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Clearence RackI was in Kohls browsing the ladies department, I like to shop their clearance rack. I found they had marked down last years colors of Vanity Fair Body Caress, my favorite panties. The larger sizes being on the bottom I had kneeled looking for size 8, I had found a couple of pair and had them in my hand when a gentleman stepped close to me. “Very nice” he said, turning my attention to him I found myself face to crotch with him, looking up I found him smiling down at me. “Yes, I think so” I replied. Looking around, I was sure we were out of earshot of anyone, he asked quietly “are you wearing panties”. I just smiled at him and nodded slightly. “Mmmmm” was his reaction. I noticed his wedding ring as stood up, he walked at my side just slightly behind me as I made my way to the cashier, he was probably slightly older the me. “I’d like to see” he whispered before walking toward the door. I paid for my new panties and left the store. He was waiting for me just outside the door, “I know a private place” he said nervously. I was maraş escort pretty sure he wasn’t an axe murderer so I asked “where?” “Just a little way from here, off 9 Mile Rd, you can follow me” he said rather timidly. I was intrigued “ok” I said.My car was hot as hell when I got in, it was a hot August afternoon, I started my car and turned on the AC. I was wearing a white tee shirt, blue nylon shorts (Kathy Ireland from K-Mart) pink Vanity Fair Body Caress panties and a cute pair of unisex slides from Payless. Even though I was dressed for the heat and the air was on I was still sweating, I was as nervous as my admirer. I was following him down 9 Mile with corn probably 7 feet tall on both sides of the road when he put on his turn signal and turned right, I followed him onto a 2 track that went about a 100 feet and turned right for maybe 50 feet then ended in a turn around. He stopped then waved to me to come to his car, I went to the passenger door and got in, he left his car running allowing the AC to keep the car cool.”My name escort maraş is Brian” he said moving to the center of the seat “and you are?” he asked. “I like to call myself Cissy with a C” I giggled. “Well Cissy with a C do you always wear panties” he asked putting his hand on my leg. “Always” I answered. “Tell me what else you like to wear” he whispered stroking the inside of my thigh, moving higher as he did. ” anything girly” I purred as his hand slid up the leg of my shorts. Rubbing my hip through my panties “what color are they” he breathed in my ear. “Pink” I replied breathlessly. “Yes, I like pink” he breathed lightly brushing my ear lobe with his lips “I want to play with your peter” he whispered, cupping my cock through my panties. “Ooooh yes” I moaned. “Lets slip your shorts off” he suggested, I lifted up and he pulled them down to my ankles, I kicked my shoes off and he bent down and slipped my shorts over my feet. He put his nose to the front of my panties and inhaled deeply before sitting back up. God, I was soooo maraş escort bayan turned on, I reached over to rub his cock through his shorts, he stopped me grabbing my hand “no” was all he said. He pulled the waist band of my panties down allowing my cock to spring out then started to stroke me, pushing up my tee shirt he played with my nipples. I was moaning uncontrollably, his hand was being lubed by the precum drooling from my cock, he moved his attention from my nipples to my balls, massaging then through my panties. “Oh god Brian I’m gonna cum” I moaned loudly. “Give it to me Cissy” he commanded excitedly squeezing my balls, pumping them as he stoked my cock faster. “Yes” I squealed as my cock exploded, as my cum spewed from my cock he caught it in his hand, it puddled in his palm. I sat there shaking from the magnitude of my orgasm as Brian milked the last drops of cum from now rapidly deflating cock, he got out of the car as I recovered, I watched him walk back near my car, I know he thought he was out of my sight when he brought his hand to his mouth and lapped up my cum, swallowing it, licking his hand clean as he stroked his cock cumming on the ground before returning to his car. I gave him my email before we left the cornfield, but that’s another story.

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