Caught by the Mother-in-Law!

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Caught by the Mother-in-Law!As I like older women it may come as no surprise that I have had some naughty thoughts about the Mother in Law. Margaret is 68 with shoulder length grey hair, slim, with medium sized saggy boobs.Our regular visits to the wife’s parents’ I always look in the laundry basket in the bathroom for a nice stained pair of granny panties that I can sniff as I imagine licking her old grey hairy pussy.Recently however, my fantasies about the Mother in Law came true. The Wife and her Father went for lunch with the people who run the company that her father works for, and seeing a knicker search opportunity I offered to help Margaret (the Wife’s Mother) paint the garden fence.So as not to arouse suspicion, I waited a little until I made my toilet stop to the bathroom where the laundry basket was. After about 30 minutes I made my move, coming in from the garden I took off my shoes and went upstairs. I opened the bathroom door and lifted the lid to the laundry basket and found a lovely pair of white granny briefs. Knowing that I had more time than usual, I put the toilet lid down and sat down, unzipped and in no time, I had my throbbing cock in my hand, ready for another adventure with a pair tuzla escort of Margaret’s dirty knickers. I folded the them so that the crotch was facing me, ready to smother my nose. The feeling of extreme pleasure was soon turned to panic, as from nowhere Margaret walked in to the bathroom to use the toilet, obviously thinking that I had finished.At first, after the initial shock of her seeing me wanking, and having her dirty knickers pressed against my face, she said in her well spoken English accent “oh I say”, which was followed by a smile, as if she wasn’t surprised by what she had saw. At this point I began apologising and begging her not to tell the wife, when she interrupted me by saying “you have been taking my knickers for quite a long time haven’t you”. Still sitting on the toilet seat like a rather embarrassed naughty school boy, I shamefully nodded my head. She then asked “do you like the smell that I leave in my knickers?” I replied with a sort of confused “yes”. She then asked what I did when I took her knickers. I told her that I sniffed them whilst masturbating. Still looking at me with a slight grin on her face she replied “so you like all the smells that I leave in my knickers, even escort tuzla when the have been riding up my bum”, as my cock began to throb again, I replied, “yes”. What came next completely shocked me. She asked “how would you like to smell and taste the real thing?” At this point I was in total shock and replied “yes, yes I would love that”, whilst all the time thinking that it was some sort of dream. She then told me to lie on the bathroom floor, and as I did, she slid down her black leggings to reveal a closed lip vagina that was covered with grey pubic hair. Then came the moment that I had waited years for. Margaret stood over my face and slowly squatted until she felt her grey pubic hair touch my face. The smell from her old hairy pussy was surprisingly pleasant as I pushed out my tongue as far as it would go, and licked the slit where her lips had closed together, gently getting my tongue deeper and deeper, then all of a sudden, I felt my tongue plunge in to the wet, sticky, pussy opening. As my tongue worked in and around her hole, Margaret started to become very excited and began to bob up and down on my tongue whilst the tip of my nose poked at her well used bum hole. Seconds later she came down tuzla escort bayan on my face and thrusted a couple of times as she neared orgasm. She then let out an almost whispered pant of “I’m going to cum”, followed by “you ready? you ready? now!” As she smothered my face with her pussy, I could feel the fresh juices on my face and in my mouth.Whilst she sat squirming on my face, slowly recovering from her orgasm, I slowly slipped my tongue over her bum hole and put two fingers in to her sopping pussy. Knowing that I was probably pushing my luck, I asked if she wanted to suck me of as I took advantage of what was on offer in-front of me. Without saying a word, she bent forward so that we were in a 69 position with my tongue still lapping her holes, when all of a sudden, I felt the urge that my cock was about to explode. I told Margaret “I’m going to cum”, she replied in her very well-spoken English accent “yes, yes”, as her old fingers went up and down my shaft. Seconds later, with my tongue still deep in her bum hole, I thrusted my body as I felt my cock explode in Margaret’s mouth. Margaret then slowly got off of me. As she turned, I could see here hand was covered in my spunk and that some of my spunk had leaked from her mouth, across her chin and on to her neck (an image that I will never forget). Since that day Margaret always leaves me pairs of dirty Knickers in the laundry basket when she knows that we are visiting.

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