Camping Trip

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Camping TripFive summers ago, I went camping with my cousin Ron and his friend James. We had a three bed camper, it was nice, it had a mini fridge and they brought a little propane grill. There was a T.V. as well, what more could you ask for. If we had to take a shower or use the bathroom, we had to walk to an area that had that. The camp was in the national park. We were going to stay a week or two. So this is how it went with the beds. There were three beds, one on each end of the camper and the 3rd one next to one of those ends. Ron and James slept on the ends and I had the bed next to Ron. The first night, we all went to bed. Around 1am I woke up, the camper was shaking a little bit, I figure Ron or James was just rolling over or something. I was wrong, the camper kept shaking some, I heard a voice behind my head where James was sleeping at. I could hear him whispering my name, it was oh Susi. So I took a peak towards James side, it was dark but I could still make out what was going on. James had his blanket off and I saw him jacking off. So I laid there in bed watching James masturbate, he kept saying my name over and over. I’m going to take a guess he was thinking about me while beating off. I watched James cum, it shot up some, he laid there for a minute breathing heavy, he then wipe his dick off with his blanket and went to sleep. 4am, I woke up again, this time I was horny, both boys is still asleep I’m guessing. I took my shorts and panties done to my ankles and spread my legs open. I rubbed my pussy, I tried to do it slow but I wasn’t feeling it. I rubbed it fast, I moaned some, I put two of my fingers inside of me and finger fuck myself. I bit my lower lip and moan softly, I really wanted a cock inside of me right then and there. I thrust my fingers deep inside of me, I went back and rubbed my pussy until I came. Oh god that felt good, cumming, getting that release. I pulled my panties and shorts back up and went back to sleep.Next morning, I got up at 8am, Ron and James was already up and making some breakfast. I had some bed hair going on so I went to the restrooms to take a shower and take a pee too. I got out of the shower, I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me, so I had to put back on my clothes from yesterday, except for the panties. I wrapped those up in my towel, I brushed my hair, teeth and so on. I went back to the camp site, the boys was eating already, so I went inside the camper to change. I was naked when suddenly the door opened up. It was my cousin Ron, he came in to tell me about my breakfast, but he just stood there looking at my naked body. I asked what he wanted, so he told me about my breakfast on the table covered up, but he didn’t take his eyes off of me. I put my panties on, I saw him starring at my pussy, I put my shorts on and my shirt. I didn’t put my bra on, I really didn’t see the point since I have small tits. I didn’t really mind that Ron watched me getting dressed. We sat around the camp fire that night, gaziantep escort bayan talking, having fun. Ron kept starring at me, maybe I should had covered up, now he is just going to be starring at me. We all went to bed, I told James not to have to much fun, he said what to me and I said oh nothing. Again, I woke up around 2am, camper shaking some, I looked over at James, he was asleep. I looked over at Ron, and he was the one masturbating this time. My bed was very close to his, he was still covered up but I saw his hand go up and down. I think he got horny when he saw me naked that morning. I heard very little moans from him, I think he came, he stop masturbating. I went back to sleep. Morning on our 3rd day of camping, I woke up around 8am again, Ron was in the camper naked. I said what the fuck, he jumped, and told me he just took a shower and was getting dressed. He didn’t try to cover up and he had a hard on. I yawned, got up, told him to get dressed and I’m going to the bathroom. We all went on a hike in the woods, it was fun, we hiked for 3 miles before we headed back to camp. We had some s’mores at the camp fire and then we went inside the camper and watched some T.V. Went to bed around midnight. I was half asleep, no clue on the time, I kept feeling something on my lips, I was too sleepy, I was going in and out of sleep. I felt my mouth being opened and something going in my mouth. Day 4, I woke up at 7am, confuse as hell. My throat hurts some and my lips and chin feel funny. I went and took a shower and headed back to the camper and started to change my clothes. I was about to put my panties on when the door opened, I turned and looked, it was James, being a pervert. He wanted to see me naked, I pulled up my panties and yelled at him to get out. He left with a big smile on his face. That night, I sat in the camper watching T.V. trying to figure out what the hell happened to me last night. James comes in and asked me if it was ok to come in. I told him yes and he sat down next to me. I told James about last night how it felt like something rubbing on my lips and something going inside my mouth. James said it might have been all in my head. He put his arm around me and we sat there and watch some T.V. Later, we started to make out, not sure how went from watching T.V. to kissing. He started to kiss my neck and started to suck on my neck. That got me wet some, I laid down on my bed, he was still sucking on my neck, he stopped and kissed on my stomach. He unbutton my shorts and kissed little bit lower, I stopped him, he asked if he can kiss my tits, I shook my head yes. I raised my shirt up, he kissed my breast and started to suck on my nipple. I was running my fingers through his hair. His hand went down under my shorts and under my panties. James started to rub my pussy. I was so turned on, I wanted to fuck him. Ron opened the door and came in, we sat back up, I fixed my shirt. I know Ron saw what we were doing, my escort bayan bed was also next to the door. Ron asked if he interrupt something, we said no, just watching T.V. Ron said sure you guys were. Later that night we all went to bed. 1:30am I got up, went over to James’s bed, I took off my shorts and panties and climbed into his bed. I unbutton his shorts, pulled the zipper down, I reached under his boxers and pulled out his cock. I started to suck on his cock which woke him up. I told him to fuck me, he did not hesitate. I spread my legs open and let him slide his hard cock inside of my wet pussy. We started to make out again and he slowly fucked me. James’s cock felt good, he was about 6 or 6 1/2 inches but he was little bit thick. I was staying quiet so we didn’t wake up Ron. I told James not to cum inside of me, we had no protection, he said ok. He started to fuck me hard, I moaned some, I told him his cock feels good in me. He told me my pussy feels good. He fucked me fast, i had an orgasm. He pulled out and came right above my pussy. I had pubic hair during that time, I had it trimmed for my bikini. James laid on the side I turned where my butt was next to his dick. I felt his cock right on my ass, he put it right against my ass hole. He had some cum come out and I felt him trying to put it up my ass. I let him only put the head in, but damn him, he wrapped his arms around me and put his cock in me some more. He covered up my mouth because that hurt like a bitch. He rolled me over to my stomach and slowly fucked my ass. He had my mouth covered the whole time, tears was running down from the pain. After a few minutes, it felt better and uncover my mouth. It didn’t take him that long until he came in my ass, I felt his cum. He laid down on top of me with his cock still in my ass, kept kissing my cheek. He pulled out and kissed me on the lips. Looked at the time, it was 3am, I got out of his bed and grabbed my shorts put them back on and went to my bed.Day 5, I got up about 10am, my ass was little bit sore from the anal fucking. I noticed my shirt was up and my shorts was undone and pulled down some. I guess James took a peek at me. I went to the showers, got cleaned up and went back to the camper to get dressed. James came in while I was taking off my old clothes. He told me that Ron went to take a shower. I took my clothes all the way off and took James shorts off. I had him lay down on my bed and I got on top of him and started to fuck him. I rode his cock, and had some good orgasms. We were having a good fucking, that’s when Ron came in. His mouth just dropped opened, I stopped and covered my tits. Ron said, don’t mind me, keep on fucking. James did what he said and started to bounce me on his cock. James told me to relax, so I relax some and rode him again. I looked over at Ron, he had his clothes off and I saw him masturbating while we fucked. James told me he was about to cum so I got off and let him shoot his load. I sucked James’s cock and noticed that Ron came. Ron stood up got a little closer to me, I saw his cock dripping cum. I finish sucking James’s cock and I went and put my clothes on. Ron smiled at me and put his clothes on. This was our last night camping, who knew I would fuck Ron’s friend James. I don’t know if we will see each other afterwards or that was it. I was planing to fuck James one more time after Ron goes to sleep. 2am I felt someone unbuttoning my pants and unzipping them so I helped him take off my shorts. He started to eat my pussy, I tried not to have an loud orgasm. I put the pillow over my mouth and moaned and had my orgasm. He climbed on top of me and stuck his cock in and started to fuck me. While he was fucking me, the sex felt different, felt like he was going deeper inside of me and I didn’t feel like his cock didn’t had the width. I moved the pillow out of my way and looked, oh fuck, it was Ron fucking me. I would never thought my cousin would fuck me. Ron was fucking me hard and fast, I was having an orgasm. Ron said my pussy felt very good and he was going to cum in it. I told him not too and asked him to get off. He looked at me, and said too late. My face turned different colors, he kept fucking me, he said to me, your pussy feels so good baby. He fucked me very hard and he came inside of me. He lied to me before when he said he did, but this time he really did. He got off of me and went to bed, I laid there in shock, I just let my cousin fuck me and I enjoyed it and he came inside of me. 3am came around and James got up, he came over gave me a kiss. He noticed I didn’t kiss back and asked me what was wrong. I didn’t want to tell him that Ron just fucked me and came inside of me, so I told him nothing. I told James to fuck me, I started to moan and told James to fuck me hard, at first he wouldn’t, so I demand him to do so. He fucked me hard, he said he was about to cum, I told him I wanted his cum inside of me. He asked if I’m sure, and I said yes, so he shot his load inside of me. Day 6, we got up at 6am to pack up to leave. I felt ashamed about what happened, but at the same time it felt good. I went into the woods and took a piss, that’s when Ron followed me. He told me he was sorry about last night, he got very horny and wanted some pussy. I told him sure, whatever. He grabbed me, pulled my shorts down and he took his cock out, he bent me over and started to fuck me again. Now I’m in the woods getting fucked, I saw a couple walking by, they giggle and kept going. Ron was pounding me very hard, I had an orgasm and then he came inside of me again. He pulled out and asked me to suck his dick clean. I told him no, then he lay a guilt trip on me about sucking James dick clean. So I sucked his dick, he shoved his cock in my mouth down my throat some, I gagged. He started to fuck my mouth, I tried to pull away but I couldn’t. He fucked my mouth until he came in it. I don’t know what’s worst, letting my cousin fuck me or enjoying him fucking me. I put my shorts back on and went back to help pack up camp. I have to look on the bright side, I got fucked by two guys and I did not get pregnant. So it was a good week after all.

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