Cabin Fever

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Jake tried to catch his breath in the back of his parent’s stuffy SUV. The ride to his family’s cabin was long and the hot summer air was not helping. His parents sat in the front, blowing cool air in their face, whilst he, an adult twenty year old man, was forced to sit in the far back, cramped for space by all the crap his parents loved to bring with them to the forest.

“Move, dickwad,” Maya shouted, climbing in the car and forcing the door closed behind them. Maya was Jake’s younger sister by about a year and despite their close age the two rarely ever spoke. Maya liked indie and Jake liked rap; Maya ran track and Jake played football; Maya preferred the ‘live and let fuck’ lifestyle while Jake was more interested in long term relationships. The smallest thing would set them up to fight, such as in this case when Jake’s hand brushed against Maya’s bare upper thigh.

“Hey, stop trying to cop a feel!” Maya exclaimed, trying to move away from her brother but having no where to go in the cramped car.

“We’re two inches apart, it was an accident,” Jake huffed, “And I wouldn’t have touched your skin if you didn’t dress like such a slut.”

“Abigail and I basically share a wardrobe!” Maya exclaimed before slouching down, putting in earphones, and ignoring Jake for the rest of the ride.

She has a point, Jake thought as they continued towards the cabin. Maya and Abigail, Jake’s girlfriend of two years, had quite the similarities. Both stood just above 5’9″, both had long black hair and smooth white skin. Even their breasts were similar, Jake realized, both having round, supple bosoms. Maya’s ass was definitely better though, being more firm and bubbly. Jake found himself getting a bit of a chub, and quickly moved his hands to hide it. He was not excited about spending a full week in a cabin with his family, with no internet access and just about no way of masturbating comfortably.

The family arrived at their cabin a few hours later, as the sun was just starting to set. Bags in tow, they surveyed the cabin making sure everything still worked. The cabin had only two bedrooms, a master and a spare, and each bedroom had attached its own bathroom. The center of the cabin was the living room, which connected the two bedrooms to the kitchen, and which housed the front door. Upon entering the spare bedroom, where he and Maya reside, Jake groaned.

“Where the hell is my bed?” he demanded of his parents, who were quickly putting their things down to go see the setting sun.

“The frame was starting to disintegrate and we forgot to buy a new one,” his father explained. “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to sleep with your sister.”

Jake threw his stuff down and quickly prepared for bed. He decided if this was his lot, he would at least spend as little time as possible that close to his sister. He changed into his normal sleeping attire, boxer shorts and a tank top, and admired his gains over the past football season in the bathroom mirror. His arms weren’t massive, but his muscles were well-defined and that was Giresun Escort clear even with the tank top on. He finished brushing his teeth and exited the bathroom.

“You’re sleeping in that?” Maya asked, already in her sweatpants and pajama top.

“It’s hot, what’s the matter?”

“I don’t want to be this close to you while you were that.”

“Whatever,” Jake responded, lying down and turning his back to his sister. Maya also got under the sheets, as far from her brother as she could manage. Jake began to doze off.

Suddenly, Jake awoke to the sound of muffled crying. He turned, and saw his sister was sobbing silently into her pillow. He reached over and touched her shoulder, to which she freaked out for a second before calming down, seeing it was him.

“What’s up?” Jake asked, his voice soft.

“My boyfriend broke up with me an hour before we left,” she admitted, her eyes red and swollen. “I thought,” she paused to sniffle, “I thought he was the one, like the real one,” she said, before balling again. Jake found himself putting his arm around Maya, empathizing with a sister he had never honestly liked.

“Hey, yeah, breakups are tough. And that’s coming from a master at them. I’m… I’m here if you need me. Just work it out at your own pace, ok?”

Maya nodded, still holding onto her pillow, and turned over again. Jake tried to go back to sleep, feeling sorry for his sister. That was a first for him.

Over the next few days, the two siblings talked about relationships and breakups as they spent time together as a family, and their parents were glad to see the two get along so well. Each night was concluded with at least an hour-long talk about the meaning of life, and each time they turned off their lights they were a little more comfortable together, getting a little closer together in their shared bed.

On the fourth day of the vacation, the family came together with some others near their cabin for a soccer match they played every year. Jake did not spare much love for soccer, so he was lackadaisical as he got dressed, but as soon as he saw his sister’s outfit, both his heads popped up.

Maya was wearing what could be generously labelled ‘booty shorts’, the kind that were ostensibly to help with movement on the field but just also happened to hug her ass and show off its curves. Her midriff was completely exposed, showing her lean stomach and thin waistline, and her generous bosom was being held by a sports bra that seemed to barely hold it all in. In fact, when she turned, Jake caught a look at the massive amounts of sideboob Maya was showing to the whole world. Jake had seen her wearing such outfits before, and maybe it was the fact that the two had become somewhat closer in the last few days, or he was remembering what Maya had said at the beginning of the car ride, or it was simply because he had not jacked off for four days, but Jake took special interest in his sister that day. He decided to put on his tighter pair of shorts that helped show off his hefty Giresun Escort Bayan package, and a tank top with an especially low neckline, showing off his pecs and neatly trimmed chest hair.

The family headed out, and as they played soccer under that blazing summer sun the siblings became more and more touchy. Jake, on purpose or not, made sure to brush up against Maya whenever she had the ball, and Maya returned the favor. At one point, when it was just Maya playing keep away from Jake, he grabbed her from behind and wrapped his arms around her, just under her tits. He picked her up, feeling the pressure of her breasts against his arms, and as he swung her around, both of them laughing, he was sure she could feel the tip of his cock pressing against her curvaceous ass.

Still, the day went on mostly normally, and the family returned to the cabin and each member took showers to wipe the smell of sweat from their bodies. Maya’s shower was particularly late, so half-way through Jake turned off the lights and went to sleep. A few minutes later, he heard the shower turn off and Maya walk into the room.

“Hey, it’s pretty hot, so I’m going to strip down for bed, alright?” she asked into the darkness.

“Ok,” Jake responded, and despite the darkness, he could just make out Maya taking off her towel, her hair still wet from the shower, and her perky breasts bouncing in the air as she crawled into bed next to him. Jake thought of Abigail in that moment, of how she would react to this, but then the smell of Maya’s shampoo hit him and he was lost. Lost just long enough to get out of bed and murmur, “I’ll do that too,” before stripping down to his birthday suit and climbing back into bed.

At this point, his massive cock was rock hard, and he was scared to move any further towards Maya, in fear that he would poke her with it and she would want to back out of the whole thing. Thankfully, Maya began moving backward, searching with her ass. She hit his hand, which he used to grope her a bit, and she purred softly under his touch. Then she moved further down, and hit his throbbing dick. She jumped slightly, but before Jake could do anything she reached around, grabbed his shaft, and guided his cock into her already wet pussy. Jake gasped as he entered his sister, at the euphoria he felt to be inside of such a tight pussy, so much tighter than Abigail or any girl he had been with at this point. He was shocked to be spooning his sister, naked, halfway inside of her, when days before they avoided each other like the plague. He thrust himself fully into her, his balls slapping softly against her ass cheeks, and Maya moaned almost loud enough for their parents to hear it.

Jake quickly covered her mouth, before whispering “You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you sister?” into her ear. She shuddered, and Jake removed his hand from her mouth.

Maya responded in a small voice “Yes, yes I have. I need my big brother to teach me a lesson.”

Jake inhaled, moving his hands down to fondle his sister’s Escort Giresun breasts. He circled her erect nipples, pinching them softly, letting Maya moan into the darkness.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you,” Jake whispered, still inside of her, “And if I hear a word, a single fucking word out of your mouth, I will cover it and smack your ass hard enough to leave a mark for the next piece of shit that fucks you.” Maya simply nodded, her breasts still being fondled, as Jake began thrusting in and out of her, slowly at first, until the whole bed was shaking from their love making.

Maya tried to stay as silent as possible, but Jake could tell she was going to break. After a particularly deep thrust, Maya let out a “Fuck!” and immediately covered her own mouth. Without interrupting his rhythm, Jake reached over with one had, removing Maya’s hand from her mouth and covering it with his own, and then with the other removed the sheet from on top of them, pulled his hand back into the air, and smacked his sister’s ass hard enough to leave a red handprint on her left cheek. Maya shrieked into his hand, breathing hard, and Jake realized she was cumming onto his dick, orgasming with her brother inside of her. He took that feeling and rode with it, quickening his pace until he was about to cum. He gave a warning to Maya, to which she simply responded in a small and slightly afraid voice, “Cum in me big brother. Please, I want to feel your cum inside. Fill me up.”

Jake granted her wish, cumming deep inside of his sister, feeling as she twisted her hips to milk every last drop out of his cock.

He unsheathed himself from her, and she turned around, kissing him deeply. She climbed on top of him, playing with his balls while he focused on licking and sucking on her nipples. Within minutes, he was hard again, and she took his colossal cock in her hands and, rising up, placed it at the entrance to her asshole.

“Are you sure about this?” Jake asked, the moonlight from the cabin window illuminating his sister’s face and ample breasts.

“I’m a bit more experienced with this then you are, big bro,” she smirked, before, in one fluid motion, impaling herself completely on his cock.

Maya could barely control her shriek of joy at feeling her brother so deep inside her, but she managed to keep her noises to a low moan as she swayed back and forth, riding Jake as he watched her tits jiggle. He grabbed her by the waist and thrusted with her, the tightness of her ass causing him to stop every so often as not to blow his load early. He was in heaven, having his first ever anal experience while also inside of his hot sister, and apparently Maya felt the same way, as she moaned with another orgasm, falling onto her brother’s chest as he continued thrusting up into her ass.

Now, Jake grabbed both of Maya’s round, firm ass cheeks and, feeling her tits rub against him with each thrust, began impaling Maya over and over, her low moans becoming louder and louder each time he entered her. As their moans reached a crescendo Jake came for a second time into his sister, now with no warning, and Maya let out a soft purr as she was yet again filled with his cum.

The two held each other, their desire for each other never waning after that night, and their memories of their first time always fresh in their mind.

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