Charlotte , The Pirate Ch. 09

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The following story is going to be at least a 10-parter, with each chapter in a different category. If you enjoy this story, I’m afraid you’ll have to go find each part. Hope it’s worth it.

Part 1: Non-Erotic.
Part 2: First Time
Part 3: Loving Wives
Part 4: Exhib & Voy
Part 5: Lesbian
Part 6: Interracial
Part 7: Letters and Transcripts
Part 8: Romance

The Anvil made for the southern coast of France. Around mid September, she found a port and docked. The port was run by a harbormaster who was willing, for a price, to forget that the Anvil was docked there.

William left a few of his crew in the harbor town, and then headed inland. They arrived at Charlotte’s home about two days later. As soon as she arrived, a middle-aged man came running down to meet her. Then he just threw his arms around Charlotte. William just stood back puzzled.

When she finally got loose from the man’s embrace, she introduced him as Lord Pierre Duvalier. Pierre had been her father’s dearest friend. When he got over the astonishment of seeing Charlotte, he told her how sorry he was to hear about her father. It had been such a tragedy, a random robbery taking such a good man.

Pierre was still trying to console his old friend’s daughter, when she began to tell him the most astounding story. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Lord Andre wouldn’t dare. But apparently he had. And he had murdered his old friend. A fire lit in the man’s eyes. A fire that hadn’t been there in a long time.

Lord Duvalier had no family. He had been married many years ago, but his beautiful wife had died in childbirth, and the baby hadn’t survived. Despairing of life and seeing no purpose in his, he had met Charlotte’s father. The man had treated Pierre like a brother, and when Charlotte was born, it was like she was his daughter as well.

Six years later, when Charlotte’s mother had died, it had been Pierre who consoled his dear friend. He convinced him to live on. If not for himself, than for Charlotte. Over the years, the two men had become inseparable. Now, finding out that his dear friend had been murdered was too much for the good man to stand. He would avenge Francois, if it was the last thing he did.

In the meantime, however, the estate had to be put back into order. With the Count dead, and no heir around, running the estate had fallen to Bridget Ribot. Bridget was in her mid-forties and had been the head servant on the estate for years. In fact, Charlotte couldn’t remember a time when the woman hadn’t been around. She was honest and efficient, and Charlotte had honestly never heard anyone say a bad word about her.

Actually, the reason that Charlotte couldn’t remember a time before Bridget was simply that Bridget had been with her father since before Charlotte was born. She’d actually been a friend of Charlotte’s mom, and when she and Francois had been married, she had convinced her new husband to employ Bridget. It was a favor that the count had never regretted. Bridget had been a loyal friend, and an efficient servant from that day forward. Within two years she had been given control of the entire staff, and had kept it in her capable hands.

Now, with her master dead, she had done what she could to keep the estate together. And she had done a fantastic job. Under her leadership, the servants had been paid, the work had been kept up, and the house and lands had been kept out of disarray. Bridget was delighted to see Charlotte. Now with the heir returned, the estate would remain stable.

Pierre wanted to go immediately to Paris and report what they knew to the king. But Charlotte begged him to stay for a while. She had been gone long enough, that she was unfamiliar with some of the people the estate dealt with now. She needed Pierre to introduce her to people and also to help William get acquainted with the area.

Reluctantly, Pierre agreed to stay in the area through the end of the year. He did get one bonus out of it. Bridget. Bridget was a marvel. Oh she might not be a young maid any longer, and honestly she was a bit plump now. But she was still a fine figure of a woman with beautiful blonde hair, and just a pleasure to be around.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and William were inseparable. Wherever Charlotte went, she made sure William was with her. She couldn’t help it. She just felt safe when he was around. They spent every night together, and more nights than not they made love. For Charlotte it was so nice to please someone with her body because she wanted to, and not because she was forced to. And it was so wonderful to be with a man who actually wanted to please her as well.

The second week they were there, she asked William to do something she had thought she would never do again. She asked him to take her up her behind. Bill couldn’t believe that she wanted him to do that. After all she had always said that it was the most awful thing that she had been forced to do. Charlotte agreed that it had been, but she Fatih escort didn’t want to always remember it that way. She wanted to see if she could do that with someone she loved, and make a pleasant memory out of it.

In a strange way, Bill could understand that. He tried to be very gentle with his lover. He kissed her neck and gradually kissed his way down her spine. His lips and tongue brought little shivers from Charlotte. As he kissed her, he reached his hand between her legs and found she was already sopping wet. For some reason, the idea of this really had the girl excited.

Bill bent Charlotte over the bed, and entered her cunny from behind. He was always amazed at how incredibly hot it was inside her body. It felt incredible, and from the moans Charlotte was making, she seemed to be enjoying it as well. William began to thrust in and out of her. He tried to go as deep as he could, but not too fast. He wanted to keep Charlotte excited and not cause either of them to finish yet.

When Charlotte was so close that she was slamming her body back into him, William pulled his shaft from her vaginal entrance and placed it at the other aperture. Charlotte was so incredibly excited that she just had to have him inside her somewhere, anywhere. She slammed her body back, and plugged her own behind with William’s cock. The woman had no problem getting it in. She had done this so many times, that part of it was no problem.

Before, every time she had done this she had felt degraded and used. But this felt so incredibly good. William had reached around her and was rubbing her clit as she slammed her rear end against him. God she was so close, and that rod felt so wonderful up inside there. Then she couldn’t take any more. Charlotte let out a howl and began slamming into William over and over, trying to drive his cock as far up her butt as she could get it. Finally, she just pushed her behind up against Bill as hard as she could, and then began wiggling her butt. A second later, William let out his own animalistic sound and began to cum inside that incredible woman. It was several minutes later, before two sweaty exhausted lovers could even gather themselves enough to speak.

When they could talk, Charlotte asked William if they could just stay where they were. At first, William thought she just meant in bed. But then he realized she meant on the estate in France. His first reaction was shock. How could they possibly do that? Later, though, William began to think that it wasn’t a bad idea. After all, he was a pirate, it wasn’t like he had a real home to go back to.

But what about Andre? He had to pay for what he did. Charlotte felt differently, though. “I know I should want revenge for everything he did to me, but it’s so wonderful being here with you that I just find myself forgetting about it. Is that so bad? Maybe we just finally deserve to have peace in our lives.”

That made so much sense. What did he have to go back to? Nothing. He couldn’t stay anywhere very long. On land, if anyone found out who he was, he would be caught and hanged. Here he could have a life. The estate was beautiful. There were vineyards rich with grapes, and he had a beautiful woman that he loved. And thank God, for some reason she loved him as well. Yes, they could stay.

The next day, William told his crew what he intended. To his shock, they all decided to stay as well. After all they told him, they didn’t have any more of a home to go back to then he did.

William sent one of his men back to the harbor. The harbormaster assured him that if he continued to be paid, he could forget about a certain ship for as long as they wanted.

Even Pierre thought it was a great idea. As much as he wanted to see Andre punished, he wanted to see Charlotte happy even more. And one thing he knew for certain was that William made her happy.

It was just then that Bridget came in. She said that there was a problem in the vineyards. Charlotte was going to go with her, but Pierre told her to relax. He could take care of it.

The lord followed Bridget to the fields. Sure enough it was a very minor problem. One of the field hands had fallen and broken an arm. With Bridget’s help it took only a few minutes to set the arm and send the man on his way. For the rest of his life, Pierre would wonder about what happened next. He never really thought about it at the time. But somehow, a few seconds later he found himself kissing Bridget.

They broke the kiss and Bridget just looked at him confused. He was a lord and she was just a commoner. Surely there could be nothing between them. He was wonderful man, but he was out of her reach. But then he was pulling her back to him, and this time she just let herself go with it. Later it might turn out to be a dream, but right now it was heavenly. Her lips found his and the two of them just kissed and embraced.

Pierre could have stayed that way forever. He hadn’t felt this way about a woman in so Fındıkzade escort bayan long, but they had to get back. So the two of them made their way back to the house. But Pierre kissed that lovely woman one more time before they went inside. After that, Pierre escorted Bridget inside and said his good-byes. William and Charlotte of course offered to let him take the guestroom and stay. He was going to politely decline, when Bridget simply announced that it was so nice that he was staying and that she would go make up the guestroom immediately. Well that was an offer Pierre simply couldn’t say no to.

The friends continued to talk for a while, but Pierre was a bit distracted. After all, maybe he had read more into that than there was. Maybe Bridget was just being generous in insisting that he stay. Well, he’d get his answer soon enough. Bridget had just returned and announced that Lord Duvalier’s room was ready.

Pierre said his good nights, and allowed the chief servant to lead him to his room. When they arrived, Pierre went in. Then Bridget followed him and closed the door. Lord Duvalier didn’t need any more hints, he pulled the lovely blonde into his arms and kissed her deeply. In a moment, her arms were holding him just as tight, and her lips were hungrily meeting his.

Bridget wasn’t sure what to do. She’d never been married, and she hadn’t been with a man in years. Oh she’d had a few dalliances when she was younger, but somehow they had never lasted very long. But this man was different. She’d known him for years and had always felt that he was one of the finest people she had ever known. He was kind and generous, and never looked down on anyone because they weren’t of noble blood. If fact several times over the years he had taken time out to help her with some menial task she would be involved in as he passed by.

Pierre was even more unsure than Bridget. He hadn’t been with a woman since his wife had died, and he hadn’t really thought he would ever feel attracted to a woman again. But Bridget was something special. In all the time he’d known her, she never seemed to let life beat her. Whatever had to be done, Bridget approached it with the simple knowledge that she could do it. After all the despair Pierre had gone through after the death of his family, he found that basic confidence incredibly inspiring and admirable. And now here was that wonderful woman, in his arms with her lips pressed to his.

The two soon to be lovers had no illusions of where this was going. They continued to hold and kiss each other as they gradually undressed. There wasn’t the desperate passion or desire of a younger couple. Rather just the calm realization that they had both found something incredible and that they were going to experience it together.

When they were both undressed, Pierre took the opportunity to look at Bridget. Certainly, she was not a maid of 20. Her skin wasn’t as firm, she had a little paunch at her belly, and her face was a little weathered. Her blonde hair had some gray streaks in it and her hands were rough from years of hard work. But she was still beautiful to Pierre. Her body was still lush and curved in all the right places, and her eyes just fascinated him. Every time he looked into her beautiful green eyes, it was like the world just stopped. Time would just stand still, and he would feel a glow of happiness go through him that he hadn’t felt in as long as he could remember.

Bridget came over and put her arms back around him. She also could see the age on her new lover. His hair was gray, and his face showed all the signs of the trouble and despair the man had gone through. When she looked at that face, all Bridget wanted to do was to bring that wonderful man some happiness and help him to live life again. She wasn’t sure how she had ended up here with him. Surely, she didn’t deserve to be here with a Lord, but this man certainly wanted her. Bridget also felt more alive than she had in many years.

Pierre turned Bridget so that her back was to him. He reached around her to caress her breasts, as he began to kiss the back of her neck. The woman just sighed happily. It felt so good, and it was so nice to feel loved.

Meanwhile, Pierre continued to cup her breasts as he turned the woman around to face him. Then he moved his mouth down to gently take one of her nipples into his mouth. Softly, he sucked the little nub and just stroked his tongue over it a couple of times. Bridget’s breasts might not be as firm as they had been 20 years earlier, but they were still large and soft, and Pierre certainly had no complaints.

Bridget loved the attention, and as much as she wanted to just relax and enjoy the sensations, she also felt an overwhelming desire to please this incredible man. She pulled his head up from her breasts, and kissed his lips. Then she began to slowly work her mouth down the front of his body. As she kissed his chest and moved down to his stomach, Bridget was delighted to hear her Escort Gaziosmanpaşa new lover moan with pleasure.

When she’d made it down to between his thighs, Bridget wasn’t surprised to find that Pierre wasn’t hard yet. At his age, the woman knew it might take a little more for him to get going. Certainly, from his attentions, it wasn’t because she didn’t excite him. Anyway, she knew what she could do to get that thing up. So Bridget just opened her mouth and sucked the whole thing in.

Pierre couldn’t help it. He moaned again in absolute ecstasy. God, what that woman was doing. The feeling of her mouth on him was beyond wonderful. He could feel himself growing hard in there. Bridget just kept sucking and moving her mouth up and down on his rod. Finally, he couldn’t stand it any more. As good as that felt, he had to get inside this incredible lady.

Without saying a word, Pierre pulled himself out of Bridget’s mouth. As she looked up at him, he lifted her to her feet and moved them both to the bed. Arms grasping each other, the two lovers simply fell onto the bed, entwined in each other’s embrace. Pierre moved himself so that he was positioned between Bridget’s thighs, and then he simply slid himself in. She was so wet and so hot, that it really took no effort at all.

The two lovers wanted this to last as long as it possibly could. They simply lay on their sides, with Pierre inside of Bridget’s tunnel. There was no rush. Pierre just slowly and gently slid in and out of Bridget. As for the lady, she kept her arms about her lover, kissing and caressing him, as he worked his magic inside her.

It went on for a very long time. There was no overwhelming rush to orgasm. Rather the two of them kept it building slowly, but inexorably, until it just couldn’t be held back any more.

Bridget ran her hands down between Pierre’s legs and fondled his balls. That was the end of it. Pierre just couldn’t hold back any more. With a roar, he began to thrust hard and deep into Bridget. The man drove himself into her tunnel again and again, until every drop of seed, and every ounce of energy in his body had been drained from him.

After the second or third hard thrust, Bridget was going right with him. She just screamed, “OH GOD!!!”, and began thrusting back to meet Pierre. It was a few seconds after her lover had basically collapsed next to her, that Bridget also just fell back onto the bed, too exhausted to move.

The two lovers didn’t say another word that night. There was nothing to say. Pierre simply wrapped his arms around Bridget and pulled her to him. Moments later, warm in each other’s arms, the couple was fast asleep.

The next morning Pierre woke to the most incredible feeling. For a moment, he had no idea what it was. In fact he expected that he was dreaming. Then it all came back to him, the whole wonderful night. And there was Bridget. She had moved down the bed, and had his organ back in her mouth. She was just gently sucking it, and it felt like she was literally wrapping her tongue around it.

When she saw that her love was awake, Bridget went to work more seriously. She began to suck harder, and she really began to stroke that thing with her tongue. Pierre was becoming big and hard in her mouth. It was so nice to be pleasing this wonderful man. He started to pull away from her, but Bridget just held him where he was. There would be time to make love again later. Now she just wanted to give her lover as much pleasure as she possibly could

Pierre was just laying back now, as Bridget worked her magic on him. She could feel him starting to throb in her mouth. It wouldn’t be long now. She pursed her lips, and sucking very hard, slid her mouth up and down the entire shaft. Then, when she felt it begin to erupt, she plunged down to engulf as much as she possibly could.

The first blast of cum landed in her mouth, and Bridget kept sucking and working her tongue. She swallowed when she got the chance, but the main thing was to keep up the sucking. It was only when she was sure that this man she adored was completely done, and his now soft penis was shrinking and falling from her mouth, that Bridget took the time to swallow the thick, white syrup that had filled her mouth. It tasted fine, and the woman was just so happy to have been able to do that for Pierre.

After she finished, Pierre wasn’t sure that he would ever get his breath back. That had been unbelievable. When he had finally gathered himself, Pierre pulled Bridget back up so she could face him. Then he just kissed her and told her that he loved her. Bridget didn’t say anything, she didn’t have to. She just laid her head on the man’s chest and cried. After a while, she did lift her head up enough to tell Pierre that she loved him, too, but from the smile on his face, he already knew it anyway.

It was time for breakfast, and Bridget did need to get to work. Pierre tried to tell her that he could have someone else do it, but Bridget just smiled and said it was fine. She enjoyed what she did here. Everyone was very nice, and she really liked keeping everything running and in order. Now, Pierre needed to join his friends and she would be sure that a wonderful breakfast was brought to all of them. There would be time enough for their own private dessert later.

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