Caring Mother Ch. 01

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Mom and Dad knew it had to be a special occasion for me to request a visit. Not that I disliked them or anything, it just wasn’t something I was prone to do. As someone in their mid-20s, everyday life with job, wife, etc., not to mention they didn’t just live around the block, made it impractical. But there was a specific reason for the request. When I suggested I’d like to visit, Mom got all excited her baby boy would be coming to visit and said she would make my favorite dish for dinner. Of course, she asked if my wife Jenny would be joining me, to which I replied she “was busy” and wouldn’t be able to make it.

While Dad and I sat in the living room talking about sports, cars, and life in general, Mom was slaving away in the kitchen.

When there was a lull in the conversation, Dad finally asked, “So what’s keeping Jenny so busy she couldn’t take time to visit?”

I took a deep breath. “Yeah, about that…”

“Dinner’s ready!” came the call from the kitchen.

Mom was already two glasses of wine in by the time we sat down at the table. Which was unusual. Mom wasn’t a big drinker. I brushed it off as her thinking this was a special occasion and imbibing a bit.

I brought Mom up to speed on life events both past and present as we feasted on the meal. She had just poured her fifth glass of wine when she served dessert.

Dad finally asked, “So, what’s going on? Why isn’t Jenny here?”

“Oh! Is she pregnant?! She’s got morning sickness and can’t travel? Oh my goodness, I’m going to be a grandma! Isn’t that exciting, Bob?! We’re going to be grandparents?!”

“Sure, great,” Dad grumbled. “I’m not even 50 yet. I’m not ready to be called ‘grandpa’ yet.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s pump the brakes here,” I said. “No, it’s nothing like that. To be honest, it’s pretty much the exact opposite.”

“Oh no! What’s going on?” Mom asked.

“Well, she feels like we got married too young.” Jenny and I were high school sweathearts. We got married right out of high school. “She feels like she missed out on all the ‘fun’ her friends had in college and what not. Now, since we’ve been talking about kids and stuff, and think it’s freaking her out a little bit. So, anyway, she wants to do a trial separation.” I could tell the news caught both of them by surprise. “I don’t have anywhere else to go. At least for the short term. So, I was wondering…”

“You want to stay here?!” Mom asked with excitement.

“Well, yeah, if that’s okay.”

“Your room is just as you left it,” Dad said flatly. “Your mother wouldn’t allow me to touch it.”

“I never like that girl anyway,” Mom groused.

“Now, Mom, we’re still married. I still want to work it out.”

“Well…” She paused. “it’ll be nice to have my baby home!”

Just then, Dad’s phone binged. When he pulled it out of his pocket he said, “Oh damn. I almost forgot. I’ve, uh, I’ve got to run back to the, uh, office. There’s something I need to do. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to run.”

Mom frowned and took another swig of her wine. “Mmmmm hmmmm, you do that. Run along to ‘the office’. When do you think you’ll be home?”

“As soon as I can.”

While I helped Mom clean up, I asked her, “Does Dad go back to the office a lot? I don’t remember him doing that before.”

She grunted. “2-3 nights a week.”

“Just a couple hours a night?”

“Sometimes. Sometimes he doesn’t come home until the middle of the night. Sometimes not until the next morning.” Another swig of wine.

“Really? Are they that busy?”

“Honey, I don’t ask a lot of questions. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know the answers.”

Is Dad following around on Mom?! I mean, why? She’s a stone cold fox, even in her 40s! She really was. Long blonde hair that flowed around a friendly, thin face and 38-24-35 curves. She could easily pass for my girlfriend instead of my mother. My friends used to make it very clear about what they’d like to do to and with her. I was always, like, “Dude, that’s my Mom!” I never had any thoughts like “that”, but I did understand just how fine she was the older I got.

I rubbed her back. “Well, I’m sure it’s nothing.”

She turned to me. “how about we change into our jammies and watch a movie together?!”


20 minutes later I had changed into some gym shorts and had a DVD ready and waiting when she finally rounded the corner into the family room. And my eyes bugged out. She was wearing a teeny, tiny white bathrobe that looked like it must’ve been purchased in the junior’s section at Kohl’s. The front barely touched when wrapped around her luscious body, let alone closing. It did nothing to hold in the tan firm, tan 38 specials of hers. And the back didn’t come close to covering her heart-shaped ass.

“Jesus, Mom!” I said as she walked by me on the couch and fell into the chair next to the couch, spilling some of her freshly topped off wine glass.

“What?” she giggled with a wide smiled.

“Go put some clothes on, for God’s sake.”

“I do have some clothes on!”

“Just Lefkoşa Escort barely.” I paused. “You’re drunk.”

“I most certainly am not!” She opened and closed her robe. “Why? Does this bother you?”

“Well, Jesus, Mom. I mean, I can see…everything!”

She giggled again. “Awwwww, does seeing mommy’s boobies and who ha bother my wittle baby boy?” she said in a baby voice.

“Well, yeah, kinda.”

She waved at me and giggled. “Oh, stop it. You used to suck on these like there was no tomorrow.”

“When I was a baby!”

“And I know this isn’t the first va jay jay you’ve seen.”

“But not my mother’s!”

“Fine.” She jumped out of the chair and threw the robe across the room. “How’s that? Better?”

“Oh Christ, Mom!”

She cupped her breasts and jiggled them at me. “Okay, seriously. Who has better tits, me or Jenny?” Jenny was blessed in that area, as well.

“Oh, come on, Mom.”

“No! Seriously! I want to know.”

“Awww, fuck. Seriously?”

She continued to jiggle them. “Yes, seriously. Be honest!”

I could see in the state she was in she wasn’t going to let this go. “Okay, fine.” I studied the work of art before me. “Okay, let’s see. Well, Jenny’s are a little bigger than yours. I definitely like that. And really, firm, especially for their size. Mom, to be honest, yours sit up really, really well. A woman half your age would be happy to have their tits sit up straight like that.”

She beamed. “Gee, thanks! I do have great tits.”

“Yours are more symmetrical. Like, a perfect match. Jenny’s, mmmmm, not so much. And her nipples are kind of off center. Yours are dead center. And her nipples are more like pimples when she’s excited. Yours are nice and hard, something a guy can latch his lips onto or tweak a little, ya know? Most guys like that. So, if I had to be totally honest, I’d have to say you have better tits than Jenny.”

She blushed. “Oh, you’re just saying that. You have to say that, I’m your mother.”

“No, seriously! You have great tits, Mom. All my friends think so.” Oops! Did I just say that out loud?

“Really? All your friends?!”

“Forget I said that.”

“That’s so sweet!” Wow, she’s hammered! “Okay, what about my pussy? Who has the better pussy?” She began to pet her trimmed bush.

“Jesus, Mom.”

“Seriously! Come on.”

“Oh my God,” I muttered under my breath.

“Is she shaved? Surely she’s not shaved.”

“Well, yeah, actually she is.”

“(GASP!) Seriously?! I thought only those Hollywood women did that?!”

“No, that’s a fairly common thing, Mom. Has been for a long time.”

“I don’t believe it!”

“Well, she’s not totally clean. She’s got a little landing strip.”

“Landing strip?”

“Yeah, you know. A little strip of hair right above, you know, it.”

“Ha ha ha! A landing strip! Ha ha ha!”

“Yeah, it’s sexy as hell.”

“Do you think I should shave my pussy?”

“Aw fuck, Mom. Jesus. I don’t know.”

“So, you’re saying Jenny has a better pussy than me?”

I got a sheepish grin. “Well, without fucking it, you know…”

“Ha ha ha! You’re so naughty!” She leapt onto the couch, fell into me, and wrapped her arms around me. “I’m gonna cuddle wuddle with my little baby boy,” she said in a baby voice again.

Damn, she smells good! “Fine. Wanna watch the movie now?”

“No! Let’s talk about you now! Tee he!”

“Me?! What about me?”

“Well, you wanna talk about me. Look at you! Just wearing these flimsy little shorts!” She snapped the waistband.

“What?! It’s warm!”

“Now, let’s compare you to your father.”

“Aww, fuck. I’d really rather not.”

“No! Now, look at you. All tan and toned. You must work out.” She ran her hand across my chest.

“Well, yeah, a little.”

“You’re father never had a body like this! And, look at those legs! My goodness!” She ran her hand up the inside of my thigh. “They’re way better than your father’s chicken legs!”

“Oh, come on. Dad doesn’t have chicken legs.”

“Yes he does!” Then she really leaned into me. “Now let’s see how else you compare to your father,” she whirred in my ear.

I jumped when she grabbed the waistband of my shorts. “Whoa! Mom! What the fuck?!”

“I just wanna see! Oh, for God’s say! I used to give you baths!”

I tried to twist away from her. “When I was a kid!”

“Oh my God! Stop being a big baby!” She stopped tugging and smiled at me. “Are you tiny? Is that it? Are you embarrassed because it’s so tiny? Is that why Jenny wants a separation?”

“What? Jesus, no! If you must know, it’s quite the opposite. I’m above average. Way above average!”

“I don’t believe you. You’re lying.”

“No I’m not!”

“Fine. Show me.”

I took a deep breath. “Fuck. Fine.”

She tugged at the waistband again and slowly pulled it down. And down. The purple head appeared. The shaft appeared. And more shaft. And more shaft. Until it finally jumped out like it was spring loaded.

“(GASP!) Holy Girne Escort shit!” It’s huge! Her who ha immediately turned into a swollen river.

“Told ya,” I said with a crooked grin. “Gah!” I jumped when Mom wrapped her long, thin fingers around the shaft.

She was mesmerized by it’s size. “Wow,” she said breathlessly as she began to run her hand up and down its length. “Your father definitely doesn’t have that!”

“Okay, you’ve seen it. Now let’s watch the movie, okay?”

She looked into my face with a smirk. “Looks like seeing mommy’s boobies and who ha did more than bother my little baby boy. Tee hee!”

“Well, fuck, Mom! What do you expect? I mean, shit. Here you are, like…that. Rubbin’ all over me. And I’ve been sleeping in the spare bedroom for a month. Fuck! I haven’t gotten laid in a month! So, yeah, you gave me a hard on, okay? Happy now?”

“And Jenny’s not happy with this? Is she sick in the head?”

“Can we talk about something else, please?”

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about. You’re father hasn’t touched me in over a year!”

“A year?! What, is he fucking nuts?!”

“I know, right?” She leaned in.

I squawked, “Gah! Mom! What the…fuck?!” when her lips touched my tip.

She giggled. “Tee hee! Did Jenny ever kiss it like this?” She continued to plant gentle pecks down the veiny shaft.

“Uh, well, uh, no, no I can’t say did. Exactly. Mom…please…I’m begging you…”

“Tee hee! Begging me? To do what? What Jenny does?”

“No. No! That’s not what I meant.”

“Maybe Jenny’s scared of it because it’s so big?”

“Jesus, Mom. No. Actually, she loves how big it is. She can’t get enough of it! Well, before…”

“Really? Like how?” Her hand followed her lips up and down.

“Jesus.” I was having trouble thinking. “Well, uh, I mean, she’s a total, you know, cock whore when it comes right down to it. I mean, she’d do anything, just about anytime and anywhere.”

“Really? She’s a slut, huh? Do you want your mommy to be a slut?”

Maybe? “No! Jesus, Mom, no. Please. You’re drunk. And Dad could be home any time!”

“Oh, your father,” she growled. “He won’t be home any time soon.” She continued her lip massage. “I’ll bet Jenny never kissed you like this when her dad was about to come home. Tee hee!”

“Well, actually…”

Her head snapped to look at me. “She did?!”

“Well, not exactly. I mean, she’d do it when he was in the next room. Him and her mom.”


“Oh yeah, all the time. They’d be in the living room and we’d be in the family room. And she’d be goin’ to town. We almost got caught a couple of times.”

“What a slut!” She went back to work.

“Ha! I know, right.”

“So, did she actually, you know, put it in her mouth?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, uh, yeah.”

“But just the tip, right?”

Am I really having this conversation? “Well, no, actually. She could actually take the whole thing.”

Her head snapped again. “What? This whole thing? In her mouth?!”

“And throat.”

“I don’t believe it,’ she huffed.

“I’ve got video.”

“You recorded it?!” I smiled and nodded. “That’s so naughty!” She got a wicked glint in her eyes. “Do you…do you want to record mommy doing something naughty?”

Maybe? “Uh, no, not really. Please. Mom. Jesus. You’re killin’ me here. Gah!” Did my mother just put my cock in her mouth?! Her head began to bob on my pole. Is my mother giving me a blow job?! Fuck!

My God! It’s been so long since I had a man’s dick in my mouth! I feel like I’m on fire!

My first instinct was to grab her by her long blonde hair and yank her out of my lap. But it felt so good! Instead of pulling her out, I started to push her further into my lap.

“Jesus Christ, Mom! That feels so good! Fuck!”

“Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm!” she hummed.

She had one hand wrapped around my stick while the other cupped and fondled my marbles. She wasn’t even taking in a quarter of my length. But, at this point, I didn’t even care. I started to slightly buck my hips.

“Look at you, sucking your little boy’s cock. You like having your little boy’s cock in your mouth, huh? You like sucking on your son’s cock?”


“You’re a good little cocksucker. My mom’s a good little cocksucker.”

“Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm!”

She jumped and squealed when my fingers slid past her ass and landed on her puffy lips.

“Damn, Mom, you’re soaked!” I said as I slid along the length of her slit, to which she responded with a loud moan. “Sucking your son’s cock has turned you into a horny little cunt, hasn’t it?”

“Mmmmmmm! Mmmmhmmm! Mmmmhmmm! MMMMFFFFFKKKK!’ she barked when I split her slit with two fingers.

“Ha! Damn! Those slipped in slick as hell!” I slid my digits in and out. “I’ll bet you’re aching for something else to be stuffed in there, aren’t you?” She replied with a loud moan.

It wasn’t long before we both felt contractions around my probing fingers. I can’t take it Magosa Escort anymore! Her head shot out of my lap.

“Hey! What the fuck?!” I asked. She lifted herself off the couch. A rush of mixed emotions filled my head. I was annoyed and relieved at the same time that my mother’s mouth wasn’t around my cock any longer. Now I had a stunning, naked, slightly inebriated MILF standing before me and my throbbing hard on. And she was still my mother.

“I can’t take it anymore! You’re driving me crazy!” To my surprise, she rushed over me. “I need this in me right now!” She grabbed my tool and quickly slid over it.

I gave her a crooked grin. “Think you can handle it?”

“Ohmagawd, I want it!” In her drunken haze, she threw herself down. “Ohmyfuckinggod!” she howled.

“Jesus Christ, Mom, you’re fucking tight!”

She caught her breath and looked into my face. “That’s because you’re fucking father’s tiny little dick hasn’t stretched me out like you are.” She began to slowly rise and fall. This was the first penis she’d had inside her other than her husband’s in over 20 years. The feeling was strange and exhilarating, almost overwhelming. She wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulders. In seconds she was grinding me like a hooker. “Oh my God, that feels so good,” she panted in my ear. She squeaked when I tossed her into the air with my hips.

“You like having your son’s fat cock stuffed into your slutty little cunt?” I hissed in her ear.

Her face was nuzzled into my neck. Her eyes were shut tight, anticipating the impending explosion. “Oh my God, I do. I do! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

Her body began to twitch. “You’re about to cum, aren’t you, mother? You’re about to cum all over your son’s cock, aren’t you?”

“I…I am! Oh my God, I am!”

“You’re such a slut,” I growled. “Come on, Mom, do it. So your son what a slut you are.”

Her arms squeezed my neck. “Oh my God! I…I’m gonna…I’m gonna do it! Oh my God! I…I…aaaiiiiyyyyeeeee!”

Her howl echoed off the beige walls. She felt like her body was going to spontaneously combust. Her legs squeezed mine and her snapper clamped around my prod. She jumped in my lap like a woman possessed while she bayed at the ceiling.

Her spasms finally slowed. She pulled her face out of my neck and leaned back, keeping her arms around my neck. She had a wicked grin on her face. Her eyes were hazy. Her breath smiled like wine.

“You haven’t, you know, finished yet?” She slowly bounced.

I shook my head. “Nuh uh.”

“Wow. You’re father would’ve been done a long time ago.”

“Mom, can we not talk about Dad right now?”

“I’m just sayin’.” She started to rise and fall faster. “How does Jenny make you finish? What does my little baby like?”

“Mom, seriously. Can we not bring up Dad or my wife, please? It’s already weird enough as it is.”

She giggled. “Tee hee! It’s so naughty! I’ll bet my baby boy likes Mommy’s tits, doesn’t he?”

“Hell yeah, I do!”

“Why don’t you touch them? Want to grab Mommy’s boobies? Oh! OH!” she yiped when I grabbed two handfuls and took an erect nipple into my mouth. Her hands ran through my hair and she pulled me tight. “Oh my God, yes! That’s it! Mmmmmmm, that feels nice.” She sprung in my lap and squeezed around my muscle. “Doesn’t that feel nice? Hmmm? What’s it going to take to get my baby boy to finish? Hmmmm? What does Mommy have to do to my boy feel good?”

Any number of things raced through my mind, all of which Jenny would’ve been happy to do. But this was my mother. I wasn’t ready to treat her like a complete whore.

I pulled out of her chest. “Just keep doing that. Right there. Oh yeah, just like that.”

She gave a little gasp when I latched back on to a teet. “(gasp) Mmmmm, just like that, huh? Okay. Let’s see if Mommy can finish her son. Let’s see if she can make him feel good,” she whirred.

It wasn’t long before I felt that old familiar feeling. “Oh fuck, Mom, you’re gonna make me cum,” I groaned.

“Ooooo, yay! Come on, baby, give it to me. I want to feel it. Come on, baby!”

Now I had a decision to make. Do I fill my mom up with spunk. Pull out and have her jerk me off. On her tits, maybe? On her face? Maybe have me suck me off for the big finish?

I wrapped my arms around her back. My body stiffened. “Oh fuck, Mom! You’re…you’re gonna make me…cum! Fuck! Ah! Ah! Ah fuck! Huhggggaaaaa!”

“Oh, yes! I feel it! Oh my God, I feel it! Oh, honey, give it to me! Mommy wants it all!”

My hard, deliberate thrusts lifted her off the couch. Each one shot a fresh load into a space that hadn’t been filled in months.

We both stopped feeling the throb inside of her. She finally stopped, kissed me on my forehead, and slowly lifted off of me, leaving a thick coat of milky white on my freshly exposed bone.

“Oh my! Look at you!” she exclaimed. She fell onto the couch next to me. I shuddered when she wrapped her fingers around my still twitching member. “You look like you could go again!” She gave it several long, strong strokes. She finally released it, brought her freshly coatd hand to her face, and licked it clean.

Wow! I shrugged my shoulders. “Yeah, well, you know…”

“Maybe we do it again later!”

“Mom, you’re drunk.”

“Why do you keep saying that?!”

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