Celebration to Remember

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Amy and Danny had been working together for almost three years at Greggs Cooper Brown, a small advertisement agency based out of San Diego. They had moved up the latter together after starting right around the same time. Amy also happened to be the daughter of one of the partners, Alan Cooper, but she never received preferential treatment. She had worked her way up from the bottom like everyone else and was surprisingly respected among the rest of the employees of the firm.

Danny was particularly fond of Amy. She was smart, beautiful, and had a great sense of humor. She was every man’s dream—and rich too! Danny didn’t care about the money though. He thought Amy was perfect and though he hid it well, he had a budding infatuation with his attractive co-worker.

Amy liked Danny too. She found it hard to make friends at the office because she was so motivated and competitive when it came to her job. Danny was different because he was part of the creative team and not in direct competition with Amy. She felt unthreatened by Danny and that made her more comfortable. She also thought he was really funny.

One weekend Amy and Danny were sent to Puerto Vallarta to meet with a large telecommunications from Mexico. Telecel was determined to retain the services of GCB and put the two representatives in a first class villa on the beach during their stay. The house itself was grandiose and much too large for just the two of them. Either Telecel was trying to really impress GCB, or they had grossly overestimated the size of their party. The villa had a daytime staff of five, which seemed extremely unnecessary with only two of the fourteen bedrooms in use.

Amy and Danny stayed in separate rooms, of course, but they picked two rooms that shared a common wall so the maid would not have to bother with much of the rest of the house. Both rooms were located off the patio, which featured a Jacuzzi and an infinity pool that overlooked the ocean and a smaller villa on the beach. It was the first big business trip that either Danny or Amy had taken, and they were certainly spoiled by the treatment of Telecel.

The company also arranged for a large dinner party that was mostly social, although business was occasionally discussed. Danny and Amy mingled with the crowd and instantly became the stars of the party. Part of the reason why the rookie team was deployed to Mexico was that both Amy and Danny were fluent in Spanish. This impressed the Telecel elite, who found the two quite charming.

After dinner, Danny and Amy met with the top Telecel executive, Victor Ortega. Mr. Ortega was very impressed with the duo’s work and nearly signed the contract that night. He said for legal purposes it would be better if he had his secretary type it up in the morning and then he would send it over to the villa to be signed.

Nonetheless, Amy and Danny knew that their accomplishment had been reached and a celebration was in order. After the meeting, they went back to the party and sipped Margaritas at their table. A few people they had met at the party sat down and talked for a while, but eventually cut out as the night grew on. The party quickly thinned out around 1 a.m. and soon Amy and Danny were among only a few people still at the expansive banquet hall. The two co-workers decide it was time to leave before they wore out their welcome. They stopped by at the bar on the way out to tip the bartender and throw down one last celebratory shot.

The ride back to the house was quite. Ricardo, the chauffer, offered the only occasional noise in the form of some polite small talk. Amy was tired and rode most of the way with her head on Danny’s welcoming shoulder.

When they were nearly to the villa, Danny realized that he might have had one too many drinks at the party. He asked Ricardo to pull over on the side off the road so he could take a piss. He woke Amy up so he could get up. She moaned for a second but then fell back asleep against the headrest. Danny hopped out of the car and scurried over to a nearby tree.

All of a sudden, Amy was feeling a bit queasy from all of the tequila. “I’m going to grab some air,” she said to Ricardo, as she too hopped out of the car. She was not really aware of why they were stopped and she wandered around the back of the car in a drunken stumble. When she turned the corner she saw Danny not ten feet away taking a leak on a bush. Not imagining that anyone would be watching, Danny had taken a fairly lazy approach and he had only partially turned away from the car. As Amy regained her focus, her eyes were immediately drawn to Danny’s hand, which cradled his limp penis. She wasn’t in to any weird fetishes like watching guys urinate, but she couldn’t look away from the scene before her. “He must have really had to go!” Amy thought as she watched the thick frothing stream shoot from his member like a fire hose. “It looks bigger than I expexted,” she thought to herself examining his flaccid cock.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Danny moaned as he finished his business. Amy noticed he was reaching the end as he released Kastamonu Escort a last few truncated blasts. She quickly moved back behind the car and hopped back in the van.

By the time the two coworkers returned to the villa, both Amy and Danny were quite intoxicated. They stumbled into the estate and said goodnight to Ricardo. Danny went to split off to his room, but Amy insisted that they continue the celebration by the pool. “Let’s have a glass of wine on the terrace. We deserve it!”

Danny was pretty tired, but he didn’t want to disappoint Amy, who was already headed for the courtyard. He grabbed a bottle of red and two glasses from the kitchen and followed her out to the pool.

Amy was already lounging on a beach chair when Danny walked out. She curled up on her side and got comfortable while Danny poured the wine. “Oh, I’m so thirsty!” Amy exclaimed as she looked over at Danny. He finished pouring the glass and handed it to her. She bit her lower lip unconsciously as she felt a small itch between her legs. Alcohol had always had a loosening effect on her and tonight was no different. She couldn’t help but be a little attracted to Danny, even if she didn’t know why. She knew that their relationship had to remain professional, so she tried to put the thought away in her mind and just enjoy the apparent victory with Telecel.

As Amy sipped her wine, Danny took the opportunity to admire her sexy physique. Her lean, tan legs were stretched out with her toes curled instinctively around the edge of the chair. Her short black skirt revealed the majority of her toned thighs, but Amy kept her legs crossed so that nothing was revealed. Danny noticed that he could tell Amy wasn’t wearing a bra. This was fairly typical when she met with male clients, because Amy had found her curves to be quite persuasive in meetings past. Whatever the reasoning, Danny couldn’t complain! The outline of her breasts through her thin silk blouse left little to the imagination. Furthermore, the top three buttons on her shirt were undone, providing Danny with an enticing view of her ample cleavage.

Amy finished the glass of wine without much trouble. She looked up at Danny, who did his best to pretend he wasn’t staring at her boobs. “Could I trouble you for some more?” Amy slurred. She smiled and extended her glass towards Danny. As she did this, Amy leaned over toward Danny so he could easily fill her cup.

As Amy bent over, her blouse sagged further toward the ground. The loose fitting garment hung openly away from her chest, allowing Danny an unobstructed view of her beautiful tits. He nearly spilled the wine as he was entranced by her milky white breasts. His eyes were drawn to the small dark nipples at the pinnacle of each shapely mound.

When her glass was topped off, Amy sat back up in the beach chair. As she maneuvered herself, her skirt was hiked half way up her thigh. Amy didn’t seem to notice or care, but Danny could hardly keep from shaking with the edge of her pink panties now visible. He could feel his cock starting to twitch as he tried to maintain small talk with Amy.

“Why do we make such a great team Danny?” Amy asked smiling. She looked away from him and out over the ocean. Danny wasn’t sure if she really wanted an answer. He glanced back down at her chest while she was looking away. He could see her nipples hardening against her thin blouse.

“I suppose it’s because you’re the beauty and the brains and I’m the comic relief!” Danny said to fill the awkward silence. She looked back at him smiling.

“You’re sweet,” she said smiling. The outline of her aroused nipples was even more noticeable then before and Danny felt his penis start to stiffen against his tight boxers. His eyes danced back and forth from Amy’s erect nipples to her exposed panties. He hardly knew what to concentrate on. He couldn’t wait to get back to his room and play with his aching cock. He already had enough visuals of Amy’s flawless body stored away in his proverbial “spank bank”.

“You know Amy, I’m feeling a bit sore from sitting around all day,” Danny said. “I think I’m going to take a shower and pass out.”

“Oh nonsense!” Amy said as she turned to face Danny. She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the chair. “Who’s going to help me finish this bottle of wine then?”

Danny noticed that Amy had carelessly left her legs open. He could see even more of her pink lace panties between her parted thighs. “I guess I could hang around for one more,” he said smiling.

“I’ve got a great idea! Let’s take a dip in the hot tub!” She said. “That will melt all the pain away!” Amy hopped up from the chair with enthusiasm. Her unsupported melons bounced within the confines of her shirt as she skipped about around him.

“Well we, I mean, I didn’t bring a swimsuit.” Danny said.

“I didn’t bring one either Danny, but live a little. We can be inventive!” She said smiling. “Boys are easy. You can just wear your boxers cant you? And my underwear covers up just like a swimsuit, so Kastamonu Escort Bayan I don’t see a problem. Do you?”

“Um, I suppose that’s ok. A good soak could do me some good.” Danny said. He walked over to the Jacuzzi and reached his hand in to test the temperature. “Feels just right!” He said looking back at Amy. Then Danny kicked off his sandals and pulled his button down shirt over his head. His erection was growing by the second so he turned away from Amy and dropped his pants down to the floor. Before Amy could notice his stiff cock protruding from his boxers Danny jumped into the hot tub and concealed his excitement.

He looked back at Amy who had also started to undress. She unzipped the back of her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Her blouse tails covered her pink panties only in the slightest. Danny admired her smooth bare legs and the thin lace underwear that guarded her sex. Amy started to unbutton the remaining clasps on her shirt, but halted abruptly when she realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. She turned around and giggled to herself, but Danny knew exactly what she was laughing about. He had been praying that maybe she was so drunk she wouldn’t even notice.

“Um, I need to grab something inside,” Amy said as she giggled to herself again. She buttoned her blouse slightly and turned to walk inside. Danny eyes focused on Amy’s sculpted ass as she sauntered away. He was pleasantly surprised to notice that Amy’s underwear was actually a thong. The pink lace material was sandwiched between her perfect exposed butt cheeks, which giggled as she walked.

Danny sat in the tub and waited for Amy. His cock was rock hard and had extended through the narrow slit in the front of his boxer shorts. He tugged slowly on his exposed member underwater. The hot water was tantalizing against his tender flesh.

When Amy returned from inside, she had removed her blouse. She had put on a skimpy white cotton bra that did not match her pink bottoms and barely contained her perky breasts. Although the bubbles made the water cloudy and it was hardly translucent, Danny instinctively tucked his penis back inside his shorts.

Amy smiled as she got closer to Danny. “It was so dark this is all I could find,” she said. Danny certainly didn’t mind. Her body looked absolutely perfect no matter what color bra she had on.

Amy picked up her wine glass from the ground and strolled over to the hot tub. She cautiously dipped her toe into the water to test the temperature. “It’s really not too bad,” Danny said encouraging her to be bold. “It feels just right.”

Amy seemed to agree and she let both of her legs sink slowly into the water as she sat down on the concrete edge. She allowed her legs to dangle back and forth in the water as she remained perched across from Danny. With her legs uncrossed, Danny’s gaze became fixated on her crouch, which was directly at his eye level. He stared at the narrow pink lace triangle that covered her sweet pussy. Danny could barely contain himself as he thought of what lie beneath. He took a long pull from his glass of wine and forced himself to remember all the reasons why he needed to act cautiously. Not only was she his friend and co-worker, but with Amy’s influence in the company could make or break his career and he did not want to overstep.

Just then a cool breeze rushed through the courtyard and sent Goosebumps up Amy’s spine. She felt a chill run up the back of her arms and thighs. Danny noticed her nipples once again poking out in excitement. She eased herself into the soothing warm water to escape the chill.

“Ooh it feels really good in here!” Amy said as she waded about in the hot tub. Her white cotton bra was instantly soaked through and her dark erect nipples were visible through the dampened thin white cloth. The wet bra clung to her bust and left little to the imagination.

Danny felt his dick twitch back and forth in his pants as he admired Amy’s flawless rack. She seemed either indifferent or unconscious to her revealing garb. She just leaned back and continued to sip her glass of red wine. Danny casually slid his left hand inside of his boxers and began to massage his bulging member.

“I like you Danny,” she said all of a sudden.

The words caught him a little off guard. He paused momentarily, but then resumed fondling his junk within the constraints of his underwear. She was not looking directly at him and his gaze returned back to her revealing cleavage.

“The truth is, I’m a nice person, but everyone seems to spite me,” Amy went on. She took another long pull from her glass and looked back at Danny. “I’m not my father but everyone treats me like him!”

“Well, I guess folks are either intimidated or just plain jealous,” Danny said smiling.

Amy finished the rest of her wine and set her glass aside. She looked around for the wine bottle, which was several feet away by the beach chair. “Ah, it’s so far!” Amy sighed. She turned around in the hot tub and shimmied out of the pool to reach the Escort Kastamonu wine. Lazy and drunk, she bent herself face first over the edge so her legs could remain in the steamy water. As she did this, her soaked pink panties and flawless ass cheeks were on clear display for Danny, who admired her cute rear. Furthermore, as she leaned out further, stretching for the elusive bottle, the clasp located on the front of her top got trapped in a crack of the stone patio and her bra popped open. Once again, Amy seemed obvious to her condition as she turned back around.

The wet fabric clung to her curves and covered her erect nipples, but Danny immediately noticed her half opened brazier. As she sat back down into the water, the water pushed the thin material away from her chest, exposing her luscious tits. Danny tried hard not to stare, but the sight was almost too much to take. Her dark red nipples stood out against her lightly tanned skin. His dick was twitching more than ever and he began to jerk his meat a little more quickly.

As Danny continued to masturbate under the cover of the bubbles, Amy didn’t notice the increased strain in his face. She also hadn’t taken note of her exposed melons, which were hovering just above the bubbling water. She poured herself another full glass of wine and tossed her hair out of her face. She took a long swig from the glass and set it down on the concrete next to her. “Do you find me intimidating?” She asked after a long pause.

“More than you know,” Danny said grinning–if Amy only knew how intimidating she was at that very moment. Amy pouted her lips and made a sad face at Danny. He couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. “But I do like you a lot,” he added trying to recover.

Amy smiled at Danny. “Oh yeah, what is it you like so much about me?” She asked as she straightened up in the tub. Her improved posture brought her magnificent rack clear out of the water and into Danny’s plain sight.

“Well, um,” he stuttered trying to remain focused. “Um, I think you’re smart, and, um, funny, and nice. I mean you are always so friendly!” Danny blurted out as he did his best to keep his eyes fixed on Amy’s face

“Is that all?” she said playfully. She winked at him and batted her eyes.

“Well, I mean you are beautiful too,” Danny said in a more composed manner. He smiled at Amy and reached out for his own glass a wine with his free hand. His right hand was still wrapped firmly around his budging member.

“Oh, you’re sweet!” Amy said smiling again.

:”No I really mean it,” Danny said boldly. “I wouldn’t change anything about you.”

“You’re too nice,” Amy said gesturing drunkenly with her hands. She stood up in the hot tub and waivered a bit as she found and then lost her balance. “I think you’re so nice,” she repeated. Then she stumbled forward towards Danny.

With both his hands occupied, Danny could not catch her and Amy landed on top of him in the tub. One of her hands came down right on Danny’s crotch and practically gripped his swollen cock. Even in her drunken state, Danny could tell that Amy knew exactly what she had brushed up against. With very few words, Amy awkwardly got up quickly and returned to her seat. She was too nervous to look up at him so she stared down at the boiling water. It was then that she noticed her top was undone. She assumed it had happened when she stumbled and quickly re-attached the front clasp.

Danny didn’t know what to do. He was quickly becoming red in the face as the onslaught of embarrassment started to set in. He looked off to the side and away from Amy, who also looked a little blushed. The two sat in silence as neither of them could figure out a way to break the deafening silence.

Finally, without looking up, Amy spoke up. “So, um, I guess you really do like me?”

“Um, listen, Amy I know this is out of line,” Danny managed. “I mean I know this must be weird. I’m sorry. It’s just that I think you’re very pretty and, well, your top popped open. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wasn’t in control of myself and I’m sorry.” When Danny finished he looked back at Amy for the first time. She was staring back at him, but not with disdain as he’d imagined she would be. Instead, she had a devious smirk on her face.

“So my bra has been open this whole time and you didn’t say anything?” Amy said grinning.

“Um, well, I didn’t quite know how to broach the subject,” Danny said jokingly. He relaxed a little as he realized that she didn’t seem all that offended.

“Or maybe you were just enjoying the view,” Amy said smiling. She inched a little closer to Danny. Then she reached down and undid the front clasp of her bra. She peeled away the clingy material and eased the straps around her narrow shoulders. For a moment, Danny once again caught a glimpse of her glorious rack. She flung the soaked bra next to the beach chair and quickly folded her arms over her chest, covering her nipples. “Now it’s your turn!”

“But I’m already topless,” Danny said laughing. Amy didn’t giggle with him. She just stared down through the water toward Danny’s privates. He could read her glare and he knew what was expected. “Very well then,” he said as he took hold of his waistband and yanked his boxers down to his ankles. He pulled the saturated shorts out of the water and tossed them next to Amy’s bra.

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