Christmas With The Family Chapter 2

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It was early afternoon when my aunt, uncle and cousins arrived at the house. There were plenty of more intimate kisses and groping than I ever recalled from the past but like everything else that had happened in the past 24 hours, it just felt natural now. Aunt Sonja greeted me with a wet kiss and Uncle Scott greeted mom with the same. I watched as he reached down and grabbed mom’s ass cheeks and gave them a playful squeeze before scooping Jill into his arms and doing the same.

“Wow. Look at you Jill” he said holding her arms in front of him. “You have blossomed into quite a pretty young lady” he added, obviously making mental plans to fuck her sometime during the course of their visit.

I on the other hand could not take my eyes off my two cousins Molly and Keri. Molly was short and petite like Jill but Keri was taller and stacked to the nines. Unlike Jill though, Molly was blonde and Keri was a redhead and they looked just as interested in me as I did them.

After we all finished greeting each other, dad turned to me and said “how about you and your sister take your cousins upstairs and show them to their room.”

I knew as soon as he said it that he was probably trying to clear the room to allow for some “catching up time” Fine by me actually. As we finished with the greetings, Jill and I led Molly and Keri upstairs along with their bags to the guest room. Dropping the bags on the floor next to the dresser, the four of us sat on the bed and started catching up from the last time we had seen them. It was small talk at first as we talked about our schools, friends and our various activities.

“Do you play any sports” asked Molly.

“I am on the swim team” I admitted.

Jill spoke up “I am not an athlete but I prefer the drama club.”

“I am on the gymnastics team” said Molly.” And Keri plays volleyball.”

I raised my eyebrow while checking Keri out once again from head to toe. “Is that right? I thought I recognized a volleyball ass on you.”

With that she bounced up off the bed quickly while turning her back to me and giving her ass an ambitious wiggle.

“You know it” said Keri with a playful giggle.

Not to be outdone, Molly jumped up next to her sister and struck her best gymnast pose. Her legs parted and her back arched slightly with her head tilted back as if she had just finished floor routine. I had to admit, my cock started to perk up watching all the action in the room as my two cousins competed for my approval.

“You know, drama students have quite the bodies as well” I said while trying to stir up a little bit of jealous competition between the three girls.

“Sure” admitted Jill. But if you really want to get his attention, you are both going about it all wrong.”

Keri looked a little confused. How anyone can resist an ass like this, she thought is beyond me. “And what is your secret” she asked?

“Just this” said Jill with a wicked smile while she removed her sweatshirt exposing her luscious tits.

Keri and Molly looked at each other and smiled at her boldness before they both removed their tops as if dared to do so. My cousins now stood before me wearing just their pants and their bras but that was short lived as they embraced long enough to undo the clasps on each others bras. As they broke their embrace, their gorgeous tits fell free as their bras dropped to the floor. Keri was smaller endowed but her chest was milky white with small pink nipples. Molly on the other hand was more tanned with a fuller rack and beautiful chocolate nipples the size of a pinkie tip. I could see they were both getting rather turned on already as their nipples stood out erect.

“So now we have three sets of pretty impressive tits if I say so myself” said Molly. “I wonder what a swimmers physique looks like.”

I stood up to take center stage as the cousins just did while they both sat back down on the bed where I had been. The three girls now cuddled close and ran their hands over each other as they watched me intently to see what kind of show I was going to give them. In a mock strip tease, I crossed my arms and grabbed the bottom of my t shirt and started to slowly slide it upwards, exposing my thin muscular physique inch by inch until I had it completely off. The girls smiled in approval as their groping continued.

I now joined the topless pile on the bed climbing between the three of them and feeling their soft warm tits now rubbing against my chest. My dick was now fully erect and threatening to burst through my zipper. Keri was the first to detect it as her hands started to rub my hardness through my jeans. My hands now fondling her breasts while Molly bent her head down pressed her lips to mine and slid her tongue into my mouth. I found myself glancing upward to Keri and Jill and noticed they had started to kiss each other as Jill’s hands joined mine in fondling Keri’s soft tits. My other hand felt around until it found the gap between Jill’s legs and I started to caress back and forth. Her crotch was growing hotter and I could feel through her jeans that she was also getting wetter as she was feeling very damp to the touch. I heard a soft moan echoing above me but at this rate, it was very difficult to tell just which girl it came from. If I had to take an uneducated guess, I would have to say it sounded like Jill.

It wasn’t long before I no longer felt Keri’s hand fondling my dick through my jeans. I now had two hands undoing my pants while Jill momentarily got off the bed and grabbed hold of my legs to remove my pants completely. My hard throbbing cock finally leaped free from the confines of my jeans, begging for relief of some sort. Before climbing back onto the bed, I watched as Jill took the time to remove the rest of her clothing altogether. Molly and Keri followed Jill by removing the rest of theirs as well. Suddenly it hit me that with as open as my family was, I have never seen my two cousins in the buff before. I decided to sit back on my elbows to take in the beautiful sight of not one naked girl, but three of them. I could have easily blown a load at just the sight of it all. Silently I wondered to myself if I was really up for the challenge or not. Fuck it I thought. I was going to give it everything I had and if you had to be a failure at something, this was the best way I could think of making it happen.

Keri kneeled on the floor between my legs and promptly took my dick into her mouth while Molly and Jill climbed back onto the bed with me. Molly swung her leg around until she was sitting directly onto my face with her pussy resting on my lips. I needed no further encouragement as I started to tongue her sweet wet hole. I felt Jill swing her leg over to sit on my chest facing Molly. Her bare pussy sliding back and forth on my sternum as they started to kiss each other. Keri’s hot mouth was working wonders on my dick as she took me balls deep down her throat until my pubes were touching her nose. She had the right amount of suction and movement and I knew it would only be moments before I erupted. Molly increased her pace on my face and I knew she was getting close herself. Her breathing grew heavier and I found myself reaching a hand up between Molly and Jill and finding Jill’s clit with my thumb. She leaned back slightly to allow me easier access to her little love button.

Suddenly my body tensed up and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I blasted a thick load of cum in Keri’s mouth while she accepted every creamy drop. With my tongue still buried inside of Molly, I moaned with my orgasm which apparently sent the right vibration ripples to her sweet spots because it triggered her own orgasm and she clinched her thighs tightly to the sides of my head and cried into Jill’s mouth as they still were kissing each other. Her vaginal muscles squeezed my tongue and I could taste her creamy cum squirming into my mouth. Even after the incredible blowjob that Keri finished giving me, I was still hard and ready for more. How can anyone in my position not be?

As Molly reached her orgasm, I almost forgot about Keri. As I was still thumbing Jill’s clit, I suddenly felt Keri’s hand wrap around my shaft as she sat down, easing my dick into her tight wet hole. Keri and Jill were now both seated atop me as Jill leaned back into the soft naked chest of our cousin. Still bouncing up and down on my dick, Keri wrapped one arm around Jill’s waist and the other hand she slid down on top of mine as we both worked Jill’s little clit into a frothy submission.

Finally Jill threw her head back and grabbed Keri’s wrists for support shuddered violently as she finally came. Her sticky fluid coated the part of my chest that she had been riding for the past several minutes. When she was done, she climbed off of me and Molly taking her cue saw the fluid on my chest and bent down to clean me off with her tongue. With only one girl now on top of me, I sat up and pulled Keri off of me. She whimpered a bit in disappointment as she wasn’t sure what I had planned next.

“Don’t worry” I assured her. “I am far from being done.”

Smiling once again, she purred a little as I positioned all three of them side by side doggy style on the edge of the bed. I couldn’t believe the flesh feast I had before my eyes as I went down the row and tasted my cousins and my sisters’ pussies before taking position behind Molly first. I gripped her small waist with one hand and lined my hard dick to her wet entrance with the other. It didn’t take a lot for me to slide completely into her Ankara escort as she was still well lubed from the action moments earlier. I didn’t want to cum too fast with the first pussy so I pumped a half a dozen times or so before pulling out and finally putting my dick into Jill. She opened up and took me fairly easy while my thoughts took me back to last night when the two of us fucked for the first time. Taking about the same amount of strokes with Jill, I slid back out of her and then moved on down the line to Keri. Out of the three girls, Keri was by far the wildest as she started slamming her ass back into me with each of my thrusts. If Keri was the wildest, Jill was the tightest since it was clearly obvious that my cousins were more sexually experienced than my sister and myself.

It was time to change pussies once again as I made my way back over to Molly and reclaimed my position behind her. Trying to spice things up, I reached under and started fingering her clit which was starting to drive her absolutely crazy. Her moans growing louder but I removed myself from her once again and slid back into Jill. I couldn’t help reaching under her as I did to Molly and locating her little love button and not surprisingly I got the same intense response. With Keri, I took my turn fucking her but decided being the wildest of the three that I would insert my thumb into her tight asshole while my dick drove hard into her pussy. It was all she could take as she started to quake beneath me. Being the wildest, she was also the first to cum.

As Keri finished I went in for round three back into Molly. This time I was the next to blow. I quickly removed my still hard dick and pinched the head closed with thumb and forefinger. I was coming but not externally. The three girls scrambled into position ready to accept my load like a mamma bird feeds her chicks and as I looked down, I saw three gorgeous heads looking up at me with opened mouths. Aiming my cock at molly, I loosened the hold on my cock head and gave her the first squirt before pinching it closed again. Jill was the next to receive the second squirt and I finished with the final squirt being claimed by Keri. Not yet getting her fill, Jill took hold of my still hardened cock and proceeded to suck the last few remaining drops from me before I finally went limp and laid back down on the bed to catch my breath. The four of us were a spent and sweaty mess but I am sure we would all agree. If there was ever a time when we had more fun, it would be hard to recall it.

When the four of us finally composed ourselves enough to go back down stairs, it was clearly evident that Mom, Dad, Aunt Sonja and Uncle Scott had just finished doing the same thing we were doing upstairs. Mom and Aunt Sonja were both kneeling on the floor completely topless and clad only in their panties sorting through the small pile of clothing to find what they were wearing before they started. I have seen mom topless many times but this was the first time I had seen Aunt Sonja in that state. Her tits were slightly bigger than moms, fuller and tanned. I stood watching their treasure hunt while imagining what the rest of Sonja’s body looked like and I started to feel myself harden once again while mentally picturing it. I am sure I will have a go at it before their visit is over with, I thought to myself.

“I hope you all had as much fun upstairs as we did downstairs” said Dad as he and Uncle Scott sat on the couch in just their jeans watching each others wives hunt for articles of clothing.

“And then some” I added.

As the day wore on, the house was a buzz with the holiday spirit. Another fire was still roaring in the fireplace. Through the big picture window in the living room, the snow was coming down in light peaceful drifts. My cousins, sister and I were huddled close on the couch under a blanket watching a good movie on TV while Mom and Aunt Sonja were in the kitchen preparing dinner and catching up on their lives. Last I knew, Dad and Uncle Scott were out in the man cave, or the garage as anybody else would call it. I am not sure what they were up to but I am pretty sure lots of beer and the pool table were involved. Dad and Uncle Scott have been lifelong best friends that actually married lifelong best friends. On top of that, Dad and Sonja are brother and sister as is Mom and Scott. It was an unusual relationship but it has worked very well for the four of them these many years. Another set of couples that were more comfortable and open with their marriages, you will probably never find them. Dad always told me that as young kids they all learned about the opposite sex from each other by playing the proverbial “you show me yours and I will show you mine” type of games but naturally they took it to much more curious levels.

As the four of us watched our movie, I was still feeling a bit parched from my earlier workout upstairs so I got up from the couch and the warmth and comfort of the soft bodies huddled close to me.

“I am going to get a soda from the kitchen, any of you want one while I am in there?” I asked.

Apparently the girls were a bit thirsty too as they all wanted one too. I walked onto the kitchen and got a nice eyeful. Dad and Uncle Scott were no longer in the garage like I had originally thought. They had somehow made their way inside. Dad was seated on a chair at the kitchen table with his pants around his ankles while Aunt Sonja was on her knees between his legs with her mouth swallowing half of his hard on. His head was thrown back and his mouth was open in silent ecstasy with one hand on the back of Sonja’s head. Mom however was bent over the sink with her legs spread. The only thing she was wearing was a loose fitting t-shirt. Uncle Scott was positioned directly behind her wearing pretty much the same thing. He was heartily fucking mom from behind. I stood there watching the spectacle for a couple of minutes before walking over to mom and Scott for a better look. It was then that I realized that Uncle Scott had his dick in mom’s ass giving it to her with all that he had. Mom was moaning softly as she was obviously enjoying it as much as she was enjoying it when I was fucking her in the shower the same way earlier this morning. Standing next to them, I reached up under her shirt and fondled her braless tits for a moment as I heard her moans grow heavier. Her nipples were very prominent and erect as I gave them gentle tweaks. As much as I wanted to join in, I knew there would be plenty of time for that later so I went back to retrieving our drinks and leaving them to finish what they were doing so I could get back to the girls in the living room.

When I reached the living room, I noticed the girls were still huddled on the couch with the blanket drawn up to their necks. I passed out the drinks and partially drew back enough of the blanket to take my place where I was before I got up. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was now over dressed since I was now feeling warm soft girl flesh pressed against me. Although I knew it, I found myself peeking under the blanket just to be sure. I was not surprised to see the three girls wearing nothing but their panties.

“We got hot while you were gone” said Jill with a coy smile.

Not wanting to be outdone I got back up off the couch and stripped down to just my boxers before joining the girls back under the blanket.

“Oh what will our dear parents think” said Molly as I fondled her tits underneath the blanket.

“I really don’t think they care at the moment since they are in the kitchen doing some fucking of their own right now” I revealed knowing full well that they wouldn’t have cared either way no matter what was going on.

It was then I suddenly felt a hand snake its way into my boxers and firmly grasped my semi hard shaft while gently stroking it. I decided that I wasn’t really that curious as to whose hand was stroking me but I rather enjoyed the element of surprise instead.

Keri suddenly took an interest in what I told her our parents were up to, got up and stood in the doorway to the kitchen to watch the fun for her self. As I sat enjoying my anonymous hand job I watched Keri as she brought her hand down to her crotch. Her back was turned towards me but I could see her vigorously rubbing her hand back and forth as she stood pleasuring herself. I was enjoying the sight of her taunt pink ass and her cheeks twitching with each rub of her hand.

My concentration was broken suddenly as molly’s soft nubile body climbed onto my lap facing me. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she started kissing me passionately. Below I could feel my now hard cock slickly gliding between her wet pussy lips without actually entering her. We just enjoyed the slow ride for a moment or two before she finally lifted herself slightly until the head of my cock was nestled at her gooey entrance then she lowered herself until I was now fully inside of her.

Jill had joined in the fun by kneeling next to us on the couch and sharing our kiss. Jill’s hands caressed Molly’s tits while her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. I tried to divert my attentions elsewhere so I wouldn’t cum so fast. When I looked over to see what Keri was doing, she was no longer in sight which told me she must have ventured into the kitchen to join in on the fun mom and dad was having with our Aunt and Uncle. Molly quickly picked up her pace and breathed heavily into my mouth,

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard Aaron!”

I didn’t want to spend all my time on Ankara escort bayan Molly without giving to Jill so I grabbed Molly by both of her tight ass cheeks and lifted her gently off of me. Her pussy was more reluctant to let me go as she had a tight death grip onto my still hard dick. Taking the hint, Jill suddenly climbed on board the exact same way our cousin had been a moment earlier. Her arms too wrapped around my neck in a loving embrace. My arms wrapped around her thin waist to hold her tightly to me and instead of her pussy lips teasing my shaft, she lowered herself immediately down onto me until she was fully impaled on my hard dick. Her thin pouty red lips kissed me as lovers and my body shuddered as her hard nipples brushed against my chest.

Reaching out an arm, I was quick to locate the wetness between Molly’s legs and I started to finger fuck her where we left off. Jill suddenly brought her mouth ever so close to my right ear as if was a conversation only the two of us were privy to.

“I love you Aaron. Fuck me; I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

I gripped both of her ass cheeks just as I had done to Molly and held her tighter onto my shaft as I increased my pace. My hand found its way between her cheeks and I quickly located her tight little asshole. She moaned heavily into my ear and jumped a little as a small portion of my finger worked its way inside of her. By her reaction, I am assuming she has never had a finger in her ass before much less a penis but she seemed to be enjoying it slightly as she didn’t push away from it. My balls were starting to boil and I felt myself reaching the point of no return, I gave a few more quick thrusts and squirted my sperm deep inside of her. Molly started to quake against my fingers finally with her own orgasm while Jill gave me one last deep kiss before climbing off of me to sit on the floor in front of me.

Molly followed her lead and laid her down on the floor onto her back. I watched as Molly spread Jill’s legs and dove face first into her pussy. I had the best seat in the house as I could clearly see my cum seeping from Jill’s pussy. I am also pretty sure that Jill had never been with another girl sexually before either but looked content in having not only another girl service her but her own cousin at that. Molly’s tongue licked from the bottom to the top of Jill’s clit taking extra care to catch every drop of my cum as possible. I watched as she snaked her tongue into Jill’s tiny hole and had her coming very quickly. Molly finished by rising up and kissing Jill to swap what little of my cum that Molly hadn’t yet swallowed. I thought I would blow another load as I watched my sister kiss another girl.

Moments later Keri sauntered back into the living room and I could tell she had gotten fucked while she was in there. I couldn’t help but notice a small amount of cum dripping from her pussy as it was making a slow trail down the inside of her inner thigh.

Funny how a great round of sex makes anticipation and preparation of a holiday dinner that much quicker and more exciting. It’s also a great way to work up an appetite and I would highly recommend it to anybody. We retired to the dining room early in the evening and sat together as a big happy family enjoying the feast before us along with the company of each other laughing and telling stories back and forth while catching up on each others lives. I sat thinking how much it was almost like an x rated Norman Rockwell painting. Tonight was Christmas Eve and my attentions momentarily drifted to the patio door in the middle of one of my dad’s tasteless jokes. I noticed it was now starting to snow once again as I watched the interior light of the dining room illuminate the flakes against the inky darkness of outside. I secretly wondered to myself what the rest of the holiday break would hold for us as a family. I wouldn’t have to wait long for my answer.

As the night grew late, the family started to separate into respectable groups for the evening. Mom and Dad headed to their room for some much needed rest. Uncle Scott and Aunt Sonja took the guest room while Jill and our cousins opted for a slumber party of sorts in Jill’s room. It was probably for the best that I went to my room alone. I could certainly use the rest after the 24 hours I have just had so I shut out the lights and turned on a little background music to help me fall asleep. It must have helped because I woke up with the sudden urge to pee really badly. I caught a glimpse of my bedside clock before getting out of my bed only to find that I had been sleeping for the last couple of hours. I usually sleep naked but not only was I still a bit groggy, I simply just didn’t bother to put any clothes on before walking to the bathroom across the hall.

I was not surprised by the quiet stillness of the house at that particular hour until I stepped into the bathroom and saw that it wasn’t as quiet as I had thought it was. The shower was running and the hot steam covered much of the bathroom including the occupant of the shower. I was finally able to make out the naked form of Aunt Sonja when she suddenly noticed that she was no longer alone. She poked her head out of the glass shower door to see who was with her and her smile widened.

“Sorry Aunt Sonja. I didn’t know anyone was in here. I just had to piss.”

Her eyes lowered to my full yet flaccid cock flopping out in the open. As I was raising the toilet seat up in preparation to relieve myself, she suddenly spoke up.

“Don’t let that go to waste. Bring yourself over here honey”

I was a bit confused at her request but suddenly understood what it was she was asking when she held the shower door open for me to join her. I was taken in by her wet beautiful body as I held her to me in a tight embrace almost forgetting about my full bladder. I was enjoying the feel of her full yet pert tits pressing against my chest when she lowered herself to the floor of the shower on her knees.

“You were about to do something?” She asked.

My mind was a blank for a split second as I suddenly answered.

“You mean taking a piss?”

“Yes silly. Go ahead and let it out.” She said as she took hold of my cock to give me hand.

I was still flaccid but the idea of urinating with my aunt intrigued me as I let her take charge. I let myself relax as I felt the stream of hot piss finally starting to leave my bladder. My curiosity made me look down at Sonja just to see what it was she was planning to do with it. The stream came out hard and fast as it blasted her chest and tits with my briny liquid. By now I was at the point of no return as I had no choice but to let it all go and I watched intently as she moved my cock around so that a jet of piss sprayed into her mouth as if it was a water fountain. She sloshed it around tasting it before she let it run back out of her mouth and down the front of her chest. I was in awe as I had never seen anything quite like it. As strange as it seemed, it was also kind of exciting to watch. Who knew my aunt was a bit on the freaky side, certainly not I.

When my bladder was finally emptied, I helped her back to her feet as she let the shower spray clean off her body that I just used as a urinal.

“You have never played water sports before have you?” She said as she studied my reaction.

“Well, I am on the swim team in high school but this is a new one for me.”

“Would you like a go at it?” She asked. I welcomed the idea of trying something new and this was just as good as any idea. “Sure”

With that she held one hand to my shoulder and gently led me to my knees on the shower floor like she was. When I was in place, she raised one leg on the shower seat and spread her pussy lips apart after giving it a little rub first. I suddenly realized that this was my first time actually seeing her pussy and now I had a front row seat to its magnificent glory. Her lips hung down prominently and her clit protruded like a tiny statue on the mast of an old ship. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned toward and gave her clit a loving lick first before she took her turn. As she did me, I used her clit as a joystick of sorts to position her stream exactly where I had wanted it but I was a little slow to direct. Her first hard splash squirted me in the face but I quickly gained control letting some hit my chest before I got brave enough to allow a squirt into my mouth to taste it. I’m not sure if I was overly crazy about the taste but one thing was for certain; it sure was fun to watch close up.

When she was through emptying her bladder on me, I stayed kneeling on the shower floor to play with her pussy for a couple of minutes. My fingers that had been holding her lips apart worked their way into her wet hole as I finger fucked her to a frothy orgasm. I hoped her loud cries didn’t wake the rest of the family up if any were actually asleep at all. As she came, I gripped her ass to steady her before I finally stood back up. My cock hadn’t had much rest time today but it was back and ready for action. I was rock hard once more as my dick pointed straight at my aunt’s belly. She reached down and gripped it with one hand while giving it some soft playful strokes. She leaned toward and pressed her lips to mine and our tongues started to duel back and forth. With one hand gripping her ass, my other hand held her thigh and raised her leg upwards while I maneuvered myself and my cock until it was firmly at her entrance. With a sudden move, I pushed forward Escort Ankara until I was as far into her as I could go.

“Oohh, that’s it. Fuck your Aunt nice and hard Nephew. Your dick feels so good inside me.”

She moaned into my mouth while she was still kissing me. We had been fucking hard and heavy for a good several minutes before we could both start to feel the hot water that was cascading over our naked bodies slowly dissipating. As we laughed at the thought, it suddenly became a race to cum as I quickly humped her faster before the water went ice cold. At last, I felt that familiar feeling in my balls and with a few more quick strokes I released a torrent of cum deep into her snatch. After today, it might not have been a lot but it was enough for Aunt Sonja to feel squirting inside of her as she held me still and tight while it was happening. The cooler water actually felt somewhat refreshing on our bodies now as we shut off the faucet and proceeded to dry ourselves. I grabbed her towel and took my time drying her from head to toe and as I got to her beautiful snatch, I could see a small trace of myself drip slowly down her inner thigh.

“We will have to finish this later Nephew” she assured me as she dried me off and kissed me goodnight. Feeling more relaxed, I left her to finish what she was doing before I interrupted and made my way back to my bedroom. The hallway was still dark and the house was still quiet so maybe everyone was still asleep. I preferred not to give it much thought as my head hit the pillow to hopefully fall quickly back to sleep once again.

The idea that everybody was asleep was a mere pipe dream because my eyes were barely closed when I heard my door quietly open. At first I thought it was Aunt Sonja ready to make good on her parting words already. I stirred awake and glanced towards my door to see who it was only to find it wasn’t my Aunt but my lovely sister.

“What is it?” I asked, but she only silenced me with her finger to her sexy lips while she stepped closer to my bed.

At first all I could see was her silhouette but the closer she got to my bed I could see she was just as naked as I was. She reached down and grabbed the blankets gently pulling them back and slid under the covers with me. After the cool shower with Sonja, Jill’s warm silky smooth body pressed against mine was heaven on earth. She draped one of her legs over mine and laid her arm across my chest as she huddled close to me and I could feel her damp pussy lips rubbing against my thigh.

“I want to sleep with you tonight Aaron. Is that ok?”

“Of course it’s ok” I said while taking her into my arms.

I had kind of given up the idea of falling asleep anytime soon as I knew that probably wasn’t going to happen with the ladies in the house so I chose to lie in bed and talk to Jill for a little while.

“Today was pretty incredible wasn’t it” Asked Jill? “

Absolutely” I agreed. “I still can’t believe everything that has happened.”

“We heard you in the bathroom with Aunt Sonja. Things sounded pretty hot in there.”

She had my attentions now. “Oh really? I thought everyone was asleep finally.”

Jill giggled a little. “Yeah right. Who could sleep through all that? So how was it?”

“It was quite interesting” I said. “The ladies in this family are insatiable. She actually taught me all about golden showers in there. I have often heard about them but never experienced them.”

I could hear a tone of disbelief in her voice as she said. “Are you serious? How was it?”

‘It was pretty interesting.” I confessed. “I would certainly do it again. It was a real turn on to see a woman’s pussy pee up close and personal like that. I mean I know what it looks like when guys pee but it is different when a woman does it because it’s not something a guy gets to see all the time.”

I could sense that she was contemplating the thought of it in her mind at that particular moment as her sudden silence was louder than any words.

“I might be willing to experience that real soon if you would be interested in showing me” she said shyly.

“I would be happy to show you” I said as I kissed her.

My hand was now caressing her upper thigh and bare ass cheek that was draped over my leg. I couldn’t have been more at peace if I tried thinking of something better.

“Speaking of freaky females. Where are our cousins?” I asked out of sheer curiosity.

“They are in my room finally asleep. We were actually having some fun girl on girl on girl action but we wore each other out. They ended up falling asleep but I was too charged still. I just laid in bed wide awake when I heard the fun next door so I got myself off again while listening to it. Surprisingly enough Molly and Keri slept through it all so when I heard you go back to your room I thought I would let them have their sleep.”

“I am glad you did” I said.

As we talked, Jill’s hand had found my dick and was stroking it gently until it was rock hard again.

“Aaron? Do you remember earlier today when everybody was in the kitchen and you, Molly and I were on the couch having it off?”

“Of course I remember. I will probably remember all of today for the rest of my life. Why do you ask?”

She seemed almost too shy to continue her question even after the day that we had all just had where secrets no longer existed between us as a family.

“Do you remember when you stuck part of your finger into my ass?”

“Yeah what about it?” I asked as I suddenly wondered where the conversation was going.

“It actually felt kind of good” she said. “I have never tried anal before and until today never really thought about it. I was wondering if you would be willing to be my first so I could see what it was like having a dick in there.”

I was a little surprised at her directness but I happily agreed if that was what she wanted.

“You might be new to it Jill but I actually had anal with mom in the shower earlier this morning when you and Dad were going at it.”

“Really? How was it?” She asked with genuine interest.

“I thought it felt good. Much like a pussy but a little tighter. Mom seemed to like it really well. Something tells me Mom is a seasoned pro at it though but I will be a lot gentler with you when we try it.”

“I would appreciate that” she said. “How should we do it?”

I have to admit, I was getting rather turned on by the idea of playing director but more turned on knowing that I was going to be experiencing something new with my gorgeous sister.

“Lets try having you get on all fours on the bed here and rest your head on the pillow while I get you ready.”

I got out of the bed and allowed her to get into position. Her naked form kneeling on my bed with her tight little ass in the air offering herself to me was the most amazing sight I had seen in a long time. I reached into my nightstand drawer and pulled out a tube of warming lubricant for my “me time” sessions and sat on the bed behind her. She wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting ready to do but it was obvious to me she trusted me completely and that meant more to me than anything. I opened up the tube and squeezed a nice healthy dollop onto my middle finger and found her tight little hole. She jumped a little at the coolness of jell in an area that wasn’t used to feeling such things but relaxed more as my finger worked slowly into her ass. Allowing time for the lube to penetrate like it should, my finger slid in more deeply and when she was getting used to it, I tried a second finger. It took a few minutes but she was rather enjoying the feeling by now. I removed my fingers much to her disappointment and squeezed a bigger helping of lubrication onto my fingers and started to coat my hard cock with it until I was nice and slick. When I grabbed her waist, she realized without words what was going to happen next as she pushed her little ass further into me. With one hand, I took a hold of my cock and lined the head up at the entrance to her asshole. I made good on my promise by being gentle with her as I slid in inch by inch until she was stretched enough to take what I had. Before I knew it, I was inside of her completely and I heard her moaning deeply into my pillow. It wasn’t a moan of pain but a moan of enjoyment and she started to push her ass further back into me to meet my thrusting. She wasn’t the only one who was enjoying the sensation in that time. If my dick was to never leave her backside, I would be the happiest guy on earth and I just relaxed myself and enjoyed every moment of our time together. Trying to heighten her experience, I reached my hand up underneath of her and found her clit with my middle and forefinger and started to massage her little button until she started to lose control with her first anal induced orgasm. Holding her tightly to me, I let her come down while I was still fucking her and it wasn’t long after that I could feel my orgasm at the hilt. I was able to get another dozen or so strokes into her when I started to fill her bowels with jet after jet of my creamy cum. Like I said, the feeling was just too damned good and I didn’t want to withdraw immediately but instead I stayed inside of her until we caught our breath and my dick finally grew limp and slid out of her on its own. She collapsed flat onto the bead and rolled over on her back as I did the same next to her until we were in the same position we were before we started.

“So? What did you think?” I asked.

“Wow! Now I know why Mom enjoys it so much” she said. Her lips found mine and kissed me with a fiery passion before she rested her head on my chest and fell fast asleep finally.

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