hand in front of Marie’s mouth, fury lining her features.

“Say that again.” Kat demanded, removing her hand from Marie’s mouth.

“Say what? I like teasing you?” Marie said, confused.

“No. The other part.”

“I love you?” Marie said. Kat leaned back on the couch, and sighed, the anger draining from her face.

“Since when?” Kat asked.

“Since… since a long time, Kat. I don’t know how long.” Marie replied, unsure of where this was going. Kat leaned forward, and grabbed Marie’s wrist with a little more force than was strictly needed.

“Why did you never tell me?” Kat asked.

“Because you had a husband! You know I refuse to be a part of breaking couples up!” Marie cried, tears shining in her eyes.

“Hun, intentional or not, you broke us up.” Kat replied, pulling her best friend- no, not anymore- her lover toward her. “I didn’t want to admit it, but I’ve been in love with you for years. I can’t even remember the last time I fantasized about anyone but you.” Kat pushed the hair out of Marie’s eyes, and flicked the tears hovering there away. She pulled Marie into her lap, wrapped her arms around Marie’s shoulders, and pulled Marie into another kiss.

If their first kiss was fire, then this was lava. Their lips were perfect for each other, the scents of their bodies perfectly matched, the long gold locks of Marie flowing into Kat’s short black hair. It was all perfect. Marie slid her fingers along Kat’s lobe again, while her tongue pressed into Kat’s mouth and Kat shuddered and moaned in beneath Marie.

“Kat! Did you just come?” Marie asked, a huge smile plastered across her face.

“Shut up, and fuck me.” Kat demanded, pushing Marie’s face into her neck.

Marie slid the bomber jacket off Kat’s shoulders, as she nibbled on Kat’s collar bone. Every time Marie’s teeth close down, Kat’s hips jerked upward, demanding attention. Marie pressed her hand into the crotch of Kat’s jeans, eliciting a small whimper from Kat, and put her hand beneath Kat’s nose so she could smell herself on Marie.

“In due time, darling.” Marie said, as she licked her fingers clean underneath Kat’s nose. Marie ducked her head back down to Kat’s neck, and began unbuttoning Kat’s shirt. As she popped open a button, Marie would be there to kiss and nibble the newly exposed flesh, the whole way down Kat’s shirt. Kat began to tremble, and squirm, her fingers stroking Marie’s hair frantically as Marie pulled the shirt off her shoulders and began to slowly kiss her way towards Kat’s bra. Marie’s breath left trails of fire on Kat’s skin, and her nipples defiantly poked through the padded material of her bra. Marie bit gently at the protruding nibs, and slid her hands behind Kat’s back, artfully popping the clasps and sliding the material over Kat’s nipples, the cold morning air and arousal stiffening her nipples to the point of aching.

Marie placed her lips on one nipple, and slowly drew her tongue across it with a quick bite as she finished her lick. Kat yelped in surprise and pleasure, and felt her pussy contract with lust. Kat noted, to her embarrassment, that she could now feel her wetness seeping through the thighs of her jeans, filling the space between them with her scent. Kat made to take off her jeans, but Marie’s hand shot down and closed tightly on hers before Kat could even unbutton herself.

“No. We play this by my rules. Next time, you can be in charge. But for now, I am.” Marie said, the intensity of her gaze daring Kat to try and stop her. Kat found, to her surprise and arousal, she wanted to let Marie do whatever she wished canlı casino siteleri with her. “Yes, ma’am.” Kat found herself saying. Marie stroked Kat’s ear, and said “That’s a good girl.”

Then she bit Kat’s nipples.

“Oh fuck, Marie, fuck!” Kat screamed, as she rode another wave of pleasure to orgasm. Kat was trembling from the orgasm, not sure if she could go on, as Marie artfully unbuttoned Kat’s jeans, and began to slide them off her ass.

“Ass. Up. Now.” Marie said, and Kat’s hips jumped up of their own accord to accommodate the jeans’ removal.

“Good girl!” Marie said, and swatted Kat’s raised, and now exposed, ass. Kat moaned.

“Oh, shit, Marie. That was great.” Kat said, unable to stop her juices from flowing from behind her panties.

“Oh? Maybe I should do that again?” Marie said, and Kat’s ass clenched involuntarily in anticipation. “Say it, Kat.” Marie demanded.

“Say what?” Kat replied. Marie bit a nipple.

“Say it!” Marie yelled, and bit the other nipple.

“Swat my ass! Spank me like a fucking whore, do it Marie, swat me!” Kat yelled, her desire completely obliterating any reason or sense she had left. Marie’s hand struck Kat’s ass one, two, three, four times, leaving red hand prints across Kat’s cheeks. With each swat, the earthy smell of Kat’s pussy grew stronger, and Kat’s moans grew deeper and louder. Marie stopped, and in one swift motion pulled Kat’s blank bikini bottoms off, the cool air a welcome comfort on her inflamed pussy and ass. Kat lowered her hips to the couch, and looked at Marie through pleasure clouded eyes. Marie’s eyes shone with such lust and love, that the force of it caused Kat to moan in happiness and pleasure. Marie lowered her chin to Kat’s navel, and began kissing gently down toward Kat’s pussy.

“Marie. Shit. Are you sure?” Kat asked, as her lover’s mouth moved dangerously close to her pussy. “I mean, it’s so wet and I haven’t even showered and-” Kat’s protests abruptly stopped as Marie’s tongue flicked her clit, softly, just the once.

“Darling?” Marie asked. Kat whimpered in response. “Shut up and let me fuck you.” Kat grunted her response, and Marie pressed a finger inside the folds of Kat’s flesh. Inside it was warm and tight, and Kat’s juices covered Marie’s fingers and hands in seconds. Kat gasped. Marie’s fingers weren’t even half the size of her ex-husband’s, much less the size of his cock, but that lone finger felt more wonderful and fulfilling than anything Kat had ever experienced.

Marie pushed herself as deep as her finger would allow, probing for one specific spot, Kat’s squirming and moaning only causing her to search more frantically. Finally, Marie found the spot and Kat’s legs wrapped themselves around Marie’s shoulders trying to pull her deeper inside.

“Ah. So that’s where your g-spot is hiding.” Marie said, sounding far too pleased with herself.

“Oh, shut up. I thought you were going to fuck me–” Kat said, the end of her sentence lifting into a high pitched moan as Marie pressed into her g-spot and began to suck her clit. Marie’s finger was soon joined by a second, and then a third, as the walls of Kat’s vagina stretched in wonderful agony to accommodate Marie. Kat’s legs squeezed tighter around Marie and she grabbed Marie’s hair and pushed Marie’s face into her crotch.

“Fuck, me Marie, fuck me!” Kat’s moans grew louder, and more intense. She could feel an orgasm of mind numbing power coming onto her. “Make me come like a whore, I’m your whore, fuck me!” Kat didn’t realize she could be so verbal, but the pleasure Marie’s fingers and tongue were causing in Kat’s pussy drew away all inhibitions and made her words sound incredibly hot even to her own ears.

Finally, Marie decided to give Kat the release she ached for and increased the intensity of her tongue and fingers as she pushed a lone finger into the beautiful pink bud of Kat’s ass. The surprise and odd pleasure she felt drove Kat over the edge, as she bucked her face into Marie’s lips and her pussy clamped on Marie’s fingers. Kat had never seen the world go white as she came, but if she had gone eternally blind she honestly didn’t care, the pleasure would have been worth it.

As her sight came back to her, she saw a grinning Marie hovering over her, the world’s most beautiful smile across her face.

“Hun, what the hell happened to your lip?” Kat asked, noticing the drops of blood on Marie’s lips.

“Oh, this?” Marie said, touching her lip gingerly. “You, uh, got a little wild with the hips there at the end. I’m not quite sure what happened.” Marie put a finger on Kat’s lips, to stifle her protests and apologies. “It’s fine, love. Really. Plus, hey, maybe I’ll make you bleed when you fuck me.” Marie said, and Kat grinned.

“Let’s find out then, hun.”

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