By Design Ch. 06

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By Design Ch. 06 – Conclusion

Previous chapters should be read first for context. Introverted young man works with shy, quiet, but horny older woman. He settles in as her lodger, and their relationship reaches new heights. She becomes more adventurous but has some issues with the age difference.

I am not one for repetitive multiple chapters. By Design is something that has been in my head for years, and honestly, I did not expect the favour with which you great readers bestowed upon it. As much as it has kept me going for months now, it’s time for the design to be completed and signed off, and on to other adventures in writing.

Thank you for all your comments, you are all too kind! My apologies for the delay in getting this done, but like so many of you out there, life in all its fickle ways, stepped in to distract me. All the feedback is very much appreciated, as I venture down the path of paying back all the years of enjoyment Lit authors have provided me. As suspected, this is loosely based on real life events.

All characters over 18 years of age.

Life goes on

She was like a wildcat as soon as we entered the room, tossing her wrap and clutch onto the couch, she grabbed me and pulled me in for a red hot kiss. I managed to shed my jacket as she started tugging my shirt out of the waistband. I pressed her hard up against the wall in the entry way, grinding my crotch into her and we kissed. I managed to get an arm free and began stroking the girls though her gown, which led to an even deeper tongue sucking, duelling kiss. Time to dispense with the evening gown, so I slid the zipper down on the side of the gown and she stepped out of it, then, with her fine lingerie on full display, pushed me back onto the bed. Before I could gather my wits, she had undone the belt, unzipped me, and pulled my trousers off along with my socks and loafers.

“Be still, lad, or risk losing an inch or two of MY boy bit!” she commanded, and began to give me the best blow job she’d ever done. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be agony, or ecstasy, as she swirled her tongue around the tip, then sucked me in deep, forcing her head down so my cockhead reached the back of her throat before she pulled back.

When she started fondling and caressing my balls, I knew that she was serious, and wanted me to cum in her throat. She emphasised that by next circling my asshole with her forefinger, threatening to enter that new territory for her.

“Umm, Maureen….” I stammered.

She pulled back for a moment.

“You better be getting there, or I am about to stroke that prostate for the first time!” as she engulfed my shaft again. Her warm mouth and swirling tongue did it for me, and with a groan I shot deep into her throat as she massaged the seed from my balls.

“Mmmm, lovely!” she murmured as she pulled back, my cock plopping from her lips, “here, taste!” as she raised up, lay on top of me, and kissed me hard, her cum coated tongue spearing into my mouth. It wasn’t too bad as she had swallowed the bulk, but she made hay while kissing me, licking my lips and cheeks.

I lay there, a little stunned as she unbuttoned my shirt and spread it wide, now going after my nipples. I hadn’t realized just how sensitive mine were, and after a while, I began to harden again. I reached around and unfastened her bra, and she slipped it off, giving me an opportunity to return the favour, and I lifted her little tits to my mouth and sucked hard on her stiff, engorged nipples. Fair turnabout.

She pulled back and made me sit up with her on my lap as she stripped my shirt off, tossing it to one side, and then pushed me back.

“I am going to work on getting you hard again, perve, but as punishment for leading me on, you are going to have to work your magic, so you will be sliding that nice long tongue of yours into my pussy, and doing nice things to my cute Irish arse,” she instructed as she flipped herself around and lay over me, her formidable nyloned thighs either side of my head as she lowered her gloriously groomed cunt down onto my mouth for the worship. Leaning forward she set to work to get my cock hard and ready for her next assault.

I made sure I licked and sucked all around and through her slit, as well as rimming her, I knew she was getting aroused as her thighs began gripping my head tighter. She began squirming and sucking harder on my shaft, then pulled up, letting it go with an audible “plop”.

“Ahh, right, he’s hard, I’m wet, so now it’s time for me to knock your socks off, heathen!” she smiled as she quickly reversed her position and straddled my hips. She reached down between her legs and guided the tip to her entrance.

Looking me straight in the eyes, she smiled, “Ready to lose your mind?” and plunged down with her full weight, impaling herself on my shaft.

“Ahhh, fugg!” she yelled, “deep and hard,” as she began to ride me energetically, her tits bouncing up and around in time with her humping. Leaning forward she put her hands on either side of casino siteleri my shoulders and peered down to see her lips sliding up and down my cock, glistening with her juices and working up a froth as she pistoned up and down.

Reaching up, I gripped each nipple between thumb and forefinger of each hand, and squeezed, her little breasts stretching out each time she raised up before driving down again.

“Yesss, squeeze my titties hard, lover,” she hissed, “play with the girls!”

She added a little wiggle of the hips each time she drove down, adding to the truly wonderful sensation as my trapped shaft was embedded in her warm wet cunt. I could feel her tunnel beginning to tighten around my cock, and her moans began to deepen.

“Nearly there, nearly there,” she murmured and began to grind her big clit on my pubic bone in a series of small circles.

“Nngaahh, cumming” she cried and thrust down hard, “fill meee!”

Trapped deep in her, I felt the warm juiced up pussy grip me and it was too much. With a roar I fired my seed deep into her, cumming hard with her. She continued to hump and swirl on my shaft as I jetted into her.

“Ohh, love that hot semen feeling, deep inside,” she groaned and slumped forward to give me a fiery, bristly kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, as her breathing settled.

I rolled her to my side, holding her close, my cock slipping from her. She lay there and I snuck out from the embrace and the bed, returning with a warm washcloth and hand towel to clean up the mixed juices seeping from her, covering her thighs.

“Mmmm, heaven, I love that you always do that, making sure that I am totally pampered,” she murmured.

“Nope,” I grinned, “but it’s a great excuse to cop another feel, you know, being the perve that I am!” as I kissed her, then joined her in bed and pulled her close. She was already half asleep.

The next morning, I woke before her, kissing her peaceful expression to try and wake her.

“We should clean up and grab something to eat before we check out, gorgeous.” I whispered.

“Mmmmm,” was all I could get out of her, as she snuggled in closer. Squeezed her ass. Same reaction. Stroked her big clit. Her eyes shot open.

“Uhhh, tender, tender, take it easy, Ben!” she whimpered.

“Come on lazy, time to get cleaned up, fed and on the road!” I teased and threw the covers aside.

“Cruel man,” she complained but let me help her out of bed and into the monstrous glassed walled shower. She let me wash her all over, making sure all the “lady bits” got the extra attention they deserved. She came alive slowly and after washing her hair, she had some fun doing the same to ensure all the nooks and crannies on me got the same attention.

While Maureen did her makeup at the dresser after slipping into her new casual look, bra and thong with black leggings and oversized jumper, I packed the bags, and made sure we had all our bits and pieces. When she was done, we checked out, and I took the bags to the car while Maureen went to get us a table for the breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant.

We served ourselves and sat down to eat. She looked at me, smiled and said “Ben, this has to have been one of the best birthday treats of my life, thank you!” and reached over and squeezed my hand.

“I was hoping to make it extra special for you, gorgeous, and that makes me happy that you had a good time. It’s going to be tough to come up with something even better for you next one!” I teased. ‘

“Nay, the next one will be planned by both of us; I’m not sure my heart can take another one of your mystery tours!” she grinned.

The trip back home was fun, Maureen was very talkative and obviously enjoyed the weekend. She waxed philosophical on how her life had changed over the years I had been with her and was quite thoughtful on the days ahead.

“You know the people at work have figured out our relationship, even though I have not said anything, tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, and avoided the gossips?”

I thought about it, “I figured they had an inkling when I was assigned out of the design team to work in operations, but it really doesn’t bother me. I am learning a lot, and, I think, picking up a bit of a reputation as one of the go-to people when a plant runs into trouble. So, don’t worry about it on my part. Why do you ask?”

She grinned. “It all came to mind Friday after work, when I was getting ready for you to pick me up to make the trip. Changing from my awfully restrictive normal outfits into something more comfortable, and what I am used to when we do things out of work. I know you like some of the new outfits I have, and I wanted to think of how I could subtly change my “uniform” as you put it, into a more comfortable, regular work outfit. If you look at me alongside some of the new ladies hired, I look like something out of the 1940’s!” she laughed.

“But I am still going to wear that lovely body shaping girdle to deal with my fat arse!” she grinned.

“There’s güvenilir casino nothing wrong with your ass, Maureen, you know I love it, and yes, I am a sucker for your “body shaping” girdles, and even more for your lycra covered butt.”

“Ha, you really are a perve. The only reason you like my fat bum is to give you a firm something to grab while you plunder my poor little arsehole! I literally have to beg you to pay any attention to my poor little titties, or my gorgeous lips and slit. Even then you forgo the pleasure of paying homage to my champagne glass boobs, to suck on my cork-like nipples as if you were wanting to open the magnum!” she teased.

“Maureen — I love your boobs!” I protested.

“Hmm, I’m not so sure, apart from my bum, I am sure that if you had a pinkie ring large enough, you’d fit it on Miss Clitty and tell everyone you and she were engaged!” she feigned a little sniff, “the girls feel like they are the third wheel on a date, and have seriously thought about trying to make themselves more attractive to a heathen kilt wearer who seems to think that the only worthwhile feature lies between a fair Irish maid’s legs.”

“Maureen,” I protested, “that’s not fair, I try to please the girls at every turn, and by the way, I’ve never worn a kilt!”

“Hmm, a fibber and not a very smart one then. The girls know, and you’ve been missing out on a lot of interesting moments with me adjusting your “never wear one kilt”, to make sure your boy bits are hanging just right. Oh well, the girls and I are considering our options to get more of your attention, by the way,” she pouted.

This could be a long drive, and she was on a roll.

“I’m not sure what you mean, love?” I asked. I nearly put the car in the ditch as she shifted her bum and lifted the ass hugging jumper up over her bra and lifted one of the girls out of the sanctuary of the half bra cup. The nipple was stiff, and she stretched it a bit more.

“A few weeks ago, Emma, Shayla and I shared a sandwich lunch at the emporium, you know sitting amongst the whips, cuffs and chains, when the subject of Shayla’s tattoos came up. She showed a few of them off to us, and I was adamant that I would not get inked — is that the right phrase?”

“Both of them laughed at that and said, “well then, we’ll just have to convince you to get a piercing”. I pointed out to them that I already had my ears piers, so what was the problem. “Before I could respond, both of them lifted up the front of their T-shirt tops and, lordy, both of them had see through lace bras, and I could see they both had pierced nipples and rings inserted. If that wasn’t enough, Shayla slipped her bra cups over top of her rather imposing breasts, and I was gobsmacked to see the rings through her nipples had little teardrop jewels hanging from the rings!”

I think I knew where this was heading.

“They were teasing me about my mouth hanging open and not being able to take my eyes off their breasts and dared me to show them mine. I was quite embarrassed, but they kept on at me and so I finally unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my bra, and of course, my big nipples decided to stand out proud at that moment.”

“They both were amazed at the length and thickness of my nipples and declared that they definitely would benefit from an embellishment of sorts. I was very embarrassed and tried to cover up, but Emma reached over and tweaked them gently, declaring there was plenty of nipple for a hoop or barbell — I think that’s what she said. Shayla was all for it and they pestered me until I said I had to leave and covered up to head back to the office.”

“So, Ben, what do you think? Should I get my nipples pierced? Am I not just an old maid trying to be a bit of a slut? What will I do when I have to go see the doctor for my annual checkup?”

This was a little awkward. I had always loved Maureen’s hirsute body, her small, yes droopy, tits with their elongated nipples, her (now groomed) pubes, her lips and her oversized clit. As far as I was concerned, she didn’t need the additional adornments, but I had a sense that she was thinking of breaking some long ago taboo borderlines and enjoying the journey. Not that I would complain in either event.

“Hmm,” I answered, “let me approach this in a slightly different way. You’ve made some big changes to your casual wear, like your lycra tights, ankle boots and different tops. No more long woollen skirts, frumpy shoes, and conventional blouses and jumpers. Do you think that makes you a slut?”

“No,” she replied, “I feel good in the outfits, they’re comfortable, and I think they look good on me. I think you think that as well!”

“Well, you certainly do look great, and I mean great legs, great ass, and an even greater smile and love of adventure. I don’t think people judge you on things like that, necessarily, rather on your character, your humour, charm and respect for others. You would never dress or act like a hooker or slut, that’s not you – you have too much self canlı casino awareness and pride in yourself. Your body is yours, not theirs, Emma’s or Shayla’s or even mine for that matter. It’s yours and you should always feel good about yourself and your body and the way you dress. If it would make you feel better, why not? I am still going to love your charms, no matter if they are plain, pierced or inked! So, gorgeous, that may not have helped, but it’s something you and you alone should decide on”

She tucked the girls back into her bra and lowered her jumper.

“That’s very kind of you, Sir, to be so complimentary,” she smiled, “and you have given me a lot of food for thought. I will, however, be testing your attraction to those various elements of my figure that you mentioned, just to establish whether you are being truthful or just trying to get into my knickers to have your wicked ways with me!”

She reached over and squeezed my cock through my slacks, a little smile twitching at the corner of her mouth. She ran her tongue over her lips and winked.

“I still have some plans to render you brainless!” she teased.

The light banter continued for the rest of the journey home. When we arrived in the early afternoon, I unpacked and got the laundry started while Maureen made a light lunch of soup and a sandwich.

“So, what’s the plan now?” I asked.

“Well, I have to take a shower and clean up, perhaps take a little nap to keep my energy levels up and maybe we can have something light for supper and relax then watch a movie or just listen to some good music, like Irish country for example,” she teased.

“Sounds good, I’ll keep an eye on the laundry, and take a few minutes to check up on any emails from work in case something went off the rails while we were gone. I’ll have a shower later, just to make sure there’s enough hot water for me after your Hollywood shower!” I teased back.

I got my tasks out the way, and peeked in to see her dozing, wrapped up in a warm blanket, and then went off to shower and freshen up. When I emerged, she was up and in the kitchen, putting together a light meal for us, so I cracked a bottle of wine and poured a couple glasses for us, and relaxed on the couch. Maureen brought in the plates of finger food and mini pizzas for us to snack on and snuggled up next to me. I caught a glimpse of dark stockings and heels as she tucked her legs under her and wrapped her robe tight about her.

We sipped the wine, and listened to the tracks from the CD player, alternating classical and Irish country music. As the evening was drawing to a close, Maureen gave a little sigh, and stroked my cock through my shorts.

“Time to see if your word is good, lover,” she whispered, and rose, straddling my lap and kissing me. She spread the top of her robe wide, no bra, and lifted a breast in each hand and pressed one to my lips.

“The girls await your attention,” she grinned and thrust an elongated nipple between my lips. No contest. I went to work sucking and nibbling the rubbery flesh. She gave a small hiss and shifted breasts to ensure I shared my attention equally.

As I nibbled and sucked, she began to grind herself on my captured cock.

“Lord, that is so good, I can feel it all the way down to my pussy,” she groaned, “and it’s making me leak a lot, keep going, mister.”

I worked each nipple and then opened wide and sucked in a good portion of her little tits, sucking, licking and nibbling at a pair of just wonderful ageing breasts. Her breathing became panting, with her hips grinding ever harder into my crotch.

“It’s time, lover, I promised you I would fuck your brains out before you went back to work, and so far, it’s been mouth and pussy. Now I am going for the hat trick. Go clean up and join me in the bedroom,” and with that she pushed back, closed her robe and scampered off on her heels to her room.

I quickly shut everything down and took the wine glasses to the kitchen, giving them a quick rinse, then after a short stop in the bathroom I slipped through her door. Oh, she was ready all right. The gown was gone, and she was laid back on the bed, pillow under her ass, knees raised bent up and out, her manicured bush on full display. Just the garter belt and black nylon stockings, her heels set aside the bed. With her legs and cheeks now spread, I saw the glittering green jewel of the butt plug, nestled between her cheeks. My cock sprang to attention.

“Cleaned, lubed and stretched, perve, now strip and get ready for me to use my cute Irish arse to fuck you silly!”

I dropped my shorts and nested up between her raised up thighs.

“First things first, mister, ease that lovely plug our of me and give it to me.”

I slowly worked the plug out and past her sphincter ring and gave it to her. She set it carefully on the bedside table. I could see the glistening lube around her gape and into her butt. Edging forward, I pressed the head of my cock to line up with her upraised ass.

“Oh yesss, stick that big fat cock of yours into me and fuck my arse hard, Ben!” she groaned. She was well lubed and stretched, so I didn’t need any more help as I slid my shaft deep into her. As soon as I was balls deep inside her, she began to grunt and hump her butt up to meet my thrusts.

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