Christmas Cups

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The snow was falling and completely covered the ground outside the Brooks house. But inside things were just heating up as Brittney and Jeff Brooks were enjoying a bit of holiday cheer.

“Mmmm,” giggled Brittney as Jeff kissed her while they laid in bed, she dressed in a tight tank top and pajama shorts and he in a tank top and boxers, “Mmmm Jeff that tickles.”

“What this,” said Jeff as he kissed her neck moving his lips towards her cleavage.

“Mmmm, Mmhh,” giggled Brittney as she moaned softly, “Mmmm baby, I’m glad that you decided to close the gym for a week. But are you sure you wouldn’t rather be there?”

“What, and miss out spending Christmas with my beautiful wife,” said Jeff, placing his hands on Brittney’s breasts, giving them a light squeeze, “And miss out having fun with these?”

“Mmmm baby,” moaned Brittney, holding Jeff’s hands against her boobs, “I know how much you love my big boobs.”

“Not as much as I love you though babe,” said Jeff giving her a kiss.

Brittney giggled, pressing Jeff’s hands against her tits “Are you sure baby? After all, these boobs are so big, mmh and soft.”

Jeff moaned softly as his hands were pressed against his wife’s large G-Cup breasts, “Mmmm baby.”

“What is it baby,” whispered Brittney as she giggled softly, rubbing and squeezing her jugs with her husband’s hands.

“You’re tits are amazing,” said Jeff as Brittney massaged her huge melons with his hands.

“Mmmm, what do you want to do with these amazing tits baby,” whispered Brittney, letting go of Jeff’s hands and pulling down the straps of her tank top, causing her breasts to nearly burst free.

She then moaned as Jeff started mauling her large boobs, “Uhhh god, mmmm baby, mmmm yessss.”

“Mmmm, baby your hands are so strong,” moaned Brittney, pushing her chest forward, “I need a pair of strong hands for these boobs.”

“Your ‘big’ boobs,” said Jeff.

“Mmmm, say that again baby,” giggled Brittney.

“You need my strong hands for your ‘big’ boobs,” said Jeff, in a low voice.

“Mmmm, so sexy,” giggled Brittney, pulling his hands away from her tits.

“You know Jeff it is Christmas,” said Brittney, smiling and grabbing the bottom of her tank top, “Why don’t you unwrap your first present.”

Brittney pulled her tank top off to reveal her large G-Cup breasts in a red bra that was ready to burst open.

“Mmmm, this bra is so tight baby,” moaned Brittney softly as she cupped her boobs before pushing her huge rack towards Jeff, “You wanna unwrap your present?”

“Damn, Britt,” said Jeff, causing his wife to giggle, “Seeing you in that bra is a good enough present. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you bulge so much without breaking a bra.”

Brittney laughed as she shook her tits, causing them to bounce and jiggle uncontrollably.

Jeff moaned as his eyes went wide.

“Are you gonna open your present,” giggled Brittney, “Or are you just gonna stare at my boobs all day.”

“I will later baby,” said Jeff giving her a kiss, “I have a few things planned for us today.”

“Like what,” said Brittney putting her tank top on.

“I thought we could go ice skating and before everyone comes over,” said Jeff.

“Mmmm, sounds great baby,” said Brittney giving Jeff a kiss before pressing his hands against her huge melons, “Then later, you can unwrap your present.”

She then got up and giggled as she went over to the closet.

“Maybe I should finally wear this tonight babe,” said Brittney, pulling a red and black dress out of the closet, “and I’ll wear my new winter clothes to the ice rink.”

She then gave Jeff a sexy smile as she grabbed a turtleneck and pants and bounced off to the bathroom to get dressed.

Jeff waited until he heard the bathroom door shut before he opened the drawer in the bedside table and pulled out a small rectangle box. He quickly went over to the closet, stuffed the box into the pocket of his dress pants, and started getting dressed, putting on a black turtleneck and black pants.

“Mmmm, you look nice baby,” said Brittney coming out of the bathroom in her red turtleneck and tight black pants.

She giggled as she shoved her massive mounds against his chest, “Mmmm, how do I look baby?”

“Sexy as ever,” said Jeff looking at his wife’s breasts as they bulged in her top.

Smiling at her husband’s staring, Brittney took Jeff’s hands and placed them on her tits, “Just say when baby, and you can unwrap them.”

“Later, baby” said Jeff moving his hands to her ass and kissing her, “Let’s get going.”

Ice skating was more fun for Brittney than it was for Jeff. After falling down for the hundredth time, Jeff sat on the bench and watched Brittney as she skated. Even though she was a dancer in high school, Jeff was still amazed at how quickly and gracefully Brittney was able to move with boobs as big as hers.

“What’s the matter Jeff,” said Brittney, skating over to him.

“I can’t stay up,” said Jeff getting up and trying to skate over to her, slipping every few steps. istanbul escort

Brittney giggled as he finally reached her and slipped again, his face landing against her boobs.

“Nice baby,” laughed Brittney as Jeff’s got to his feet.

“Let me help you,” whispered Brittney, putting her hands on his waist and gently pressing her jugs against his back as she slowly guided him over the ice, “Here we go, nice and slow.”

Jeff moaned softly as Brittney rubbed her huge breasts against his back while they skated around the rink.

Brittney giggled at her husband’s moans and decided to have fun by moving her hands to his crotch and stroking his cock through his pants.

“Oh God,” moaned Jeff, unable to keep his composure.

“Mmmm what’s wrong Jeff,” whispered Brittney, giggling as she squished her large boobs into his back, “Feeling stiff from the ice, or from something else?”

“Nnnnno,” said Jeff, skating more steadily now.

“Mmmm, are you sure,” said Brittney, skating around to face Jeff and grabbing his hands.

“Mhmm,” said Jeff, hugging Brittney.

Britney gave a soft moan as she leaned her head against Jeff’s shoulder while they skated in circles.

“Mmh, baby can we go warm up,” said Brittney snuggling against Jeff, “My big babies are getting cold.”

“Sure babe,” said Jeff, as they started skating off the ice.


“What time are Jack, Jessica, Chris, Latoya, my uncle and my aunt coming over,” said Brittney as they walked into their bedroom.

“4 o’ clock,” said Jeff pulling off his turtleneck.

“Mmmm, perfect, ” said Brittney wrapping her arms around him, shoving her tits against his chest, and kissing him, “I need you to warm me up.”

She then smiled as she took his hands and cupped her jugs, ” Mmmh this bra is so tight baby.”

“Uh, god,” moaned Jeff as he held his wife’s bulging breasts.

“C’mon baby,” whispered Brittney, pressing her huge melons into his hands, “Unwrap my big boobs and have fun with them.”

“Ok, babe,” said Jeff, mesmerized.

Brittney giggled as she pulled her turtleneck off, letting her huge bra encased breasts to bounce free.

“Mmmm go ahead baby,” said Brittney, thrusting her massive mounds towards Jeff,” Enjoy your present.”

Brittney gasped as moaned as Jeff cupped and squeezed her breasts, “Mmmmh, Ooooh, Ugh, Oh, Mmh unhook my bra baby.”

She then gave a loud gasp as Jeff reached behind her and popped the hook of her bra.

“Mmmm much better,” moaned Brittney softy as her large G-Cup breasts bounced free.

She then giggled as she grabbed Jeff’s hands and moaned as she pressed them into her large boobs, “Uhh baby, Mmh.”

Jeff cupped and started squeezing Brittney’s boobs, rubbing and massaging them.

“Ooooh,” gasped Brittney as her husband massaged her tits, “Uhh baby, Mmmh, ugh god.”

She gave a loud gasp as Jeff started bouncing her jugs, “Uhh, Uh God, Mmm Jeff, Mmm Baby.”

With a lustful look in her eyes Brittney backed away from Jeff, fell backwards on the bed, and pressed her boobs together, “Fuck em baby.”

Brittney giggled as Jeff straddled her and moaned as he shoved his dick between her huge breasts, “Mmmh baby.”

Jeff groaned as he started thrusting in between his wife’s large boobs.

“Mmmh, Mmm, Mmmh, Mmm, Uh, Uh God, Uh Jeff, Mmm Baby, Uh Yessss,” moaned Brittney as her big tits bounced with each thrust, ” Ugh, Uh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Jeff, Mmm Baby, Mmm Yessss.”

Jeff gave a loud moan as he started giving harder thrusts while his dick erupted, spurting cum into his wife’s cleavage.

“UH, UH, UH, AHH, AHH, OH BABY, UGH YES,” moaned Brittney loudly as her husband pounded away at her massive mounds with his cock, “UH JEFF, MMM BABY, YYESSS.”

Jeff continued to thrust as he started to breathe heavy.

“Mmm, put that big cock inside me baby,” said Brittney, breathing heavily.

Jeff quickly pulled his dick out of Brittney’s cleavage and pushed it into her tight, shaven pussy.

“Ohhhh, Ohhh Jeff,” moaned Brittney as her husband started pounding away between her legs.

“UH JEFF, OH YESS, UH BABY, OH GOD,” moaned Brittney as she climaxed.

Jeff gave a final moan as his cock erupted again.

“Mmmm,” giggled Brittney as her husband emptied his load into her pussy.

Jeff then collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

“Looks like you enjoyed your present,” said Brittney, giggling as she wiped her breasts clean.

She then moaned as she cupped her boobs, “Mmmm, my babies are a little sore. I’ll need you to massage them later.”

“Great, now I’ll have that to think about during dinner,” said Jeff, groaning as he place a hand on his dick.

“Just wait until you see Jessica,” said Brittney, giggling as she kissed Jeff before getting up and bouncing off to the bathroom to wash up.

“Wait, what does that mean,” said Jeff loudly.

“You’ll see,” giggled Brittney.


“Mmmmh,” moaned Jessica softly as she adjusted her large breasts in her escort bayan dress, fluffing the white trim that surrounded the neckline, tightening the laces in the front, and straightening the belt that was around her waist.

She was relieved that they had finally stopped growing because although she was slim and athletic from her years of track, the top of her dress was nearly bursting from the size of her breasts. It didn’t help either that her bra was strapless as her boobs were bouncing and jiggling uncontrollably.

“Uhhh much better,” said Jessica giving her tits one last squeeze before letting them settle.

She then smiled as she leaned against her husband’s shoulder while he drove them to Jeff and Brittney’s.

Jack smiled as his wife leaned against him while he drove.

Just the sight of her in that dress was enough to give him a raging hard on. Those huge tits of hers were just incredible and were only a bonus to how beautiful she was. Her long dark brown hair draped over her shoulders accompanied by the puff ball from the Santa hat that she was wearing. Her eyes, beautiful and brown like burnt amber, added to the natural glow of her skin. Her lips, he enjoyed as much as her breasts, full and luscious and the power that they had when she would suck on his cock.

‘Mmmm, his cock’ thought Jessica as she stared at her husband’s crotch while a smile.

Although he was wearing dress slacks, his dick was easily noticeable as it bulged and pressed up against the fabric.

“Mmmm, do you have a candy cane for me baby,” cooed Jessica as she gently rubbed her hand in his lap and whispered in his ear, “Mmmmm, something that I can suck?”

She smiled as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and whispered, “Mmmm, how about this? Hmmm? How about your cock?”

Jack gave a soft moan as his wife rubbed his cock.

Jessica giggled as she stroked his dick, “Mmmm, what are you thinking about baby?”

She gasped as she squished her tits against his arm, “Uhhhh, are you thinking about these? Hmmm? My big soft bouncing boobs?”

She then unzipped Jack’s pants, and grabbed his cock as she started to jerk, “Mmmmh, you’re so hard. Uhhh, you want me to suck you Jack? Mmmm, you want me to suck your big hard cock?”

Jack gave a loud gasp and Jessica squealed as his dick spurted cum into her hand.

She brushed her hair away from her shoulders and leaned forward as she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck, “Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm.”

“Uhhhh Jessica,” groaned Jack as his wife swallowed his cum, “Mmmm baby.”

Jessica giggled as continued to suck and swallow, her lips locked tightly around his shaft, “Mmmmmm.”

Jack then gave a loud moan as his dick erupted, emptying his load, “UHHHH JESSICA!”

Jessica gasped as cum flooded her mouth, nearly choking as she swallowed every last drop, “Mmmmh, Mmmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm.”

She then ran her tongue along his shaft, licking it clean before popping Jack’s cock out of her mouth.

“Uhhh God, I think you sucked me dry Jess,” said Jack, pulling up to Jeff and Brittney’s house and zipping up his pants.

“I Did Not, you goof,” said Jessica, fixing her make up and cupping her breasts, “Care to give me a hand? I need my straps put in.”

She turned her back to him as Jack pulled her clear bra straps from the back of her dress.

“Mmmmh,” moaned Jessica softly as Jack cupped each of her boobs and hooked her straps to her cups.

She giggled as she pressed his hands into her soft flesh, adjusting her large breasts, “Mmmmm, much better.”


“Merry Christmas,” said Brittney and Jeff as Jack and Jessica came in.

After giving his brother a hug, Jeff almost went into a wide eyed stare as he saw Jessica in her dress.

“Ummm Jeff,” giggled Jessica, lifting his chin, “I’m up here.”

“Sorry,” said Jeff, as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, little cousin,” said Brittney as she hugged Jessica before giggling as she looked down at her chest, “I guess I can’t call you little anymore.”

“Nope,” said Jessica as both girls giggled as they hugged again.

“Neither of you can be considered little,” said Jessica’s mother as she came over and hugged her daughter, “But I have to blame Brittney for rubbing her bad habits off on you.”

“Oh really,” said Brittney with a skeptic look.

“Yes,” said Jessica’s mother, turning to her niece, “You knew that she has the same condition as you and you still gave her junk food when you would babysit.”

“Yea,” laughed Jessica, gesturing down to her chest and looking at her mother, “So you can blame her for these instead of me.”

Brittney just smiled and rolled her eyes as the three of them joined the party.


Everyone was having a good time as Jessica danced with Jeff and Brittney danced with Jack while Latoya danced with Jessica’s father and Chris danced with Jessica’s mother.

Jack found it hard not to stare at Brittney’s boobs as they bounced and jiggled in her dress.

Brittney escort istanbul laughed at his staring as she shook her breasts at him, “Still thinking about your birthday?”

“Yea,” said Jack as he looked at her tits.

“Mmmm, that was fun,” said Brittney, “Too bad for you that it was for one night only.”

“Actually, it was a good thing,” said Jack as he looked over at Jessica, “It got me and Jessica to think about our family.”

Brittney gasped and smiled with excitement as she whispered, “Is she?”

“Yep,” said Jack, “But don’t tell anyone. Not yet.”

Jessica then came over and smiled as she put her arm around Jack’s, “Hey Britt, mind if I dance with my husband for a bit?” “


“Oooh,” cooed Brittney as she opened the gift box that Jack gave her and pulled out a gold necklace, “Jeff, it’s beautiful.”

She smiled as Jeff took it and turned around as he put it around her neck.

“Gorgeous Britt,” said Jessica. She opened her present from Jack and pulling out a black silk night gown.

“Of course,” giggled Jessica, looking at Jack with curiosity, “You get me something to use in the bedroom.”

She smiled as she gave him a kiss, “Mmmmm, I love it.”

Jessica then stood up with Jack and looked at her parents, “Mom, Daddy, we couldn’t think of what to buy you for Christmas.”

She then smiled as she put a hand on her stomach, “So we decided to do something different, but it won’t be here for another 8 months.”

Jessica’s mother and father didn’t say anything as they got up and hugged Jack and Jessica.

After a few minutes Jack, picked up two presents, “Ok Ok, we got you something after all.”


The Christmas party started to die down as Jack and Jessica danced to a slow song.

“Mmmmm,” sighed Jessica as she laid her head on her husbands chest, “This has been the best Christmas yet baby.”

“It sure has,” said Jack.

“But,” said Jessica, giggling as she rubbed her breasts against his chest, “It’s about to get better.”

She then moaned softly as she pressed her boobs into his chest and whispered, “Mmmmm, let’s go upstairs to the guest room.”


“Mmmmm Jeff,” moaned Brittney softly as her husband rubbed and squeezed her breasts, “Ohhhh Baby. Mmmmm, I’ve needed this all day.”

“Mmmmm, I know,” said Jeff as he ran his hands over his wife’s breasts, “You’ve been bouncing all over the place today.”

“Mhmm,” giggled Brittney, pressing his hands against her soft flesh and kissing him, “Mmmmmm.”


“Mmmmm,” said Jessica softly as she kissed Jack while she laid in bed with him in her bra and panties, her Christmas dress in a heap on the floor.

She smiled as she caught him staring at her tits and sat up as she held them in her arms, “Uh god, look at them Jack. They look like they’re gonna pop out of my bra.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Jack, reaching behind her and popping her hook.

Jessica giggled as she let her bra fall away, her large F-Cups bouncing and jiggling free.

She grabbed his head, pressing it gently against her big right boob and moaning softly as he began to suck on her nipple, “Ooooh, Mmmmm.”

Jack gave a soft moan as he sucked away on Jessica’s nipple.

After a few minutes, Jessica pulled her nipple out of his mouth and kissed him, “Mmmmm, now the other one.”

She pressed his head against her left boob and cooed as he started to suck, “Uhhhhh, Mmmmmm.”

As Jack continued to suck, Jessica started to breathe heavy.

After another few minutes, she moaned as she pulled her nipple out of his mouth, “Uhhh God, I hope your hard baby. I need you to fuck them.”

Jessica laid on the bed and smiled as she pushed her large breasts together.

Jack pulled his hard cock out of his boxers, straddled his wife, and grunted softly as he shoved it into her cleavage.

“Uhhh,” gasped Jessica as her big boobs bounced and jiggled as her husband started fucking them, “Uhhh Jack.

“Uhhh Jessica,” moaned Jack as his dick started to spurt cum between Jessica’s breasts, “Uhh baby, your tits.”

“Mmmmm, Yessss,” moaned Jessica softly as her tits were soaked with cum, “Mmmmh, my big tits baby. Uhhh fuck them, Mmmmm fuck them.”

Jack gave a loud grunt as he thrusted harder, his cock erupting as he emptied his load, “UHHHH, Jessica.”

“Mmmmmm,” whispered Jessica, as she let go of her huge tits, “Mmmmm.”

Jack then leaned in and gave her a kiss.

“Mmmmm, I know you have more than that Jack,” smiled Jessica as they kissed.

She then reached down and lowered her panties, uncovering her shaven pussy and whispering, “Why don’t you put that big cock inside me.”

Jack chuckled as he gave Jessica another kiss before grunting as he shoved his cock inside her pussy, “Uhhhhh.”

“Uhhhhh,” gasped Jessica, breathing heavily and moaning loudly as Jack started fucking her, “Uhhh Jack, Ohhhh. UHHHHHH.”

Jack grunted as he thrust harder moaning as his dick started spurting cum again, “Uhhh Jessica.”

“Ohh, Uhhhh, Ohhhhh,” said Jessica, her moans becoming louder and high pitched, “OHHHH JACK!!”

Jack gave a loud moan as his dick erupted into Jessica’s pussy, “Uhhh, Baby.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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