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Carol and Jen were back in town for college break. They asked if they could come by for a swim, adding of course that they would make it worth my while. How could I say no. I had not seen them for several months and really missed having them over. Last summer they treated me to such an amazing sexual experience. Now that they know I am a Leg and footman they enjoy using their legs and feet to get me off. Like I said, “How could I say no.”

Shortly after their phone call they arrived at my front door wearing bikini swimsuits. They each gave me a hug telling me how much they missed me.

Jen the big teaser of the two raised her knee up to my groin rubbing it up and down saying, “So how has it been hanging.”

I pulled away, smiled and said, “Its been hanging just for the both of you.”

Carol laughed, “Good that’s what we like to hear.”

Jen asked, “Mind if we jump in your pool for a swim?”

I said, “Sure, go for it. I’ll be in here watching Sports Center.”

They made their way to the pool in the back. I watched them from the kitchen window amazed at their youth and beauty. Their legs were incredible, strong and athletic. When I stop and think about the relationship I have with them I still find it incredible that these two 19 year olds love to get an old goat like me off. I am forty-one years old and they have told me on several occasions that I am a sexy old man. Carol and Jen both attend Universities on full athletic scholarships. I am sure they could get most any young man their age. I know for a fact that they both have had boyfriends.

I have not seen them in over 6 months so the boyfriend thing may have changed but it never stopped them from having fun with me.

I sat in the living room and turned on the TV to pass the time. I had been drinking lots of wine and was feeling pretty good. The TV helped in alleviating the anticipation of when Carol and Jen would stop swimming and take care of this raging hard-on between my legs.

After a few hours I heard the sliding glass door to the backyard open as Carol and Jen entered into the house. I yelled in their direction, “Enjoy the swim?”

They entered into the living room, their skin glowing from the suntan oil.

Still drying her hair with a towel Jen responded, “It felt wonderful. I could feel the past semester of school wash away from my body.”

Seeing the half full bottle of wine in the ice bucket Carol exclaimed, “Wine! May we have a glass?”

Help yourself I said, “Just don’t drink and drive.”

Jen laughed, “Oh we plan on being here for a while.”

She approached me and sat down in front of my legs facing me. She raised her beautiful legs and placed a foot on the inside of each of my knees slowly spreading my legs open. She smiled at me saying, “Still contributing to minors I see.”

Carol came over with a glass of wine in each hand and sat down next to Jen who was playfully opening and closing my legs with her feet. Each time she forced my legs open I could feel my cock grow beneath my shorts.

Carol smiled up at me and joined in the play by placing her right foot on top of my already hard cock rubbing it up and down over my shorts.

She asked, “So did you miss us?”

I slide further down in my chair and closed my eyes saying, “Oh yes, very much so, can’t you tell”

I heard them both giggle as they sipped their wine and continued on with what they were doing.

I became completely hard in a matter of seconds. Finally, Carol removed her foot from my lap and stood up between my legs. Jen did the same as they both proceeded to remove my shorts and underwear. I raised my legs slightly as they pulled them down and slipped them off my feet.

I remained slouched in my favorite chair. The chair is a huge old leather beast. Jen calls it my high class Archie Bunker chair. Carol climbed up on the right armrest throwing her beautiful feet into my lap, sandwiching my already hard cock between her soft wrinkled insteps. I moaned, “Oh that feels good. You don’t waste any time do you.”

She said, “I really missed feeling your cock between my feet.”

Jen ran out the living room quickly at the same time asking if I still kept the lotion in the nightstand next to the bed. I hollered after her that I did.

She returned quickly with the baby lotion in hand and jumped up on the left armrest. She squirted a healthy amount of lotion onto my cock and Carol’s feet. She then lifted her right foot up and using her fingers spread her big toe and second toe apart, slipping the head of my cock between them. As she did this she said, “Ahhhh, very nice. Just like an old glove.”

Feeling her do this I leaned forward slightly gasping a bit, having forgot how much of a tight fit it was between Jen’s toes. Jen laughed and put her arm around my neck pulling me into her saying, “Nice and tight between my toes.”

“Oh yes it is.” I said, “Surprised me a bit.”

She began to flex her ankle up and down sliding the head of my cock between her tight toes. The sensation was incredible, as I had no choice but to pump my hips up and down.

Carol kept the base of my cock sandwiched between the insteps of her feet, squeezing my shaft and rubbing them back and forth. I watched as they worked over my cock I rubbed both sets of their fine taught abidinpaşa escort legs, running my hands over their smooth skin made slick by the sun tan oil. I was at a loss with so much to feel and touch right there in my lap. I caressed their ankles, calves, knees and thighs, alternating from one to the other. The head of my cock became swollen and began to turn a light purple. The tight rubbing sensation between Jen’s toes brought about a slight numbness to the sensitive nerves in that part of my cock. When she first started it was almost unbearable but in a short amount of time turned into a very pleasurable sensation. I relaxed and sunk back down into the chair.

Jen recognized this and said in a calm soothing voice as she ran her fingers through my hair, “That’s it, your doing better much better now.”

They both threw an arm over the back of the chair behind my head leaning their bodies toward me. I felt their legs rest against my stomach and chest. My cock still between Carol’s feet and Jen’s toes followed suit as it was pulled slightly along. They continued to pump me as I felt their strong legs moving against my torso. Their legs are incredibly long as I felt Jen’s knees rise beneath my throat each time she jerked her toes up over the head of my cock.

Carol shifted her feet as her toes sandwich my cock I could feel all ten of her soft digits wrap around my shaft as she began to wiggle them around creating a new sensation for me. I began to throw my hips up more moving both sets of their legs up and down with each thrust. Jen increased the pace of her toe jerks over the head of my cock saying, “That’s it baby keep pumping that cock between my toes. I want to feel it move.” The increased weight of their legs across my stomach and chest as I pushed up added to my state of excitement.

Suddenly I felt Jen move her left foot in between my legs as she turned it inward and slipped her toes underneath my nuts. I looked up into her face as she stared down at me and smiled as she began to flex the toes of her left foot up into my nuts. I jerked my body even more saying, “Oh, oh, you got it, Jen right there.”

Jen laughed, “I know, I can tell by your reaction.” As she lifted her toes up into the underside of my nut sack wiggling them around. All the while she continued to jerk my swollen head between her toes. Jen was the more aggressive of the two with a tiny masochistic streak in her.

We stayed like this for a while and I felt I was about to explode between Jens toes. I watched as Carol slid her left hand underneath both sets of their legs. I felt her palm slowly slide down against my stomach until it reached the pubic hair region surrounding my cock. She began to slowly run her fingertips through my pubic hairs pressing firmly into that area of my lower stomach.

Suddenly because of all the wine I had earlier I felt the urge to urinate badly. Probably due to the wine and the weight of their legs across my stomach. I sat up and said, “Sorry ladies but we have to stop for a while I have to really piss badly.” Carol said, “Oh not now, I can feel you being so close to cumming.”

Jen smiled and jumped up saying, “No wait this can be fun.” To my surprise she grabbed both my hands and leaned back onto the floor lifting me from the chair. She continued to lie on the floor still holding my hands in each of hers causing me to slightly bend at the waist over her. I laughed asking, “What are you doing silly?”

She smile up at me, “You’ll see.”

I watched as she lifted her legs up placing the soles of her feet on either side of my cock telling me to lean forward as she pulled me down towards her. She said, “We use to call this an airplane ride as kids.”

I said, “No wait, I really have to pee first.”

She looked up at me, “Nope not until you do this or we will stop.”

That being said, I went for the airplane ride. I leaned forward resting most of my weight against her feet as she pulled on my hands. Slowly I increased my weight trusting that she would be able to support me with her legs. I had no doubt that she could as I saw the muscles in her thighs and calves flex. It had gotten to a point where my toes were the only part of my body touching the carpet. She now supported the majority of my weight. I looked down between my legs to see that my cock was directly between the insteps of her feet and had shrunk down to half its size. She smiled and said, “Now lets have some fun.” I watched as she turned her feet inward in a pigeon toed fashion, feeling the bottom of her toes run against my pubic hairs. She began to curl her toes pressing them into me relaxing them then pressing them into me again. Over and over again she did this. Feeling the pressure combined with my weight against her feet really made me want to go pee.

Jen laughed as she saw the uncomfortable expression cross my face, “Are my toes making you really feel like peeing?”

I should have known this from last time. Jen had fetish for this sort of thing.

I grunted a bit but held myself back. She continued to dig her toes into that area as I grunted on.

She turned her head towards Carol who was watching all of this and told her to go get the big bucket by the pool and hold it under me.

Carol returned with the bucket adana escort and held it below the head of my cock. To my surprise she then began to jerk my cock with her other hand. After a few minutes of this I was not getting hard. The desire to stop myself from peeing was too much to enjoy Carol’s hand job. Frustrated, Carol said, “Its not working. He won’t get hard.”

Jen being the creative one said, “Okay, give me the bucket I will hold it and you sit on the foot stool behind him and jerk him with your toes from behind. That will get him hard.” She then looked up at me and said, “I am going to let go of your hands so I can hold this bucket, you better not move or we will never come back to see you again.”

I said, “Okay…of course.”

She held the bucket under my cock as Carol positioned herself behind me. I reached down and grabbed each of Jen’s powerful legs with my hands for support. Feeling the sinewy muscles in her shapely calves flex as she continued to curl her toes into my full bladder. I watched Carols tan feet move under my balls as her toes slipped up the front. She reached around me grabbing my half hard cock and slipped it between the big toe and second to of each foot. I grunted upon feeling this as she slowly began to flex her feet forward and back. I could feel my balls pushing against the top of her ankles as her feet moved. After only a few seconds I could feel my cock begin to grow again. Carol was feeling this as well as she exclaimed to Jen, “I can feel his cock swelling between my toes.” Jen smiled saying, “I can see it growing. Pump him harder Carol.”

Carol wasted no time as I felt her pump her feet back and forth more deliberately. I looked down to see my cock being stroked between her toes from the base of my shaft to the very head in full measure.

After several minutes I knew I was about to cum. Carol’s toes had done their job. I was feeling good as I concentrated on what her beautiful toes were doing to me. Suddenly I felt her fingers begin to fondle my balls from behind. She began to tug and squeeze on them and I released a heavy sigh of ecstasy. My balls were full of cum and ready to explode. My thoughts were of grateful thanks to Carols wonderful toes as I became confident I would cum soon and then afterward knowing I could relieve myself and now longer feel humiliated by the desire of their beautiful legs and feet.

Jen noticed it first as she said, “Okay, he is started to precum. I can see it.”

Carol said, “Good, I want to feel him explode between my toes.”

Much to my dismay, Jen said, “Not yet lets see if I can make him piss first.”

Before I could say anything Jen smiled up at me and said, “You better hold on to my legs cause I am gonna make you pee.”

I felt her squeeze and push her toes hard into my lower abdomen as she began to quickly slide her feet back and forth in quick jerks shaking my entire body. I gripped her calves in my hands more firmly, holding on for dear life. It was at this time I truly realized the strength of her slender hard legs as I felt the muscles tighten and flex beneath my grip. My body was shaking as she continued shake my body with her feet back and forth in quick jerks. I moaned feeling the urge to pee again.

Carol continued to hold on to my cock between her toes pulling on it feeling my shaft being milked. I realized that their feet were torturing me. My groans were coming out in quivering sounds caused by Jen’s rapidly shaking feet across my lower stomach. The sounds that escaped me amused her as she said, “That’s what I like to hear, now piss in the bucket for me. I know you want to.”

It was as if my body was undecided on whether to cum or pee. Using her toes, Carol had practically brought me to the brink of orgasm. However, by using the pressure of her toes and feet against my wine filled bladder, Jen was creating the urge to make me pee.

I was going crazy. My mind was telling me one thing while me body desired the other. I felt my body giving way to Jen’s powerful feet and toes as she continued to apply pressure to my bladder by shaking her feet and digging her toes into my lower abdomen. As my weight leaned heavy upon the bottom of her feet she continued to move them back and forth quickly causing my body to shake as I desperately held on to her strong calves keeping my balance. Carols toes stroked the length of my shaft from sensitive head to its base, keeping my cock firmly locked between her big toe and second toe.

I moaned and pleaded for the first time for them to let me please pee and yet their actions upon my excited senses would not allow it. I wanted to pee but could not because Carol kept me just hard enough to stop from doing so. I watched as her tan toes kept pulling on my swollen shaft. Jen remained below me laughing and smiling as her powerful legs held me above her. She continued to shake my entire body by wiggling her feet quickly back and forth, maintaining the pressure on my full stomach and bladder. The expression on my face must have told her the whole story. She egged me on telling me to pee in the bucket that she held just below my throbbing cock. After several minutes of this torture she looked into my eyes asking in mocked innocence, “What’s the matter? You don’t know whether you want to cum or pee?”

I moaned in mixed adıyaman escort pleasure and pain, ” Let me pee. I need to pee.” As I continued to feel her strong smooth calf muscles flex in my hands.

Jen and Carol both laughed.

After several more minutes I felt I was about to pass out. Finally, Jen’s legs were beginning to tire from supporting my weight. As I felt her push me back to an upright position. She placed the bucket on the floor and walked me back into the chair where I sat down between Carol’s long legs. Carol immediately wrapped her legs around my waist placing her feet in my lap. I watched as Jen grabbed the head of my cock with one hand while she spread open each of Carol’s big toe and second toe with her other hand neatly guiding my sensitive head between them. Carol resumed her toe strokes of my cock. Watching and feeling these two beautiful leggy women working on my cock was taking me to the very edge. I moaned with pleasure knowing I was going to cum any second now.

Jen saw this reaction in me and bent down to grab my legs saying; “Slide down in the chair,” as she pulled on my legs. I did as she instructed, feeling the urge to cum with each magnificent pull of Carol’s toes.

Completely laid out in the chair now I watched as Jen approached me and straddled my waist just above Carol’s pumping feet. I was completely sandwiched by them. Jen smiled as I watched her raise each of her knees placing them onto my lower abdomen. Feeling the pressure of her weight as her knees and shins pushed into my bloated stomach caused me to moan loudly, “Noooooo, you are going to make me pee all over the place!!!” I looked up into her smiling face as she began to slowly shift her weight back and forth on me. She said, “You either cum or you pee. I am not getting off you till you do either one.” Feeling her knees and smooth shins move heavily back and forth was almost more than I could stand. I squirmed and moaned below her, the uncomfortable feeling driving me crazy. I grabbed Carol’s smooth flexing calves concentrating my efforts on them and her toes desperately wanting to cum as she relentlessly continued to jerk me. All the while Jen giggled as she slowly rocked herself back and forth on her legs; my full bladder about to burst beneath shins and knees. Carol began to whisper in my ear telling me to cum between her toes. Incredibly, I felt myself becoming more excited as the urge to cum began to rise inside my cock. I was hoping it was my seed and not my piss.

Carol said she could feel my cock swelling between her toes. I saw Jen turn her head to look back as she said, “He is starting to precum.” She then reached behind her and grabbed both my swollen nuts in her fingers, fondling them gently. Upon feeling her do this I moaned in ecstasy. She looked down at me smiling saying, “You like that I can tell,” as she continued to pull and fondle them. I was becoming increasingly more excited as the continued to work on me, Carol increased the speed of her toe jerks in longer more deliberated strokes while Jen pulled and squeezed my balls at the same time she continued to shift her weight on my straining bladder.

Carol noticed it first as she exclaimed, “He is really getting wet on me feet, is he cumming yet?” Jen looked back over her shoulder saying, “No, but he is really leaking cum a lot.” At this time I felt myself beginning to cum as I threw my hips up as best as I could against Jens weight. I desperately jerked my body up and down several times as I gripped Carols smooth flexing calves. Seeing this reaction in me Jen laughed as she began to shift her weight up and down upon by full stomach and bladder. No longer was she shifting her weight from side to side rather she was slightly bouncing on top of me. The first couple of bounces took the air out of me as I gasped and moaned saying, “Noooo, nooooo!” Jen smiled down at me saying, “Oh yes, I want to make you cum good!” As she continued to bounce upon me. Each time I felt her smooth knees and shins pound into my lower abdomen. She continued to fondle my balls as Carol increased her strokes. I was at the brink of orgasm. Jen held me there with her pressure into my abdomen. I ached to pee and cum at the same time. Finally, I felt it as Carol’s toes ran across the sensitive portion of my head one final time. I threw my hips up hard and shouted, “That’s it I am cumming.” I heard Carol say, “Good, it’s about time!” I felt Jen squeeze me nuts firmly. She raised herself up and let her weight fall heavily into my groin. I shouted, “Oh God!” as the air escaped me. My load of cum was literally forced out of me by her weight and Carol’s gripping toes. As my cum shot out onto Carol’s toes and feet she moaned softly, “His cum feels so hot.” Jen looked back over her shoulder as she raised herself up again and squeezed my balls letting the weight of her knees and shins fall back onto me. Again I felt another load being forced out of me. She saw all this and turned back to me smiling as she said, “That looks so good.” Several more times they forced my seed from me in the same manner, each time Jen’s weight coming down on me pushed out a load of my cum between Carol’s toes until there was nothing left but my shrunken manhood. Jen got up and sat on the armrest of the chair and Jen slipped out from underneath me. They both sat there as they had done in the beginning rubbing their toes and feet across my spent cock. The top of Carol’s feet and toes was covered with my white jism. After a few moments of this I quickly got up and made a beeline for the latrine. Jen chased after me shouting, “I want to hold it while you pee.”

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