Catarina’s Massage

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A couple and masseuse ravish each other

Authors note: This was written as a couple (Catarina and Todd in the story). Some parts are true, particularly the conversations between Todd with Sarah Mae at the beginning, and between Catarina and Todd throughout. For the time being its fiction, but Catarina and I aim to change that. Perhaps we’ll need to re-publish based on reality. We hope. Let us know if you like or dislike it…particularly anons for our humor.

— * * * —

On a warm spring day my eyes strained get a better look at my neighbor through the deck-boards at my feet. I was taking a break from moving into my apartment and couldn’t help but notice the young female just beneath, and whose presence was given away by the cigarette she smoked.

What saw was bronze skin, black hair and cleavage between youthful breasts. Shifting, I to see more and I sought to look down her top — I mean between her breasts. Before coming out onto the deck I’d been thinking it was time to masturbate…a daily activity for me regardless of how much real sex I was able to enjoy. My cock was already hanging loosely in my pants, and the now the view I was taking in made it twitch with an all familiar anticipation of action.

Surprising me announced a male voice, “Hi neighbor.” And took me off guard. I looked up into the blue eyes of a grinning toe-headed man with a glass of wine in one hand and cigarette in the other. He puffed while continuing, “Hi my name is Jake, and this is Sarah Mae.”

“Hi, my name is Todd. I’m just now moving in and am glad for a chance to meet my neighbors.” Privately I wondered if he’d noticed me trying to look down through the deck at his lady. His smile indicated that either he hadn’t or that he wasn’t offended by my peering. Maybe he figured it was something any well-adjusted male or curious female would have done. Who knows?

Sarah Mae came out from under the deck to look up at me as I stood above the deck railing. Their patio extended further out on account of being on the first floor and allowed an open view of mine from their angle.

“Hi, Sarah Mae — well met. I’ve been wondering who my neighbors might be and appreciate you introducing yourselves.” “Welcome Todd.” Sarah Mae added in a sweet voice.

Turning my attention to her, I couldn’t help but notice the accent of bare nipples beneath her green top. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra and I struggled to keep my eyes politely connected with hers. Sarah Mae’s face was warm and inviting with dark soft lips. I pegged her as a slender Asian, but I later learned she was part Eskimo.

Damn, I thought to myself. Ah well, I have my lover Catarina, and I must say she’s a sweet young lady! As these thoughts passed through me, Sarah Mae rolled her shoulders back causing her chest and breasts to move and direct her nipples up at me. It registered that she was conscious and proud of her titties.

Breaking the spell, Jake spoke up. “Welcome to the neighborhood Todd. So do you need any help?”

“Thanks! Yes, I could use a hand stretching a rug underneath my armoire. I can offer a crisp glass of wine if you want to come up.”

Moments later came a quick knock at the door, which I’d left open for Jake. I noticed he was a sturdy and athletic 5’10” guy having chiseled features, broad shoulders and Popeye forearms. Smiling behind him was the beauty Sarah Mae. I was pleased they’d both come up — selfishly wanting to see more of her tits and body.

“Hey, I sure appreciate this help. Let me refresh everyone first.” I said. Pouring each of us a generous portion of crisp Sauvignon Blanc, I added, “Have you two lived here long?”

“We’ve been here two months or so.” Sarah Mae spoke up. Looking at her, I once again had difficulty keeping my eyes from dropping to her chest. It heaved slightly as she tilted her wine glass back and seemingly pleased to push her nipples out for my pleasure. “Yum, this is good. Thank you Todd.”

I showed Jake what I wanted done and in short order my rug was in place. Being neighborly, I wanted to thank them with an inviting glass of wine and asked, “How about we sit down and enjoy the rug in place with an adult beverage?”

“Hey, that would be great Todd.” Jake snapped back.

Before long we were through the first bottle of wine and into a second. We each learned of each other in various ways and around when the second bottle was emptied made a promise to have dinner together one of the upcoming summer nights.

The next day, Catarina, my lover and I were planting some flowers on the deck to add cheer and privacy to my new home. Jake and Sarah Mae appeared on their deck below and I made introductions. I’d never met a more sensual woman than she Catarina. Her slender 5′ 2″ build allowed us to perform amazing feats in bed, which we enjoyed at every opportunity. She’s black Irish, or Basque…Lebanese or whatever your heart desires as long as she has light skin, dark hair and sliver-blue eyes. Hmmm. Ah, I digress…

A casino şirketleri couple days later Jake and I were chatting over the balcony while we each grilled and he asked about Catarina, saying, “That Catarina is a sweet little babe isn’t she?” Rather than being taken aback, I completely related to where he was coming from…appreciating an enticing female. “Yep.” I replied. “But I must say that you seem to have an equally lovely lady in Sarah Mae.”

He went on, saying, “Well, if you don’t mind me saying, from what I saw up her skirt on the balcony there, you must be very happy.” Laughing, I replied, “Okay, so then I must say Sarah Mae’s titties are lovely and I expect you’re pretty happy too!” The conversation didn’t go much beyond additional chatter and before each went in to eat our meals.

Within the week Jake and Sarah Mae had me over for a sumptuous meal, and before a month had gone by we’d dined at each other’s place, Catarina included, several times. The conversation was polite, informed of current events, and peppered with sexual innuendo. It came out that Sarah Mae had just completed her training for massage therapy and Catarina seemed especially interested in talk around this subject.

One such evening Jake asked if we smoked pot, which made me laugh and within moments we were laughing harder with a stoned view on things. He’d broken out the pipe and we all smoked our fill. I don’t know how we got on the subject, but at one point I offered a spare piece of furniture (a love seat no less) in exchange for a handful of massages from Sarah Mae. Bright eyed, both Jake and Sarah Mae accepted.

The exchange provided enough massages that I wanted to give some of them to Catarina. In the meantime, I had several massages at Sarah Mae’s hands and with each one found her touch increasingly adept and bold. I always treated her respectfully though she managed to reach me mentally on a seemingly sexual level. More than once I had to masturbate following our session.

A mid-summer evening Sarah Mae and I began speaking over the balcony, and when I learned Jake was out with friends. Naturally, I invited her up for a glass of wine. She arrived with a bottle and promptly filled both of our glasses. Over the next hour and a half we emptied her bottle and one of mine. Then I offered some smoke and that lead to yet more animated conversation.

I asked her how she and Jake met, and was surprise by her answer, “Would you believe we met at an orgy?” I caught my breath and asked, “Oh my god, you have to be kidding! That’s amazing!” My further questions she responded to more tamely. Regardless, I had a constant erection twitching in my pants.

Somehow we turned to the topic of tattoos and I commented on those showing on her lower arms. Surprising me again, she told me her favorite was that of a flower because it looked like a vagina. Wow. Now that was quite a provocative comment. Seizing on it, I asked tongue in cheek, “Show it to me. As a guy, I happen to enjoy vaginas and want to see what you have.” She let my comment go, and replied, “That tattoo is under my left arm.”

“Okay then, let’s see it!” I replied. Sarah Mae looked me with an incredulous expression. This particular evening she was wearing a sweatshirt, so she pulled the sleeve up to show me but it remained half covered, so I asked her to remove her top so I could see it better. She paused since that would mean revealing her bra. Seeing her discomfort, I said, “Hey, I’ve seen you in your bikini which is more revealing than your bra so let’s have it!”

Surprising me, she unzipped her sweatshirt, pulled her top back to reveal her breasts comfortably ensconced in a bra, and then lifted her arm to show me the underside leading to her tender armpit. I reached across the couch we were sitting on and ran my fingers over it, looking for the semblance to a vagina and saw it clearly, which prompted me to ask, “Do you like vaginas too?”

“Yes. I like pretty things.” Was her simple reply followed by a short pause. I remained silent while looking into her eyes.

“I bet Catarina has a nice one.” She added in a moment.

“Ah, yes. I love her pussy. She keeps it nicely…clean, silky and without hair.” Looking into her eyes, I added, “Better yet, she tastes of vanilla and cinnamon.”

Then I looked into Sarah Mae’s eyes and saw they were glazed as she imagined tasting Catarina as did I.

Breaking the spell her boyfriend, Jake knocked at the door and came in. We continued to party as a trio until late. After they left, I began wondering if I could hijack one of Catarina’s massage sessions with Sarah Mae…

The next week I setup a massage date between the girls for Thursday when Catarina would be spending the night at my place. Jake was to be out of town after Wednesday for the weekend visiting his parents.

On Thursday, I put clean linens on the bed just in case. Then I turned on the mattress warmer to assure a warm place to romp should casino firmaları things unfold that way. Catarina arrived around 3pm after which we enjoyed couple of Gin and Tonics to take the edge off. Our conversation towards the story we were writing about her and Sarah Mae.

Catarina had told me she’d never been with a woman, though admitted finding in Sarah Mae sexy. Hmm, I’d thought. Maybe that could become a threesome…something I swore to experience before I die. However I acknowledged it’s not something to force. It has to happen naturally…it has to unfold as something between the individuals present. At least that’s my thinking. So, I had only mental images of what might be and set about preparing things just in case.

Thursday arrived, and Catarina came in a little after 3pm. We enjoyed a glass of wine and at 3:30 Sarah Mae marked her arrival with a knock at the door. Catarina and I greeted her and I helped her in with the massage table. I admit to then getting the jitters, but they were set to rest when Catarina and Sarah Mae hugged. It was actually more of an embrace than a hug…both let it linger longer than what would be usual. Sarah Mae even dropped a hand and ran it along the curve of her ass.

When they parted I could see Catarina’s cheeks were flushed. When we make love, her cheeks and chins flame to red and that’s what I was seeing now.

What should I do next? Leave them to each other and run an errand or remain a distraction? I opted to make a gracious exit so said I’d run to the grocery store and be back in an hour. But first I offered to put the massage bed up and Sarah Mae suggested it be in the main room where sunlight streamed through the windows. She also accepted my offer of cold crisp white wine so I served them and put the table up before grabbing my keys and heading out. When I left they were speaking softly so I made an effort to depart soundlessly.

An hour later I returned. I didn’t know if to knock first, to just come in, or to enter by stealth. In my hands were sacks of groceries and I decided the stealth entry was a non-starter. Then I heard giggling through the kitchen window…

I called out and knocked but there was no response…perhaps they didn’t hear me. I entered quietly and my first sight was of Catarina’s feet. They were apart and her heals were swinging from side and the rest of her body was obscured by the wall. I stepped in to see more, and there she was: on her abdomen, nude and uncovered. Massage oil made her skin glow, flushed as it was from Sarah Mae’s rubbing.

Sarah Mae spotted me from the corner of her eye, looked down dismissively and said, “It got hot for me working on Catarina…I hope you don’t mind…” The next moment passed as an eternity. It’s indelibly etched in my mind…

Sarah Mae was down to black bootie shorts; lacy in the front and a matching demi-bra as transparent as her shorts. I couldn’t tell if they were underwear or dancewear, but they looked fabulous on her youthful figure. Enough light passed through them, that I could see shadowy details of her body. The black fabric hugged her brown skin and I saw light perspiration on her skin. Nothing could hide the nubs of her nipples protruded through the lacy bra-front. I watched their motion closely as chest muscles flexed and moved as she alternately pushed and pulled on Catarina’s butt cheek.

Catarina was being gentle jostled in cycles by her ass, and I could hear her breathing — in and out with each cycle. Every so often Catarina would emit light moans of pleasure.

Sarah Mae looked at me and broke a devilish smile before continuing. I returned a wink and dropped my eyes to her chest and then to her abdomen. Now I saw that her top and botTodd were clearly underwear. Her outer clothes were lying on my couch.

I stepped into the room and walked around the table where Catarina’s feet continued to rock back and forth. Sneaking a peek at her pussy, which was in full view the way her feet were spread, I could see she was swollen and showing moisture in the cleft between her inner labia. There was definitely dew on her petals.

“Oh, Todd! This feels so good! Sarah Mae has incredible hands.” piped Catarina. “Aaah!” she suddenly gasped as Sarah Mae hit a sensitive spot on her lower back.

Just then Sarah Mae lowered her left hand between Catarina’s thighs, beneath her dewy pussy. In response, Catarina moved her knees up and out as if to give Sarah Mae better access. Sarah Mae took in Catarina’s signal to move forward, and then ran her thumb up to touch between her lips. As Sarah Mae lifted her thumb, a tendril of Catarina’s juices trailed and she took in a sharp breath from the sensation of touch on her private parts.

Without removing her hands from Catarina, Sarah Mae walked around the base of the table, leaning over Catarina’s feet to maintain contact. As she did, I looked to Sarah Mae’s pussy and saw the wetness between the legs of her bootie shorts. Now I knew they were both güvenilir casino turned on, and again wondered where this all might go…

From Catarina’s other side, Sarah Mae pushed and pulled with more gentle-jostling, but this time her hand remained between Catarina’s thighs. It occurred to me that she was teasing Catarina, particularly after having touched her pussy so provocatively.

Catarina lifted her head and said to both Sarah Mae and me, “Why am I the only person without clothes?”

I openly smiled at this, and replied, “Ha ha, I’m not bashful!” In unison, Sarah Mae added, “It is hot in here isn’t it!” and reached to pull her lacy black dance bra over her head. Her puppies sprang into plain sight like a couple of chocolate labs. While she’d beat me to removing tops, I raced and got my pants down first after encountering a hang-up as working them across my half-erect penis.

Before I knew it, Sarah Mae stood naked in front of me and me before her. She smiled shyly and turned away placing her hands on Catarina’s back before I could get a glimpse of her pussy.

Then she told Catarina, “time to roll over sweetie” as she ran her hands under Catarina’s abdomen and shoulder to help her roll without falling off the table.

Sarah Mae then poured massage oil into her hand and began rubbing it thickly onto her own chest and abdomen. The next handful she skimmed across Catarina’s chest, tits and belly, saying “Time for a full body massage for your beautiful lover.” Then Sarah Mae swung a leg over Catarina’s waist, climbed onto the massage table and laid her body down so they were pressed tightly together. Their pussies inevitably met, and with the oils present they both seemed to spark with slight recoil before purposely grinding in unison.

Sarah Mae then began a circular dance with her body, dragging her nipples across Catarina’s chest and occasionally their nipples crossed, which both gave a moan to in satisfaction. Then they met nipple-to-nipple again, but this time Sarah Mae leaned down and kissed Catarina softly on the lips.

Now then, before me were two beautiful naked women…kissing. I knew Catarina’s body well. Her smooth pussy, pouty lips and proud nipples were a perpetual joy. But Sarah Mae’s qualities were entirely new and I wanted to learn more. I already knew her dark skin was soft and that she had dark nipples. Indeed, they looked like Hershey’s kisses that I bet they tasted as sweet. Her ass cheeks were firm and her belly looked young and round. I still couldn’t see her pussy so to get a better view I moved to the other side of the table. Once there I added my hands to Catarina and began rubbing her back while facing Sarah Mae’s back while she tongued Catarina’s mouth.

From my new position I could see Sarah Mae’s lips, and they glistened with her juicy emissions. Her outer lips were dark, nicely hair free and her inner lips were tinged dark on the lips though surprisingly light pink towards the interior. I couldn’t wait to see more, but I felt as if it would have been too forward to force a better view.

Catarina’s eyes flicked side-to-side, roaming between my face and Sarah Mae’s. Her mouth was slightly open and her tongue pressed against her upper lip, moving left and right as if tickling a clit. Sarah Mae leaned up long enough to see this and with a light moan, bent down and kissed Catarina first on the forehead, and then her lips again. This second kiss was tentative, but teasing. No pushover, Catarina reached up and cupped Sarah Mae’s breasts before roughly pinching her nipples in response.

Sarah Mae’s hands then went to Catarina’s breasts, where they massaged her in circular motions. Their kiss never broke and when Sarah Mae pinched Catarina’s nipples, she moaned while contracting her abdomen and projected her pussy up off the table. She clearly needed some touching there too, but I wanted to let them get closer Sarah Mae so I placed my hands on top of Sarah Mae’s hands to take over massaging Catarina’s tits together. I thought Sarah Mae might move her hands else ware, but instead she moaned in pleasure at the touch of my hands on hers. Then she broke off her kiss with Catarina and faced me, inviting me to kiss her too. So I did.

It was incredibly erotic to be massaging Catarina’s breasts, hand-on-hand with Sarah Mae, even while experiencing a delicate tongue-to-tongue kiss with Sarah Mae. I noted how soft and moist her lips were — her enthusiasm emboldened me. I had to feel Sarah Mae’s breasts! But I wanted to do it with more finesse than a quick grope, so I moved my hands to the back of her neck, pressed our faces together and aggressively tongued her mouth before running them down her shoulders touching her lightly with only my fingertips. My fingers skated to her nipples, which I gently pinched. Sarah Mae gasped in shock. “Aaahhh!”

Getting into the act, Catarina took my nipples between her fingers and delivered a sharp pinch with just the right mix of pain and stimulation. It was my turn to gasp and it was so strong the kiss with Sarah Mae was broken while I doubled over. My face was just above Catarina’s breasts, so I leaned a bit further, took a nipple between my teeth and gave her a gentle nibble. “Ah! Ah! You bad man!” She responded.

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