Chapter 1: Micropenis

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Chapter 1: MicropenisChapter 1: Micropenis“What d’you say, doc; am I the luckiest guy in the world?”I laid back on the inspection table and the doctor, a very sleek and sexy woman of, I would guess of Chinese or Japanese descent, was examining my crotch with one of those magnifying glass things that had a bright light attached. She wore a black turtleneck and a white coat, and her name tag said Dr. Yu. Where in Asia does a name like Yu come from? As my thoughts drifted I realized the smell of antiseptic combined with the professionalism of a serious medical examination was deeply reassuring.She reached for my chart, and after scanning it for a few seconds she slid her glasses down her nose and looked at me, with what I later would discover to have been pity in her eyes.“Not exactly, Mr. Johnson.”“Call me Johnny, doc.”My name had been a cruel irony throughout my teenage years and beyond. I guess people automatically assume that a guy called Johnson—and Johnny Johnson at that—would have a fairly hefty meat mallet. From the first girl I sweet talked into the backseat of ümraniye escort my car, to every subsequent date I thought I was getting lucky on, the show stopped when my shorts dropped and they got their look at my micropenis.Every disastrous date led to the situation I found myself in this morning, waking on my twenty-fourth birthday; a virgin. But this morning was unlike any that had gone before, for as I reached down to reassure my morning glory I grasped a surprisingly hefty appendage. I threw back the sheets, my heartbeat racing and there, gloriously erect, was a penis that would make a bull jealous.The next blissful hour I spent photographing it, washing it and singing happy birthday songs around my apartment, but as the first flush of elation faded into a happy glow, I felt a moment of unease. Realizing that it was quite a sudden change to overcome a guy, I thought I’d better seek a professional opinion.“I’m afraid I have some bad news for you, Mr. Johnson.”“Please doc, just call me Johnny. So, what’s your professional opinion?”She took kadıköy escort off her glasses, closed her eyes and pinched the brow of her nose.“Johnny… there is no easy way to tell you this, so I’ll just come out and say it. You have cancer of the penis. You have—at best—twenty-four hours to live, and the only way we can save your life is to amputate your penis before you die.”Needless to say, I was stunned.“Doc… are you sure?”Then came denial.“I don’t believe you! How could God grant me this magnificent cock and then only give me a day to live?”Then a ray of hope. The sexy doctor laid her hand on my bare thigh, slowly sliding it higher up my leg.“Johnny, please calm down. I’ve counseled many terminally ill people and the one lesson we take from this is that each day could be your last; whether you are healthy or sick. You need to live everyday with everything you have. Go out there Johnny, have the best day of your life, but for God’s sake get back here within twenty-four hours so that I can operate and save your life.”This story is about bostancı escort the last day of my life.“Doc…”She raised her hand, lingering with a fingertip before walking away, long slim legs in dark tights disappearing up inside her white coat. She stopped at a glass cabinet full of specimen jars. Large urns with ghostly organs floating in pale yellow suspension.“Call me Felicia, Felicia Yu, Mr. Johnson or… Johnny, if I may. The thing is, I have a confession to make. I have a peccadillo, a fetish if you will, for medical abnormalities. To be frank, that was the reason I studied medicine. The irregularities of the human body… well Johnny; the truth is that they make me hot.”She turned to face me but her gaze was fixed on my tumescence. Felicia took off her glasses and tied back her long straight black hair.“Johnny, I think I can improve your mood, if not your prognosis…” After taking a long drink from her mug of coffee she walked around the examination table and positioned herself between my feet, then grasped my ankles and pulled me toward her.The random panic that had been screaming in my mind cleared like a cold shower as she moistened her rosebud lips. She looked up at my face, for once, and smiled, then she leaned forward and I felt her hot breath on my pulsing tip. The Erotic Adventures of Johnny Johnson—Available on KU

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