Cocklust Ch. 33

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Seth and Claire’s wedding was at an old-school Louisiana plantation. Apparently Claire was a Southern girl; she didn’t have an accent, but that part of the country clearly had a place in her heart. The venue was almost like something out of Gone With the Wind, a big stately country house surrounded by oak trees and Spanish moss. It clearly had a lot of history, though I bet a lot of that history wasn’t as flattering as they let on.

Chad and I had spent months saving up for the trip. We knew we couldn’t rely on Chad’s parents, so I’d picked up a lot of extra shifts at the bar. Chad was doing lots of political stuff, but it didn’t usually pay well, so he’d also picked up gigs as a personal trainer. It also helped to be living together, since our bills were practically split in half.

I had to admit, I felt a little out of place on that guest list. The wedding was very fancy-schmanzy, and I’d only met Seth and Claire that once. Of course, Chad had known Seth a lot longer, and he knew that crowd way better than I did. I did recognize how many movers and shakers would be there, and I wanted to be extra mindful of what it could mean for Chad’s career.

Chad and I made sure to dress extra nice. He seemed to already know the drill: his mom had dragged him to plenty of black-tie events, especially those military fundraisers of hers. Chad actually had a selection of tuxes to choose from, and he knew how to tie a bow tie and everything. As for me, I had no idea what I was doing. I just rented a tux, the same way I’d done for my high school prom, and I let Chad tell me what to do from there.

Just before we stepped outside, we both looked in the mirror. I’ve gotta admit, we’d cleaned up pretty nice. Chad looked really sexy, in a dapper James Bond sort of way. He had every hair in place, and his shoes were impeccably polished— to the point that I could almost see my reflection— while his clothes were perfectly tailored to his body. I could only hope that I looked half as good as he did.

The ceremony was out in the garden, by an old gazebo. When we got there, a woman was playing the violin, and flower petals were scattered all over the place. It was almost over-the-top, but I couldn’t help getting caught up in the moment. In the back of my mind, I wondered what it would be like if Chad and I were the ones walking down the aisle. It wasn’t that I was a hopeless romantic— especially now that I’d seen the nastiness of his parents’ divorce— but still.

I got an even bigger case of the feels when Seth and Claire took their vows. On the surface, there didn’t seem to be much to it: they used the same words I’d heard at any number of weddings. Even so, when the minister said to repeat after him, in my mind I kept hearing Chad’s voice.

“I, Claire Nicole DuPre, take thee, Seth Aaron Fisher…”

I, Chad Matthew Collins, take thee, Scott Bradley Harrington…

I knew it was just in my head, but it still sent adrenaline through me. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to hear those words in real life.

Of course the minister didn’t miss a beat: “… to be my lawfully wedded husband…”

The word “husband” seemed to throw me. I’d never once thought of Chad that way, even after the years we’d been together. Boyfriend, yes. Lover, yes. Partner, possibly. But husband? It just sounded so— I dunno— official.

“… to have and to hold, from this day forward…”

I looked over at Chad. He didn’t seem to react; he just stared at the gazebo.

“… for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health…”

The words kept echoing in my mind. I felt like I was just starting to understand what they meant.

“… to love and to cherish, till death do us part.”

Some of the bridesmaids were crying. One girl blew her nose in a particularly unromantic toot; then she let out an even louder honk that could’ve been used to guide ships through the fog. The maid of honor let off a snort, which was clearly unintentional. Chad and I had to force ourselves not to laugh, and I bet a lot of other guests did too.

Once the vows were over, the minister of course declared them husband and wife, they shared a kiss, and everybody clapped. Then the music started up again, they proceeded down the aisle, and the real party started.

When we went indoors for cocktails, we ran into Tony, the guy we’d met at Seth’s office. He was there with his husband Craig.

“Oh hi!” Tony said to Chad. “Long time no see.”

“Hey,” Chad replied, and we all shook each other’s hands.

“How’s your father doing? Is he here?”

Chad seemed caught off guard. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Seth was telling us about him. Is it true he’s moving to Reston?”

I was worried this could spoil the mood, but Chad took it in stride. After all, these guys had ultimately met because of Bill. “I-I mean, he’s weighing his options,” Chad said. “He’s still dealing with his recovery, so… he’s gotta take it easy.”

That istanbul escort was a political answer if I’d ever heard one. Chad hadn’t talked to his father in months, so we hardly had a clue about what Bill was up to. At one point Pam had texted to say he wouldn’t be at the wedding— since he’d been invited too— but that was about it.

I wanted to change the subject, and I suddenly remembered how these guys were among the first gay-married couples we’d ever met. I was tempted to ask them about that, but I forced myself not to. I didn’t want to tip my hand to Chad, at least not at that point.

It was just as well. Chad basically wanted to talk shop, and the other guys went along with it. They started throwing out so much jargon that I could barely follow what they were saying. But Chad was clearly enjoying himself, and I knew how much this stuff meant to him. So I just stood there, smiling and nodding and sipping my drink.

I couldn’t help noticing when Congressman Wheeler made his way through the crowd. He acted like he was walking a rope line, shaking hands and making small talk. He was clearly a pro at this, and he made it look natural. So did his wife, who was trailing behind him. I found myself wondering if Chad would be like that someday, and if so, whether I’d be the one trailing behind him.

A couple of ditzy bridesmaids walked up beside me. They were both going on about the decorations. “These arrangements are so cute!” one girl was saying.

“I know,” the other replied. “Claire had the idea when we were ten. Don’t you love it?”

I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes. Having grown up with Amy, I knew it wasn’t unusual for girls to start planning their weddings as kids. But as a guy, I could hardly imagine giving it serious thought. I was pretty sure gay weddings were different, but I wasn’t exactly an expert on the topic; I’d never actually been to a gay wedding myself.

Eventually I went to the bathroom, which was the closest thing I had to alone time. While I was on the toilet, I got on my phone and pulled up Vitruvian Men, which was still my gay website of choice. I checked to see if its forums talked about gay marriage, and sure enough, they did. A lot of the posts were from Nick and Jay, the YouTubers I’d connected with before.

I immediately started writing them a note. I hadn’t talked to Nick and Jay in over a year, but I figured that could be a good thing: it meant they could be honest with me, without any biases getting in the way. Not to mention the fact that they didn’t know Chad, so there was no risk of him getting wind of it.

I was still trying to formulate my thoughts when an ad popped up. Apparently Vitruvian Men knew where I was: it advertised a jack-off party nearby, which it said was one of the biggest in the South.

“Excuse me,” came a voice.

I jumped and tried to hide my phone. Then I realized the voice was just coming from a speaker.

“We’d like to invite everyone to come back outside, where dinner will be served.”

I stood up from the toilet and pulled up my pants. By then my dick had gotten really hard. The thought of jacking off sounded awesome, but I told myself I’d need to wait at least a few hours. I stuffed my boner in my tux, zipped up my fly, and tried to hide my horniness as best I could.

Of course Chad picked up on it regardless. He didn’t say anything, especially since we were in front of mixed company, but he clearly knew what was up. When we sat down to dinner, I noticed he’d developed a boner of his own— though he was trying to be as discreet as I was.

We sat through what seemed like an awful lot of speeches. Seth’s brother made fun of him, after which Claire’s mom gave a weepy talk, and a parade of friends and relatives threw in their two cents.

Chad and I exchanged glances. He seemed as impatient as I was. As good as he looked in that tux, I couldn’t help wanting to peel it off of him. I imagined pulling off his bow tie, then undoing his vest. I wasn’t sure if I’d rather unbutton his shirt by starting at the bottom and working my way up, or doing it the other way around.

I suddenly felt Chad’s hand on my lap. I couldn’t see anything, since our tablecloth covered everything under our waists. Even so, there were a bunch of other people sitting right beside us, and I didn’t want them to know I was getting felt up. Slowly but surely, Chad’s hand made its way toward my crotch. He didn’t go inside my pants, but he didn’t need to. His touch felt just as good through the fabric, as he started caressing my shaft.

I wanted to return the favor, so I discreetly reached under the table. It only took me a second to find his dick, and it was just as engorged as I’d hoped. I was dying to see that cock in action. I wanted to watch him jack off; I imagined his ballsack bouncing up and down, the way it always did, while he pounded his pud. I craved that soft smacking sound, overlaid with those groans and grunts that he made when he was halkalı escort getting close.

Maybe it’s a good thing the speeches went on for so long. It meant we didn’t need to talk to the people around us— because I don’t think we could’ve kept a straight face. By the time the dancing started, we were so turned on that I was worried about creaming my pants. We forced ourselves to take our hands off each other, sit back, and wait for our boners to die down.

The party went on well into the night. I could tell Chad wanted to leave, but he stuck around for appearances’ sake. When we finally did head out, the moon was almost right overhead. We were staying nearby, in a quaint little place overlooking a bayou, but we barely made it back. Chad was a little tipsy, and he spent the whole Uber ride staring longingly at my crotch— and I knew what that meant.

The moment we stepped in our room, and we shut the door behind us, he stuck his hand down my pants.

“Fuck,” he said, “I need this dick so bad…”

I wasn’t about to stop him. “It’s all yours baby.”

Chad got on his knees and opened my fly. Without missing a beat, he took my dick in his eager hungry mouth.

“Oh shit,” I said as I felt his lips tighten around my shaft.

“Mm,” Chad mumbled. He was clearly relishing this. It was a hell of a sight, with him still dressed up, looking all fancy and formal while he sucked away. Chad pulled my pants about an inch further down, so he could fondle my balls. His own dick was clearly straining in his pants. I thought I saw a spot of pre-cum soak through, but it was hard to tell, with the black tux and all.

I was still standing up, but I couldn’t complain, not with the waves of pleasure rippling through me. I just let my mouth hang open while I enjoyed the ride.

Chad worked my cock and balls as if his life depended on it. He ran his tongue in circles, then flicked it back and forth, while he kept sucking harder and harder. As he did, he used his hands to heighten the experience, caressing me one moment, then squeezing me the next, always with just the right amount of pressure. He made me feel so good that I had to force myself not to cum.

I heard a moan through the walls, and I realized we weren’t the only hotel guests going at it. I tried to gauge if the others had come from the wedding too. I knew weddings were well-suited to hookups, and I was sure plenty of others were as horny as we were. Come to think of it, Seth and Claire could be fooling around themselves, it being their wedding night and all.

Chad took his mouth off my cock. “Fuck me,” he said. Then he turned around, yanked down his pants, and offered me his bare ass.

“Oh hell yeah,” I said. I reached for our toiletries, and I greased up his hole. I teased him a little as I did it, dabbing at his pucker, savoring the feeling of his flesh against my fingers.

“Fuck, I love you,” he said, “and I love you in my butt.”

“I love you too,” I said as I got into position, pressed my cockhead against him, then made my way inside.

“Oh yeah… oh shit…”

I slid the rest of the way in, till my pubes were pressed against his cheeks. His hole was nice and tight, which sent tingles up my dick. I thrust in and out while Chad worked his ass, massaging my shaft with his sphincter, just the way I liked it.

So there we were, two guys in tuxedos, fucking away. We still had our shoes on and everything, and we hadn’t even started unbuttoning our shirts. But we were so into it that we didn’t want to stop.

I still couldn’t get over how lucky I was. I kept thinking how Chad was so fucking sexy, not to mention incredible in bed. I was sure he could’ve had any guy he wanted, especially seeing how Flynn and Jean-Jacques had lusted after him. Yet for some reason, which I still didn’t really understand, Chad was with me.

“Oh god, don’t stop… god, I love getting fucked…”

“You can get this dick anytime you want it.”

“You promise?”

“Yeah,” I said as I pounded him harder.

“Oh fuck,” he said. “It’s my fucking dream dick…”

Those words made me want to ravage him that much more. I wanted to make out with him, but in that position I couldn’t.

“Give it to me deeper,” he gasped. “I want it all inside me…”

“Then let’s do this,” I said as I pulled out of him, yanked his pants down the rest of the way, and undid his shoes. Then I pulled everything off, so he was naked from the waist down.

Now, at long last, Chad could properly spread his legs. He rolled over on his back— still wearing his vest and his jacket— and his gorgeous cock and balls flopped into view. I wanted to play with his package, but Chad had other ideas. He looked right in my eyes as he gripped my dick and guided it into his mancunt.

I started pumping again, and I leaned down to kiss him. I still couldn’t get over the feeling of his lips massaging mine, or his tongue exploring my mecidiyeköy escort mouth, or his breath against my skin. I fucking loved it just as much as the actual sex.

I saw a glint of silver, and first I thought it was the light, but then I realized it was a gray hair. It surprised me at first, but then it turned me on even more. After all, when I’d first met Chad, he was a clean-shaven freshman. Now he was almost a senior, with a beard and his first gray hair. I couldn’t help thinking what he’d look like years later— probably a silver fox or something— and I could only hope I’d get to see for myself.

I pistoned harder and harder into Chad, which made my ballsack slap his ass louder and louder. Chad grabbed my butt cheeks and massaged my glutes while I fucked him. I wanted to keep making out with him, but he was breathing harder and harder.

“Oh fuck,” he gasped. “Omigod…”

“Cum for me,” I said. “I know you want to.” Then I positioned myself to hit his prostate, which I knew he would love.

“OH FUCK!” he yelled as I hit the spot, and his body shivered with pleasure. Then I hit it again, then again.

I was getting close myself, but I forced myself to hold off. I wanted to see Chad get off first.

Finally he arched his back and let off another bellow: “O-O-O-OH SHIT!” Then he busted his nut all over his tux. Ropes of cum shot across his vest, his shirt, and his jacket.

That was it for me too. Ecstasy coursed through every part of my body. “Oh baby,” I gasped, just before I pumped him full of my sperm.

Chad seemed to relish taking my load. “Yeah,” he said with an eager look on his face.

I let out a few last gasps as I finished shooting. Then I stopped my thrusts, but Chad kept gripping on my ass, keeping my penis embedded inside him.

“Fuck, I needed that so bad…”

“Me too,” I said. A second later, I heard another groan through the walls. “Apparently we’re not the only ones…”

“Apparently not,” he said. “Except I get to enjoy the best dick of all.” Then he clenched his hole a little, which gave my cock a nice squeeze.

“Oh jeesh,” I said.

“What? It’s true.”

I had to admit the feeling was mutual. I kissed him one more time, and I kept thinking how incredible it felt to have this dude in my life. I couldn’t imagine making love to anyone else. Not now, not ever.

I’d basically made up my mind that I was going to propose. I just didn’t know when, or where, or even how to do it. I was definitely nervous: after all, it would be a yes-or-no question, so there was always a chance I might not get the answer I wanted.

I spent the next day secretly brainstorming. We spent most of that day in New Orleans, where Seth had popped the question to Claire. I have to admit it was a pretty cool setting, with all those quaint old buildings, not to mention the streetcars and whatnot. I knew the city meant a lot to Claire, so I got why Seth had proposed there.

At the same time, New Orleans did have a naughty side. For a Southern town, it seemed really into gay stuff. At one point we walked by a bar called Napoleon’s Itch, which had to be the silliest name for a gay bar I’d ever heard. I also kept seeing ads for that jack-off party I’d been hearing about.

I was trying to gauge how I could apply this stuff to Chad. I didn’t want to just copy what Seth had done; I wanted to do something that made sense for the two of us. I wasn’t about to propose to Chad in a bar, or at a jack-off party for that matter. Chad was obviously nothing like Claire, and it wasn’t just the fact that he was a dude. For one thing, he didn’t have any particular love for his hometown; San Diego was cool and all, but he hadn’t really grown up there, and he definitely wasn’t nostalgic about it.

Then of course there was the drama between his parents, which I wanted to avoid at all costs. To be honest, that was the part that worried me the most. I knew Chad was pissed at both of them, and he had a lot of strong opinions about their fuck-ups. Their biggest mistake of all was having rushed into things when they were young, and they’d let their passions get the better of them. Chad acknowledged that this had brought him into the world, but even so, he didn’t want to follow in their footsteps. I just kept hoping against hope that he hadn’t soured on marriage in general.

As soon as we got home from our trip, I messaged Nick and Jay, and I asked them for advice. I knew they’d been through a lot with their families, so I figured they’d know what to do. But their response wasn’t quite what I expected.

Hi Scott,

Long time no talk— great to hear from you again.

Yeeeeah, when it comes to family problems, we’re probably not the right people to ask. Our families are as fucked up as they come, so we avoid them as much as we can. We barely even talk to our brothers and sisters, and forget about our parents.

You actually seem better off than we are. If your parents are mostly on board (except your boyfriend’s dad) that’s more than we’ve ever had.

Anyway, when it comes to proposing, only you know if that’s what you want. If you think your man wants the same thing, then go for it. As to exactly how, just do what feels right for you—

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