Cleaning Out

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Asa Akira

It was a hot lazy day today and Jen was glad because she was not in the mood to work. She’d rolled out of bed at about 11, determined to get some shopping done. Now it was 3 and walking round the streets was not helping her feet at all; a good soak in the bath at home sounded really sweet. Her stomach wasn’t feeling to happy either, though she had only done a light lunch of quiche and soup at a wanna-be-posh restaurant in the mall. As she drove the car up the road out of the city, she didn’t feel right at all, the beginnings of an oppressive headache were becoming evident.

Something that Jen had liked to do occasionally for many years was give her self enemas. It was purely for sexual thrills, as she had found that area to be very sensual for as long as she could remember, (but the thought came to her now for different reasons). Anal sex affected her in a different way to normal sex, not really stronger sensations, just different, weird ones. Taking enemas was a development of that. Of course enemas where supposed to be done for health reasons, which is what now made Jen think of doing one. She felt tense, blocked up and unclean. An enema would make her feel flushed out and pure again, and if she masturbated while doing it,…well it might take her mind off the uncomfortable head-ache’y sickly feeling. A well rationalised plan,…and it was decided.

The thoughts she was having where already starting to take her head to a better place, as she imagined herself in ten minutes time on the bath room floor, the warm water rushing into her. She shifted in her seat, spreading her legs a little to get her sensitive anus hole in contact with the leather through her pants and velvet trousers. It frustrated her that there was still a few miles to go to her house out in the countryside. Her right foot reacted to the instructions coming from her pussy and gradually pressed further down on the accelerator, overtaking a boring looking saloon car. A portly man looked at her critically, and she mouthed to him; “out the way you fucked-up cunt, I wanna stick a fucking tube up my ass, now!”. She couldn’t imagine what his reaction would have been had he heard what she said, and she began to chuckle at her own crudeness at such close proximity to polite society.

As she drove on, she kept her hand on her thigh and very ankara escort slightly ground her ass into the seat, feeling her anus hole react appreciatively to the rubbing. Despite her playful, aroused state, as she got closer to her home the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach became worse and nausea swept gently over her. She didn’t hate being sick, but she would prefer not to, hoping the enema cleaning her out would make her feel better. Once parked outside her house she sat still for a time, thinking about the sickly feeling. But as thoughts drifted toward the oncoming bathroom antics the wave of nausea began to subside. She stepped out of the car and hurried inside, straight to the bathroom.

The enema bag was in a cupboard above the bath, but first she got the sink filled with a nice temperature of water. She filled the bag and got down on her knees, which she had found was the position that suited her best. There was a slight sting on initial entry of the tube, but then it glided in nicely. Enjoying the feeling of the tube inside her she ground her hips back and fourth a few times, before reaching behind herself for the bag. She squeezed it hard. Ahhhh….that was the feeling she’d been looking forward to. The water, smooth as can be, filled her ass in every corner, and she kept on squeezing the bag until she could take no more. She sat up on her knees, and now her pussy really needed the attention she had been denying it. With two very experience fingers on her right hand, she parted her lips and rubbed down and up between then helping her clit to come further out. This stroking and pressure in her anus made her realise she needed to pee, and it would have to be soon. She was caught between the immediate need to pee and the seemingly more important need to cum. Glancing at the bath, she had a neat idea; “I can do everything in there,….and then just wash it out”. She stood up, slowly and awkwardly, holding the side of the bath for support, and then gently lowered herself into the bath on all-fours.

This filthy idea had got her pussy ravenous, and she plunged her fingers back into it gleefully, diddling her clit a little with her thumb. She rubbed her front wall and squirmed her ass about in the bath wanting her fingers to go in further, but suddenly the nausea came back,… and ankara genç escort majorly so. Her head began to spin and saliva rushed into the sides of her mouth telling her she wasn’t going to avoid puking now. The huge pressure in her bowels was down pushing down on her stomach, requesting its contents to re-locate themselves. Thoughts went through her mind at high speed as she tried to work out a very hasty plan of action. She gulped and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This wasn’t what she had planned, and it was inevitable that she would throw up very soon indeed. The toilet was near, but she knew her ass and bladder needed release soon also. Almost in the same instance as these thoughts went through her head, she had resigned herself to puking in the bath in front her her now, as well as shitting and pissing in the bath. Whatever cleaning up would need to be done later was pushed to the back of her head. All she wanted at present was to feel O.K.

There was so much saliva in her mouth now that she began to dribble uncontrollably. Actually she wouldn’t have bothered controlling it,…she was completely surrendered to whatever was going to happen to her body in the nest ten minutes or so. The idea that she was going to puke, shit and piss sent a feeling of total freedom through her. She opened her mouth wide, and let a long disgusting string of dribble go down her chin in a sick and helpless kind of fashion. Then all of a sudden her stomach heaved and uuuurrrllpp!….yellow coloured vomit splattered into the bath in front of her. She panted, struggling to hold her heaving body up by her arms, and then let out another huge squirt of vile tasting vomit.

Then after 20 seconds of sitting there very still, ready to vomit again, she began to feel a little better. Now it was time for the rest. She relaxed her bladder and began to let out a trickle of warm pee into the bath behind her. Soon she felt it trickle down round her legs to join the vomit at the deeper end of the bath. It felt so nice and warm and running running around her legs that she felt she must sit her ass and pussy down in it. This gave her an even nicer feeling as when the pee came out of her is hit the bath and then hit he vagina straight away. She was more than ready now to finger herself to an amazing orgasm antalya escort while releasing the load in her bowels into the evil concoction, but her stomach had other plans. This time she wretched and coughed and nothing came up first time, then more powerfully burping too, and a small amount splashed onto what was there already. The heave pushed a small amount of brown water out through her anus. She heaved again and she found it hard to hold her anus hole shut. The puking was intense, she was panting and the heaving was violent. It must be some kind of food poisoning.

Then, suddenly, it all came out. The damn broke in her anus hole and what felt like a litre of dirty water just dropped out of her ass into the bath. At the same time she threw up a fountain of yellow puke, some hitting the side of the bath and some splashing out onto the carpet. The power of the wretch had thrown her head upwards involuntarily. She was helpless to do anything now. Her mouth was wide open, her body was heaving and her ass was open letting out all she had within her. She felt the brown water turn into violent squirting diarrhea, before subsiding to occasional spasms in her hole. She sat there for about 5 more minutes, still, except for the occasional dry heave and a twitch of her sphincter. As she sat up and lay back in the bath, it did look like hell; Chunks, lumps and bits of the vilest brown-ish yellow things imaginable. But Jen felt completely clean inside and her her breathing came back steady again, a feeling of complete serenity washed over her.

Her pussy flooded with juices again at the tough of her hand, and her fingers were soon gliding in and out of her. It didn’t take long before she felt the most powerful orgasm of her life on its way. The images of the past half hour filled her head as she gleefully fucked her self, writhing in the mess she had created. The orgasm kept building and building almost scaring her with its potential ferocity. She knew this was more intense than she had ever felt before when masturbating. When it came she splashed and slithered and slopped about in the bath, desperately digging her fingers into her cunt as fare as she could reach. Her whole body was super-sensitive for 10 seconds or so and she revelled in the feeling of liquidy mush all around her. She came down slowly, her pussy juices running down her ass crack being the last contribution to the mixture. She had never come that much before.

After lying in total bliss for a long long time she gently craned her neck upwards to survey her surroundings. Filthy. The only way to be,… don’t you think?

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