CD crossdresser sissy caught by mom and dad pt3

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CD crossdresser sissy caught by mom and dad pt3Please go back and read part 1 and 2 before reading this or nothing will make any sense. I ended part two after going to the pool with my mom and dad, having sex then coming home and showing together. That was a few days ago. Not much happened between now and yesterday but I’ve been wearing girls clothes when at home, basically a bra and thong, heels, and normally a dress. My mom ordered me a romper and some skirts and blouses to wear too. I’ve also been wearing the chastity belt all the time and my mom threw out all my boxers and I’ve been wearing boyshorts most days when not at home but I’ve worn a thong once or twice out and about. Oh, I also started taking my hormones, I don’t know If I put that in the last post Yesterday my mother didn’t have to work and I don’t have class on Fridays so I was expecting us to have a little fun and that we did. Around 8am after I woke up I and came downstairs – still wearing a bra, thong, and kinda a sweatshirt dress – my mom was at the bahis firmaları kitchen table eating breakfast and was wearing basically a see through nighty with no bra or panties and got up and gave me a big kiss and told me her and I were going to go shopping today.After I ate some breakfast, took a shower and put some boy clothes on. My mom told me to pack a bag with some girl clothes so I did and we got in her car and went to Target first and Looked and found a one piece swimsuit, a few bras and a few panties. I also grabbed some mens clothes and followed my mom into the dressing room. I pulled my cloths off and my mom grabbed a dildo out of her curse, which surprised me. I threw on the first bra and panties while my mom rubbed her pussy under her dress. After trying a few pairs of underwear on and my mom sending pictures to my dad I got what fit and we left. We went to forever 21 and my dad met us there since it was on his lunch break, we found a few pairs of clothes and the three of us went into the changing room. kaçak iddaa I put on the clothes and ended up sucking my dad off till he came in my mouth.After we left, the three of us went to this state park near by and we walked down one of the trails for a little bit and we went to this little grassed opening my parents said they liked to have sex at. My mom passed me the bag with my girl clothes and I threw them on. A pair of 5inch pumps, a black lace thong, a pushup bra and a dress. My mom and dad both stripped down and my mom and dad started kissing. I didn’t really know what to do so started stroking my dad’s cock. I could feel he was starting to get hard. My mom stopped kissing my dad and grabbed some lube out of her bag and handed it to my dad who put some on his cock. My mom told me to bend over and my dad put some lube on my asshole then started to fuck me. It was awesome being out in the state park in the grass. My mom spread her legs and sat so I’d eat her out and I started to. I had really never done It before kaçak bahis but she was guiding me through it. I was getting fucked in my ass by my dad while licking my moms pussy, and was loving it! A few minutes later I exploded cum through my chastity. My dad then pulled out and started to fuck my mom and I watched while playing with myself. My dad came inside my moms pussy and I was told to lick it up so I did. It was awesome. My dad had to go back to work so my mom and I went back home. We got home and my mom and I showered together – She took my chastity off so I could clean my penis and It was so sensitive after being locked up. She stroked it and sucked on it for less than a minute and I came. After a nice soapy make out session with my mom in the shower, she locked my tiny cock back up and I didn’t even mind it. Was starting to like the chastity belt. I wasn’t bad at walking in heels but now it felt second nature. My mom and I saw on the couch talking and she asked if I had any fantasies I’d like to try. Besides wanting to have sex with my sister I couldn’t think of anything. My mom said that probably wouldn’t happen though. My mom went and grabbed my butt plug and put it inside me and It felt great. Was getting smaller for me.

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