Christy Brings Debi Over

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Big Tits

Christy Brings Debi OverMy wife Christy went out Saturday afternoon to meet her friend Debi. She told me that Debi has been having a rough time with her boyfriend, Jim, and needed some girl time. Christy said she was sure that they were going to break up, which really didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. Debi’s boyfriend was one of the biggest assholes I have ever known. Christy and I did not want to be around him at all. I mentioned that Debi would not have any problem meeting a good man, she is one of the nicest people we knew. And she was hot, a true sexpot. She liked to flirt with me once in awhile which made Jim insane. We were both glad she was getting out of the situation.It was a gorgeous spring day and I took advantage of it by doing outdoor work around the house. After getting everything done I took a shower, threw on some gym shorts and a t-shirt, and made myself a drink. Christy and I had planned to out for dinner, but it was now approaching 6pm and I had not heard from her. Just as I was about to pick up my phone I heard a car pull up in the garage. 20 minutes later, Christy still had not yet come inside and I was getting kind of hungry. I stood up as she came through the door laughing, and right behind her was Debi, also laughing. They were not feeling any pain and I immediately thought of ordering a pizza. As I made another drink, Christy exclaimed, “First, I have got to take a piss right now!” and she headed straight for the bathroom. I looked at Debi, she was wearing a sexy summer dress that made her huge boobs so inviting. They were bigger than Christy’s. I said, “Looks like you two had fun this afternoon. You doing ok?” “Honey, I am doing just fine. You have a great lady, you know that?” She was slurring her words a bit and obviously buzzed. She looked me up and down and said, “And she has a very handsome husband, you sexy looking man! She is so lucky! If you weren’t married to Christy, I’d be all over you right now!” As she stared at my crotch, I could feel the blood starting to fill up my cock. I knew the bulge was evident and she could see the outline through my shorts. Debi grabbed her top and shifted it, which caused her big tits to shake around. Then she put her hand between her legs and said, “I think I have to use the restroom too. Make me a drink for when I get back.” She turned around and walked down the hallway, knowing that I was watching her fine ass shaking back and forth. My brain was racing and my cock was pulsing.As I was pouring drinks for the three of us, Christy came in the kitchen. I immediately noticed that she had taken off her bra. She put her arm around me and pressed her large boobs into my side. She said, “You won’t believe this, but Jim thinks that you, me, and Debi are having a threesome.” I looked right in the eye and replied, “Do you want to?” Christy started to rub my cock and I knew her answer. She said, “Debi has been playing with my tits and ass all day. When we were driving home, she was flashing her boobs to anyone and everyone. And I know that she is finished with Jim. She is envious of me because I have a good man. I told her all about us, and she does have a wild side.” We started kissing passionately. Christy broke off the kiss for a moment and said, “Debi has nice tits, you’re going to like them. And I really want to eat her pussy, I haven’t done that for so long now.” Christy was still rubbing my cock which was at total erection. She said, “Oh, that turns you on, does it?” She reached into my shorts, I reached into her shorts. She wasn’t wearing any panties either, and her cunt was soaked. “I’m not the only one excited around here!” I said. We both laughed and started kissing again, I think both of us wanted Debi to catch us in this position. And less than a minute later, she did.We knew Debi was there, watching us. Christy and I were concentrating on each other and we were pretty fucking turned on when we heard Debi sighing in approval. Christy was jacking me off underneath my shorts and I had two fingers deep inside her pussy. We stopped kissing and looked at each other, smiling, and then looked over to Debi. She was massaging one tit through her top and the hem of her dress pulled up while she rubbed her twat with the other hand. She said out load, “Fuck, you two are the sexiest. Christ I am so freaking horny!” Debi’s eyes were fixed at our waist level, and I undid Christy’s shorts and let them fall to the floor. Then I lifted one of her legs up and placed her foot on the kitchen counter, spreading her legs wide. The bottom of her blouse was covering her shaven cunt so Christy started to unbutton it, starting from the bottom button and saying to me, “Take ‘em off.” I dropped trou. I heard Debi gasp then moan, “Oh yeah.” I quickly took off my t-shirt as Christy undid the last button and threw her top wide open. I stepped forward and my cock was brushing against her bare slit. “Go ahead baby, put it in me.” The head of my cock disappeared so easily and I began to fuck Christy very slow and deliberate, only putting half of me inside of her with each thrust. I looked at Christy’s big tits shaking around, then I looked at Debi. She was in awe and looked to be really turned on. Christy motioned for her to come towards us and said, “Go ahead and take off your dress Debi. Joe has been dying to see your tits.” When her dress hit the floor my jaw dropped. Her tits were bigger and as beautiful as Christy’s. I had to pull my cock out because I was afraid I was going to cum right then. Christy put took her leg off the counter and faced Debi as she joined us. Debi commented, “Gawd Christy, you were right. Joe has a nice one.” Debi bent down and took one of Christy’s nipples in her mouth and grabbed on to my shaft. By the look on Christy’s face, I could tell she was in heaven. It has been quite a while since she was with another woman. If I knew one thing, if two women are getting along like this, all I have to do is show up. Debi rose up from Christy’s tit and the three of us stood there about a half an arm’s length away from each other. I grabbed both of them by the waist and pulled us together. It was total skin on skin, wiggling our bodies around, getting more aroused. I kissed Christy full on the mouth, then I kissed Debi who furiously and passionately raced her tongue against mine. Then Debi and Christy kissed and watching them together was an incredible turn on for me, but not as much as it seemed to be turning them on. When they peeled apart, Debi said to Christy, “What was that triangle thing you were talking about while we were in the car?” Christy replied, “Oh, you mean the Bermuda Triangle? The three person version of a 69?” “Yeah, I want to try that with you two.” Christy then started to give instructions. “Let’s go in the living room. Joe, you move the coffee table out of the way and I’ll get the big soft comforter.” I said to Debi, “This is what Christy and I call our playground! We’ll watch a little porn on TV while laying on the blanket, and things usually just take off from there.” Debi said, “Oh, put some porn on TV! Jim never wants to watch that.” Christy laid out the comforter with Debi’s help and I had a DVD going on TV. Debi watched the TV for a little bit, then plopped on the floor. Christy wasted no time diving between her legs. Debi’s big tits were propped up between her biceps as she held onto Christy’s head with her eyes closed tight. Christy’s long pointed tongue delicately swiped across Debi’s puffy clit. “Eat my pussy Joe. Debi, suck Joe’s cock. This is the Bermuda Triangle!” We were laying on our sides, legs spread wide, and our faces in someone’s crotch. All of us were moaning with our mouths full, and I have to say that Debi was giving me some really good head. There were moans and sex talk coming from the TV, our hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies, and I for one was giving Christy the best oral sex that I could. I went to feel Debi’s tits and Christy’s hand was already there, pinching and tweaking her nipple causing Debi to breath very heavy all over my prick. Then she started going wild on my cock and bucking her hips against Christy’s face. We could feel that Debi was going to have a powerful orgasm any second. She grabbed my cock in her hand and jacked me as she lifted her head shouting, “Oh my gawd, oh my gawd. I’m going to cum, Christy, you’re going to make me cum. Fuck yes, lick me you bitch. Suck on my clit and make me cum!!!” I stopped sucking Christy’s pussy so I could watch and Debi had the most intense look on her face. She took my cock back in her mouth and we could hear her whimpering over the groaning on the TV. As she pumped my rigid cock and sucked on the big purple head, her body would spasm as each tic went through her sexy body. Finally she went limp, spit my cock out of her mouth, and just lay there with her eyes closed and a shit eating grin on her face. As she licked her lips, Debi said, “I have not felt that for years. You two just made me so happy.” She opened her eyes and sat up, leaned over and gave Christy a full kiss on the lips as if to thank her for her so much pleasure. I got up and went to the kitchen to get our drinks. When I came back, Christy was laying flat on the floor and Debi had her face buried between Christy’s spread legs. I sat on the couch and just watched them make love, fuck it was turning maltepe escort me on. Debi knew what she was doing, this was not her first pussy eating experience. Christy opened her eyes and looked up at me, I was all smiles. “I want to suck your cock baby, come over here for me.” I lay beside her and she was in heat. Christy loves to give head, it is her special talent. And she was going to town on me, she was in another world. She came as hard as I’ve ever seen her cum before. Christy was spent, she still had a hold of my hard dick while she tried to catch her breath. Debi raised up, her face was glistening with juices and looking over Christy like she conquered new territory. Debi looked at me and smiled proudly. I crawled over to her, pushed her down on the blanket, spread her legs apart and kneeled between them. Debi grabbed my forearms as I slid inside of her. Her eyes widened at the intrusion and I thrust all the way forward, burying my 9 inch cock deep inside. Debi moaned, “Oh fuck, oh fuck. Its so big. Gawd yes, fill me up Joe. I love your cock baby, I just love your big fucking cock. Fuck me baby. Fuck me good.” Debi had the most wanton look on her face. She wanted to be fucked, she wanted sex, and she was more than a willing partner. I started out stroking slow and deliberate, then picked up the speed. Debi bucked her hips up and down in perfect rhythm, kicking her feet high in the air and spread as wide apart as she could. Her hole was wickedly slick, and I could feel her cunt muscles clamping tightly on my rod. I said, “Holy fuck you feel so good. I don’t know how long I can hold it.” Debi moaned back, “Oh yeah. Feels good. Feels good. Cum for me Joe. Pull it out so I can feel you quirt your hot cum on me!” I looked down at Debi’s big tits dancing in circles on her chest and it threw me over the edge. I pulled out of her, got on my knees, and started jacking off at her. I felt Christy behind me, pressing her massive tits against my back and reaching around me to rub my nipples, which she knows turns me on when I cum. It was turning Debi on just watching me with my cock in my hand. She sat up, grabbed her tits in her hands and said, “Come all over my big tits, Joe. In my face too. Give it to me baby, unload all over me. Give it to me baby, give it to me!” I could feel the eruption building up deep inside me, and I moaned out loud, “Oh shit, I’m going to cum. Fuck Debi, you’re going to make me cum!!” Debi was staring at the little pee hold on the end of my dick as the first shot splattered over her right boob, then the 2nd shot all over her left boob. The next blow was all over her chest right between them and Debi lifted her head and opened her mouth to take the rest. I dumped 7 or 8 more loads in her mouth and all over her face. Very powerful streams roped out. White goo was dripping all over her. Chris was in awe, saying “Oh wow, that’s a lot!” Debi scooped up some with her fingers and put them between her legs. “Fuck, I love the feel of hot cum on my clit.” I bent down and kissed her full on the mouth, it was an incredible turn on sharing my cum with her. Debi forced her tongue down my throat as I pushed her back on the floor and stuck my still hard and twitching cock back inside of her. I held it all the way in as Debi continued to furiously wank her clit. She had another orgasm as my cock pulsed with each heartbeat. As I went flaccid, Debi slowed down and she squeezed hard on my cock causing it to flop out of her. I rolled off of her and onto by back, laying beside her, gasping for air. Christy leaned over us, running her hands all over our bodies. The smile on her face proved that she was happy that I came so good, and Debi was saying, “Oh fuck, oh shit, mother fucker, wow, fuck, wow. Jesus Christ I needed that! Goddamn that was intense. Holy shit!” After a couple of minutes to recover, I sat up and reached for my drink and handed the girls their glasses. We made a toast to great sex and downed the alcohol. I turned off the TV so we could just soak in the moment. Sitting on the floor we admired our nakedness and I commented, “I want to do it again, but it will take me while to recover from that one. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Did you see how much I came? Fuck, even the smell of our sex is turning me on.” All three of us admitted that we had fantasized about this and we agreed that it was better than we could ever imagine. I went to the master bath to use the restroom and decided I would jump in the shower for a quick rinse. I got out, dried off, and put on the silk boxers that makes my crotch feel good. Debi and Christy came in, saw me, and giggling as they headed for the shower. I watched then for a little while soaping and feeling each other all over. I then left them alone because I knew Christy was having the time of her life. I also knew that I would be well rewarded later. I went to my den and turned on my computer. I just now remembered that I was hungry so I ordered a pizza and salads for delivery, checked the weather and the news, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything except the great sex I just had. I found myself mindlessly playing with my cock and balls underneath my shorts. I stood up and dropped my shorts just to see my half hard cock. It never looked so good to me ever before, I wished I could suck myself. Without putting my shorts back on, I strutted to the bedroom to see what Christy and Debi were doing. My cock felt heavy and the head banged against my thighs as I walked. I went to the doorway and saw Debi on the bed, flat on her back, and Christy’s face between her legs. Christy’s head was bobbing up and down, her long pointed tongue fucking Debi’s hole. Debi was frigging her clit with one hand and rubbing her nipples with the other. They were oblivious to the fact that I had entered the room. I sat down on the end of the bed and they glanced at me, but never missed a beat. I rubbed Christy’s ass and slit, then I moved up and sucked on Debi’s hard nipple for a minute. It was erotic to see them together, and I positioned myself so I kneeled in front of Debi’s head and I started to stroke my cock. Debi’s just stared, reached for my balls, and thrust her hips up to meet Christy’s tongue. Debi was smiling and I got up, telling them that a pizza was on the way. I went back to the living room and waited to see who got there first, the pizza delivery or Christy and Debi joining me. I got semi=dressed, turned the TV on and watched some porn and once again a lump built up in my shorts. I heard a car pull in the driveway and at the same time the girls came prancing in the living room wearing tank tops that you could almost see through and skimpy panties. I gave them the cash and asked them to give the pizza delivery guy a good tip. Christy and Debi had their arms around each other and opened the door. They turned to me and said that I needed to pay for it. I went to the door and the pizza had been delivered by a woman who just happened to have a set of tits that envied Christy and Debi. She looked me up and down and sighed. I gave her the cash and as she handed me the food, and said “Those women are lucky! Have fun!” Christy had opened a bottle of wine and we sat at the kitchen table. We were getting much needed nourishment. The conversation was all about sex. It was evident that Christy had told Debi a lot about us. Debi said she wanted to see our sex toy collection, “Every time a bought a vibrator or dildo, that prick would find it and throw it away.” A little later, “And I want to see how you tie each other up, with those leather flogger things.” Then Debi said, “I would mind getting spanked either. I bet it would make my pussy really wet.” After finished eating, I grabbed the rest of the wine and split it between our glasses and said, “Let’s go out on the deck and smoke some pot.” After a couple of tokes, I was horny again. I looked at Christy and I could tell she was in the same frame of mind. One side of her tanktop d****d down past her shoulder, leaving one of her boobs half exposed. Debi made the “V” on her top open up farther down her chest creating some of the best cleavage I have ever seen. She also had one foot up on her chair and the other on the deck, and you could tell that under the table she was rubbing herself. I looked past the deck to my backyard. There is a large wooded area behind our place, it is remote from any neighbors. Christy and I go in the woods and have sex quite often. Being naked outside like that is very stimulating to us. I looked at Christy and said, “Let’s get naked and go towards the woods.” Christy immediately nodded her head yes, and we stood up and stripped out of the little clothing we were wearing. She said, “Come on Debi, let’s go out back. Take off that damn top and panties!” We pranced outside, totally naked, and it felt liberating. Seeing 2 pairs of huge tits bouncing around started the blood flowing to my cock again. We got to a bench in front of the fire pit, Christy grabbed me made me sit down. She then positioned Debi with her back to me so she could sit down on my now raging hard on. Then Christy went to her knees, spread Debi’s labia apart and licked at her clit. Debi leaned back and rocked her hips, and I reached around her and grab onto her tits. Debi started giving instructions, “Lick it Christy, rub my nipples Joe. Oh fuck this is turning escort maltepe me on. Lick me faster, pinch my nipples. Fuck you two, you’re going to make me cum again. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Yes, that’s it, oh fuck yes. Suck me, here I cum, here I cum!” It didn’t take her 5 minutes to get off and this confirmed my suspicion that Debi was just as much a nympho as Christy. About 30 seconds later she was pushing Christy’s head away because her clit became too sensitive. She leaned forward and kissed Christy full on the mouth and wiggled her ass against my groin. She pushed Christy down on her back then got off of me, pulling me by the arm saying, “Fuck her Joe, fuck her good. You two are so sexy, I just want to see you two fuck.” Christy’s cunt was soaked, I slid all the way in effortlessly. I held myself there while Christy wiggled her ass to rub her clit against my pelvic bone, I know that is a favorite way for her to orgasm. Her legs were spread wide and bent at the knee, with her feet flat on the ground she could put the exact amount of pressure to get herself off on me. Debi was rubbing my rear, saying, “Holy shit, nice ass to go with a nice cock.” She brought her head next to mine and whispered in my ear, “ Give it to her Joe, fuck that big pussy. Damn this looks so good!” I could feel Christy starting to cum, then spasm after spasm swept through her, making her body shake all over. And she came longer than normal, trying to squeeze out every ounce of pleasure, and having an audience was turning her on. When Christy’s body went limp I slowly withdrew my cock and sat back down on the bench, my pole sticking straight up towards the stars. Debi was staring at my erection, smiling and licking her lips. She asked Christy, “Is it ok if I suck his cock?” Christy nodded her head and said. “Yes, I want to see you make him cum again.” Debi was all over me. She sucked my nipples and jacked me off for a few minutes, eventually working her way down and saying, “Jesus I love your cock!” She worked on the head, then started taking more and more. She grabbed my hand and wanted me to stroke myself while she sucked on the head. Christy came over and massaged my balls, and I knew it wouldn’t take too much more. Debi rubbed her tit in wide sweeping circles across her chest and that’s made me go over the edge. I exploded in her mouth and when I was finished she spit my cum combined with her saliva all over my crotch. Christy and I said in unison, “Oh wow.” When I stood up the was a little puddle left on the seat of the bench. I left there knowing that the next time I was out here, it would remind me of our sex.We walked back to the deck, once again feeling liberated, and got another drink. We stay naked, not bothering to put our clothes back on. We were all smiles and in a few minutes Christy said, “I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed right now. You two have fun and tell me all about it in the morning.” She got up and left, and for the very first time I was alone with Debi. And we were naked. Debi raised her glass for a toast and she said, “Here’s to you, here’s to me, may we never disagree. But if we ever disagree, fuck you here’s to me!” Both of us took a huge gulp of almost straight liquor. Debi was proudly displaying her body and said, “Wow, it feels good to be out here naked with a naked sexy man!” I said to her, “I guess that you are going to be staying the night, huh?” Debi replied, “Christy didn’t tell you? I’m staying here for a little while. In the guest bedroom, until I can find my own place. That’s what we were been talking about this afternoon. That, and having sex with you!” Well, that was news to me, but I didn’t mind at all. I said back to her, “Fuck Debi, you can stay here forever if you want to. You’re pretty fucking good at sex.” She replied, “So are you Joe. I remember the first time that Christy introduced you to me. You made my pussy twitch! And Christy has always turned me on. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for quite awhile. Jim has never made me cum. I feel like I’ve just wasted the last year of my life living with him. He may be good looking, but his prick is too small and he cums too fast.” She grabbed the pot and the pipe, saying “All I want to do this weekend is get fucked up and fuck, and see how many times I can get off!” Debi took as hit of pot and handed me the pipe. As I took a hit, Debi raised her arms up in the air and stretched. With her hands over her head like that, it made her big tits jut out like ripe melons ready to be picked. I picked up my glass and toasted to her, “Here is to success in sucking and sex!” That finished the drink and when setting the glass down, Debi said, “Let’s get another drink, go watch some porn, and see what happens!” We stood up and just stared at each other for a moment, the Debi turned around and we went inside. God what a nice ass she has. At the kitchen counter, Debi put one arm around my waist and pressed her tits into my side, like Christy had done before. But this was new pussy to me, Debi was as sexually appealing to me as any woman I have ever seen, and I was tingling all over. As I poured the alcohol over the ice cubes, Debi started rubbing my ass and fondling my cock. “I hope you don’t mind me doing this. I have been sex starved for way too long!” I took a swig out of the bottle and handed it to Debi, who didn’t waste any time tipping it up and gulping down a heavy swallow herself. We headed into the living room, arm in arm. We just sat there next to each other, chatting like we had known each other forever.By this point we were pretty intoxicated. It acted like truth serum and we bared each other’s souls, mostly about sex. Debi, and myself, was finding comfort sitting next to me in my arms. Several times we looked at each other and just started kissing. Long, soulful, tongue swirling, passionate kisses. This is what Debi has been craving and I felt very fortunate to be the receiving end of her pent up sexual frustration. We were both just as high from the 3 way sex with Christy this evening. It was only just past midnight, and even though we had been at it for hours already, both of us wanted more. Debi said to me, “I love getting intimate with you, telling you how I feel. You are so easy to talk to.” We kissed again. Next to Christy, I had never met a woman that I felt this compatible with so soon. She knew all the right moves, said all the right things, and was as intent on giving pleasure as I was. I reached for her big boob and felt it’s weight in my hand. I brushed her nipple with my fingertips and she ran her hand all over my chest. I cupped her face in my hand and started to tongue her ear. Debi threw her head back, moaning and said, “Fuck you make me feel so good, you make me feel like woman again.” Under my breath I said, “Debi, I love your tits. Christ they turn me on. I just want to suck on them and turn you on.” Debi moved slightly away from me and pushed me down on the sofa. “I saw Christy rubbing your nipples. You like that don’t you?” She bent over and licked my sensitive little nipple with her boob in my hand. There must be a nerve that runs directly to the head of my cock because I could feel the blood flowing there. Her hand found its way between my legs and she began sucking in my nipple. Then harder. I was completely erect and said, “God Debi, I just want to suck your tits. Let’s get on the floor, I’ll suck your tits and your keep sucking on mine.” Debi raised her head with a lustful smile on her face. OK,” she said, “Lay down.” Debi got on all fours, our feet in the opposite direction. She hovered her face over mine and just started down at me for a moment with a pleasant smile. She then said, “Mmm, you sexy man. You are so much fun!” She leaned down and kissed me as I reached above and grabbed a handful of tit flesh in each hand. Pretty soon I had those big funbags in my face and was munching on them as she sucked my nipples. She sucked harder, and I followed her lead. It was making me rock hard. I grabbed one of her boobs with both hands at the base and squeezed, the effect was like blowing up a balloon. I rapidly nibbled across her areola. Then I did the same to the other tit. About 10 minutes of this is all we could take. Debi scooted down until her sweet smelling pussy was inches from my mouth. As she grabbed my cock, I grabbed her ass and pulled her down. I said, “Debi, I love to suck pussy!” And she replied, “Joe, I love to suck cock!” Neither one of us came, but for what seemed like forever we made love to each other’s crotches. Sometimes slowly, at other times with wild abandon. Finally she rolled off of me, our jaw muscles exhausted. Then she mounted me, offering up her tits to my waiting mouth as she slowly gyrated her hips with my cock as far inside of her as it would go. I sucked on one tit and she sucked on the other, then we were both darting our tongues and licking one of her nipples together. I leaned back on my elbows and looked at this sexy creature enjoying herself. Every once in a while I would buck my hips, lifting Debi’s ass up, with the head of my cock rubbing deep inside her vulva. She said, “Oh Joe. I love this. You make it feel so good, so natural, and you make me so fucking horny! I feel like I could just fuck you all night!” I replied, “Christy was right, I am in love with your big beautiful tits, Debi. Not maltepe escort bayan only does your body excite me all to hell, you don’t just lay there. I love it that you will tell me what you like and what to do. Now, put your hands behind your head so your tits stick out.” She gave me a sly smile as she raised her arms. She closed her eyes and turned her head from side to side while still wiggling her hips on top of me. I wish I had a camera, but her pose would be forever etched in my memory. She looked down at me, relishing at the expression on my face, knowing that she was turning me on. She began to slowly twerk on me. I was transfixed watching Debi’s bouncing boobs. She picked up the pace until she was bucking me as fast as she could for 2 to 3 minutes. When she grinded to a halt, our crotches were soaked from her juices. Debi leaned forward on outstretched arms, her tits pressing into my chest. Once again, she gave me a soulful kiss as if to thank me for bringing her pleasure. She lifted one leg up and dismounted me, laying beside me as we both just stared at the ceiling. I got up and sat on the sofa, smoked another toke, and just admired the female beauty laying on my living room floor. Debi got up and joined me, she finished her drink and said, “Fuck it, I’m getting another one. I haven’t partied like this in years. Give me you glass, I’ll fill it up too.” It was now 2am. I went to the half bath to take a piss. Sitting on the toilet, I looked down between my legs at my spent penis. This was by far the best threesome ever. As I waited for my urine to flow, Debi came right in and handed me my drink. She took a swallow and said, I want to see you pee. I love everything that comes out of your cock.” I could not help but smile at her. I took a big swig, set my glass on the vanity, and scooted all the way back on the stool. Debi set her glass besides mine and got on her knees. She rubbed my thighs, oogling at my cock, and urged me on. “Come on Joe, I want to see that yellow piss come rushing out. Here, let me tickle your balls.” She pushed herself forward so her boobs were now pressed together and resting on my legs. She picked up my limp prick in her fingers and said, “Here, pee all over my tits. Do it baby, piss on these big fucking tits!” Debi was milking my cock to get it out. It grew a couple of inches, but was not hard enough to restrict me from peeing. She wanted it, so I was going to give it to her. I felt it coming. I said, “Oh yeah, Debi! Wow! This is just fucking amazing!” It came out like old faithful erupting, right on her chest, then rebounding and splashing all over us. Debi let out a moan and said, “Oh yes, yes, yes. Fuck that looks so good. Your piss is so hot against my skin. Keep pissing Joe, get it all out all over me! Hot, this is fucking hot!” She aimed it all over her, yellow streams we running down her orbs. I grabbed her wrist and pointed the hole at my chest and Debi just stared at my piss soaking up the light brown hair. Then I took over and pointed it back at her tits. Debi thrust out her chest and I kept pissing for what seemed like a long time. Right before I completely emptied my bowels, Debi started spiting on her tits and rubbing the liquids all together. I spit on her tits also and now she was covered in saliva and my urine. I just seemed like an incredible turn on to be combining our body fluids. Then Debi sat on my lap and said, “My turn. I’m going to piss all over your cock and balls. I hope it makes you hard enough to fuck me again!” Her tits were right in my face, glistened in the light. I grabbed them from the side and pushed them together, I stuck out my tongue and looked Debi right in the eye. She had a sheer look of anticipation and when I began giving her more than ample breast a tongue bath, I felt her flow splay between my legs. It was very hot and felt like it had the force of a river. Fuck it even smelled good to me. I felt my cock rise and I kept lapping all over Debi’s tits, every square inch of skin my tongue could find. I told her in a very demanding way, “Spit, I need more spit. Spit all over my face and your tits.” After 4 or 5 times of her saliva flinging out between her puckered lips, I just rubbed her slick boobs all over my face. She kept spitting and pissing, moaning and saying how good this was. I looked up and the next hocker landed on my mouth. I licked my lips and placed my hands against her cheeks. I spit right back in her face. It then became a little game were we took turns spitting at each other, then kissing, licking each other’s faces. I got incredibly hard again and once her flow stopped, she went down on her knees, spit several time all over my swollen and piss covered member. She grabbed the shaft and just stared at it for a few moments, then gave me the most unrelenting head. She was a machine. My body began to shake uncontrollably. One hand jacking my shaft and the other squeezing and yanking my balls hard. Finally she raised her head up and stared slapping my cock and balls all around. “Take that you nasty fucking prick. I want you to fuck me like the son of bitch you are. Come here, let’s go in the bedroom. I want you to fuck my whoring pussy from behind. And you better take me like the bitch I am!” I slapped her hard on the ass leaving a red imprint and said, “Bitch, I’m going to make your fucking cunt fall off. Let’s go now!”Debi headed straight for the bed and kneeled on the edge facing away from me. This her crack at the perfect height for me to just come up behind her and ram it in. That’s exactly what I did, and I easily went all the way in to the hilt. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass as tight into my waist as I could. I forced as much blood into my cock as possible, making it so hard it kind of hurt. But it was a good kind of pain. I just wanted to seek depths inside her twat that no man has gone before. Debi remarked, “God it’s so big, Joe. You fill me up so good!” I slowly withdrew all the way and let the head rest against the pink folds of flesh to her love tunnel. When Debi started to back her hips up to take me inside, I rammed in again as hard as I could. “Oh yessss! God I love it. Do it again you mother fucker, do it again!” We repeated that at least 10 times and I had Debi moaning and groaning really loud. In the mirror on the other side of the bed I could see Debi’s massive breasts hanging down and swimming all around. Fuck, they look so big and so perfect. Debi noticed my face in the mirror and we locked eyes. Her face contorted at first with me buried as far in as I could go. Then we smiled at each other and picked up a loving fucking rhythm, long and slow strokes in perfect timing with each other. Debi begged, “Oh Joe. Love me with your cock. I need your cock to love me. No other cock has ever felt so good. I don’t ever want to stop fucking you. Please, please fuck me good!” Debi brought one of her tits to her mouth, I could hear her sucking and slurping on it. I slapped her ass again and she moaned into her tits. Then I did it again. Debi dropped her boob from her mouth and said out loud, “Oh yeah baby. That’s making my ass so hot for you. I can feel my pussy throbbing.” A couple of more slaps and we started fucking faster. Debi’s movements kept in perfect timing with my thrusts. Her hand was now I squeezed her ass cheeks hard and spread them apart. There was her brown anus staring right back up at me. I spit on her dark hole a few times, stuck my forefinger in my mouth to get it all wet, and rubbed it. “Oh yes Joe. Rub my asshole, it feels so good. Shit, don’t stop doing that. Fuck me, fuck me, rub my asshole you bastard. I’m going to fucking cum again!!” Her sphincter was loosening up and I felt her cunt muscles grab at my cock. When she started to orgasm, I spanked her ass hard with the other hand and her ass pulled my finger up to the first knuckle. Another crack on her ass and I shoved my finger all the way inside. Jesus christ, the dam broke. She was squirting clear cum, I pulled out and the river started flowing. I went back inside as Debi almost started crying at the sensation. I went back in and when I pulled out, there was the gush again. I kept doing this over and over until her well went dry. Debi fell flat on the bed, which not only removed my cock but also the finger I had buried up her ass. Debi was whimpering, “Oh my god, oh my god. Oh fuck. Holy shit. Goddamn what a fucking orgasm you just gave me. Come here and lay down beside me you fucking asshole.” I lay face up next to her, she put her head on my left shoulder. I was still hard and u*********sly stroking my rod. Debi was spent, she said, “I can’t fucking move. I want to make you cum but I’m plastered to the bed.” I rolled her over on her side just a little bit so I could pull her tit up and lay it on my stomach. As I rubbed my head all over her velvety smooth skin, all I wanted to do was get off. I jacked off against her boob and Debi raised her hand up so her fingers could rub my nipples. “Oh god that feels so good Debi. Just keep doing that until I stop cumming.” I looked down and watch her tit shake around as I jabbed her with my cock. Debi began to scrap my nipple with her fingernail and even as much I had already cum, I felt it building up deep down on my balls. “Pinch my nipple Debi. Hard, harder. Fuck it, here I cum!!!!!” Even though I only splattered 3 blobs of sperm on Debi’s breast, I kept pumping and Debi kept squeezing my nipples until I went completely flaccid. The feeling was very intense. I dropped my cock from my fist and the next think I knew it was the next day.That is another story.

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