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Chris 5DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW!”Hi, I am Chris, age 35. These are my fantasies about other guys I meet. I am married with k**s, but, as with most couples, k**s stops the sex life and I jerk off a lot and fantasize a ton…………” ‘MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..’ I thought. I have a ‘grandpa’ syndrome and there are 3 nice specimens right there in my livingroom! Tom, Jerry and Nick having a beer, relaxing as we all watched the fights on TV. The wife and k**s didn’t want to watch, going to the mall, leaving me alone with these older ‘gentlemen’. I bet.. in my fantasy… fondling them would still get a response….’Lemme help you balance that plate on your lap…’ I fantasized and offered, moving the plate around, then slowly caressing the cock and balls I found inside. Tom looked up at me as I leaned over him, his legs spreading, mouth open so I french-kissed him passionately, our tongues dueling, feeling his limp cock starting to stiffen!Jerry and Nick took notice, lowering the volume on the TV so they could hear our moans of pleasure! Jerry was rubbing his pants while Nick blatantly pulled his hard cock out of his panties!’Oh fuck, guys….. so fucking hot!’ Nick moaned, jerking his cock.’Nick, lemme help you…’ Jerry groaned, slipping to his knees and taking Nick’s cock down his throat!I slid down Tom’s torso, pulling his pants down in the process, exposing him in a pair of lacy panties! His cock was throbbing.’Ohhh darling, suck my fucking hard, dripping cock, baby!’ Tom groaned, guiding my head down to it.’My cocksucking pleasure, sweetie!’ I groaned. I mouthed his cock, then did a sweet dance of slowly sucking it in and out of my mouth, luxuriating in the pleasure of cocksucking!Then I felt Nick rubbing his fingers, covered with lube, in and around my asshole. I took my mouth off of Tom’s cock long enough to moan, ‘Wanna fuck me Nick?’ and Nick groaned, ‘Oh fuck yeah, darling!’ and gasped as Jerry’s tongue lashed out, licking Nick’s asshole, and Tom groaning as I took his cock back in my mouth. I could feel his balls tightening with my fingers. How I wished I’d had my fake nails on right then to sc**** on his turgid nuts! As Nick entered me, I reached back and fondled his balls, then could feel Jerry slapping in and out of Nick’s asshole too!Tom groaned at smelling all the musky scents and it took him over the edge, sinop escort shooting load after load in my hot mouth, then he kissed me passionately, sharing it. Tom then slid under me, Nick and Jerry spreading their legs allowing him to do so and sucked my cock, which was ready to explode! And, I did as Nick pounded my asshole and Jerry pounded his asshole. Tom held my load of cum in his mouth and got up and kissed Nick, sharing my cum with him, and then Jerry, sharing it with him too. Then Tom pushed three fingers up Jerry’s asshole, massaging his prostate and Jerry immediately came up Nick’s ass, who suddenly came up my ass! Ohhh fuck it felt so good!…………………………………………………………………….We got invited to some friend’s house for dinner. Tommy and Tiffany. We stayed after dinner and chatted, didn’t have to be home until 10 pm to take the babysitter home. Tommy had a workshop down in his basement, he made pens on a mini-lathe and took me down there to show me his hobby. We talked about all his stuff and his expertise in doing it, it was quite enjoyable. Went home, took the babysitter home, then the wife went to bed while I sat in the recliner, imagining…..’Uh….nice tools….’ I remarked to Tommy, staring at his crotch intently. He caught my gaze and grinned, the lump in his thin shorts growing.’I got another tool… if ya wanna see it…’ he whispered. ‘Ouuuuu certainly, I’d fucking love to see it…’ I groaned, clutching my groin.’It’s very hard….”Ouuu fuck yesss… where is your fucking hard tool… in your panties?’ I moaned.’Why yes, how in the world did you guess?’ as he slid his shorts down to expose his frilly little dainty panties with his throbbing cock in them.’Uh…oh fuck it is so fucking nice! Can I get on my cocksucking knees and get a better look?’ i said, shaking, getting down.’Mmmmmm – ouuuu fuck yes, suck my fucking cock you horny cocklicker…. mmmmmmmmmmmmm ouuuu wow you are fucking good!’ as I swallowed his cock down my throat. I purposely sucked it slowly, tantalizingly…..I raised my shirt and he latched onto my nipples while I sucked his cock and pinched his ball sack. I stopped for a moment and asked, ‘Are you sure your wife won’t come down here or bring my wife? She doesn’t know I love to suck cocks….”Oh no, don’t worry, i am positive she is licking your wife’s hot, steaming cunt about now…. get back to cocksucking…’ Tommy moaned, sivas escort and I did! He clutched my head and shot load after load in my mouth, swallowing it all! Then he sank to his knees and I stood up while he pulled down my shorts, exposing my panties and mouthed my cock in them, then tugged them down and took me in his mouth. Ooooohhh fuck I melted and fucked his mouth until I came! He didn’t swallow it though, he shared it with me and we snowballed it back and forth, then we both swallowed it. Suddenly I realized I had to pee and he just nodded and got back down on his knees, taking my limp cock in his mouth just in time for my piss to start flowing into his gulping mouth, swallowing it all! Ohhhh fuck it felt good!…………………………………………………………………My wife, Joy, and Tiffany chatted on the couch, sipping wine – – liberally! But in my fantasy, one seductive comment led to another, both admitting their school experiences with other women were totally erotic and thoroughly exotic and it only took one tentative french kiss to unleash the passion they both felt!Joy, who NEVER swears (at least around me…) groans, ‘Oh you fucking hot cunt! Lemme lick your hot fucking cunt until you cream you slutty fucking pussy!’ almost screaming!Tiffany laid back and spread her legs like the hot bitch that she is and humped and moaned and groaned as Joy brought her to multiple orgasms with her tongue, fingers and lips, fingerfucking her pussy and ass, even pinching and twisting her taut nipples! Then, like two cats, Tiffany reversed and tonguefucked Joy, making her climax multiple times, exhausting her! They cuddled and kissed, then re-donned their clothes just in time as ‘the boys’ came back upstairs, just in time to leave to get the babysitter home……………………………………………………………………….I was jerking off fantasing about all this on the downstairs couch…. including ‘the babysitter’….’Honey, I couldn’t get our regular sitter tonight, I got the Bradley boy down the street over a block… he is 18 and seems very responsible and has babysat before, will you take him home later tonight?’ Joy hollered down to me while I waited for her to finish dressing. Just then the doorbell rang… it was Jason, the babysitter. Our boys were 10 and 12, we needed a babysitter, too young to leave them home by themselves.’Yes dear… Jason is here…’ I hollered urfa escort back up. ‘Jason, I’ll take you home tonight, it will be too late for you to walk home by yourself, is that ok?’ and Jason grinned and nodded…………………………………………………………………..We drove back home quietly, neither saying much, both secretly thinking about what we’d done earlier and when we’d get to do it again! When we got home, Jason gave us a detailed account on what they’d done, then he put them to bed and both were sleeping soundly.The night’s previous activity with Tommy was so fresh on my mind I got fucking hard just remembering it! Then, when Jason slid closer to me, his warmth was soooo inviting, then when he placed his hand over my throbbing cock it was like an electric bolt went through me!’I noticed you were having a problem, may I help?’ Jason said soothingly, massaging my enflamed cock and balls. ‘Here… pull off here and we can park behind the hedge…..’ I no more than threw it in park when Jason dived for my now-exposed cock and balls…… ‘Ohhhh fuck Jason.. oh suck my fucking cock for me!’ I groaned like a slut!’Mmmmmm…………………. ‘ Jason moaned, throating my cock right to the base. He was expertly sucking my cock!’Ooohhhh gawd, you didn’t learn that in wood shop!’ I moaned, raising and lowering my hips in a frenzy while he sucked me. Then he slid down to the floor and mouthed my balls, making mad, passionate love to them and groaning, ‘Yes, actually, I did – Mr. Barnes was one of the several teachers I’d suck and get fucked by in school….”MMMMmmmmm you’re a cocksucking slut, baby!’ I moaned. I held him down while pumping a load in his mouth, then let him get back up. We clenched and french-kissed passionately, sharing my cum!I pulled down my pants, exposing the garterbelt and panties I’d worn to the dinner. Jason pulled down his, with simiar garb on too!’Playtime is funtime…’ he moaned, reaching for my ass. ‘Wanna fuck you, darling…’ and I assumed the position on all fours as he slowly worked his cock up my asshole! He did it slow at first, then got up to speed, slamming my asshole with his stiff, youthful cock, my own cock dribbling cum incessantly. ‘Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, gunna cum up you… ‘ Jason moaned.’Oh fuck yeah….!’ I groaned, then he gripped my hips tight and filled my ass with his young cum! Then he bent and licked it out and kissed me… oh fuck it was good! ‘Gonna need your number, ok?’ I could barely speak, but he dialed my cell so I could get it, and told him i’d call him for more fun….My mind drifted to other, more depraved things, it made me cum one last time and I headed up to bed to my snoring wife…. must have totally satiated her, that was for sure!

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