Catching you wanking in the Shed

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Catching you wanking in the ShedLooking out of my bedroom window one afternoon, I would see you sneaking into your shed with a bunch of magazines.Feeling mischeavious, I`d creep out to the garden to see what you are up to in the shed.As I got near to the door I would hear heavy breathing and slight moaning sounds coming from inside. Creeping closer and peering through the keyhole,I would see you side on, sitting in your chair looking at a magazine with your hugh, hard cock in your hands.Not expecting this, I would gasp as my own cock got an instant hard on.You hearing my gasp would clumsily push your cock back into your trousers.Feeling brave, I open the door and walk in as you try to hide your trousered hard on while forgetting that the gay porn magazine you have been wanking to is still in full view.You would start to panic as you realised that, your son now knows that you are a perveted old man that loves wanking off to other mens dicks.But still niave, I ask, “What are you doing, !”You look at the magazine then your throbbing trousered penis and say”Sorry, Son! I didn`t mean for you to see.””Please, don`t tell anyone. PLEASE!I say,”But you are a perv, . You get hard when looking at men`s penises!”I say as the starts to form in my cock/mind.You say, “I`ll do anything,Son! What do you want? Please don`t tell. I`ll do anything!””Please don`t tell.”I want one thing now. To shag my . Now I know how I canI say, “I wont tell if you take all your clothes off apart from your underware. I want to see you in your pants”You take all your clothes off and stand in front of me with your hard cock, throbbimg inside your underware. Precum leaking out.I say, “, I love you but if you don`t let me touch you now I will tell everyone you wank off looking at men`s cocks!””Give me what I want!”You say,”Ok Son. I will do anything as long as you don`t tell!””Put your hands behind your head, , and do what I say or I will tell”As you put your hands upon your head, I start stroking your thighs. Working my hands closer and closer to your balls.I see your cock throbbing hard in your underware as I work my way up and down your thighs.”Your gonna let me touch your cock now, ” I say as I slip my hands under your underware and your big gorgeous balls.You gasp as my hand kneed your low hanging nuts, a ball in each hand.”Do you like that, ? I ask.You just moan, “Yes, Son. Please dont tell. I`ll do whatever you want. Just dont tell!””Ok, . Take your pants off. I want to see your cock”You drop your pants and your throbbing hard cock is now on show.I can`t believe it but too far gone to stop now so I tell you to stay still canlı bahis şirketleri as I ripp all my clothes off.You can`t take your eyes off me as I reveale my aching penis to you.”What do you think of that,?” I ask as I wave it infront of you.I get me dick in one hand and grab yours in my other and start to rub our & son cock heads together”Bet you like that, you pervy old man”You just quiver and moan “Yes, . I love it.”The precum is lubracating both of them as they rub together making it feel good.After a while I say “lTurn round! I want to see your hole, Old Man.”You turn around and bend over grabbing your cheeks apart showing me your hole.”There it is,Son. Its all your, Plaese dont tell!”I ca`nt help it. I`ve been dreaming for years.Slowly I stick my eager tongue up, around, in and out for a while.You moan “Yes, Son, Lick it, PLEASE, lick it!” As I work my tongue deep inside your beautiful arse.I feel and your balls and cock as I work my tongue deep inside you.Your cock is throbbing, precum dripping and your balls are getting heavier as I work a thousand solo dreams into that tight hole of yours.My cock has never been so hard as I say “It`s time, Old man. Your son want that hole round his dick.If you don`t do this I will tell everyone what a dirty old pervet you are.””I`m going to fuck you, !””Please,Son. Don`t tell. You can do what you want. Fuck your daddy`s hot horny hole but don`t tell.”I spit on my hard cock and press it into your arse.You yeild to my throbbing penis as I slowly fuck you from behind.Slowly I penetrate your old man hole.Thrusting deeper and deeper,the pleasure ripps through me as I fuck my `s hole.”Oh, Son. Thats what I need! Fuck me, .” you scream as I plow your hole, deeper & faster.I pound you hard and long as I spit in my hand and start to wank it into your tremendous throbbing cock..”Bet you want to fuck my hole too, !”You just look at me in astonishmentI pull my hard on out and tell you to lie on your back on the floor. I then straddle your hard cock and sit on it.The look of pleasure on your face says it all as your penis slides all the way up my arse.”Yeah, ! Fuck me! Wank me!” I command as I bounce up and down on your hard penis. You start to stroke my throbbing cock as your dick penetrates deeper inside me.Faster and faster we go as our orgasm begins to build.I start to feel it asyou wank my cock. I start to cum.”Yeah, . Fuck my hole, Faster, Deeper…Ohh, . I cumming. AHHH, DADDY. HERE I CUM..DADDY.””YEAH, ! DADDYS CUMMING TOO.THATS IT. BOUNCE FOR DADDY, “”YEEEAH HAA!”I start to spunk all over your chest as you pump a your cum in my hole. and canlı kaçak iddaa son cumming together. Shaking and quivering as our spunk flyes free. Some of mines even landing on your face which I lick off as I clean and kiss you at the same time.As we tidy up after you say”Please dont tell anybody, Son.””As long as we can do this again, . I will never tell a soul..” I say as I enjoy the taste of spunk in your mouth.After our first contact in the shed we say nothing to each other about our lustfilled sex session and act like everything is normal. I go to my bed that night and wank myself off three times in a row thinking of our dicks in each others holes.I wonder if you are doing the same and what will happen next, if ever.I use my Y-fronts to mopp up my creamy white cum each time then throw them to the side of the bed when I finish then fall .I wake up the next morning get dressed and go down stairs. I look everwhere but cant find you.”Bet he is back in the shed being a perverted old man again” I think to myself.I silently creep out to the shed as my penis starts harden in my trousers.Even before I near the shed, I start to hear you moaning & groaning inside. This causes my hard throbbing cock to leak precum into the fresh underware I put on this morning.I look through the keyhole and see you totally naked, sitting in the your chair, legs up in the air, cock as hard as it gets, ramming the head of your screwdriver into your eager hole as you sniff the dirty spunk filled Y-fronts I took off last night..”He`s getting off sniffing my pants!” I realise as I watch.Each time you push the screwdriver head into your well lubed hole you moan and start to say,”Yeah, Son. Thats it. Fuck me. Stick it in, Arthur. Thats my . Fuck Dads hole!”I watch for a while as you fuck your hole and sniff and lick my dirty underware, moaning my name as you pleasure yourself.I cant take anymore, I need to join in so I throw the door open and say, ” Caught you again, ! Are you getting off sniffing my dirty Ys?””Yeah, Son! I cant help it. I love the taste of your dirty, cummy underware. I sneaked into your bedroom, first thing to get them and have been sniffing them ever since.” you say as you continue to fuck your hole.”I`ll do that for you, you preveted old fucker!” I say as a grab the screwdriver off you and start to ram it deep into your passive hole.You pull your legs up higher as I twist and fuck you with your screwdriver. Your cock is throbbing and bouncing with each thrust, precum dribbles out your cock hole as I look on with lust.”You are just an old pervet, . You love this? Don`t you? You love your son canlı kaçak bahis playing with your hole?” I ask as I watch your hole take the full length of the screwdriver and your cock bounce & throbb.”Yeah, Son. Make Daddy`s hole feel good, fuck me, Arthur. Your the best son a could have.” you moan as I fuck you with the screwdriver.I grab your cock as I continue thrusting the tool hard into your wide open arse.You start to leap & thrust your cock into the air as my hand squeezes your cock, rubbing it with the with the precum continuosly leaking from your hard engorged penis.Just before you reach climax, I pull the tool out and stop rubbing you and say,”My turn now, . I need you to give my cock some attention or else, Old Man.. Everybody will know that you have had i****tous sex with your own son.”I pull my trouser down to reveal my cock.”Lick it, ! I want you to gobble it all up. Suck my cock, Old Man!””NOW!”I say as I grab your head and push your mouth hard into my groin and you fall to your knees, mouth wide open in anticipation.You eagerly engulf my cock, taking it into your mouth down to the root.”Yeah, . Thats it! Suck my penis.” I gasp as your mouth goes to work. Slobbering and droolling up and down on my quivering rod.”Wank yourself too, !” I command as you work my cock with your mouth.You start to work the head of my dick in your mouth as you begin to wank your big hard cock with your hand.”Thats it, Old Man. See if you can work them so they both cum together!” I say as I feel my orgasm begining to peak.We both begin to quiver and shake as our orgasm takes over.”Yeah, Daddy! I`m gonna shoot. Eat my cum, Old Man. Take your `s spunk. Taste my joy, Daddy!”I scream as a I pump my spurting hot orgasm down your eager throat as you moan and shoot your load all over the floor between my legs.We both shudder and shake as our second & son orgasm works its way out of us.You slowly release my cock from your mouth and look up to me and say, “Sorry, Son. I know I`m a pervet but I can`t help it. I love your cock!””Thats OK, , but I want you to lick all your cum off the floor as I watch. Do It. Now.”You start to lick and slup up you own cum as I watch & wank.I cant help it, the sight of you doing this starts to make me climax again.” Daddy I`ve got more for you!” I groan as I start to spunk again.In a flash your mouth is around my penis again, eagerly slurping down every drop of cum my shooting cock is producing.”That My Daddy!” I moan as you inhale every drop of my cock & cum.After you finish I start to kiss you and taste our & son cum as our tongues each others mouths.When we finish, you dress and we both go into the house and you make me a special breakfast and beg me not to tell.I tell you that as long as you do what I want, I wont tell anyone on you.You just smile and say, ” Thanks, Son. You are the best.” and grab me and hold me tight.

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