Cindy takes Affirmative Action

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Shortly after leaving college it was time to find a job, but after four years in a liberal arts school, I didn’t have a lot of experience in any fields. I decided to look at working in a skilled trade, and there were a couple of companies looking for welders in our area of the country.  I finally got a job but was the low man on the totem pole and didn’t have a lot of welding experience so I took the first job I could find working for a small oil rig company nearby in Texas. After about a month things were looking pretty rocky and my supervisor, Jason, and his boss Keshawn had a meeting with me telling me how my welds weren’t as smooth as they hoped and if I didn’t improve they would have to let me go. I told them how I had been practicing at home and Jason suggested they might stop by and give me some help and pointers. I reluctantly agreed and we planned for them to come over Sunday afternoon. At around 8 pm on Saturday they showed up and we started drinking some beers and grilling some meat on the back deck. Jason was in his mid-thirties, an average looking guy and Keshawn was about forty but looked pretty young for his age, a tall muscular black man with a very athletic build. My wife Cindy, a pretty five-feet-four-inch brunette sorority girl with a voluptuous figure and a nice set of C cups, introduced herself and brought us a round of beers wearing a thin sundress that really showed off her curves. I was a bit surprised since that wasn’t what she kaçak iddaa was wearing earlier in the day but didn’t think too much of it as I’d already had a few and my tolerance wasn’t what it used to be. After Cindy went inside, Keshawn looked my way and asked, “How did a Beta male like you got a hot piece of ass like her,” giving Cindy’s rear a long appreciative stare as she walked back into the kitchen and then smirking at his buddy Jason. I laughed nervously and told him our story about being high school sweethearts and how she flirted with all the football jocks but at the end of the night, I was (usually) the guy she went home with. Keshawn and Jason both agreed that she was pretty hot and I was a lucky man. I appreciated their compliment, although it made me a bit nervous how flirtatious she was acting with these two guys, and I noticed that Keshawn winked at her while she brought fresh beers. My wife just smiled back with a knowing look and even once slapped him on the wrist and said, “Watch your hands, you dirty dog.” It was getting dark and the beers were starting to loosen everyone up, so I invited my coworkers inside to watch some college football. At this point, I had no idea how much longer these guys were going to stay, and was frankly a little concerned that they were talking straight to my wife now and pretty much ignoring me. Cindy came in with more beer for us still wearing her sundress, but she must have taken her bra off because kaçak bahis her nipples were pointing thru the thin material and I could tell my friends couldn’t take their eyes off her big tits with the rigid nipples pointing at the ceiling like a couple of steel rods. Cindy loved the attention and bent over a little too far setting the beer on the coffee table and one of her boobs popped out of her dress. She stood up acting embarrassed and said, “Sorry, boys,” and leaned forward and fell into Keshawn’s lap where he was sitting on the couch.   Keshawn caught her in his powerful arms, grabbing her hips and swinging her back up onto her feet, but not before her hands seemed to slip between his legs and linger there on the big bulge he was not trying to hide.   Cindy blushed and said, “Wow you’re packing some serious equipment, Keshawn,”  then hurried into the kitchen saying she had to “freshen up” and get us all some more alcohol.   At this point, I realized I’d had too much to drink and needed to lay down for a couple of minutes and told Cindy I wasn’t feeling so good and was just going to sit in the big easy chair in the corner and rest. Cindy smiled and said, “Of course, hon, and don’t you worry about our guests I’ll make sure they are well-taken care of.” I grudgingly murmured that I didn’t have a problem with it. Keshawn made a joke and said, “Damn girl, we could use a bit more eye candy over here. Let Bob sleep it off while you come over here and illegal bahis show your husband’s boss some hospitality.” Cindy smiled, strolled over to him on the couch and said, “You have the confidence of a man with a big… bank account,” and then her hand slid along his arm and stopped on his thigh, resting there over long before she brought it back up to chug her beer.   We had all had several drinks at this point and I was having trouble thinking clearly, it was like I was watching events unfold in a movie. I did notice Jason kept glancing at Cindy and nudging Keshawn and that’s when I realized she didn’t have any panties on and they were getting a nice view of her ass and pussy. Cindy again apologized about her “wardrobe malfunction” earlier and blurted out, “I was such a slut in high school before I met Bob and he taught me how to keep my legs shut,” then blushed immediately. Jason and Keshawn exchanged knowing glances and Keshawn said, “Hey baby, it’s cool.  You can’t let one tired old man stop you from letting your inner spirit animal roam free.  And from what I see, your inner spirit animal is a fox.” “Or maybe a sultry lioness,” Jason chimed in. Cindy smiled at his compliment, seemed to find comfort in his words and looked over my way in the corner where I was starting to doze off, then smiled back at the two men and told them that since they saw her tit, she deserved to get a look at “what you two studs are packing.” She had had a lot to drink by this point and her voice was slurred, but there was a twinkle in her eye and the alcohol had just revealed what was there all along – my wife was a dirty slut who liked to fuck other men every chance she could.

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