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“I’m all set to go roller-blading,” I thought, “just need Monique to show up and we can hit the trail.” I’d been waiting all week for this opportunity to be out with Monique.

“Hey, Jason you ready to go?” I heard her say as she walked up from the parking lot.

While she approached I thought, “Am I ever,” she was wearing a fairly tight tank top that accentuated her breasts and shorts, which, while decent left a definite impression.

“You bet, but you may do a little better if you wear the skates instead of carrying them around,” I said as she plunked down on the grass beside me.

I watched as she was pulling on her skates, “her legs are beautiful,” I thought. As my eyes traced the contour of her legs I couldn’t help but notice that her shorts were riding up a little, and the view that was offered gave just a hint of her hidden charms.

“How far do you want to go?” she asked, with a smile.

Whoops, “How far are you willing to go?” I returned.

“I usually go all the way, but I’m out of practice and may need to rest. The trail goes near my house, so we can stop there and decide what our final destination will be.”


We started down the trail, side by side; getting the feel of the skates, neither one of us is what you might call an expert at roller-blading. Soon enough though we were making pretty good time, talking about work and mutual friends. The trail wasn’t too crowded especially for such a hot sunny day, just enough so that we couldn’t stay next to each other the whole time, not that I minded having to drop behind to let someone pass. I may have even lingered to the rear a few times lost in the motion of her body.

After we had gone about 2 miles we were both pretty hot, and while it didn’t seem that we were going that fast, my legs were starting to feel the effects of our exertions. Monique started to slow down and said, “There is my house up on the left.”

“Cool,” I thought, “I could use a drink about now.”

We pulled up to a gate in a fence and in we went.

“Wow, nice place Monique,” I said, not just flattery either, while it wasn’t a mansion it was good sized, the yard was an interesting montage of native plants and the whole back was surrounded by an eight foot privacy fence.

“Thanks, you should have seen it when I moved in, I finally have it set up the way I like it. Come up to the porch we can take our skates off and I’ll give you the tour.”

“Tour first or drink?” she asked, when we had removed the skates.


“Have a seat and I’ll bring it out, you want a towel?”

“Please,” I said, now that I wasn’t moving the sweat was starting to drip off me.

While I was looking out over the yard Monique glided up behind me and draped a towel over my head and said, “Drinks coming up!” as she moved away her fingers lightly drifted down my back and were gone.

While she was gone I took off my sweaty shirt and started toweling off.

She returned with the drinks, nice cold water, and sat down across from me with a towel hung across her neck, and took a drink. “Damn it’s hot,” she complained, and with no further adieu she pulled her shirt off. The world froze in that moment I didn’t mean to stare, but seeing Monique clad only in a sports bra and shorts was somewhat of a shock, her breasts were perfect, just the right size and crowned with pert nipples that strained for release from the confining fabric. Monique calmly toweled the sweat from her delectable torso, and when our eyes met a thrill ran through me.

“Come on, I’ll give you that tour now,” she said.

As I stood, I couldn’t help but be self-conscious of the bulge tenting my shorts, would she notice? I saw her eyes flick across my body as we started into the house; was that a slight smile?

“Where do you want to start?” she asked

“I like to start at the top and go down,” I said, “but you are the tour guide and I place myself in your capable hands.”

“Mmm, I like that too,” she said as we walked towards the stairs, “Please keep you hands, and,” she glanced down my body, “other extremities inside the ride at all times”

“I may have a problem with that,” I thought, because as we mounted the stairs, my eyes were directly in line with her bottom. “Do teeth count?” I wondered.

When we got Kıbrıs Escort to the top of the stairs, directly in front of us, was a bedroom. There was a double bed, dresser and night table in the room, not much else though just a few knick-knacks.

“Here we have the guest room,” she explained, “I don’t entertain very often, but if the need should arise…”

We exited the room and turned right down the hall. The next room was a bathroom. We crowded into the doorway, my hip and leg lightly touching her side; she flipped on the light.

“This is one of the best features about my house, both the bathtubs are Jacuzzis and they are big, big enough for two people, even if one of them is your height.”

While I was admiring the tub she turned sideways and slid across my body as she exited the bathroom. Her Lycra encased breasts rubbed against my chest as she went by, her prominent nipples a stiff counter point to the supple flesh of her bosom. “Come this way and I’ll show you my home office.”

I took one last look at the bathtub, thinking I could use a cold shower about now, and followed her toward the next room. When I got there she was reaching for the mouse and closed an application with a picture on it. I didn’t have enough time to identify the image, but there seemed to be a lot of flesh tones in it.

“Doing some artwork?” I asked. The ensuing flush spoke volumes as to what had been on the screen. “I’d like to see your work sometime.”

The red deepened and spread to cover the upper portion of her chest. “When the tour is done maybe I’ll give you a sampling of my portfolio.”

She proceeded to show me her set up. “I’d like to be able to do more work from here, but Bob likes to have us within arms reach at the office, and I would miss the personal interactions.”

“I know what you mean, I talked to Bob about working from home too. He doesn’t mind if it is an occasional thing, but don’t try to make a habit out of it.”

“Shall we continue?” she asked and we went back out into the hall. “That room is just for storage, not much to see,” she said as we went by a closed door.

“Here is my bedroom,” she said stopping in the doorway of an immense room. I hadn’t expected her to stop at the doorway and I ran right into her back, the not so soft bulge in my shorts pressed directly into the crease of her shorts. It felt like she pushed back into me for a second but then she walked the rest of the way into the room. She turned looked me right in the eyes and tugged at the legs of her shorts. It was my turn to blush. There was a wry smile on her lips as she led me into the room.

The master suite (too plush to be called anything less) was luxurious. The bathroom had a full size Jacuzzi tub, shower stall, double sinks and plenty of cabinet space. The bedroom proper had a king-size bed, walk-in closet, several dressers and a fully stocked bookshelf.

Monique noticed that my gaze lingered on the books and said, “I love to read in bed. “

“Me too, what kinds of stuff do you like?”

“I like to read all sorts, you can take a look at what I’ve got after we finish the tour if you’d like.”

“Would you like to go down now?” she asked.

“By all means” I replied.

As we retraced our path to the stairs, I was starting to get a little nervous, my shorts were already bulging to the point were it was getting embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable, but then again if her nipples got any harder the fabric of her bra was sure to fail, the thought of which didn’t do my problem any good. Besides, from the looks I’d noticed she seemed to enjoy the state she had put me in.

We went down the stairs and resumed our tour in the kitchen. It was arranged in a utilitarian fashion, everything seemed to have its place. While we were in there, we decided to refill our glasses. She opened the refrigerator, to get the chilled water.

“Not a lot of food in there,” I said, looking over her shoulder “but you seem to have a corner on the canned whipped cream market.”

She said, “Everything is better with whipped cream on it.”

“Everything?” I said.

She smiled and said “Well, maybe not everything, but I’ve been know to make a mean “Banana Split.”

We finished our drinks and moved on to the dining room, in which Kıbrıs Escort Bayan there was a sturdy table, and buffet.

“I rarely use this room, I never have enough people over to warrant it,” she said. With that she quickly ushered me into the living room. You could tell this was “her” room when we walked in, there was a comfortable looking couch, coffee table, small entertainment area, and books. At first glance it seemed that there were books everywhere. The room had a well lived-in look.

“Care to guess where I the do bulk of my reading?” she said, as she sat down on the couch motioning me to have a seat as well.

I sat down at the other end of the couch and we both turned to face the other. She had drawn up a knee for a more comfortable position. My eyes seemed to have a will of their own as they slid up her leg, and came to rest at the juncture of her thigh and shorts. When my mind caught up with my eyes I saw that I had a clear view of her panty-encased mound. Her panties had a transparency too them that peaked my desire to examine this vision closer, a few renegade curls peeked around the leg bands, and I could just make out the contours of her sex. I tore my gaze from that tasty view and looked up to her face. She had a somewhat glazed look on her face, but she wasn’t looking at my eyes she was looking lower. I looked down; I had assumed the same sitting position.

“Well,” I thought, “Do I reach down and cover myself?”

As this thought occurred to me, I saw her hand reach down toward her shorts, “So much for the view,” I thought. I followed her hand down; she rested it on her thigh and slowly moved it up until she cupped herself through her underwear. She looked up at me, smiled and very deliberately slid her hand up while her eyes tracked down my hairless chest, crossed the boundary of my shorts and came to rest on my ever-increasing bulge. She then began to move her fingers across her panties, each movement alternately tightened and relaxed the thin cloth, exposing, covering, giving a quick peek and quickly hiding it.

My hand began to move toward my lengthening problem, Monique said, “Don’t move, just watch.”

I returned my gaze to her hand movements; she stopped, and moved to a more comfortable position, when her hand returned she slowly peeled her panties to the side. Her excitement was obvious, she ran her hand up the length, and her fingers glistened. I too was conscious of a growing wetness; it had to be pretty apparent to her that she had me in quite a state.

Monique slowly ran her fingers through her cleft; lightly touching the lips, teasing herself as she only briefly paused on her clit before moving on. With her left hand she began to pinch at her nipples.

“Let me see it,” she whispered thickly.

Using the last vestige of my self-control, I slowly reached down and rubbed myself through my shorts, and said “This?”

I then reached into the leg opening, as she had done, and carefully pulled the underwear to the side freeing my penis.

She leaned forward and reached out with her finger, wiping a drop from the end of my penis and then resumed her play. Her touch had sent shivers throughout my body. Then sat up on her knees, pushed me further back on the couch and kissed me. As we kissed we took the opportunity to explore. Her hands rubbed across my chest, she paused at each nipple to give it a pinch. “Hey, two can play at that game,” I slid my hands under the tight of her sports bra and pushed it up, she raised her arms so I could slip it off. I caressed her breasts, and gave each nipple a pinch in return. They seemed to like the attention. I pushed her back and flicked my tongue at them.

She pushed me away and laid back on the couch, unbuttoning her shorts as she leaned back. When she lifted her hips I reached out and pulled her shorts and panties over her ass and down her legs, and threw them to the floor. Monique then sat up shoved me back and pulled the rest of my clothes off. Kneeling on the side of the couch she took me in her hand and gave the tip a little lick. Her lips enveloped my swollen head, “Mmmm,” I moaned, which elicited a muffled chuckle. “Let me taste you,” I said. In reply she gripped my penis harder and “dragged” me to the floor.

Monique turned her body and positioned Escort Kıbrıs herself over me. She was excited, I nibbled on the hollow of her thigh and slid my tongue over her clit. She gasped and leaned forward to take me into her mouth. I savored the moment, my mouth on a delicious treat, her hand gently tugging on my balls… Wanting to please her I darted my tongue this way and that, probing, sucking. Soon I felt her tense her hips rocking, pushing for that last bit of contact that she needed. I pushed a finger into her and she cried out, and slumped down in release. I gently kissed and licked her, enjoying her flavor.

After a few minutes, she turned around and holding me in her hand guided me between her lips. The sensation was incredible when she slowly sunk down on my length. She stayed still for a moment, and then began to rock back and forth slowly at first and then with gathering speed. I put my hands on her hips as she bent to kiss me. I began to meet her thrusts as the rush towards climax began, When she tightened her muscles, I started to come, she speed up her efforts and with a final squeeze found her own dizzying orgasm.

Sitting up she pushed my arms above my head and kissed me. She slid forward a little letting my partially erect cock slip out of her and slap wetly against my stomach.

Monique pushed down on my arms pinning me and said, “I think you have something to cleanup before we move on to other activities.” She then slid herself up my body and before I had a chance to react she was kneeling on my arms with her wet lips poised above my mouth. I could see a small drop of my come dangling from one of her lips. As I watched it broke free and fell to my lips.

“Lick it,” she said.

Tentatively I put my tongue out and lapped at her clit. “Ahh, that feels nice,” she said, “but what I want is for you to take care of the deposit that you left behind. Open you mouth.” When she saw me comply she reached down and spread herself and said, “Watch.”

I looked, spread as she was I could see a veritable lake of come. I saw her tense the muscles of her abdomen. I knew what was coming and pinned as I was there was no stopping the big drop of my own come from dripping right into my mouth. The taste wasn’t like I had expected. I felt my self, start to harden with the thought of licking the rest of it out and cleaning her. I put my tongue out and she squeezed some more out. “That’s it,” she said. Every time she tensed I got deluged with semen, the slippery substance coating my lips and tongue. Watching it pour out of her was immensely exciting. Some of the sperm ran down her crack and hung right on her asshole. I leaned into her and delicately lapped it up with my tongue. Hearing her groan I continued to tongue her ass for a minute. When I moved back to catch some more, she grabbed my head and said “Put your tongue in me and suck out the rest.” I obeyed with exuberance. I put my mouth over her I started to lick the inside of her cleft, sucking gently on her flushed lips, and occasionally slipping over her clit. She ground herself into my face and started to come, her own juices combining with mine and flowing copiously into my waiting mouth. As she wound down she slid off my chest and began to kiss and lick my sticky face.

“You liked that”, she said, as she reached down and tugged on my rejuvenated cock.

I replied, “It certainly wasn’t what I expected. I definitely liked being ‘forced’ to do it.”

“Do you want to play some more games like this? I liked forcing you to do it too, and I have a few ideas about some other things I would like to do with you”, she said. “How about we skate back to park, and get our cars. You can go home and get cleaned up, come back here and submit to my will.”

She said that last part with a grin spreading across her face, and I considered her offer.

“I won’t do anything that would hurt you,” she said, “I may make you feel embarrassed, and maybe expand your sexual horizons, but you can always say ‘stop’ and I will.”

“OK, I think I am up to the challenge. Let’s see what you can dish out”, I said.

“It’s not what I can dish out that will be the challenge,” She said enigmatically.

We got up and pulled our clothes on, and skated back to the park. She didn’t say much as we skated, just looked at me now and then with a devilish smile.

When we got to our cars, she embraced me and said, “I’ll see you at 7:00, don’t come early, I will be out, I have to pick up a few things. But be ready for some interesting activities.”

“See you soon”, I said, pressing my lips to hers.

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