Carol’s Believe It or Not

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Carol’s Believe It or NotCarols Believe it or Not by JeepsterThe year is 1975 in which this story takes place. As you can guess,my name is Carol. I’m 26 years old and almost have the perfect marriage. My husband Carl has a top executive job here in K.C. that requires a lot of worldwide travel usually a month at a time then home for a couple of weeks. I work in the jewelry and accessories dept of an upscale department store in downtown. As such, I get to meet a lot of married men who are shopping for the wife for presents.My perverted hobby for the last 5 years is picking up confirmed married men, then having bareback sex with them anywhere that we can manage. I know you must think I’m crazy,but I do have a well thought out plan. First, I only seduce married men because 99.9% of the time they know how to be discreet. Second,they have the most to lose by having unprotected sex with women they could pick up at a bar or nightclub. Third,I get screened once a month for diseases from a woman doctor I know. Fourth,I only have bareback sex when it is my most safe days of my cycle. So far,my plan has kept me from serious health problems and pregnancy. What is it about bareback sex that makes me to take such huge risks? That’s easy! I love to feel the man shudder as he goes into a climax and sometimes I can feel the spurts of his seed deep inside me,knowing that there is a chance that I could get pregnant. That is what I crave the most of all,feeling the hot spurts or the heat of the seed flowing into me. I cum every time. That has been my history so far.Then,last month something out of the ordinary happened to me. Another married man was in shopping for a birthday present for his wife. I liked his smile and judging by his business suit,he was an executive. I saw hm ogling me when I wasn’t looking directly at him,so when I bend down to shown him an expensive set of pearls from the case,I gave him a long look at my cleavage that produced the effect I wanted. In no time he was sporting a good sized boner in his trousers.I pretended like that item was already sold and asked him if he wanted to take a look in the stockroom with me? That would be a last resort play usually,but tonight was getting close to closing time and I was really horny. Plus I was getting close to my fertile week and didn’t want to lose out on getting a quick fuck from this nice clean guy! I was quickly counting the days as he followed me to the stockroom. I figured it was getting close, but I should still be safe.When we got to the stockroom,I closed the stockroom door to keep any of the stock people getting in,although they should all be gone by this time. kaçak iddaa Stockrooms these days had a primitive construction with regular doors,but with chicken wire on 2 x 4 sides so that the after hours security can see inside while doing their rounds. I quickly made my play by rubbing his hard on through his trousers. He immediately went for my 38DD’s and it was “game on”! I quickly had his cock out and putting my bright red lipstick on his cock head. He in turn pawed my tits and was greedily sucking my nipples. I was heating up fast and told him that his cock and his cologne had me dripping wet. I asked him if he wanted my hot pussy,then he paused,looked at my tits again and mentioned that he didn’t have a condom and he never cheated on his wife,but he was tempted. I told him that I just had physical for my job and was clean. With that he steered me back to a sk** of cardboard that was about waist high,wanting me to sit on him while he sat on the sk**. I climbed up on him and stroked his cock for a few minutes until his pre-cum was leaking out heavily. Then,I grabbed his cock and steered him to my juicy wet pussy. As I slowly let my self down on him,enjoying the rock hard cock sliding deep in me,I groaned loudly before I remembered where we were. Within seconds he was thrusting hard into me. While I was riding him,I caught movement out of the corner of my eye coming from the corridor about 20 ft away!Fuck,I thought,I am caught! Now what? I didn’t let on because I knew right away that there would be consequences. I didn’t want my lover here to get dragged into the consequences so I just let the fuck culminate without drawing attention to whoever had been watching from the distance. He shot a nice load into me before wiping his cock off with a handkerchief before pulling his pants up,then excusing himself, opened the door slowly,waved goodbye while I dressed and quietly walked out. When I was finished dressing and my customer had gone out of sight,my sneaky voyeur made himself known to me. It was Dwayne,a young black stock man,and he was grinning ear to ear! He said “Well, well,well, what do we have here? Looks like Christmas is gonna come early for old Dwayne here. He immediately made it be known that I was going to have to play along with whatever he wanted with me if I had any hope of keeping my job,or worse being,dropping the dime on me to my husband. I thought carefully for a few minutes as Dwayne just stood there,scratching his face like the Fox that found the Hen House door unlocked. “O.K., Dwayne,you caught me and I wouldn’t blame you if you got my ass fired” Dwayne smiled as he said “That’s O.K. baby,as kaçak bahis long as I get my fun,we’d be cool with it”! Now come on over here and let Dwayne get some of that fine white pussy”! I smiled as I thought to myself that this wasn’t the first time my trophy sized rack let me get away with being naughty. Dwayne just stepped out of his jeans and pulled his big beautiful black cock out of his boxer shorts. I git down on my knees and wrapped my lips around this black man’s spear. God,what a cock he had! I could just barely get my mouth around it and it took both hands to hold it out straight! I worked that big cock head with my tongue a few minutes before Dwayne pulled my head back and looked in my eyes asking me “Are you sure you want this,cause I wasn’t gonna rat on you anyway. I ain’t like that,but you don’t know me so I thought I’d give you the option.” I was happy that he said that and it did kind of surprise me,but I figured Dwayne was a smart man. He knew he get access to my pussy anytime he wanted it if he played his cards right!I laid back on the sk** of cardboard while pulling him to me by his enormous cock. He let me put in in myself and he just slid in like it came natural to him. I then remembered that I never had sex with a black man before. It never crossed my mind. As he gently stroked in and out he said “I hope you on birth control cause Black men don’t shoot blanks! You gonna get the full load right deep in that fine pussy of yours and as many times as I want it”! “What you say about that”? I knew I didn’t have a choice,but I told him I appreciate him asking. “No,I want you to shoot every drop as deep as you can when we cum.” “No pulling out”! With that he started thrusting real deep,right up against my cervix! Within seconds he announced he was about to cum and I wrapped my legs around his back,pulling him in deep as his cock swelled,then spurt after spurt erupted right up against my cervix. It lasted for a long few minutes. His cum was belching out the side of my pussy and running down my thighs. I was completely spent as I came right along with him. I quickly pushed him off me and wiped up the mess left on the sk** of cardboard,got dressed while Dwayne said to me “To be continued”!It was 3 days later that Dwayne was sitting in his van in the mall parking lot while I was walking towards the store and he got out of the van and waved to me to come over to him. I thought,good,at leat he was not going to corner me while I was working. You never know who would see it. So,I walked over to him trying not to be upset about it. He told me to get in for a minute.I got into the passenger side and sat down,lighting illegal bahis a cigarette. Dwayne said that he wanted to meet up tonight after work but first he wanted to meet me at lunchtime here at the far end of the parking lot,which was next to the trees that lined the property. I said O.K. and got out and went inside. At lunchtime I got in my car and drove to where Dwayne was parked a couple of spaces away,also along the trees. I walked up to the passenger side and Dwayne said get in,doors open. So,I did. He had one of those curtains across the front seats so you couldn’t see in and the back windows were dark black tinted. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to where he was sitting on a regular sized mattress. I knew what he wanted and I kind of missed his big black cock,only now I was into my fertile week. My diaphragm was at home and I would just try to give Dwayne a quick blow job. I reached into Dwayne’s pants and pulled his spear out,which was already leaking pre-cum. I wrapped my lips around it and worked that cock like a vacuum cleaner. He was really into it,then all of a sudden,he pulled away from me. Dwayne said that’s enough of that,I’m gonna use that sweet pussy to dump my load cause my balls are about to burst! I told him that I really didn’t want to take him bare because it was close to my most fertile days. He said,well,it’s either that or he gets all his friends to run a train on me every night until I get knocked up with a swelled up belly!I started stripping off quickly,laid down on the mattress and spread my legs wide dipping my fingers in my overheated pussy,taunting him by asking if this is what he wanted. Without the least bit hesitation he went down on me while fingering me,getting me really wet. I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his hard cock,pulled hi on top of me as I aimed his spear right to my opening. As he was sliding in I told him to please go easy I would be so much more cooperative! And as he stroked in and out of me slowly and deeply,I became my own worst enemy. I wanted him to come in me in the worst way,but what if I got knocked up? Then I realized it was going to happen sooner or later so I just might as well enjoy it!I told Dwayne to fuck me deep and let me know when he was about to shoot off. He started pounding away with more force now as he was becoming ready to cum. A few strokes later he told me he couldn’t hold it much longer. I reached down a cupped his inflated balls and told him give me every drop,seed my fertile womb. Give me a black baby,please,please just breed me! He shot off wildly as I came right along with him. Spurt after spurt rocketed towards my womb as I knew that I could already be pregnant with a black baby! Then I thought Fuck it! Dwayne, give me another load,I want it again! Tonight bring your buddies with you and I’ll take all their loads too!

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