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The heavy cement building went from a speck on the horizon to a great looming hungry monster in seconds. Kelsey’s eyes took in the structure. The walls were cold and unwelcoming; the electric fence was topped with angry looking razor wire. The gray sky above matched the setting well. Kelsey saw the blood on her hands through the blur of tears. She had been convicted fairly by a jury. This would be her home for the next twenty-five years.

If the trial was so fair then why did Kelsey feel like the justice system had failed her? Joseph must be laughing maniacally from his grave. His five year reign of terror was over, but for what?

The wheels on the bus screeched as the massive machine came to a halt. Kelsey’s body shook with sobs. She escaped Joseph’s imprisonment of her to be thrown into another one.

She stood and followed the line of other new prisoners. Some of them glared cruelly at her for the scene she was making. The eyes of the other women made Kelsey nervous. She allowed her long black hair to hide the fear in her crystal blue eyes.

Kelsey studied the woman who led her to her cell. She was only a couple of inches taller than Kelsey; but Kelsey could tell she was tough. She had short cut blonde hair and fiery brown eyes. The guard’s name was Susan. Kelsey burned that to memory quickly. Susan had been very kind and Kelsey liked her right away. She even told Kelsey that her sentence was unfair. The sympathy was welcome.

The loud clank of the cell door sent a shiver through Kelsey. She felt her stomach in her throat and her heart pounded fiercely. The woman on the top bunk lounged with a smile as she studied Kelsey. Kelsey met her eyes briefly. The woman’s smile was not unkind. Kelsey relaxed and collapsed into her new bed.

The musty pillow was a welcome muffler as Kelsey broke into sobs. She didn’t hear her cellmate drop to the floor. But the woman’s arms were comforting. Kelsey buried her head in the woman’s chest as she wept.

“Tell Miriam all about it,” came the honeyed voice.

“It’s so unfair,” Kelsey wept. “It was his fault.”


“Joseph’s. He killed our baby.”

“Your baby?”

“Yes. He didn’t believe it was his.” Kelsey looked at the woman. She was honestly concerned. “It took me five years to have the courage. He deserved all six bullets.”

Kelsey lifted her shirt. She had an ugly scar from Joseph last attack. “He killed the child he made.”

Miriam smiled in understanding. She patted Kelsey’s back. “You should get some rest now. You’ll need it tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Miriam?” Kelsey held out her hand. “I’m Kelsey.”

“It’s nice to meet you Kelsey,” Miriam replied with an odd smile.

For some reason, Miriam’s smile made Kelsey feel strange. It was like Miriam was casting a spell. She laid her head down and closed her eyes. She felt Miriam’s hand petting her hair until she was asleep. It felt good and comforting. Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad after all.

The shrill alarm bell was a shock to Kelsey. She’d seen many prison movies. They all had the same bell, but she was still shocked. She sat up in bed and looked into the smiling face of Miriam.

“Are you ready for breakfast?”

Kelsey had to admit she was pretty hungry. She hadn’t eaten much during her trial. It was starting to catch up to her. She nodded silently. Miriam made Kelsey feel strange. She kind of liked it.

“Well come on before there’s nothin’ left. You need to keep your strength up,” Miriam advised. “Some of those girls out there prey on the weak. And you look like a delicate little orchid.”

Kelsey blushed. No one had said anything like that to her before. Should she take that as a complement? She did feel pretty weak in here. “Do you think you could help me become stronger?” Kelsey could tell by some of the looks they got, Miriam had some power in here. She liked Miriam’s presence a lot.

“Sure,” Miriam said happily. “Stick with me Lil’ Orchid and you’ll be fine.”

“Lil’ Orchid?” Kelsey thought. It sounded like an odd nickname. But when Miriam said it, it was nice. Miriam had that odd smile again. Kelsey just smiled shyly in return.

“Look, Orchid,” Miriam said happily, “we have the same work detail this week. You might get reassigned, but for now I’ll watch your back.”


Kelsey really enjoyed washing laundry with Miriam. This was Miriam’s usual task. It seemed she monitored the business going in and out of the prison. There were other women who were pretty high up as well, but Kelsey wasn’t sure who the boss was. Maybe there was no boss.

Kelsey also noticed her fondness of Miriam seemed to becoming something more. She couldn’t put her finger on it. But one night she knew.

Miriam sat next to Kelsey on the lower bunk. She started to caress Kelsey’s face gently. The touch sent a tingle up Kelsey’s spine. She reached her hand up and returned Miriam’s advances. Could I be in love with this woman? Kelsey wondered. Miriam’s kiss shot a flame of passion through amasya escort Kelsey. Yes that’s what it is. It’s love.

Kelsey had never made love to a woman before. It was an amazing experience. Miriam’s tenderness was wonderful. Even though, Miriam was very muscular, she was still very feminine. The most amazing part of it was the orgasm. Kelsey had never orgasmed before in her life. For the moment this little cell was heaven. And Kelsey had never known such freedom.

The following morning, Kelsey woke up to find herself in Miriam’s arms. She couldn’t believe how wonderful she felt. Miriam was her cellmate, her friend, and now her lover. Kelsey whined at the urgency of her bladder.

She jumped up and peed in the toilet as fast as she could. The warmth of Miriam’s arms was painful to leave. She dove under the covers and snuggled next to Miriam.

“I love you, Miriam,” Kelsey whispered to the sleeping woman. “I belong to you now. You’ve stolen my heart.” Kelsey had no idea just how much those words would change her life. But if she had, she would’ve said them anyway.

“So, you belong to me, eh?”

Miriam’s voice startled Kelsey. She looked into Miriam’s beautiful hazel eyes and nodded. Her lovely red ringlets framed her strong jaw and high cheekbones well. Her childish, light, brown freckles didn’t seem exactly right, but Kelsey loved them. Kelsey couldn’t help but give herself to this woman.

“If that’s the case,” Miriam paused and grabbed a permanent marker. “Get dressed and lie down.

Kelsey followed her orders instantly. Miriam wrote “PROPERTY OF MIRIAM!” on the front of Kelsey’s shirt with arrows pointing to her breasts and crotch.

“Roll over.”

On Kelsey’s ass Miriam wrote, “ASK BEFORE USING!”

“Now don’t worry about these signs. Do as I tell you and you’ll be fine.” Kelsey nodded obediently.

Kelsey was reassigned to the kitchen. She was sad to be away from Miriam, but she held her head high. She thought the sign on her front was crude, but it suited her. She didn’t worry about the sign on her backside. She just walked about sensually. Her voluptuous hips swung from side-to-side. Her pale blue eyes sparkled. Even though she was only 5’4”, Kelsey felt quite tall. And her countless freckles gave her an irresistible child like quality. Kelsey felt proud to be Miriam’s property.

The day passed quickly. Kelsey sought out Miriam the first chance she got. It was good to be with her mistress again.

“How was the kitchen?” Miriam asked.

“It was fine. I’ve always enjoyed cooking.”

“That’s good.”

A thin woman in her late thirties approached and whispered in Miriam’s ear. She was a pretty woman. Miriam nodded and shook hands with the woman. If Kelsey remembered correctly, her name was Beth.

“Kelsey, I want you to go with Beth. Do what she tells you to do.” Kelsey rose to follow Beth. She knew what was on her ass. Miriam slapped Kelsey’s ass, “Make me proud.”

Kelsey smiled shyly at Miriam and followed Beth. Beth seemed like a nice enough woman. Kelsey was curious why she was in this place. She loved Miriam. Kelsey wanted nothing more than to make Miriam happy. They entered Beth’s cell.

“Climb onto the top bunk and lie down,” Beth ordered.

Kelsey liked the commanding tone in Beth’s voice. It was firm but kind. She scrambled onto the bed at lightening speed and watched Beth take her pants off. Beth followed Kelsey and straddled her.

Kelsey gingerly explored Beth’s vagina. She had never done this before and was very nervous. Beth gently touched Kelsey’s hair. It was a comforting gesture. Kelsey wanted to satisfy this woman. She found Beth clitoris.

The moan Kelsey heard was a welcome reward for her efforts. She felt her confidence growing with every stroke of her tongue. She liked Beth’s taste. It was nothing like Joseph’s taste. She remembered the way Joseph had forced his cock into her mouth. He was always cruel. Beth was nothing like that. Kelsey had only known Beth for a little while, but she really like the woman. And her cum was sweet, not putrid like Joseph’s.

Beth started to move her hips as she neared orgasm. Kelsey smiled to herself and held Beth’s pelvis still. Beth moaned louder. It was music in Kelsey’s ears. This woman had a lovely voice. And to please her would please Miriam. Kelsey wanted to please Miriam. Kelsey latched onto Beth’s clit and nibbled lightly on it. The moan made Kelsey feel like she was going to come. Beth came. Kelsey reveled in the woman’s nectar.

Beth lay next to Kelsey. Her smiled was radiant. Her hands felt nice running through to Kelsey as the brushed her hair.

“I haven’t orgasmed like that in ages,” Beth said in a hoarse voice. “Miriam has had a few little pets. None of them were as good as you. You’re special.” Kelsey felt proud. It must have been obvious. “Keep that pride. As long as you do well Miriam will reward you. But not even you can satisfy everyone. Miriam doesn’t like failure.” Kelsey escort amasya felt a chill. She never wanted to disappoint Miriam. It would break her heart to do so.

Beth got dressed and led Kelsey to the mess hall. They got dinner and found Miriam. Beth whispered to Miriam who smiled with her whole face at Kelsey. The look on Miriam’s face made Kelsey feel weak with her passion for this woman.

“I’m proud, Orchid. You did good,” Miriam said happily. Kelsey just blushed silently. “You will be rewarded for your success.” Kelsey shivered. Miriam laughed at Kelsey’s reaction.

Kelsey stared at the springs above her. She was happy to make Miriam so proud. She didn’t hear Miriam jump down from her bunk. But she did feel her jeans loosen and the cool air on her bare skin.

Miriam’s tongue caressed the folds of flesh between Kelsey’s legs. Kelsey started to moan quietly. The sensation was exquisite. She felt her skin prickled as she started to sweat. She felt her orgasm approaching rapidly. Miriam’s tongue penetrated her. Kelsey climaxed for the second time in her life. But Miriam didn’t stop there. She continued to feed on Kelsey’s juices until she felt like she would burst from the pleasure.

Kelsey whined when Miriam’s mouth left her crotch. Miriam giggled softly. She kissed Kelsey’s belly. Kelsey felt a naked breast against her stomach and smiled. She liked the feeling of Miriam’s soft skin on her own. She welcomed Miriam’s mouth. Then she found Miriam’s nipple and suckled it.

Miriam’s moan was heavenly. Kelsey decided she wanted to taste her mistress desperately. Something penetrated Kelsey deeply. She gasped in ecstasy. The pleasure consumed every part of her being. Miriam thrust her hips roughly shoving the strap-on deeper. Kelsey arched her back and hugged Miriam with her legs. She climaxed with every thrust of Miriam’s hips.

Miriam started to tire. She pulled out of Kelsey and lay next to her. “Are you satisfied?” Miriam whispered.

“Not completely.”

“What more do you want from me?”

Kelsey propped herself up on her elbow. She smiled coyly at her mistress. “I want to make you orgasm.”

Miriam smiled and pulled the toy from her waist. “You are a good girl, my Lil’ Orchid.”

Kelsey just pushed Miriam back gently and went down on her. Kelsey was happy to find Miriam was already coming. She devoured the nectar of her mistress. She loved Miriam’s taste more than anything. Miriam’s moans were like an aria in Kelsey’s ears.

As Miriam’s moans got louder, Kelsey’s heart became fuller. She loved this woman. She was beautiful. Miriam orgasmed and her juices flowed into Kelsey’s mouth. Kelsey lavished each drop. This was heaven.

Kelsey cuddled up to Miriam and fell asleep quickly. She was happier than she had ever been.

Kelsey pleasured a different woman almost everyday. Miriam was proud that her little pet was so popular. One day things went poorly. Sandra was a very cruel woman. She was exotically beautiful. Her tight black curls fell to her shoulders. Kelsey was quite taken by her fierce black eyes. Her olive skin glistened with sweat from her hard work. Kelsey felt eager to please the bad tempered woman.

Sandra lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Kelsey examined the beautiful woman’s crotch with interest. Kelsey explored Sandra with her tongue. The woman was impatient and started to swear at Kelsey. Her word hurt.

“You stupid bitch!” Sandra yelled. “I can’t believe you are so highly recommended. You no good slut!”

Kelsey felt tears in her eyes as she fed on the fluids that came from Sandra. She wanted to please Sandra. She wanted to please Miriam. If she failed Miriam would be cruel. She didn’t want Miriam’s ire directed towards her.

Sandra’s clit was engorged with blood. She was coming. Her body seemed to be happy. So, why was she so cruel? She raged at Kelsey no matter how hard Kelsey tried to please her.

Kelsey continued to eat Sandra out until Sandra pushed her away roughly. She sullenly watched Sandra get dressed as she dried her eyes. Miriam would not be pleased. Kelsey followed behind Sandra as they walked towards Kelsey’s cell. Kelsey knew it was almost dinner time, but she was not hungry. She collapsed on her bed and waited for Miriam and her punishment.

The time went by slowly. Kelsey wondered if this was part of her punishment. She deserved any discomfort for displeasing Miriam. She would bear her punishment without a complaint. As she finished her vow, Miriam walked into the cell. As Kelsey anticipated, her mistress was very angry.

Kelsey rolled to the floor and crawled to kneel at Miriam’s feet. She had every intention of keeping her vow.

“You were not such a good girl today,” Miriam scolded. “I can’t go easy on you for even your first failure.” She grabbed a thick leather belt and smacked her hand with it. Kelsey flinched slightly. But her fear was overpowered by her submission to her fate. This impressed Miriam. All of her other amasya escort bayan “pets” had screamed in protest of their first punishments.

Miriam lifted Kelsey’s chin tenderly. “I want you to get undressed and brace yourself against the bed. And don’t scream!” Kelsey nodded obediently then quickly followed the orders. She wanted Miriam to be happy with her again.

The belt hurt. It was heavy, thick, and wide. Miriam was even stronger than she looked. Tears rolled down Kelsey’s cheeks as the belt warmed her thighs, back, butt, and crotch. The pain was nothing to Miriam’s displeasure. Kelsey distanced herself from the pain as well as she could. Her only goal was to make Miriam happy again. She even moved her hips to welcome the punishment she deserved.

Miriam’s blows were relentless. The pain was white hot. Kelsey was worried she would fail in her resolve and cry out. The tears flowed in torrents down her face. She wanted to please Miriam. If she cried out she would fail again. The pain was irrelevant. Kelsey’s heart broke as she fought with the scream in her throat. She clenched her teeth and won. The offensive sound was swallowed successively. The triumph made Kelsey smile momentarily despite the blinding pain.

Miriam heard the strangled scream and stopped the belt. Kelsey was stronger than she appeared to be. Miriam was pleased at Kelsey’s resolve. She felt a fondness for the girl before her. Miriam turned Kelsey to face her. Kelsey’s expression was proud. Miriam was happy with her and that made Kelsey proud.

“Have I pleased you?” Kelsey whispered timidly.

“Yes,” Miriam answered honestly. The pride in Kelsey grew. She smiled and kissed Miriam’s cheek.

“I love you, my mistress,” Kelsey whispered affectionately. She could no longer stand so she collapsed into her bed.

Kelsey’s last comment warmed Miriam’s heart. She would’ve felt bad for treating the girl so badly, if her Lil’ Orchid hadn’t seemed to welcome the punishment. It was like Kelsey wanted to be beaten for her failure.

Miriam sat on Kelsey’s bed. Kelsey lifted her head and put it in Miriam’s lap. Miriam’s gentle stoking hands were soothing. Kelsey fell into a deep slumber. It felt good to have pleased Miriam. She wanted to please Sandra too.

Kelsey opened her eyes. The light was almost blinding. Her full bladder was nagging her for relief. Kelsey climbed out of bed slowly. Her body was stiff and ached all over. It would probably hurt to move for days. She looked at Miriam and smiled sadly. She slept leaned up against the wall like that all night.

Kelsey sat on the cool seat of the toilet. It was soothing to her welts. But the hot contrast of pissing was excruciating. She winced but kept silent. After peeing, Kelsey pulled her clothes on gingerly. She didn’t want to cry accidentally and awaken Miriam. But Kelsey couldn’t repress the sneeze in her nose.

Miriam opened her eyes and looked at Kelsey. Kelsey lowered her head in apology. Miriam laughed. Kelsey raised her head to watch Miriam stretch painfully. This was no good.

Kelsey pushed Miriam firmly to her belly. She started to massage the tension from the beautiful bulky muscles. Miriam moaned in pleasure and relaxed under Kelsey’s expert hands.

“Where did you learn to do this?” Miriam inquired.

“College. I’m a massage therapist. Or I was.” Kelsey had always loved using her skill to make people feel better.

“Oh, my Lil’ Orchid, you shouldn’t hide your talents,” Miriam scolded playfully. Kelsey giggled softly. She whined when the alarm bell went off. “Don’t worry Orchid. You will finish this later.” Kelsey smiled gratefully.

Kelsey followed Miriam to the mess hall. She held her head high. She felt proud to be the property of Miriam. Even as the welts rubbed on her clothes, she smiled at everyone she saw. When she saw Sandra, her smile grew. Kelsey decided she would pleasure Sandra somehow. Maybe a massage would work. Kelsey noticed that Sandra walked as if she were in pain. She whispered this observation to Miriam.

“Sandra had an accident last year,” Miriam explained. “Her back has been hurting her since.”

“I could help her,” Kelsey offered.

Miriam looked at Kelsey in disbelief. “Why would you want to?”

“Because, I don’t like to see people in pain.”

Miriam smiled proudly at Kelsey. “You’re special. Beth told me that the other day. She’s right.” Miriam stroked Kelsey’s head affectionately. She left to talk to Sandra.

“Sandra,” Miriam said.

“What do you want? I’m not givin’ you nothin’.”

“It seems my little pet wants a second chance with you.”

“You mean your useless Bitch.”

“I think she can prove herself to you. I think she wants to.”

Sandra stared skeptically at Miriam then at Kelsey’s hopeful face. “Alright, I’ll give her another chance. But I’m still not givin’ you a dime.”

“Understood.” Miriam returned to Kelsey. “It looks like Sandra will give you another chance.” Kelsey looked a Sandra and gave her a warm smile. Sandra grinned and looked away. “Don’t fail me this time,” Miriam warned.

“I won’t,” Kelsey replied confidently.

Free period didn’t come soon enough. Kelsey searched for Sandra and found her in her cell. “I’m sorry I’m late,” Kelsey said as she pulled a bottle from her ample cleavage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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