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Check UpCheck UpIt had been a while since I was to the docs and today was a yearly check up, just turned 24, was scheduled for a basic physical, probably some blood work, ect. Really there was no big concern, relatively good health for the past year, 5 foot 10, 140 lbs of muscle with very little body fat, always a good heart rate and blood pressure… and of course a ragingly good sex drive! I am a transgender female that opted out of taking hormones and instead going down the route of laser hair removal, breast implants, and really taking the time daily to make myself look as fem as I can. This way I still have the full auto sexual transvestite thrill but can easily pass as just another lady in the waiting room. Long died blonde hair with curls about halfway down my back, perfectly shaped eyebrows that I fill in daily, smoky eye shadow with thick flair liner, heavy mascara and deep red lipstick… damn girl I look sexy as FUCK today I say in my smokey deep voice. I decided to wear my sheer black pantyhose with a gorgeous short gray skirt and a black button up top that fits my figure perfectly. Everything tucked away and smooth, no one can tell that I have a massive clit that is ready for action at anytime! Around 11 am packed up my items for the day, slipped on my peep toe black heels, put my black choker on and headed to the docs ready to scare some elderly people! As I drove along I was feeling pretty good, rather frisky in fact. I always enjoy being out in my little black import sports coupe that is finely tuned with little supercharged 4 cylinder and all the engine goodies that can take down even some of the mightiest V8 muscle cars out. Love the looks on all the boys faces when they lose a drag race to a drag queen. Hehe. Around noon I pulled into the lot, switched out of my tennis shoes and into my super sexy black heals with spikes on top. I cannot drive a 6 speed in those! As I walked in and elderly man was leaving and he held the door for me and said I looked like I just came from that Hot Topic store in the mall and I said why thank you as I saw his eyes run down my legs. Bet he wishes his wife could pull something like this off! I am such a naughty lady. A new receptionist was working and she was rather large, obese in fact which made giggle with guilty pleasure. She took my info and then I took a seat in the waiting room. There were a few people there including a middle aged man by himself that was trying not to make it obvious that he was staring at my bahis firmaları legs and feet. I slowly crossed and uncrossed my legs, switching sides to get him going. He was gazing downward at my feet too so I slipped off my heels and rubbed my feet together. I think the poor guy was about to have an orgasm! What a little tease I am! “Jessica” I hear the nurse call out. I slipped my heels back one, grabbed my purse and followed her back… noticing the wet spot on the middle age mans khakis. I winked as I walked by and he whispered thank you. The nurse was a middle age woman, Alice, with short blonde hair, a solid strong looking face, wearing big hoop earrings, standing about 5 8 and I would say around 140 lbs with a strong solid frame. “Let’s get your weight hun” she said to me smiling and as I stepped on a perfect 145lbs came and she said that was excellent! I followed her back to the exam room were she took my blood pressure. As she was doing that I saw her slipping on and off her little office room crocks to reveal the sexiest black and gray No Nonsense ankle socks that I have ever seen! OMG this made my clit start throbbing which also shot up my blood pressure! “Oh my, this is a little high” she said to me. I saw her eyes go down to my bulge in my skirt and she continued… “someone must be a little worked up” I replied “It’s one of those moments…” I then remember feeling very high, energized and extremely horny, but then before I knew it the exam was over and I was on my way but I couldn’t shake this feeling like something more happened, like a huge release of some kind…There I was rushing into work! My name is Gary and I started working for a secret government organization that runs a special program that sets up secret cameras in public places that capture the wildest sex scenes and broadcasts them live to a very high paying audience! Today we were monitoring a transsexual woman named Jessica. She had been showing signs of extreme arousal lately and we know she has a sock fetish from tracking her searches online. Kind of creepy yes, but man this job pays great and I think the videos are amazingly sexy as well! I rolled into my office just as the show was getting underway. A cubical setup with privacy curtains just in case you can’t handle what you are seeing, if you know what I mean! The show was already underway! Being a middle aged man, but still in good shape, standing 5 11, 185 lbs, slightly graying hair, light stubble, but still a youth like appearance I kaçak iddaa have a wonderfully healthy appetite for this kind of stuff! My job is to do the time release of the magic potions that are setup in this public places, like pheromones but on hyper drive that send the two already sexually charge individuals into hyper drive! I was glad I arrived when I did because it was about time and this is what I was witnessing live!Jessica was noticeably peeping down at the nurses feet as she slowly slipped her shoes on and off revealing her super sexy black and gray No Nonsense socks. Alice is a kinkster as well, though she tends to be a little more subdued with it compared to Jessica’s wild endeavors! But take a look at her internet searches and the fact that she pleasures herself every evening before bed to wild trans and lesbian porn and you know she is really into this stuff! “Everything looks well Jessica, your weight, your blood pressure is spot on… you look fabulous like always, keep taking care of yourself… Jessica are you paying attention?” said Alice now looking a bit concerned. Jessica snapped to “Oh yes, forgive me… umm I was day dreaming! Haha.” And she really was… it was time for me to release to potions. I hit the big purple button on my control pad and the magical potions released from above. It only takes seconds for them to reach the brain once they are released and with these two horn balls already fired up it wasn’t going to take long for them to be in full fuck mode!Alice began to fidget with her paperwork, overcome with raw sexual urges to fuck anything in site! Jessica had come un-tucked and her massive 8 inch clitty was bulging noticeable under her pantyhose and skirt just begging to be released. Next was to release the shut off potion which turns off your other thoughts totally and allows you to focus just on the sexual experience. The two were turning into sexual deviants as I noticed our number of live viewers growing into the 10’s of thousands. They were to make a wonderful show and of course a wonderful profit for us. Alice began moaning, knees buckling, her black panties getting soaked from her juices. Jessica’s precum had soaked through her pantyhose and her skirt as Alice took notice. “Oh my, is my patient horny, did I turn you on love??” said Alice in an erotic tone. Jessica replied “Oh my I don’t know what has come over me, but you socks, your feet, your socks over those sexy warm feet!” Jessica got down on her hands and knees. Alice slipped kaçak bahis her shoes off as Jessica began worshipping them, kissing, smelling and licking those warm soft black socks. “I have an idea!’ said Alice. She climbed up onto the exam table. Jessica got up and began rubbing her wonderful feet still wrapped up in those socks as Alice moaned and roller her eyes into the back of her head. It was out of this world! After about 10 minutes of massaging Jessica could no longer contain her excitement. She stood and stripped out of her skirt and pantyhose revealing a throbbing hard clit dripping with precum. Alice sprung up from the bed and removed Jessica’s black button up shirt and silky black bra revealing rock solid abs, strong arms and bouncy silicone breasts. There in front of her stood the most beautiful trans person she had ever seen. “It is time for your exam now sweetie, get on the bed…” Jessica promptly obeyed Alice’s command and laid down on the bed. Alice stripped in front of her revealing her black bra and matching black panties. “Please keep those wonderfully delicious sexy socks on.” pleaded Jessica. With a horny smile Alice removed her bra and panties and left the socks on. Bending over the bed she ran her fingertips over Jessica’s smooth and perfect body to examine every square inch. “A very healthy transsexual, you get a reward.” She smiled then maneuvered herself onto the table and overtop Jessica. What a site, a middle age cougar still in really good shape, soft and fem yet so strong and powerful! She turned so her back was to Jessica’s face. “Now I want you to examine my socks as I give you a reward.” “Yes ma’am” replied Jessica. Alice lowered her mouth down onto Jessica’s raging shaft and began her work. Jessica was overwhelmed by the scent of Alice’s feet and socks as she rubbed them with her fingertips, began massaging, then started sucking on the soft warm material covering her toes. The two moaned in shear ecstasy as the event unfolded. Before Jessica came Alice removed her mouth, changed her position and lowered herself onto Jessica’s clit. The two began making wild love that lasted for nearly 20 minutes. Jessica exploding inside Alice and filling her whole body with warm cum. The two slowly unwound as our audience was very thrilled and pleased with what we were able to accomplish with these two! The final step was to release the memory erasing agent and send in the little spy bots to clean up and help the two get dressed and clean. Within a rather short time everything was back in order and the two were picking up at the end of the exam… now was time for celebration and of course the planning for the next event. Copyright – 2018 – Ashley Johnson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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