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Tonight’s the night, Dear Slave. You shouldn’t have bragged, but here we are.

You on your knees, hands clasped behind your back, smiling up at me so patiently. God I love that smile of yours: no expectancy of what’s to come, just happiness to be here pleasing me. Every chance you get, you let me know how grateful you are to be with me. I hope I reciprocate half as often.

This time, I order you to close your eyes. You’re obedient; I don’t need a blindfold. And anyway, it’s more work for me to put one on and take it off. Be my shortcut, my ergonomic option. I’m sure you’ll realize what the sounds of me rummaging in my bedside chest are, even though you’ve never experienced the toys I’m getting out.

Right leg, left leg, pull the harness up. Insert my end of the strapless strap on into my vagina, fight the harness’ o-ring around the shaft – they bill it as a strapless strap on, but I can’t orgasm and hold in two pounds of silicone at the same time. Using a strapless strap-on with a harness is only slightly cumbersome, and well worth the hands-free reward. Now then, open your eyes, and then open your mouth.

Your gusto makes my knees weak no matter what we’re doing. This time, standing over you and watching you immediately devour the head of my cock, I barely catch my knees buckling, distracted as I am. I lock my knees and worry for a split second about driving my hard cock into your soft palate or catching you off guard, but your satisfied hum reassures me. You know by now I’m more about practicality than decorum, and you don’t need my permission to wrap your arms around my thighs, supporting me underneath my butt. I place my hands lightly on your upper arms, a reminder that just because you’re holding me doesn’t mean you can control me. God I love feeling your skin on mine though. And looking into your eyes while you suck my cock. Would that I had the feeling in it to appreciate how you lick my head, then turn your face sideways and run your lips up and down the sides of my shaft. I can imagine the lightness and softness of your touch, but it will never compare to what I can’t really have. All I need for now is the visual. The overwhelming, gorgeous visual.

Back at the head of my cock, you pause, and give me an inquisitive little, “hmm?” Such a cute sound from such a big man; it melts my heart and makes me want to sink my nails into you every time I hear it. I feel my lips peel back from my teeth, somewhere between a snarl and a smile, as I sigh a low, “Yes…” One of my hands grips your shoulder, the other winds into your hair. You love having your hair pulled, and you’re going casino şirketleri to earn it tonight. “Show me… braggart.”

I doubt there is anything in this world I would have to actually force you to do for me, Slave. I’d planned to have the satisfaction of pushing your head down my shaft and testing this non-existent gag reflex you boast about. Instead, you drag my hand along, my slow response almost holding you back in your eagerness. Sure enough, the flexible silicone bends right down your throat, and suddenly your nose is pressed against my stomach. I gasp audibly as I feel you work your throat muscles; even after years of being on the giving end of blow jobs I didn’t realize deepthroat could tug the whole cock. Maybe it’s just my imitation setup. Either way, the feeling of the part inside me pressing rhythmically on my g spot coupled with knowing how deep I am in you nearly sends me over the edge.

Excruciatingly, I employ your tangled hair to drag you off my cock. I know I’m going to lose all control soon, so I catch my breath for a minute. Given any downtime, you, of course, become an absolute brat. “That bad already?” You sound so smug I could slap you. In fact, why not? My cock’s right there and rock hard. I swivel my hips a little and give a halfhearted pat of my wet shaft on your cheek. That resultant grin of yours strikes a chord in me: I grab a handful of your hair and yank your head back suddenly and painfully, cutting off a guttural growl as I bring my other hand up and place it against your forehead, combatting my own urge to slam you down on my cock again.

“Two distinct taps. On me, or loudly on yourself. Thigh, stomach. Good places.” We can both hear the primal beast caged in my voice, frustrated at the delay. I have to put safety first though; I love you. I value your submission, Dear Slave. I value your safewords. After this, we both know I’m not going to be nice. Suddenly, I step back, lean down and kiss you, roughly and passionately, my hand on your forehead going to your throat. Breaking your grasp fully, I step away for a moment, much to both our pain. It’s cold not to have your warmth.

One last thing… another rummage in the toy chest, another shuffling of implements. Ah-hah! I know how much you’ve wanted this as well. So have I. I turn around and run the metal chain through my hands, pulling it taught to show off the silver links of the leash. Your face lights up indescribably, and I can’t help but smile. You say my happiness makes you happy. Well, turnabout’s fair play. Not even trying to change my grin into a snarl, I come back over to you and lift casino firmaları your chin so that I can clip the lead to the D ring of your collar. Leather wrist strap in hand, I lower the leash so that you can feel the full weight of 18″ of chain hanging from your neck. I watch as your eyes close in ecstasy, savoring the moment of your first leashing. God you’re lovely like this.

Time to use the leash as we intended. I tug to get your attention; your eyes snap open and meet mine, silently asking what you can do for me; what I need from you. Your mouth, Slave. “I’m going to face fuck you.” Again, in your eagerness, I feel like I’m just taking up slack and not actually pulling you down on my cock. Fine, less work for my hips. Hell, you’re doing all the work, bobbing your head up and down like a casting couch pledge. Hands forgotten by your sides, you’ve become my onahole, my face toy. You’d become my cock’s last resting place if you could.

I feel you hit a rhythm and can tell your throat’s relaxed enough. Time for some breath training. I tighten my grip on the leash and interrupt you pulling back, forcing you to keep my length in your throat for a few seconds. I release; you rear back and then pick your rhythm back up. A couple more bobs and I do it again, slightly longer. Rinse and repeat, getting longer every time. We’ve already experimented with breath play; if you weren’t a brainless bimbo right now you’d know where this was going.

Perhaps you do, because as your oxygen deprivation gets longer, you refuse to gasp for air between strokes. Perhaps I’m just letting you have too much control. Up until now I’ve been pretty passive, rocking back and forth slightly as I’ve let you experience cocksucking for the first time. Now, as I drag your esophagus down my shaft again, it’s time to be more engaging. The beautiful thing about the strapless strap on is that when I flex my kegel muscles around the part inside me, I can wiggle the entire apparatus. That means you get to feel me pulsing in your throat. Satisfying, isn’t it? You seem a little shocked. Did you forget that you’re worshipping a live human being?

Time to remember. One hand in your hair, the other wrapped in metal links, I go to work. First, I’m just matching your original rhythm, but moving my hips and your head now. As I speed up, I can feel you struggle slightly. That’s it, slave; what we were doing was too easy for you, wasn’t it? Inspired by your plight, begin taking longer strokes, holding your head still. I feel the silicone catch and bend as it goes down and draw back, thinking I may have injured you, wanting to make güvenilir casino sure it wasn’t anything permanent.

As soon as you’re given air again you moan. You must be fine. You’re about to not be.

Concern abated, I step into you, almost straddling you, forcing you to lean back and throw your hands behind you. My hand in your hair goes to the base of my cock; the motion of pushing down on my shaft so that I can fuck you properly also drives the inside part into my gspot much harder. “Take it,” I hiss ineloquently as I fight for the right angle inside you. A precarious footstep later, and the tension’s gone where it counts. Essentially straddling your face, now I can throw my hips into it, stroking in and out of you with savage abandon. This, Slave, this is what I know you wanted – and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to objectify you this much too.

How you can get enough breath to make those lewd noises is beyond me. The drool coming down your chin is starting to get on my legs – or is that my own wetness on my thighs? Either way, you’re making a mess. If you’re a good enough fuckhole, maybe I’ll let you clean me up. As it stands, you’re on your way to it. Right there, that spot, keep going just like this – oh, yes. Yes. I need just a little more. Is that me making those high pitched noises? Oh! It’s like your throat’s clamped down, holding my cock in place, stealing it from me so that I can ride the inside end of it with my vagina, putting solid pressure on my g spot with every little… rocking… motion! Ah! There!

Feeling climax wash over me, I struggle to move. The hand on my cock drops heavily to your shoulder, bracing me for temporary loss of control of my core muscles. I feel you shift, and vaguely wonder if you’re trying to free an arm to help hold me up. You’re not in that position right now, Slave. Be still, be my base, be my… oh…

I hope the blackout only lasted a few seconds; I’m still orgasming but on the tail end of it now. Some sense of you tells me your distress is about to become greater than your pleasure, and I force my muscles to coordinate enough to pull out. The shift in position and your desperate gasp for air trigger aftershocks deep in my vagina. The resultant bob of my shaft makes me wish I could be pumping cum out on your upturned face for real. You’d look just as beautiful with that type of cum on your face as the type you’re about to clean up.

Relenting slowly, I shuffle my feet back toward the bed, letting out the chain leash as I move. My butt connects with the edge of the mattress, and I settle myself while you collect yourself. Once you notice me smiling again and become attentive, I open my mouth, hoping my words sound steady and low. Only one of these tones is achieved. “Very good, Slave.” I start pulling the leash toward me and tilt my hips up, “Suck my balls.”

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