Co-worker’s Man Ch. 27

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My alarm stirred me out of my sleep and I awoke with the feeling of Lori’s silky panties lying across my cheek. Mmmmmmm, I moaned into them as I listened to the news and thought about Mr. Wolfe’s offer of a “banana cream” breakfast. It sure sounded appetizing, especially the offer of two helpings! I had to get my stuff together to go with Frank right after work too so I figured I better get moving.

I went to the bathroom and took care of business. I used the enema kit again to make sure I was cleaned out for whatever lay ahead of me today and then gave the kit a good cleaning before I packed it away in my overnight bag. I got myself dressed, scarfed down a quick breakfast while I made my lunch, grabbed my bag and then started to head out. I noticed a piece of paper that must have been slid under my door.

“Cocksucker, if you want that breakfast I promised you, just come in and get it. I’ve left the door unlocked. I might still be asleep, but I think you’ll know where to find it.” It was signed simply “W”.

I slipped the note into my pocket and took the elevator down to the first floor. When I got to Mr. Wolfe’s apartment I reached out and tried the door. It was unlocked as he had said and I quietly let myself in. He had left the light on over the stove and I could see some soft light coming from the direction of his bedroom. I set down my bag, kicked off my shoes and gingerly made my way further into the apartment. When I got to the bedroom door I could hear his soft snoring from within. I peered around the corner of the door and in the soft light coming around the curtains, I could see his massive form on the bed. He was lying on his back with one arm thrown up over his eyes. The sheet covered him to his chest and looking lower, I could see the tented fabric rising up over his groin. I watched as his massive erection bobbed slightly with every heartbeat.

I stealthily made my way across the room ever so slowly, then eased my way onto the bed beside his sleeping form. I carefully dragged the sheet down off his body until it slid past his upright erection. I sat and stared as it bobbed softly up and down, a strand of his beautiful precum leading from the end of his cock to a glistening little pool on his belly. I leaned forward and stuck the end of my tongue into the shining strand. The warm fluid settled on my tongue and I moved downwards and softly slid my tongue into the glistening pool on his abdomen. His soft snoring continued as I cleaned his stomach of the precious juice.

I sat back slightly and wrapped my hand around the pulsing shaft. It felt hot and hard and yet so velvety smooth at the same time. I lifted it until it was straight up and just gazed at the dark crimson head and the tracings of the dark blue veins standing out in bold relief along the shaft. I wanted this cock……no…..I NEEDED this cock in my mouth now. I moved my mouth forward and slid my lips down over the hot broad head. My tongue instinctively searched for the source of his delicious man-juice at the gaping eye. I lapped at the drooling end and then bathed the spongy membranes lovingly as his snoring continued.

I started to slowly pump my two hands up and down around his warm hard shaft as I kept sucking for more precum from the tip of his erection. I heard him moan and shift slightly in his sleep as I continued to feed from the end of his cock. He settled back to sleep but I kept up a smooth rhythm of sucking and milking as the drooling end of his cock oozed out a running supply of my favorite appetizer. I kept this up for about ten minutes as his warm slime continued to slide onto my tongue and down my throat. I decided it was time to get to the main course and started to bob my head faster and further down his pulsing erection. I felt him start to stir again.

“What the fuck?” he said as he pulled his arm away from his face and looked down at my head bobbing away over his cock. “Oh… favorite little cocksucker has come for his breakfast. That’s a good little faggot. Get that banana cream straight from the source. Fuck yeah. You must have been doing that for awhile. I feel ready to cum. Go for it, cum-boy.” He lay back down and let me have my way with him.

He could sense my eagerness as I increased the depth to which I was taking his ardent shaft. I was almost impaling myself down on it as I cupped his swollen balls in one hand and kept my other hand shucking up and down on the lower part of his cock. As I rolled his big balls gently in my hand, I could feel them start to draw up towards his body.

“Oh yeah……that’s good……such a hot fucking mouth……almost there…..almost there…just….yeah….oooooooohhhhhhhh,” he moaned and then I felt him start to flood my mouth. His erupting cock plastered the walls of my mouth with his musky thick cream. I loved the feel of it spitting against the warm lining of my cheeks and then settling on my tongue. I could taste the slight salty manly flavor of his potent semen as it filled my mouth. I swallowed before any could escape the confines of my bloated casino şirketleri cheeks. I pumped away at his shaft and gently massaged his balls as I attempted to coax as much cum from him as I could.

“Keep sucking faggot. Get all that banana cream,” he said as his ejaculation finally started to diminish. I kept my lips locked behind his protruding corona and my vacuuming mouth drew out the remainder of his seed. I pumped a final nugget of his milky cream up and out of his deflating cock.

“What the fuck is the time?” Mr. Wolfe said as he sat up on his elbows and looked at his alarm clock. “Fuck, you are early today. You want those two loads I promised you, eh?” he said looking at me with a leer.

“Ummmm, yes sir. And I have to go away after work until tomorrow. They’re sending me into The City on an assignment and I have to go right after work. I won’t be back until tomorrow night.”

“And you’re going to miss this, eh faggot?” he said as he wrapped his hand around his semi-hard cock and waved it at me. I was afraid to tell him that I was going to be going with Frank for the night. I was torn about what to do as I loved being with both of them. I had to figure out a way to keep things going with each of them. I never knew what kind of future I would have with Frank because of his situation with Lori. Mr. Wolfe on the other hand seemed eager and willing to keep feeding me a continuous supply of cock and cum.

“Yes sir, I am going to miss that,” I said looking longingly at his full heavy manhood. “Do you think you could fuck me like you did the other night sir?”

“And which way is that?” he asked with a curious look on his face.

“When you sat me on the dresser and lifted my legs over your shoulders,” I said turning red with embarrassment again.

“You liked that, eh faggot?”

“Oh yes sir. Very much sir. You seemed to get so deep into me. Please sir, could we do it again?”

“Sure cocksucker. We gotta make sure you’re happy before you go away. C’mon with me,” he said as he got out of bed and flicked on the bathroom light. I followed him obediently into the bathroom.

“Get all those clothes off asshole,” he said as he opened a drawer in his vanity and pulled out a jar of Vaseline. I quickly shed my clothes and stood there awkwardly with my cock half hard in front of me.

“Have you jerked off yet today?”

“No sir.”

“Good. I’ll make sure you cum good and hard while I’m fucking you. Now, sit down on the toilet.” I sat on the toilet seat wondering what he had in mind. He walked over with his cock at half-mast and stood right in front of me, my face inches from his heavy member.

“Well faggot, I’m gonna fill you at both ends so let’s start here,” he said as he took his cock in his hand and drew the damp end around my lips. “Open up. You know what to do.”

I dropped my jaw and he slid his wide cockhead into my mouth. I closed my lips behind the thick ridge of his crown and waited. His hand slid slowly back and forth a couple of times along his shaft and then stopped.

“Here we go,” he said as the first blast of his piss spewed into my mouth. The hot acrid piss sloshed around in my mouth until I swallowed the first mouthful. He kept pissing as I kept swallowing. I was becoming more adept at keeping pace with the speed of his stream filling me and he kept a close eye to make sure I wasn’t about to spill any. It was his powerful strong first-thing-in-the-morning piss and at one point it threatened to overflow my suctioning mouth. He clamped down with his hand and cut off the stream until I caught up and then he released his hand and the powerful flow started once again. I couldn’t believe how much he gave me. It was making a beautiful warm spot in my stomach and eventually his stream dwindled to a slow trickle and then stopped completely. He stood with his cockhead still in my mouth.

“You’re getting pretty good at drinking that piss, cocksucker. Pretty soon we won’t have to stop at all. Now, I want you to suck on my balls for awhile. That’s where all that good stuff you love so much comes from. Show them how you feel,” he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped closer. He lifted his heavy cock and laid it across my face as I lowered my mouth and softly took one of his huge balls into my mouth. I rolled it around in my mouth as I allowed my saliva to flow freely over the wrinkled skin of his bag. I eventually let it drop out of my mouth and paid equal attention to its partner. I hummed and purred against his sensitive round orbs, almost as if encouraging them to generate more cum for me. After a few minutes of this, he stepped back and dropped the swelling head of his cock back into my mouth.

“Now faggot, keep sucking on the head while you get me and you ready with the lube,” he said as he handed me the jar of Vaseline. He then took his hands and put them on either side of my head as I slid my tongue all around the spongy head of his cock.

I scooped out a gob of Vaseline on my fingers and put my hand between my casino firmaları legs as I sat on the toilet. I smeared it all around my puckered opening and pushed some right inside my tight hole. I then got some more on both my hands and then wrapped them around his semi-hard shaft. I smoothed an initial coating over the full length from the thick base to the flared ridge and then took my fingernails and scratched lightly thru the grease along the sides of his cock.

“Oh fuck. That is so fucking good,” he said as I felt his cock start to thicken instantly. “Yeah, get that cock good and hard and then I’m gonna drive it all the way into you. Is that what you want faggot?” he said as he used his hands to pull my face back and forth over the swelling end of his cock.

“Mmmmhhmmmm,” I moaned in agreement into the hot velvety-smooth surface of his cock. I took my slick hands and wrapped them firmly around his shaft and started a teasing milking motion as I kept my lips and tongue busy on the crown. Within a couple of minutes his cock was rock-hard once more and the broad head was causing my lips to stretch wide open as they slid back and forth.

“Over here, faggot,” he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth with an audible “plop” and walked over to the long vanity. It was similar to the one in Claudia’s store with a sink in the middle and space on either side. One side was considerably freer of toiletries and stuff and Mr. Wolfe literally picked me up and sat me on the counter. I looked down at his stallion-like cock rearing up towards me. The end was once more dripping precum and I saw a strand drop off and fall to the floor. As he stepped towards me, I drew my knees up and apart.

“Okay cocksucker, let’s get that pussy of yours wide open,” he said as he took my ankles and lifted my legs up and apart. He let them drape over his shoulders as he leaned in towards me. I was leaning back with my arms supporting me and felt deliciously splayed open for him. I looked up lovingly at this massive hunk of a man about to make me his, once again.

“Okay faggot, you steer,” he said as he moved right up against me. I reached down and took his engorged rod in my fingers. I slid the hot angry head around the Vaseline circling my rosebud and then set the hot tip right against my yearning hole. Once the end of his dick was set in place, I let go with my hand and put it behind me to brace myself.

“Are you ready to have that cunt filled?” he said as he teasingly probed just the tip of the head against my willing pink pucker.

“Oh yes…..please Mr. Wolfe. I need your cock in me so bad.” I was panting with lust as I waited for his initial thrust. “Please sir, fill me up with it,” I pleaded. “I want every hard inch inside me.”

“Oh you are an anxious one, aren’t you? Well, how does this feel?” he said as he flexed his hips and forced the wide head against my splayed opening. I felt my asshole start to stretch and stretch and just when I thought it was about to tear, it popped inside me and my ring clenched down behind his thick corona.

“Oooooooooooohhhh,” I moaned as I threw my head back at the initial pain of his entry. I quickly relaxed my sphincter as I was becoming accustomed to and immediately started to feel the pleasure of having his broad flared crown within me. I could feel the sweat popping out on my brow already.

“Oh fuck! It feels so good sir,” I said as he rocked back and forth a little to draw the thick rope of his corona back against the inside of my stretched ring. “Please sir, give it to me deep. I love it when you fuck me as deep as you can.” I was almost slobbering with need as I looked down at his glistening thick cock lodged in my asshole.

“Well then faggot, let’s fill that pussy of yours in one slow deep stroke,” he said as he started to push forwards. I felt my insides stretch to accommodate his invading member at the same time as I watched it disappear inside me. My eyes were glued to the pulsating shaft as inch after thick inch made its way deeper and deeper into me. He kept up a firm steady thrust and I felt his beautiful upward curve cause the thick ring at the base of his crown to slide anxiously over my prostate. My cock was instantly rock hard and pointing up towards my face. I was drawing in quick breaths as his hot hard erection stretched and probed deep within me. I felt his pubic hair tickling against my skin and looked down to see the final inch slide into me as his pubic bone pressed up against the lips of my stretched hole.

“Oh fuck. That feels so good. I can feel it so deep,” I moaned between gasps. “Fuck me hard sir. I need you to fuck me hard and fill me with your cum,” I said as I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“If that’s what you want cocksucker,” he said as he flexed his hips backward until just the tip of his cock remained within me, “then that’s what you’ll get!” he said slamming his hips forward! My eyes almost rolled back in my head as his cock powered deep into me and tore excruciating across my sensitive prostate. He started güvenilir casino to jackhammer the full hard length of his cock in and out of me. I remained splayed wide open with my legs over his shoulders and my pussy eager for his anal assault.

“Oh…..oh…..oh…..” I was moaning out loud with each of his hard rapid thrusts. I was flopping my head from side to side as his cock was deliciously filling that aching void inside me. My own cock was aching with need and drooling precum as he fed the full 9 ¾” of his surging manhood into me again and again and again. I could feel his hard groin slam against my ass with each thrust as it felt like he was trying to cram his whole body inside me. My prostate felt like it was on fire from the friction of his protruding purple corona rubbing luxuriously over it time after time. I could feel my own orgasm approaching as I looked down at that magnificent erection glistening as it slid back and forth within my gripping ass.

“Oh….Oh…..I’m gonna’ cum….oh….oh……aaaahhhhhhh,” I moaned as I felt the semen speeding up the length of my cock and my climax hit me full blast. My cock lurched and a big wad of cum shot out in a long streak to land on my own chin and hang down towards my chest. The next shot hit my cheek and then slid down my neck. Mr. Wolfe continued to hammer his surging cock into me as my cock kept erupting. Soon my chest and stomach were streaked with milky white splashes of my cum.

“OH SHIT! ……HERE IT COMES!” he bellowed as he slammed his cock even harder into me. I felt totally impaled on his pulsating erection as he started to cum. His cock felt incredibly hard as his cum blasted forth inside me. It almost felt like a hot ball surging from the tip of his cock as he pasted wad after wad of his potent cream against the walls of my guts. He held my legs well apart and moaned “Uh……uh…….uh….” with each hard thrust that accompanied each shot of cum that he sprayed into me. He kept this up for about a minute until his intense orgasm finally subsided and he held still with his hard cock buried fully inside me.

“Oh fuck. I can’t believe how horny you make me, faggot. That cunt of yours is something else. Here, put your arms around my neck.” I slipped my arms around his neck and with my legs still over his shoulders, he reached beneath me and picked me up. With his cock still fully buried within me, he turned and carried me back into the bedroom. He crawled onto the bed on his knees and turned to lay me back on the pillows. I was almost bent in two as he was leaning over me in the missionary position with my legs still almost straight up. He leaned back a bit and took each of my ankles in his big hands.

“I’m not done with you yet, cocksucker. I guess I lied. When I said I’d give you two loads of banana cream this morning, I guess I should have said three. That pussy of yours has me so fucking turned on, you’re getting a bonus load. I’m still hard, so get ready to get fucked,” he said as he started to flex his cock in and out of me again. He held my legs up and wide apart as he pounded his rampant iron-hard rod in and out of me. Looking down, I could streaks of white from his recent cum shining on his thick shaft.

Mr. Wolfe was using me as a receptacle for his cum but I was only too eager to be of service. I looked up at his broad hairy chest and muscular arms holding my legs wide open and thought how lucky I was to have someone like this to fill all my needs. I concentrated on flexing the muscles within my ass as I tried to bring him as much pleasure as possible.

“Oh yeah, that’s it faggot. Show me what you can do with that cunt,” he said as he felt the massaging tremors along the length of his invading cock. I continued to flex the muscles and grip him with my clenching pussy lips at the same time as I tried to buck my hips up towards his surging cock. With my legs up and apart in his hands, I didn’t have much leverage but tried to do whatever I could to please him. I was totally open to him again and he had total control over my body but I absolutely loved it. As he continued to saw his beautiful hard cock back and forth, I felt my own cock hardening again as his broad flared head slid again and again over my prostate. He kept up a hard deep fucking into my stretched wide open hole for about another ten luxurious minutes. I found myself moaning and groaning continuously as his cock did beautifully terrible things inside me.

“Here fucker, wrap your hand around that,” he said as he pulled back until just the head of his cock remained within me. I reached down with my hand and wrapped it around his lube-covered cock. I instinctively started to shuck the outer sheath back and forth as he flexed the head back and forth just within clutching ring.

“Okay faggot, I promised to feed you this morning… hear you go,” he said as he pulled his cock fully out of me and let my legs fall down on each side of him. He crawled forward to straddle my chest and I looked up to see his rampant cock pointing up at about a 45-degree angle over my face. The engorged tip looked red and angry and it was drooling precum onto my face. He reached forward and slid a pillow under my head to prop it up. He sat back a bit and lowered his cock onto my chest, the drooling tip pressing against my lips.

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