Cluster Breeding background and setup – Nikki Cuck

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Cluster Breeding background and setup – Nikki CuckCluster Breeding Background Nikki and Rich CuckoldAs Nikki explained prior to 79 AD the entire breeding tradition in the mediterranean changed when a volcano erupted and buried Pompeii Italy, the center of Cluster Breeding, in ash. As very few know one of the main reasons the Greeks and Romans were so advanced is by superior human breeding techniques. When there is sperm from different men competing to fertilize an egg the female body selectively accepts the best sperm to create the strongest and most intelligent baby. In addition it was discovered that the more ethnically diverse the father is from the mother the more superior the offspring. Much like mutt dogs are smarter and healthier than through bread. The very fact that Nikki was telling me this and that her and Rich had mentioned that they wanted to have a c***d in the next year or two made me think of nothing other than a good old fashion gangbang 🙂 For a royal breeding session the ceremony was quite elaborate, and many men from all over the region would fight to the death for the chance canlı bahis to be one of five men to essentially gangbang the royal lady. This produced a generation of Roman leaders that were very skilled in fighting, and had a strong desire to do so creating the most effective ground fighting army the world has ever seen. Because of this pre-selection process royal breedings were limited to 5 men, but after the initial breeding there would be royal parties where the royal lady would fuck whomever she wanted to have that man’s sperm enhance the pregnancy. For the common women their husband would bring her to Pompeii and pay for a room, although the room was wide open to main street with just a breeding bench and a bathtub for bathing before sex. How it would work is when the wife was ovulating her husband would rent one of these “rooms” and fuck her first then he would negotiate with passersby to fuck his wife. If the man was highly desirable the husband in some cases would pay the man to fuck his wife. In other cases (especially if the wife was hot), men would pay the husband to have sex with his wife. bahis siteleri Sometimes this would result in many men paying for sex with the wife and sometimes even the husband so the husband could get enough money to employ a highly desirable male to fuck his wife as well with the intent that this man’s sperm would either impregnate the wife or influence the pregnancy. A fact that has been lost in the years is that sex with other men after a women is already pregnant can improve the pregnancy when the fetus absorbs key elements (like immune antibodies) from the other men’s sperm. This will make the baby extremely immune to disease including sexually transmitted ones. If you really think about this, Nikki went on to explain, the urge for group sex is wired into our bodies by God, and what God has intended. It is only when the Catholic church leaders (most of whom are Gay), did not like the activities in Pompeii and were just looking for a reason to totally remove all sex that was fun from the church’s teachings. This includes Jesus’s sexual history. Did you ever wonder why the bible goes through güvenilir bahis a complete history of the ancestry of Joseph Jesus’s earthly father when supposedly Mary was conceived by the holy spirit? The truth is that however Mary got pregnant Joseph did have sex with her while she was pregnant with Jesus and influenced this pregnancy. Removing all the references of sex from the new testament created many holes in the story that still remain today. The result was the church telling people exactly how to have sex, “missionary position” and who to have it with, “a man and a wife”. This was all in reaction to the misinterpretation that God was mad at what was happening in Pompeii. We even saw something very similar when the hurricane hit New Orleans and christian leaders said it was because of the sexual deviants (think Mardi-Gras) that God was punishing them.Not sure I totally believe everything that Nikki was telling me, but this was the most compelling argument for a breeding session I have ever heard! She wanted at least 3 more men in addition to Rich and myself. All had to be STD tested before, and they should come from very diverse racial heritage. I only have 2 weeks until Nikki starts ovulating so better get I busy setting this up… Comments or Likes will help me hurry up and tell the rest of the story 🙂

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