Caught by My Sister in Law – Day 02

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After our long first night, Amy and I woke up around 8:00 am. I didn’t realize I was still in my pantyhose. I peeled them off and placed them in the dirty clothes pile. Threw some shorts on and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Laura was already up, she said Bob left for a fishing charter and 2 hours earlier. Laura had a navy silk robe on, and from the way it looked, nothing else.

“How did you two sleep?” while handing us each a cup of coffee. Her eyes met mine, and I could feel a devilish smile towards me. Amy said the wine from dinner really put her out. I agreed, and said the beer made me so tired.

“Slept like a log. What are our plans today?” I asked. Amy said she was not in the mood to go sightseeing today, so she just felt like heading to the beach and laying out. What was nice, was that their condo was ocean front and had its own private area just past the gazebo in the back.

“Sounds like a plan!” Laura said. “What do you think, Greg?”

“Why not? Of course. Some sun would help get rid of the hangover from yesterday.”

After a few more cups of coffee, and a bowl of cereal for breakfast, it was time to change into our swimsuits. Amy went upstairs before Laura and I, while we finished out last few sips of coffee. Laura couldn’t hold back. She leaned in close and said how much fun last night was, and that she was looking forward to even more escapades. I just smiled back, and with that said it was time to go up and change.

On our way up the stairs, Amy was coming down. She wore her magenta 2-piece suit that covered her nicely, while still leaving room for my imagination. She really loves the beach. “I’ll start taking the towels down to the beach. Grab some chairs for us on your way.” Amy said.

I went to our room, which is at the top of the steps on the right, while Laura’s and Bob’s room is too the left directly across from us. I closed the door to our room. Washed up a bit. And put on my baggy swim shorts. I applied some suntan lotion to my shoulders, arms & legs.

When I opened our door, Laura was standing in her room in front of the mirror. All I could see were her very long 40 year old legs on a 5’9″ frame. Nice and tan from staying in NC. My gaze went from her beautiful calves, up the thighs, and to her shapely ass. She had a black thong bottom on. Her curves were showing in the light from the bedroom window. As my eyes reached her chest, she was topless. Her breasts were cupped in her hands. She was pinching her nipples. Her head was thrown back. The nipples were hardening, just like my cock in my shorts. She glanced over her right shoulder to see me standing in the hallway.

“Like what you see?” She said, staring right into my eyes.

“You bet!”

She saw the suntan lotion bottle in my hand and asked me to apply some before she puts her top on.

“As you wish.” I entered her room. As I squeezed the tube of lotion in my right hand, she reached behind, her right hand found my stiff cock. As I applied a small amount of lotion to her shoulders and back, she was matching my motion with her hand up and down my shaft. I was getting harder. I continued to rub the lotion across her arms and then worked my way to the front. I encased her tits with my palms. My thumbs and forefingers pinched and twisted her plump nipples. She pushed her ass closer to my cock. Grinding up and down.

I wanted to take her right then and there. But we had to get down to the beach. “Save this for later. Put your top on, and let’s get going. Otherwise, Amy will get suspicious.” She tied her bikini top, and it had to have the smallest possible coverage I could have imagined.

We finally get to the sand. The three of us spent a few hours taking in the sun. The whole time my mind is racing on what is to come with Laura. I know Amy noticed the tent I was pitching. She must have thought it was for her. Amy said afyon escort “I’m getting too hot out here. Greg, why don’t you come in so you don’t get burnt?” So I didn’t want to cause any problems, I agreed. Laura said she was going to stay out for about an hour longer.

When we got t to our room, Amy pulled me on to the bed. Ripped off my shorts, and proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs that she have ever given me. The whole time my mind was just thinking about Laura from the night before & seeing her this morning putting on her bikini.

After Amy was finished with my cock, I jumped in the shower first to clean up for the day. I spent a little extra time with shaving my legs and crouch. I love the smoothness of my skin. Especially under my pantyhose and tights. Just keeping the hair off my legs year round makes it easier than trying to groom it only in the winter. When I was done, I put on a Pittsburgh Pirates shirt and a pair of jean shorts. Amy said she was going to take a nice long shower herself. She asked me if I would mind taking Laura to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner, wine and beer. “I would be happy to.” I said.

Laura said she was going to clean herself up, but should be only about 10 minutes for me to wait. I went downstairs to kill some time.

Time flew by. Laura came down and stated she was ready to go. Wearing a baggy white t-shirt and tight gray shorts. She looked comfortable and sexy at the same time. She said, “I figured it would be better to go with you since I get fuel points on my shopping card.”

“I understand.” I responded, knowing that there was much more behind that reason.

The two of us jump into my RAV4 and head to the Food Lion grocery store about 1/2 hour away.

Laura noticed my smooth legs and gently placed her left hand on the top of my right thigh. “Wow. I didn’t realize how nice you legs look. How long have you been shaving them?”

I responded “About a year now. I decided that since I liked wearing hose, that the nylon would feel so much better without the hair on my legs.”

“Well they look great and feel so nice. You do have such stunning long legs.” While running her hand up & down my leg. “I bet they would look even better with some high heels on.”

“They actually do! I have dressed up in the past for a few Halloween parties, and received many compliments on my style.” I wanted to share more then, but decided to save that for a later conversation with her.

“Mmmmm. Now you have peaked my interest.” she said.

“You’ll just have to wait for later to hear about that.”

When we arrived at the store, Laura asked me to go select a couple cases of beer & several bottles of wine. “I’ll meet you at the checkout while I pick up the rest of the groceries for us.”

After choosing some Blue Moon & Guinness beers, and 3 bottles of a nice Merlot, I made my way to the checkout. Laura was already in line. In her cart was cod filets, several pounds of shrimp, some vegetables, potatoes, and a cake for dessert. But something else in the cart caught my attention, Laura grabbed a few pairs of Leggs sheer-to-waist suntan pantyhose. I could tell they were queen size, but with how tall Laura was, I know they could’ve been for her. But in my mind, I knew they were probably for both of us. She confirmed my thoughts with a simple “I got a cake for dessert, and additional items for our dessert later.”

I responded with a quick “you sweet devil.”

After we paid and loaded up the car, all Laura could do was figure out a plan for how we could spend the night together again. We agreed not to talk about it until later, and decided to keep the conversation to a minimum with Bob and Amy.

When we got back to the condo, Bob was home from the fishing trip. He was upstairs cleaning up. Amy was relaxing on the deck with a glass of agrı escort wine. “We’re back!” I exclaimed as we opened the door.

“Hope you got some delicious food for dinner tonight?” Amy said. I told her about the cod and the shrimp. As we unloaded the bags, Laura took the bag that contained the pantyhose upstairs to her room.

It was about 2:00 in the afternoon. Laura, Amy & I decided to do a little shopping in the local stores. Amy and Laura spent most of the time talking about friends and relatives back home in Pittsburgh. I purchased some Outer Banks shirts, hats and a jacket for myself. We were out for a good 2 hours. All of us were getting hungry, so we headed back to the condo for dinner.

While Amy and Laura prepared our food, Bob was boring the shit out of me about his fishing expedition. Both of us were drinking beer, which I could tell he was already on his “way too many” beers. I couldn’t get enough. Thank god dinner didn’t take that long to make. Laura made the shrimp with Old Bay seasoning. Amy made the cod with a nice lemon butter sauce. We had asparagus, fingerling potatoes, and salad to go with the fish. Conversation at the table was pretty nonchalant. After the meal, Laura sliced the almond cake with a vanilla cream frosting. Everything tasted great.

When dinner was done, we decided to watch a movie. About an hour into it, Amy was getting tired, Bob was almost passed out on the couch. Laura said she was going upstairs to change for the night. Bob followed her up. I could barely hear, but they were arguing. Laura was pissed at Bob for coming home drunk. And all he does every day is fish and drink, fish and drink. She told Bob to sleep in the spare room because he reeked of fish. Amy and I just looked at each other and said nothing.

About 10 minutes later, Laura came down wearing white silk pajamas. I could see the nylon covering her ankles and knew she put her pantyhose on. She went to the kitchen and poured herself another glass of Merlot. She reminded me that the Pirates game was going to be broadcasted on ESPN at 10:00. “You two want to watch it?” Laura asked. Amy said she rather not, and just go to bed. I went up with Amy to change into a t-shirt and pajamas bottoms. But before I could climb the steps, Laura reached into her pocket and pulled out the other pair of the pantyhose she bought today. She smirked towards me, and added a little wink.

In our bedroom Amy changed into some pajamas for sleeping. She went into the bathroom. While she was in there, I was able to change out of my shorts, put on the pantyhose, then put on a long pair of pajama bottoms. Grabbed a t-shirt. Said goodnight to Amy and made my way downstairs.

We still had about a half hour before the game started, so I grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator and asked Laura if she wanted to sit on the deck until then.

She brought her wine, and we headed outside. Before I could sit down Laura said I would probably be more comfortable if I removed my pajama pants. “After you.” I said.

She comes close to me. Turns around. And slowly puts her hands on each side of her bottoms. Wiggling ever so slightly and working the silky pants down. Her nylon covered ass was right in front of me. I took my hands and placed them on her buttocks. Feeling the smoothness of the sheer energy pantyhose in my palms. I just gently kneaded her butt while she continued to slide out of the pants. I ran my hands up and down her long legs taking in the amazing softness of her skin wrapped in the beautiful hose. “Mmmm, that feels so good.” She murmured. “Your turn.”

I stepped back from her as she spun around to watch me. I untitled the drawstring on my pants. Removing them, although not in the same sensual manner in which Laura took hers off, still felt great. The moonlight reflected off the hose creating a beautiful sheen. The breeze from the akdere escort ocean blew between my legs. That was incredible. Laura just stood there and fixed her eyes upon my encased cock. I was already at attention, begging for its release. She reached out to fondle my crouch. I pulled away for a moment. “I think we should just wait a bit longer to make sure Amy & Bob are both asleep.”

We both sat and relaxed in some chairs admiring the moonlight above the Atlantic. The light was reflecting off both our pantyhose for a wonderful view. We chatted a little about our current life. How Amy’s and my sex life suffered after her car accident left her with constant pain in her head and neck. And how Laura and Bob’s marriage was falling apart since the move to North Carolina. Although we knew it was wrong, we both needed the sexual release we were providing each other.

After about 20 minutes, all was quiet in the condo. We could hear the waves crashing against the dunes. Laura came over to the deck chair I was sitting in. She climbed on top of me. She reached down a pulled off my t-shirt. Leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss. Her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth. I took my hands and sat her upright. Slowly unbuttoned her silk pajama top, releasing her plump melons. Her nipples harden when the cool ocean breeze hit them. I pulled her closer and resumed our kiss. Our bodies were melting together. She started grinding her hips on my crouch. The pantyhose on both of us was creating a unbelievable friction. My cock was getting harder by the minute. The motion was causing intense pleasure. I never wanted anyone so bad than I did Laura at the moment.

I pulled her off of me, stood up, and sat her in the chair. I kissed my way down from her luscious neck, over each of her breasts, spend some time licking and nibbling on the nipples. Working down towards her stomach, and then finally reaching my destination. He sweet pussy, covered only by the pantyhose and cotton gusset. I pressed my mouth as close and as hard as possible, licking her inner thigh & tasting the aromatic juices coming from between her legs. Her head rocked back, her body started to shiver. She was reaching her first orgasm. She placed her hands on the top of my head, pushing me even closer. “Ohhhh, that feels soooo good! Don’t stop.” She moaned. Laura was breathing heavy, her thighs squeezed my head. Then she relaxed, wrapping her legs around my back. I got a mouthful of her moisture through the pantyhose. She was extremely wet.

A minute went by. “My turn.” Laura said as we switched positions. She knelt in front of me. Her mind was much more clearer than last night. Her hands were surveying my legs, ass and cock encased in the nylon. Her tongue explored my shaft. She was squeezing my cock with her lips through the pantyhose. I was minutes away from exploding my load.

“Fuck me now!” I whispered. Laura stood up to remove her hose. I held her hands back. “Don’t take them off. I want to enter you with the pantyhose on.” I said. I reached in between her legs and my fingers got a good grip on the nylon, near the gusset. I tore a hole just large enough to make the entrance to her pussy easier. She reciprocated, and was able to create a hole and freed my cock. The air felt so good. She climbed on me and spread her legs apart. Easing her wet pussy down on to my shaft, and proceeded to ride me. I sucked her nipples as she hugged my head, gyrating up and down. We climaxed together after a couple of minutes and collapsed into each other’s arms. Her mouth found mine and we finished the night with a passionate kiss. We removed our damaged pantyhose, and put them in the bottom of the trash can in the kitchen under the discarded dinner. We put on our pajamas. I quietly made my way upstairs to our bedroom. Went to the bathroom to wash up. And then slid into bed beside Amy. I could hear Laura coming up the steps and going into her room.

I enjoyed a deep sleep, and dreamt about what just happened on the deck with Laura. Even though we kept our distance the next couple of days, our fun that week wasn’t over.

More to come…

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